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My Little Pony: Nakama is Magic - Hotspot the 626th

The World. What a glorious place. Seek friendship, and it'll lie stretched out before your eyes. If the endless dream guides your restless spirit. Seize it! Raise your flag and stand tall with your friends!

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(Part 1) The Rise of Freedom

Author's Note:

Author's Note: Wooo! Season 5 finally premiered! I hope everyone enjoyed it. Nothing like learning to say no to a cult. :derpytongue2: It's like the 90's all over again.

My thoughts: It was good. Definitely something different. We never see a regular pony be the bad guy, and I mean that in the most literal sense. Though Starlight Glimmer escaped, I wonder what that means for the rest of Season 5. Will she show up as an imposing threat? Or return by the end of the series? I'm hoping for the latter. It be cool to see a single character repeatedly show up trying to prove her way is right.

I also loved the new characters and their shining moment. I thought it was cool to see other characters doing stuff instead of just the main characters. Party Favor is best pony of this two-parter. He and Pinkie Pie need to get together and make super party babies! He's like the Pinkie Pie of balloons!


Instead of Ponyville, we turn to Canterlot. Ms. Cheerilee had brought her class, currently consisting of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, Snips and Snails, and Twist, to a section of the Canterlot gardens. In this section of the gardens were many different statues.

Cheerilee lead her class pass each statue making sure to tell the children interesting information about each one they passed. She started with the introduction, "I want to start our field trip here, in the world-famous Canterlot sculpture garden." Her students gasped out in awe. Cheerilee then pointed out their first statue. It was a statue of three Earth pony fillies stack up running in different directions playfully. She explained, "That one over there represents 'Friendship'."

The Cutie Mark Crusaders looked at the statue intensely. So much so that they ended up running into each other by accident. This annoyed the usually cheerful Crusaders, and they glared at each other madly. However, in seeing their teacher and class moving, the quickly hurried to catch up.

"And this one, my little ponies. This one represents 'Victory'." Cheerilee stated as she continued leading her class. The statue she pointed out was that of a single Earth pony mare standing tall on her hind legs and stars shooting out from her base. She also wore a cape and holding a flag with three yellow diamonds on it.

When the Cutie Mark Crusaders caught up with the group, they immediately marveled at the statue of victory. Scootaloo spoke up inspired, "How cool would it be to have that for a cutie mark?"

"Cool, if you were actually victoryful at somethin'." Applebloom commented teasingly.

Hearing this new word 'victoryful', Sweetie Belle replied annoyed, "That's not a word!"

"What are you, a dictionary?" Scootaloo shouted back annoyed with Sweetie Belle's attitude.

"Girls!" Cheerilee called out stopping the Crusaders' arguing. Her shout made the three fillies hurry and rejoin the group. At the moment, they were passing by nine statues with small animals on them. Cheerilee explained, "These statues are a set called 'Animal Guardians'. There is a story connected to these statues of an old unicorn who was lonely, and so he created nine animal companions to be his friends until the end of his days."

"Are we sure they're animals?" Diamond Tiara asked as she looked at one particular animal statue. It was of a dolphin, yet it had a body of a horse. No answer came, but the spoiled filly hardly cared. She quickly rejoined the group.

The group moved further down the path. At the end, Cheerilee stopped and pointed out the next statue out. It was of a unique and jolly creature that had a snake-like body with many different body pieces that didn't match at all. She spoke, "Now this is a really interesting statue. What do you notice about it?"

Applebloom immediately spoke up, "It's got an eagle claw!

Stepping in front of Applebloom, Scootaloo spoke, "And a lion paw!" The young Pegasus' action annoyed the Earth pony greatly.

Luckily, karma knows no friend. Sweetie Belle jumped up and down in front of her friends excitedly shouting out, "And a snake tail!" And like Scootaloo before her, the unicorn's action annoyed the two fillies.

"Right." Cheerilee said accepting the Crusaders' answers. She then explained, "This creature is called a draconequus. He has the head of a pony and a body made up of all sorts of things. What do you suppose that represents?"

"Confusion!" Applebloom blurted out.

Sweetie Belle stepped in front of her friend quickly. She then blurted out her answer, "Evil!"

"Chaos!" Scootaloo stated stepping in front of Sweetie Belle.

"It's not chaos, you dodo!" Sweeite Belle told Scootaloo meanly.

"Don't call me things I don't know the meaning of! And it is too chaos!" Scootaloo stated angrily and determinedly.

"Is not!" Sweetie Belle shouted butting heads with Scootaloo.

"You're both wrong!" Applebloom shouted entering the argument by jumping on top of her friends' heads.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders grunted at each other being uncharacteristically angry. They all then began wrestling each other to prove who was right. While harmless on the surface, the girls' argument would actually have huge ramifications. What none of the ponies noticed was that something was happening with the statue. It was soft, but from its center there seem to be a faint glow, and it pulsated weakly.

"Actually, in a way, you're all right." Cheerilee stated calmly. Instantly, the three fillies stopped fighting and looked back at their teacher. Cheerilee then further explained, "This statue represents 'Discord', which means a lack of harmony between ponies. In fact, you three have demonstrated discord so well that you're each going to write me an essay explaining it."

The Cutie Mark Crusaders were surprised by Cheerilee's assignment for them. However, they understood why she did so. They all dropped their heads in shame. In hearing of their classmates' assignment, the others in the group laughed at them.

"Now let's go…" Cheerilee said to the class as she led them to their next statue. She also added for safe measure, "And I don't want any more fighting."

As the class followed behind their teacher, the Cutie Mark Crusaders were far from done with their argument. The three fillies continued to argue quietly what the Discord statue meant. Again, what none of them realized was that their arguing was effecting the statue. Suddenly, the stone began cracking. As the cracks grew ever larger the faint glow grew stronger and brighter. Then, there came a low and evil chuckle from the statue.

What could this mean?

Straw Hat 7

My Little Pony, My Little Pony

Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahhh...

My Little Pony!

Twilight Sparkle: I used to wonder what friendship could be.

Straw Hat 7: My Little Pony!

Twilight Sparkle: Until you all shared its magic with me!

Rainbow Dash: Big adventure!

Pinkie Pie: Tons of fun!

Rarity: A beautiful heart.

Applejack: Faithful and strong.

Fluttershy: Sharing kindness.

Twilight Sparkle: It's an easy feat!

Luffy: And magic makes it all complete~!

All: You have my little ponies

Twilight: Do you know you're all my very best friends~?

My Little Pony

Nakama is Magic

(Part 1)

The Rise of Freedom

Go Rescue Twilight and her Friends, Straw Hats

The Going Merry continued her journey down the river. It was now midday and the crew was on deck passing the time. Zoro was sleeping. Usopp and Chopper, in Brain Point, were fishing off the side. Robin was sitting with Nami at the bow of the ship. Sanji was bringing the mares their snacks and drinks. Luffy was laying on his back on top of Merry's figurehead looking unusually depressed. He released a very loud sigh as he looked out straight ahead.

Easily overhearing her captain's sigh, Nami spoke up unamused, "You brought this on yourself, Luffy."

Luffy replied with another loud sigh.

Nami continued to speak though now smiling, "You totally had the opportunity to bring Twilight abroad, but you did the right thing instead. You should at least be happy about that."

"I am." Luffy said depressed. "But it still would've been cool to have Twilight come along."

Robin chuckled as she sat her coffee down. "I'm sure she is missing you too, Luffy." She stated optimistically, "Perhaps, after we fix the Going Merry, we can return for a mini-vacation."

"Hey, yeah!" Usopp shouted cheerfully. "I'm cool with vacationing here. I'd love to see all the places around here."

"And seeing all those beautiful mares..." Sanji said happily as he fantasized over the potentially many, many mare ponies (all of them background ponies) swooning over him. He was nearly in tears at his own fantasy.

"I wouldn't mind hanging out with Twilight and all her friends again." Chopper spoke up cheerfully.

Usopp snickered and nudged the reindeer playfully. He said, "Especially the Fluttershy Pegasus. Eh, Chopper."

"Sh-Sh-Sh…" Chopper said blushing embarrassed before transforming into Heavy Point and hitting Usopp on top of his head. "Shut up! Jerk!"

"Ah! Monster!" Usopp shouted as he ran from Chopper's side. The now big reindeer immediately gave chase still blushing, but every much mad.

Zoro growled annoyed as he was awaken by the screaming and yelling. He shouted, "Hey! Keep it down!"

Luffy chuckled as he sat up. "That sounds good, Robin." He stated happily. "We should definitely do that. Thanks."

"No problem, captain." Robin said happily.

As Nami enjoyed her drink she looked to enjoy the beautiful blue sky. She was happy to have learned that weather is regulated in this land. It meant she could relax without fear of sudden weather changes like out at sea. But as she enjoyed the open sky, she suddenly caught sight of an unusual pink cloud speeding around. She asked out loudly, "What the…?"

"Hey, look!" Usopp shouted as he pointed up towards the pink cloud. "Equestria really is a cool place. They've got colored clouds."

"So, cool!" Chopper shouted amazed. "It looks like a cotton candy."

Robin looked up to see the cloud. She then frowned looking concerned. She said, "I don't believe colored clouds are possible."

"What?" said most of the crew surprised.

"Hey, it's coming over here." Luffy stated as he pointed to the cloud.

Everyone looked up to see the pink cloud. The anomaly zigzagged through the sky almost like it couldn't make up its mind. As it moved around, it also began descending towards the group. Once over the deck, it began quacking.

"What?" Nami said confused.

The cloud then began producing over the crew. Weird rain that was brown. As it poured, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, and Chopper stepped out of the way. "Gross!" They all shouted. The others remained underneath unflinching.

"What kind of rain is that?!" Usopp shouted disgusted.

"Wait…" Chopper said as he suddenly smelled something in the air. The scent made the little reindeer smile and drool. He spoke, "Something smells sweet."

"Hold on." Sanji said as he stuck his tongue out in the brown rain. He was surprised and it showed on his face. He immediately told everyone, "This is chocolate milk."

"What?" Everyone shouted.

Luffy jumped off the figurehead. He immediately stretched his mouth wide as he literally inhaled the chocolate milk rain. He eventually closed his mouth and swallowed the gallons of flavored milk. He shouted cheerfully, "Yum! Delicious!"

"What kind of cloud is pink and rain chocolate milk?" Zoro said stunned.

"None that I've heard of." Robin said confused.

Nami immediately took flight to check on the cloud itself. When she reached it, she touched the cloud. Instantly, she found it sticky. "What?! This cloud is made of cotton candy!"

"Really?!" Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper shouted excited. Luffy then stretched his legs up and grabbed the cloud to bring it down.

As the cloud came down, Nami got herself unstuck. Just in time as Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper began eating it. Nami now had a chance to look around. She saw tons of cotton candy clouds flying all across Equestria like a flight battalion. Nami couldn't understand. She shouted out, "What's going on with this kingdom?!"

"There's more of those clouds?!" Sanji said shocked.

After eating nearly half each, Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper looked up to see the same sight. All their jaws dropped. Usopp immediately commented, "I don't think we can eat all of those."

"I can try!" Luffy said eagerly.

"Me too! Me too!" Chopper said excitedly.

"Guys! The river…" Zoro shouted gaining everyone's attention. He was looking forward down the river; however, the river wasn't just 'down'. It was going up, looping around, and floating in mid-air going who knows where.

"What happened to the river?!" Sanji shouted in disbelief.

"Everyone." Robin spoke as observed the woods. "Look at the forest."

Everyone looked over at the forest wondering what the reindeer was talking about. What they saw was beyond what any of them ever could imagine. Checkerboard pattern of blue and orange land, diamond trees with lollipop leaves, flowers breathing fire which was being collected by rabbit-bumblebees, birds flying backwards, and…was that a dark pink mare floating around in a beanie and spitting raspberries. Everything had been normal just a second ago.

"Nothing about this makes sense." Zoro said stunned.

"What the hell is going on?" Usopp said confused.

"A being of extraordinary and chaotic power has been freed from his seal and is now spreading his chaotic power across the kingdom."

"Wow, thanks Robin. I can't believe you knew." Luffy said surprised and cheerful.

"Luffy," Robin spoke standing next to him. "I didn't say that…"

"Eh?" Luffy said confused.

"Wait? Who said that?" Nami said worried.

"I did!" The crew looked towards the bow. In turn, the Going Merry figurehead looked back at them. It literally turned her neck to look back at the crew. Like always, she was smiling optimistically. The ship figurehead then spoke, "Also, we're about to go up the river, literally."

The crew remained silent for a few moments. All of them were stunned speechless. All but Robin shouted, "Merry! You're talking?!"

"Yes. Yes I am." Merry said calmly. "But I think we might need to worry about the river though."

"When did you start talking?!" Usopp shouted caught between stunned and excited.

"Just a few minutes ago. But seriously everyone, the river…"

"Merry! Do you poop?" Luffy asked bluntly.

"What kind of question is that?!" shouted nearly all the crew.

"Um, Captain Luffy, now may not be the time." Merry said sounding worried.

"Huh? Why?" Luffy asked confused.

"Well… I think you'll find out." Merry said nervously as she looked forward.

The crew looked forward and gasped as they saw the river shoot straight up with the water moving faster like a geyser. The moment the ship touched the up part of the river, the Merry shot forth with a burst of speed. The whole fell onto the cabin's outside wall screaming in fear and surprise. Even Merry was screaming in fright. As the ship raced upward the river then went into a loop. The crew nearly fell off. Luckily, most of them held onto the railing or onto others. As the ship leveled off, the crew landed back on deck.

"Is everyone okay?" Merry asked worriedly.

"Yeah…" said the crew sounding tired.

"Please tell me it's over…" Usopp said sounding sick.

"Um…" Merry said nervously.

"What?!" Usopp shouted as he and everyone looked ahead concerned. What they saw nearly dashed all hope away. The river, while still floating in the air, had suddenly become an over-the-top roller coaster doing all kinds of impossible twists and turns.

"Oh no!" shouted Nami, Usopp, and Chopper in fear.

"This doesn't look good." Sanji said worried.

"Merry! You gotta stop!" Luffy shouted as he ran to the bow.

"I'll try." Merry said determinedly. She then began grunting as she tried with all their might to stop. Unfortunately, she did not seem to be able to.

"Come on, everyone!" Nami shouted towards the rest of the crew. "Help Merry!"

"Right!" shouted the men of the crew as they took off to do the needed duties.

"What could be causing this?" Robin asked concerned as she observed the surroundings.

"What the hell?!" Zoro shouted aggravated. When he went to drop the anchor, instead of falling straight down it fell straight up, left, up again, forming a star shape, and then stopping in air. Zoro was completely shocked.

"We got the sails up!" Chopper shouted now in Heavy Point.

"But we're still heading towards death!" Usopp shouted afraid.

"Merry~!" Luffy shouted worriedly.

"I'm…trying!" The living ship shouted gruntingly. Merry was trying with all her might, but she could not fight the current.

"Oh no! It's too late!" Usopp shouted fearful.

"Everyone! Hold on!" Nami shouted as he braced herself for the impending ride.

Everyone braced themselves for the ride that may just be their last. They all closed their eyes hoping to lessen the eventual dramatic experience. But after a few moments, the crew and ship did not feel the sensation of being on a roller coaster. Or sailing on rough waters. Or anything of the like.

"What's going on?" Luffy asked as he opened an eye.

"Yeah." Usopp said as he opened his eyes as well. "Should we be experiencing a hell of a ride?"

As the crew took noticed, Robin walked over to the side of the ship. She looked down to find that a section of the river had been taken out of place with the rest, though it still seem to continue flowing despite so. Robin immediately noticed the gold magic aura around the water. Instantly, she recognized it and gasped, "This is…!"

"Look!" Sanji shouted as he pointed up towards the sky.

Everyone looked up. In the air with his horn aglow with magic, King Gold Roger hovered above the crew. Most of the crew gasped, even Robin, in surprise. Only Luffy seem to show any form of happiness to see the old king. He grinned and shouted, "Hey, Grandpa King!"

Roger looked down at the ship surprised. "Oh? Hey, Luffy." He said grinning.

"What?" said Nami towards Luffy confused.

"King Roger!" Robin stated surprised.

"King Roger?!" gasped Zoro along with the rest of the crew.

"Y-Y-You mean, the king of all of Equestria?!" Chopper said nervously.

"What's he doing here?" Sanji asked confused.

Roger floated down onto the deck of the Going Merry. After folding his wings in, he spoke to the crew concerned, "Is everyone all right?"

Luffy grinned while replying, "Yeah, we're good."

"Good thing I was passing by…" Roger said before looking out at the crazy river. "Surely, your ship wouldn't handle chaos of that magnitude, Luffy."

"I've done well on my own, thank you very much." Merry replied prideful.

Roger frowned not even surprised by the talking ship. "This is definitely the work of Discord." He stated grimly.

"D-Discord?" Usopp said frightful.

"Who is that?" asked Chopper worried.

"He is a being of chaos." Roger stated full of anger. "He is a draconequus with the power to alter reality in his vision of chaos. He's been released from his stone prison and now spreading his chaos across Equestria once again."

"Again?" Robin asked intrigued.

Roger turned to spot Robin. He looked to be slight surprised. He responded softly with a nod, "Robin…"

"King Gold Roger." Robin nodded back.

"What? The king knows Luffy and Robin?" Usopp commented surprised to the others.

"This whole situation is weird." Nami said confused.

Roger soon explained out towards the group, "Over a thousand years ago, Discord had usurped my rule. Equestria became ruled by chaos. No pony was safe. With my citizens in danger, I fought him while Celestia and Luna took care of the citizens. Our battles were fierce, but I could never get the upperhoof on that bastard, Discord."

"Whoa!" Luffy shouted shocked. "This Discard guy sounds strong!"

"He is not strong. He is cunning." Roger stated serious. "He plays tricks. Everything is a game. Everypony a piece to play with until broken. His magic is as unpredictable as his mind."

"How did you stop him then?" Robin asked concerned.

"Actually, I was not the one to defeat him. Celestia and Luna did with the Elements of Harmony." Roger stated proudly.

"Cool!" Luffy shouted excitedly.

"Wait a moment." Robin said concerned. "Those relics now belong to Twilight and her friends."

"You know?" Roger said surprised.

"Yes. We saw them recently." Robin said nodding. "Does that mean that Princess Celestia will be calling on Twilight and her friends for help?"

"What." Luffy said flat.

"Yes." Roger said nodding grimly. "I can only hope they are doing well."

"Roger…" Luffy spoke sternly. His hat was shading his eyes, but it was clear that he was taking this situation seriously. He began stepping forward towards the Alicorn king. Luffy stepped up to Roger and then stared him straight in the eyes. He told Roger straight out, "Take me to Canterlot."

"Luffy!" Nami shouted concerned. "You can't boss around a king! Especially during a crisis."

"I don't care." Luffy stated sternly. "Twilight needs help. And I'm going to help her."

"Wait! Wait!" Usopp shouted trying to keep Luffy calm. "Let's not get ahead of ourselves here. We're talking about a crazy mad-creature with powers to turn our world upside down! This isn't like Crocodile or Eneru! This guy sounds like a real, honest to goodness god!"

"I don't care." Luffy said determinedly. "Twilight needs my help."

"I'll be going with you, Luffy." Robin said as she walked up next to the captain.

"Robin!" Nami shouted shocked.

"I left my student during a crisis once." Robin stated as she looked back at Nami and the crew. "I won't be leaving her alone this time."

"Guys…" Luffy said as he turned to the rest of his crew. He looked a lot calmer now. He spoke out, "I won't ask you guys to come along. You all have important goals."

"You kidding me?" Zoro said smirking. "We already joined your crew. There's no point in arguing against it. They are our friends too.""

"We already know how important Twilight is to you." Nami said smiling supportively. "Plus, we can't let my new friend get hurt before I get a chance to get my dresses."

"I'm coming too." Sanji said grinning coolly. "Letting you save all those beautiful mares on your own. Fat chance! Someone has to be there to protect Robin, so I'm coming too."

"I'm want to come too!" Chopper spoke up determinedly. "I want to help our new friends too!"

"You guys are nuts!" Usopp shouted clearly scared out of his wits shown by his legs shaking. But surprisingly, he stepped forward with the rest of this crew. He stated stuttering, "B-B-But you g-g-guys would be completely helpless w-w-without the great Captain Usopp. S-S-So, I'll help too!"

Luffy laughed and grinned happily. He said, "Thanks, guys."

"Very well then." Roger said grinning impressed. "We all shall go to Canterlot!"

"Merry! Set the sails!" Luffy shouted to the ship excitedly.

"You got it!" Merry shouted eagerly. Immediately, the sails dropped from mast on their own. The sail turned and with it the ship turned as well.

"Everyone! Prepare for battle!" Luffy shouted excitedly throwing his arms in the air.

"Yeah!" roared Usopp, Chopper, and Sanji energetically. Despite their lack of show, Zoro, Nami, and Robin too were ready to fight.

Roger stood on the side still grinning impressed with these ponies and reindeer that freely chose to fight instead of run. He felt it truly inspirational much like what he heard about the bearers of the Elements of Harmony during the Nightmare Moon incident. Suddenly, Roger felt a shiver come across his body. It was a completely new feeling for the Alicorn despite his great age. He had sensed something…new. And it was close by as well, but where?

Unknown to everyone, something was happening inside Nami and Robin's room. The seven gems that Robin had been looking over last night were glowing brightly.

Soon, the Going Merry approached the mountain city, Canterlot. Surprising, the city looked relatively untouched by the chaos that was occurring around Equestria. Nevertheless, they all were concerned about the lack of change. Especially Roger.

"Something's not right about this." Roger stated grimly.

"Isn't it a good thing that that Canterlot is okay?" Usopp said confused.

"Discord was not merely defeated, but trapped in stone." Roger replied serious. "He was then placed in the Canterlot Gardens as one of its statues where Celestia and Luna could watch over him."

"But then something happened and he was released, right?" Nami said figuring out the situation piece by piece.

"Right. It was probably from the spell weakening after Celestia and Luna lost their connection with the Harmony Elements." Roger stated.

"Then, shouldn't Twilight and her friends be able to reseal him?" Sanji asked concerned.

"Hopefully…" Roger said unsure.

Zoro watched the city carefully. He wanted to make sure that nothing surprising would come and get in their way. During Zoro's watch, he soon spotted something or rather somepony. "Rainbow Dash?" He said as moved to get a closer look. Indeed, he saw the cyan Pegasus mare flying away from the city; however, she looked different. More grey. This concerned Zoro greatly.

"What's wrong, Zoro?" Chopper asked.

"I think I just saw Rainbow Dash flying away from Canterlot." Zoro said in disbelief.

"What?" said the crew surprised.

"The bearer of Loyalty?" Roger said greatly concerned. He suddenly took flight to go after her.

"Wait?!" Nami shouted worriedly. But her call fell on deaf ears.

"Don't worry, Nami." Robin said calmly. "We will be fine."

And Robin was right. Despite going after the Pegasus, Roger still maintained his spell around the Going Merry. Even with his focus purely on the now dull cyan pony. He picked up speed to quickly pass Rainbow Dash, and immediately stopped before her. He then shouted, "Bearer of the Element of Loyalty, Rainbow Dash! Why are you fleeing when your friends need you?"

"Gotta…protect…" The grey Rainbow Dash stated almost in a trance.

"What?" Roger asked confused.

"Must…protect…Cloudsdale!" Rainbow Dash said before zipping pass the king.

"Cloudsdale? But the city is in the opposite direction…" Roger said even more confused. However, he didn't have to think too hard about the Pegasus' odd behavior. It only took one guess. He shout angrily in realization, "Discord!"

From the Merry, Usopp was watching the king's interaction through his special binocular headset. He immediately relayed what he saw shouting, "Hey! Rainbow is flying away!"

"That's not like her." Zoro said concerned.

"Wait…" Usopp spoke as he continued to observe the king. "Now, King Roger is flying off to the castle! And fast too!"

"He's doing what?!" Nami said frustrated. "What about us?"

The very moment it was brought up, the Going Merry suddenly sped up. Nearly every crew member screamed out in surprise and fright. The only ones not frightened from this experience was Robin, who remained calm, and Luffy, who was enjoying the experience. On a side note, Merry herself wasn't really enjoying the experience.

"What the hell is he doing?!" Usopp shouted in fear.

"Make him stop! Make him stop!" Chopper shouted crying tears of fear.

"Oh no!" Zoro shouted looking ahead. "We're gonna crash into the courtyard!"

"Ahhh!" screamed Nami, Usopp, Chopper, and Merry in fear.

"Brace for impact!" Sanji shouted.

The ship crashed into the courtyard. The end… Wait? No. The ship didn't crash into the ground and shatter into pieces. The Going Merry sunk into the ground as if it was made of rubber. The ground then recoiled back, but the ship stuck to the ground like it was sticky. The ship went back and forth until it eventually stopped. Everyone soon hung off the side looking sick. Even Merry looked ready to upchuck.

"Is everyone…" Zoro said before nearly upchucking. Luckily, it was just a feeling as Zoro released a breath air just dry heaving. He then continued to ask, "…okay?"

"Uh-huh…" Chopper said nearly knocked out.

"What…" Usopp said as he hung half his body over the edge dry heaving and looking green. "I think I'm going to be sick…"

"If he wasn't a king…" Nami said sounding sick but definitely angry. "…I'd deck him."

"That was fun!" Luffy said more or less okay and grinning cheerfully.

"God…dammit…Luffy." Sanji said before nearly barfing himself.

Robin helped herself up. Much like Luffy, she was faring better than her crew, but only slightly. She looked around at their surroundings seeing they were in front of the castle in the courtyard. But seeing how normal it was, Robin was greatly concerned. She asked, "Where is King Roger?"

"Discord!" The King's booming voice echoed throughout the city. Everyone looked up to see the King of Equestria hovering above the Canterlot castle. The expression he wore was one of great anger.

"What is he…?" Nami asked before suddenly spotting a flash of light opposite of Roger.

Appearing before the king was probably the weirdest creature in the entire world. While many in the crew had never heard of a draconequus, what they saw they could never have expected. With a long snake-like body, the creature floating before the king was an amalgamation of all kinds of animals. Was such a creature possible? The creature had an arrogant smirk across his face. Almost as if he was expecting the king.

"Well, it's about time I showed up." Discord stated smiling arrogantly. "Oh, and you too Roger."

"That's…Discord?" Usopp said completely confused by the sight.

"He looks kind of familiar." Luffy said feeling a sense of nostalgia.

"Well, of course I do!" Discord's voice came from out of nowhere near the Straw Hats. As the crew looked around for the spirit of chaos, none of them noticed the mast of the Going Merry change in color looking like Discord's brown belly. Chopper was the first to notice and looked up to see the Crow's Nest was now Discord's head. Chopper gasped in fright revealing Discord's new position to the rest of the crew.

"Whoa!" Luffy shouted in amazement.

"After all," Discord said continuing as he snaked his head down towards the ponies, specifically Luffy. "I've watched you, your brothers, and that Twilight pony play in the gardens."

"What?" Luffy said confused.

"You don't remember? Oh well, perish the thought." Discord said uninterested before puffing away in a puff of smoke.

"I see that being trapped in stone hasn't done anything to tame that chaotic personality of yours." Roger replied back harshly.

"Oh, stop being so serious." Discord said reappearing next to Roger. "Whatever happened to that young Alicorn that grinned in the face of danger?"

"What have you done to bearers of the Elements of Harmony?!" Roger shouted starting to lose his patience.

"Are you doing well?" Discord asked deviously. "You don't look too well."

Roger growled and fired a magic blast towards Discord. The draconequus slithered around the attack dodging it completely.

"Temper, temper." Discord said suddenly appearing like a nanny. "Is this any way for a king to behave?"

"Discord!" Roger said as he activated his magic ready to attack.

"All we did was play a game." Discord said causally as he began rolling a pair of dice. He then threw the dice towards Merry. The dice landed on Merry's deck landing on…Discord heads?

"A game?" Robin asked concerned. It was towards Discord, but he was no longer in the sky.

"Yes!" said both Discord heads at the same time. Both heads shot out of the dice and began speaking in tandem.

"I took their Elements…"

"I hid them away…"

"I gave them a riddle…"

"Yet, in the end…"

"I won!" said both heads before laughing together. They began extending upward and wrapping around each other until changing into one Discord laughing.

"No, you did more than that, Discord." A polite yet firm female voice suddenly spoke up. Everyone looked over at the castle doors to see Princess Celestia walking out. She spoke firmly again, "You twisted their minds. All save Twilight."

"Oh? You heard?" Discord said in mock surprise.

"Tia!" Luffy shouted sounding worried.

Celestia soon took notice of the boat stuck in her courtyard. When she spotted Luffy, she smiled and greeted, "It is good to see you again, Luffy." She then spotted Robin on the ship. She then frowned, but decided not to say anything. Yet.

"Oh, goodie!" Discord said cheerfully. Suddenly, the courtyard and Merry were decorated for a party. A banner was held over the entrance to the castle with 'Welcome Back!' written on it. He then shouted out, "A reunion of old friends after so long! It brings a tear to my eye."

It should be noted that a tear really did drop. When it landed, it created a huge wave that was going to crash down on Merry. The crew screamed out in fright. Before the wave could crash down on them, it was dispersed by magic by Celestia, who appeared right in front of the group.

"Discord!" Celestia shouted angrily. "Cease this chaos at once!"

"Ah, ah, ah." Discord said waving his eagle claw finger snarky. "You didn't say the magic word."

"Discord!" Roger shouted as his horn glowed bright. He then launched a magic blast towards the draconequus.

As the attack hurdled towards Discord, the draconequus was now wearing a catcher's outfit and glove. He shouted out quickly, "Come on! Right down the plate! Right down the ol' alley! This guy's a push-over! Come on now, boy, give it to him! Oof!" Discord was then hit by the whole attack. However, the attack did little to damage the draconequus. He caught the whole attack like it was a baseball.

"Dammit!" Roger shouted.

Discord smirked before saying, "You know, I've never been a fan of baseball. I much prefer soccer! Or hoofball for you, Euro-poni-ans." Discord outfit changed from a baseball catcher to a soccer/football player's outfit. He then dropped the magic sphere and kicked it at Gold Roger.

Roger didn't flinch. He summoned a barrier around him and took the full blunt of the attack. Once the smoke cleared, Roger shot forth flying straight at Discord with his horn extended out. Discord didn't look worried as he slightly moved out of the way. But Roger was far from done. As he passed by Discord, the king teleported himself and reappeared next to the villain. He then rammed into the draconequus at full-force.

"Looks like I'm it." Discord said smirking unafraid. Suddenly, a second Discord came down and kicked Roger sending him and the first Discord down. The second Discord then laughed and stated, "Now, you're it!"

Roger hurdled down towards the ground. However, before hitting the ground, the Discord he had changed into a spring. When they hit the ground, Roger was sent flying back up. As he tumbled up, Roger charged up for another attack. He then turned his body and aimed his horned at Discord. "Tag this, bastard!" Roger shouted as he fired a powerful magic blast.

"Hm?" Discord replied unconcerned. However, in seeing the magic blast, the draconequus screamed out in fright before being it by said blast. There was a huge explosion, and when it cleared Discord was gone.

"Yeah! Take that! Spirit of Chaos, my ass!" Usopp shouted boldly. Suddenly, Usopp felt someone tap his shoulder. He turned to find Discord dressed as a mail pony.

"Package for a Mr. Usopp." Discord said handing Usopp his rear.

"What?!" Usopp shouted as he turned around to see his butt gone. Though, his legs were still there. He shouted out frantically, "Ah! Doctor! Doctor! Stallion down! Stallion down!"

"Holy shit!" Sanji shouted shocked.

"That's disgusting!" Nami shouted.

"Ah! We need a doctor! Where's a doctor?!" Chopper shouted in panic.

The flying Alicorn turned around hearing the crew's certain screams. Roger said angrily, "Damn, you…"

"Gum-Gum…" Luffy shouted he charged at Discord while launching his arm backwards stretching it far. Once in front of the draconequus, Luffy shot his arm forward at him. Luffy shouted, "Pistol!"

"Luffy! Don't!" Celestia shouted concerned.

"Ooh!" Discord said intrigued. He let the attack hit him; however, what the attack did was stunning. Like a Janga piece, that section of Discord's body fell out of place while Discord remained unharmed. The draconequus' upper half hopped over to Luffy asking, "My word, do you have Devil Fruit powers?"

Luffy replied with a growl and then threw another punch at the draconequus. When the punch connected with Discord's upper body it exploded into water and splashed over Luffy. Immediately, Luffy fell to his knees feeling weak. Luffy spoke out weakly, "I don't feel so strong…"

"What?!" Zoro shouted surprised.

Nami immediately checked the water that was still left behind. She sniffed it and recognized it instantly. "This is sea water!" She shouted surprised.

"Right you are, my dear." Discord's lower half said suddenly growing a face. "I'm well verse in the nature of Devil Fruits. Magnificent pieces of fruit, but I could never get my claws on one."

"Ah!" Nami screamed out in shock of the odd sight. She then scurried back frightened.

"Seis Fleur…" Robin shouted as she crossed her forelegs in front of her. Suddenly, six forelegs appeared on Discord's lower half.

"Huh?" Discord said surprised. The legs then grabbed hold of the lower body.

"…Clutch." Robin said as she willed her legs from a distance. The legs on Discord's lower half bent the body back. It did so until there was a snap. Robin smiled feeling that she had taken care of Discord.

"Ah!" Discord's lower half shouted out in relief. It then disappeared and reappear, making Robin's forelegs disappear, with all of Discord back together. He looked to have been relieved about something. He spoke to Robin gratefully as he stretched, "Thank you, my dear. That is exactly what I needed after being stuck in stone for a thousand years. You're Devil Fruit is quite useful."

Robin didn't reply. She kept both her eyes on Discord. For once in her life, she felt nervous and on edge.

"And I've never seen a reindeer like yours." Discord said as he eyed Chopper, who was putting Usopp's butt back in place. "Another Devil Fruit user. What a great day!"

"Hey!" Luffy shouted angrily as he glared at Discord. "What did you do to Twilight and her friends?!"

"Oh, curious, are we?" Discord said teasingly. "Well, you'll have to ask your dear sweet sister back in Ponyville."

"What?!" shouted everyone shocked.

"I told you. I won." Discord said chuckling evilly. "The Elements of Harmony will be of no use to her or anyone ever again!"

"No…" Celestia said in disbelief.

"Let chaos reign supreme!" Discord shouted as lightning fired off behind him. He then went into an evil laugh enjoying his chaos.

"Not on my watch, bastard!" Roger shouted as he collided with Discord. The two then crashed into the ground – actual ground – leaving a crater. Roger stood over Discord with his horn glowing glaring down at the draconequus. He shouted, "Your reign is over!"

Discord smirked and burst in bubbles before Roger could strike him with his attack. The bubbles began popping one by one except for one big bubble. Suddenly, Discord's face appeared on the bubble laughing. He spoke, "Sorry, I'm not home right now. Busy establishing the new chaos capital of the world and all that. Please leave a message after the pop. Ciao!" The bubble then shrunk popping inward instead of outward.

"Damn…that…Discord!" Roger shouted full of anger. He then started coughing uncontrollably and fell to his knee.

"Uncle!" Celestia shouted as she galloped to her uncle worriedly. As she looked over her uncle worried, she shouted out, "I need a doctor! Someone call a doctor!"

"Tia!" Luffy shouted as he waved from the ship. "We have a doctor! Chopper!"

"I'm on it, Luffy!" The little reindeer said as he jumped off Merry with his medical bag. Before landing, he transformed into Heavy Point and hurried over to help the king.

"Please help him, Doctor Chopper." Celestia pleaded calmly.

"I'll do my best." Chopper said remaining in Heavy Point as he began his check-up.

"I can't believe that happened." Nami said as he fell to her rear. "That…that thing!"

"He was way out of our league, Luffy!" Usopp shouted as he sat on his rear for its own protection.

"Though, he wasn't exactly scary." Sanji stated remaining calm and cool. "I think he was just showing off."

"I agree." Zoro said serious. "If he felt threatened by us, he would have done something about it. He didn't need to fight back."

"Damn it." Luffy said frustrated as stomped his hoof.

"At least we know where we need to go." Robin said determinedly.

"Right." Luffy said agreeing with the mare. He jumped off the Merry and stamped his hooves on the ground. He shouted out determinedly, "We're going back to Ponyville!"

"Hold on, Luffy!" Nami shouted as she followed her captain off the ship. She then immediately stepped in front of the red stallion quickly. She tried to reason with him, "There's no way we can take on Discord! Not even the king could!"

"Didn't you here what he s-said." Usopp said nervously from the ship. "The Elements of H-Harmony won't work!"

"Though, why?" Robin asked curious. "What has he done that rendered such powerful relics useless?"

"Could he have destroyed them?" Sanji questioned concerned.

"Hmm, I don't think so…" Robin said as she went into thought. As she looked away trying to collect her thoughts she caught sight of something odd going on in her and Nami's cabin. She immediately walked over to see what was going on.

"Whatever that bastard did…" Zoro spoke disgruntled. "It was enough to do something to Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and the others."

"Yeah, but what?" Usopp asked confused.

"The…bearers…" Roger spoke up from where he was resting.

"Uncle, you need to rest." Celestia stated worriedly.

"Please." Chopper said as he prepared some medicine for the king. "Don't aggravate your condition any further, Mr. King."

Luffy galloped over to the king. He then quickly addressed what he heard to Celestia. He asked, "What does he mean, Tia?"

Celestia sighed frowning sadly. She told Luffy, "Before they left, I got a good look at Twilight and her friends. All but Twilight had been changed by Discord's magic. They acted opposite of who they were, thus they most likely will not be able to wield the Elements of Harmony yet. I am worried for Twilight."

"Don't worry." Luffy said confidently. "I'll go to Twilight, and we'll kick Discord's ass!"

"No!" Celestia said quickly. "Go to Twilight, yes. But fighting Discord will cost you more than just your life."

"I don't care!" Luffy stated determinedly. "I've already decided to kick Discord's ass!"

Suddenly, Nami and Robin's cabin glowed brightly with gold. It surprised everyone and nearly blinded them. The bright light then left the cabin and headed straight for Luffy. However, the source of this light wasn't just from one source. Two light sources were heading towards the group. The two sources separated and then stopped in front of Luffy and Chopper. The light began diming revealing the sources of light were coming a gold gem and a white gem. Luffy and Chopper looked surprised at the gems.

"Huh?" Luffy said confused while looking at the gem.

"What is this?" Chopper asked looking at his gem curious

"I have no idea." Celestia said astounded as she looked at the gems in front of her and then looking back. "But you two are not the only ones…"

"Huh?" Luffy and Chopper said as they looked back towards the crew. They were amazed to see each crew member also had a gem floating in front of them.

"What the hell?" Zoro said as he stepped back from the silver gem in front of him.

"What are these?" Nami asked as she looked over the azure blue gem in front of her.

Robin exited her room. Like all the others, she too had a gem that was emerald green. She spoke loudly for everyone to hear, "These are the gems we found in Skypeia."

"W-What?" Usopp said confused looking away from his crimson red gem.

"Really?" Nami said surprised.

"What does this mean?" Sanji asked leaving his bronze gem be.

"You found those in Skypeia?" Roger asked intrigued. He then chuckled weakly surprising those nearest by him. He spoke humorously, "Must have left them there during my last visit."

"Uncle?" Celestia asked confused.

The rest of the crew approached the king. Robin asked out towards the king, "So, it's true. You have been to Skypeia."

"A long time ago…" Roger said nostalgic.

"What are these gems then?" Robin asked.

"I'd tell ya they were just for armor decoration, but that doesn't seem to fit them now." Roger said humorously.

"What does that mean?" Nami asked confused.

"Now, this is only a theory…" Roger stated for clarity's sake. "But during my fights with Discord, I wore magnificent armor made by our finest blacksmiths and embedded with magical jewels from the unicorn royalty. They were meant to protect the wearer, though it barely did much to hold against Discord."

"Okay." Luffy said flatly.

"Each gem was assigned a particular magic, very ancient stuff, and given meaning. Discord and I had many battles. I never thought how it would affect those gems at the time, but the mixing of magic may have made new elements."

"Do you really think so?" Celestia asked surprised.

"Anything is possible at this moment." Roger stated confident.

"Wait, new elements? Like the Elements of Harmony?" Nami asked.

"Similar, perhaps." Roger said unsure.

"What do our elements mean?" Robin asked.

"It's been a while since I've last saw them…" Roger said as he looked at each one naming off an aspect. "Luffy, yours is Will or Willpower. Fitting, don't you think?"

"Yeah." Luffy said grinning.

"You…" Roger said to Zoro. "Honor."

Zoro smirked proudly saying, "Of course."

"Robin, and Ms. Mare." Roger said speaking to both females of the crew politely. "Truth and Happiness, respectively.

"Happiness?" Nami said surprised.

"Hmm, I see." Robin said before looking at her gem seemingly understanding.

"And you three," Roger said speaking to Usopp, Sanji, and Chopper. "Courage, Respect, and Life."

"Really?" Usopp said shocked.

"Cool." Sanji said grinning coolly.

"Whoa." Chopper said amazed looking at his gem.

"And these gems will help us fight Discord?" Luffy asked questioningly.

"I don't know what they'll do." Roger said truthfully. "You'll just have to wing it."

"That's what we're best at!" Luffy stated grinning confidently.

Luffy then grabbed the gem. At the same time, all of the Straw Hat crew took their gems. The gems then began glowing before enveloping each member in bright light. The royal family shielded their eyes until the light dimmed down. When they looked back at the group, they saw that very little changed about them excepting that now they were wearing their gems made anew.

Luffy wore his in a gold king's crown and his gem looking like his cutie mark – the Straw Hat Jolly Roger – with its colors changed to white (skull and bones) and yellow (hat) and red (band). Zoro's gem was now worn on his upper right foreleg and looked like his cutie mark, three swords – two crossed with a third going through the middle. The gem's blade was black and white with yellow hilts. Nami wore hers as a necklace looking like her cutie mark, a pinwheel with a tangerine on top, and was now yellow. Usopp's gem was worn on his left foreleg and looked like his slingshot cutie mark and was now a yellow-green color. Sanji's gem was also worn on his left and looked like his cutie mark, a fork and knife crossed, and was silver in color now. Chopper's gem was band wore around his hat and looked like a cherry blossom petal. They color of his gem was now pink. And finally, Robin's gem was now a light magenta book with an emerald flower on it that she now wore as a necklace like Nami.

"Whoa! This is awesome!" Luffy shouted excited as he looked at his crown and gem.

"Wow!" Nami said as she looked at her gem amazed. "I can't believe it."

"This is so cool!" Chopper shouted as he looked at his hat and gem.

"Luffy, everyone…" Celestia spoke addressing the group. "I hate to ask you all to risk your life, but Equestria needs you and your newfound elements. Just know that, you are free to choose what you do."

"We've already decided this." Zoro stated assuredly. "All that's left is to do it."

"Right!" Luffy shouted determined.

"But how do get to Ponyville from here?" Sanji asked concerned.

"I can help!" Merry shouted excitedly.

The crew turned to Merry surprised. Usopp spoke out first, "You can?"

Merry nodded before she began sucking in air. She looked as if she was trying to force something to happen. To everyone's surprise, Merry suddenly produced wings similar to the ones that were put on her before going up to Skypeia. She even grew a rooster's crown like before. She then began flapping her wings giving her lift. This stunned and amazed by this sudden transformation.

"Merry's…flying!" Nami said shocked.

"Whoa! Amazing!" Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper shouted in amazement.

"She looks just like she did in Skypeia." Robin commented amused.

"Anything is possible with chaos." Roger stated smiling quoting a certain someone ironically.

"Let's fly!" Luffy shouted leading his crew to Merry.

"Yeah!" shouted the crew.

"Robin…" Celestia said to the dark purple mare. "I have a message I need you to deliver for Twilight Sparkle."

Robin smiled and gave a slight bow. She told the princess, "It'll be my pleasure, your highness."

Once Celestia told Robin the message, the crew boarded the now flying Merry. Celestia and Roger stood by and watched as the ship took off into the sky. Both of them silently wishing them luck in their endeavor. Celestia looked ever so worried seeing the ponies fly off to certain doom. On the other hand, Roger grinned confidently.

"Uncle…" Celestia said concerned. "Are you sure they'll be alright?"

"They're our best hope now." Roger stated.

"About that…" Celestia said as she looked at her uncle worried. "Uncle, is there something you haven't told me?"

Roger frowned. He looked at his niece seeing her concern and worry. It wasn't towards their current situation, but all on him. He knew this day would come. Roger replied serious, "Celestia… I'm sick."

Celestia gasped in shock, "What?"

"It's very serious." Roger stated solemnly.


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