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A crossover story with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and my favorite anime/manga, One Piece. But it's not just these two. It's a whole new world with new characters to interact with the Mane Six and Spike. Stay tuned for adventure and friendship in this new and alternate telling; My Little Pony: Nakama is Magic!

Poster and characters besides the Mane Six and Spike done by Moheart7 or Inkheart7 on dA

The Epilogue - The Straw Hats are off, but there is much still to tell. Events are moving forward beyond are cast's knowledge. What lies ahead, who knows? "New Straw Hat Pirates Saga" end

Author's note: I would like to thank you all for reading, reviewing, suggesting, and just being brilliant. I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors!

And one final thing, should anyone ever have that inspiration to write, and they want to see this story continue; you have my permission. Do as you like: invent your own story - epilogue be damned.

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Comments ( 532 )

This story is going places. You should add Soul Eater in here for the kick of it.:rainbowwild:

5804815 Thank you :pinkiehappy: And I'll think it over. Soul Eater has come to mind, but I haven't yet figured how I should include it.

5805510 coolios. *Also thumbs up.*

Well, I think this story deserves many likes. Honestly? This is one of the better and more creative One Piece crossovers I have read.

Keep going.

I really enjoy reading this story. It shows the creativity of the writer. You didn't just take the characters from the anime and just threw them into the mlp universe. You instead decided to create your own backstory with a little but from the anime. Keep writing man. Also are you just thinking about mainly adding shounen anime characters into this story or other genres?

5810559 Thank you! :pinkiehappy: Hard as many of us try, you can't please everyone. Though the notion of a dislike button isn't exactly something pleasing. Thanks for the support! Trust me, there is more to come!

5811671 Thank you! :pinkiehappy: Shounen is the target range, yes, but I've also been working on a spin-off dealing with Princess Luna and he time before her appearance in Nightmare Night. It's a crossover with Sailor Moon. As for this story, I haven't really thought of any other animes besides those related to shounen. The suggestions are open for any anime; however, I would only consider to do the ones that I know and read.

5813192 ah ok. Maybe you could put in characters from the anime hunter x hunter. Or hvae you already said you were doing that can't recall.:twilightblush:

Personally if I just see a song I generally just skim it and go to the actual reading. But do what you wish to do, I don't mind sibce I'm just the reader. Also can't wait for the next chapter.

5814869 Unfortunately, I know very little of Hunter X Hunter :rainbowhuh: Never even read it

5815957 XD. Lol you should watch it/read it. Hunter Hunter 2011 is pretty good.

I like ol' Gol D. Roger. Even as an almighty alicorn king, he's still a fun loving guy.

Once again great chapter, however there were some minor grammar mistakes here and there. Still can't wait till the next one.

5820830 There's always some somewhere :pinkiecrazy: Definitely need to do a better job at that. But thank you

5820872 yea no probs. Also if you do fight scenes will have the japanese or english? You know how it's like 'gomu gomu no' or gum gum. Just wondering.

5820888 I will use the English. At least in Devil Fruit attacks. Sword attack names may keep their Japanese name, or at least a few may. I usually cross reference attack names so I usually use the best version.

5820910 Ah ok. I usually like the japanese names more so I'm glad you're keeping them for people like Zoro.

What Roger thought as he spent a minute greeting guest.

Onore Celestia!!!

Before I read, will there be Brooke?

5830741 Eventually, yes. :pinkiehappy: I would not leave my favorite One Piece/Straw Hat character. It'll just be awhile before he shows up.

5830898 Imma put this in my read later list then.
3am here.

It wasn't too cheesy which was good. Again great chapter. I only saw a couple grammar mistakes by the way. Also is the next chapter going to be after their first run with Kuma, like at the zombie arc or is it after the time skip?

5832954 No. Not yet. I left a little hint in story about what comes next. See if you can spot :raritywink: As I have immersed One Piece into MLP so too will I immerse MLP into One Piece. Everything else is just extra.

5833190 lol im not a big guy on mlp, I just like the stories that come out of the series and the shippings.:twilightblush: so if u made an mlp reference I most likely wont get it.

5833356 That's weird. :pinkiegasp: I would think most people on here would be 'big MLP' people. I mean, it's a fanfiction sight, strictly dedicated to MLP. It's not like FF didn't already have a section for it. :derpytongue2: No big deal though. While I like MLP, I don't exactly call myself a 'Brony'. Anyway, shippings, eh? Since you brought it up, any pickings within the story (or just in general)?

5833429 umm not really. I mean you could pair up the main 6 with the crew but personally I don't really like ships between crossover characters and the main 6, but chooperXflutters i have no objection towards. I however like ships like soarindash, fluttermac, and a couple others. Still this is your story so do as younplease I'll still read.

It’s still recorded as ‘The Day of Black Sun’.”

Gratuitous Avatar: the Last Airbender reference is epic!
Also, if you wanna know an anime that'd go awesome here, Kill La Kill.

5834619 Thanks! :pinkiehappy: I couldn't help but play around with MLP history, and nothing's more fun then a solar eclipse in MLP, right? And Avatar has the best reference of one!

And I actually may consider using Kill la Kill. It could fit in rather nicely somewhere.

5833688 I'm partially doing that. But only so much.

nooooo:applecry: dont let king roger die:fluttercry::fluttercry:

5852860 I make no promises.:trixieshiftright: Everything is for sake of the story!:derpytongue2:

Techniquely, they are Privateers. Their captain and Robin are affiliated with Equestria even if they would denied it. They are the one of the most legendary PeaceMains known by all.

Peacemains is a term Eiichiro Oda used in Romance Dawn v2. It simply means a pirate group who love adventure and beats up evil pirates along the way,

Ex. http://aozmanga.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoid=54257601

Something has been bugging me lately that pertains to this story. Is Ace's mother dead?
Because aren't the marines in your story on the good side(by that I mean Luffy's), and the marines were the ones who killed her in a sense.

5859203 That's not exactly it. Even if they had come from Equestria, that doesn't mean they were affiliated with the government. That's what it means to be a privateer. It would be like being a Warlord of the Sea, except Equestria is more hands off about their privateers. Robin left cutting off ties with everyone in Equestria, and Luffy just wanted adventure. Luffy's status as a privateer was just something Celestia had done to ensure him, and his friend, that they could return back to Equestria whenever they needed to.

And yes, I'm familiar with the pilots and the terms. I don't use them because the world isn't so black-and-white like that. Probably why you don't see those terms in the manga itself.

5859750 Yes. She is dead. And actually, the One Piece Marines are split up between Equestria and the Black Empire. Don't ask me by how much, even I'm not completely sure. But as you continue to read, you'll see. :pinkiehappy:

Yay, new chapter. Good job!

6021406 About time, right? :derpytongue2: Anyway, how was the chapter?

6021500 Thank you! :pinkiehappy: What are your thoughts on this chapter?

6022993 thoroughly enjoyed it man, keep up the good work!

I'm loving this story so far. Is anyone else picturing Sanji and Spike fighting over rarity?

I just wonder how Franky and Zoro will be introduced into the story.

Now I'm curious on how they got robin back after alabasta

The lesson was actually pretty good, I could easily see it as a later lesson in the actual show. As for you saying it would be cheesy? Wasn't cheesy at all.

6089372 Thank you for all your comments. I'm glad you are enjoying it :pinkiehappy: Hopefully, I'll be able to answer everything in time. (Franky's especially soon).

Also, thank you for not finding my cheesy lesson cheesy :derpytongue2:

Oh no, the timeline you're on...no...not him...ANYONE BUT HIM

6091040 Which him? Are we talking about good ol' "Fuehfehfehfeh!" or Mr. Chill :derpytongue2:

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