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My Little Pony: Nakama is Magic - Hotspot the 626th

The World. What a glorious place. Seek friendship, and it'll lie stretched out before your eyes. If the endless dream guides your restless spirit. Seize it! Raise your flag and stand tall with your friends!

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To leave, or not to leave

Author's Note:

Author's note: Yo! Hope you all enjoy! This is another original written chapter, I tried really hard on this one to make it similar to how a regular episode of MLP would play out. Even tried out a lesson, which may have made this story too cheesy. My bad :derpytongue2: I still hope that you will enjoy it!

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A few days have pass since Ponyville experienced what may have been there biggest party yet. The Straw Hat group really tested Pinkie's party skills, which she was overly enjoyed. This party nearly lasted two days. By the end of it, barely any pony was awake the next morning. One pony that was awake though was Twilight Sparkle. The unicorn mare awoke as in her bed with a Nami and Robin using her guest bed right across from her. Spike laid in his basket in between them. She quietly tip toed down the stairs. She was meet with loud snores from all the stallions that took sleeping quarters in the library. Among them she spotted Luffy. She smiled seeing that he was still sleeping soundly. As she headed towards the back of her home, she heard some noise. She entered and found the Navy blue coat, suit-wearing stallion Sanji already cooking up food. His cutie mark in full view: a fork and knife crossed.

"Sanji, you're awake." Twilight said in surprise.

"Ah, good morning, Twilight." Sanji greeted cheerfully. "I hope you don't mind me using your kitchen."

"No, it's fine. I was just surprised you were cooking already. I thought I would cook since you're all my guests." Twilight stated.

"You are welcome to join me." Sanji said as he nodded to an empty spot next to him. "I would love to taste your cooking. I am sure your food will be delicious."

"Well, I don't know about that." Twilight said smiling as she joined Sanji's side. She used her magic as she brought forth and tied an apron onto her body. She then used her magic to begin pulling various ingredients to her. She then stated proudly, "But I can cook a mean chocolate pancake."

"Wonderful." Sanji replied with a smile as he continued to cook his meal.

Twilight continued to smile as she cooked her breakfast as well.

Spike: Wealth, Fame, Power. Gold Roger, the King of Equestria, had attained this and even more ruling over our fair kingdom.

Twilight: But my brother, Luffy, is where this story focuses on. He left for an adventure that would stretch from Equestria and beyond.

Luffy: And also! Twilight and her friends joined up with us too!

All (Spike/Twi/Luffy): This is the story of friendship and adventure in the great Age of Friendship!

All (Mane Six plus Spike and Straw Hat 7): Come aboard and bring along~ all your hopes and dreams…
Together we will find everything that we're looking for~… One Piece!

My Little Pony

Nakama is Magic

Nami/Applejack: Compass left behind…
It will only slow us down…
Your heart will be your guide, raise the sail and take the helm.

Robin/Rarity: That legendary place that the end of the map reveals…

Chopper/Fluttershy: Is only legendary 'til someone proves it real…

Sanji/Pinkie Pie: Through it all, through all the troubled times, through the heartache and through the pain…

Zoro/Rainbow Dash: Know that I will be there to stand by you~

Usopp/Spike: Just like I Know You'll Stand by Me!

All: So come aboard and bring along~ all your hopes and dreams…

Together, we will find everything that we're looking for…

Luffy/Twilight: There's always room for you! If you wanna be my friend~

We are!
We Are!
On the cruise~

My Little Pony

Nakama is Magic

Luffy/Twilight:We Are!

"To Leave, or Not to Leave"

Eventually, the whole crew and Spike awoke as the library was filled with the scent of food cooking. All of them sat in the library, after being cleaned, and ate both Sanji's food and Twilight's pancakes.

"Wow! This food is amazing!" Spike exclaimed in joy as he ate his food. "I can't believe this came out of our kitchen!"

"Sanji is the best cook around." Usopp stated proudly. "I taught him everything I know about cooking."

"You did!" Spike said astonished.

"No way!" Chopper shouted equally as amazed.

Sanji ignored Usopp's lies as he turned to Twilight. "My dear, Twilight. These pancakes are truly magical." Sanji said complimenting the young mare.

Twilight giggled. She stated humbly, "It's just regular pancakes with chocolate chips."

"Yeah, but not even the idiot-cook's food makes the captain this happy." Zoro stated grinning as he gestured to Luffy.

Luffy had stacks and stacks of pancakes all around him, and only two plates of Sanji's food. He scoffed down pancake after pancake with a big grin across his face. He spoke between bites, "Man…I've really…missed your….Magic Chocolate Pancakes…Twi!"

"Well, they're not really magic…" Twilight stated.

"Luffy, don't eat so many." Nami stated sternly. "You'll get a stomachache."

"Aww~, Nami." Luffy whined childishly.

"Yeah!" Spike shouted as he rushed over to grab a stack. "Save some for me! It's been forever since Twilight cooked chocolate pancakes."

Robin chuckled amusedly. She set her cup of coffee down and commented to Twilight, "You have a lovely home here in Ponyville, Twilight."

"Thank you, sensei." Twilight said smiling. She then added as she pulled two grey gems with her magic, "And also thank you for these gems. Hopefully, I can gain some knowledge from Skypeia with these."

"You're welcome." Robin said pleased.

"What are you going to do with them?" Nami asked curious.

"I'll run a few test." Twilight stated cheerfully. "Carbon dating, density, composition, magic capacity. I'm going to have a field day!"

"Oh boy…" Spike said before rolling his eyes and continued to eat.

"Twilight-swan~! You are so cute when you're talking about science." Sanji exclaimed adoringly.

"Who." Owlowiscious said as he landed next to Sanji.

Sanji broke from his mood to glare at the owl. He stated, "Twilight, of course."


"Twilight! Bird-brain!" Sanji shouted peeved.


"Why I outta…"

"Sanji!" Chopper said speaking up quickly. "Owlowiscious was just saying hello to you."

"Oh." Sanji said looking embarrassed.

"Tch. Dumbass." Zoro said with a grunt.

"You wanna fight, you shitty swordsman!" Sanji shouted in rage.

Twilight sweat-dropped nervously. She looked over to Luffy and said, "Are they really your friends?"

Luffy chuckled and nodded, "Yeah!"

As the group continued to eat, fight, and converse, none of them noticed that some ponies were watching them. It was the rest of the Mane Six. While none of them were overly suspicious of the group of ponies that fell from the sky, they were curious. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were watching from windows higher up. Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie shared a single window out of everyone's sight.

"Whoa! Twilight's brother sure can eat." Rainbow Dash commented amazed.

"He packs away more food then Big Mac during the last family reunion." Applejack commented equally amazed.

Pinkie Pie was drooling at the sight of the pancakes. "Those pancakes look so~ delicious." She stated hungrily.

"Twilight looks like she is having fun with everyone." Fluttershy spoke happily.

"Man, those two can fight." Applejack commented watching Zoro and Sanji argue and fight.

"Shh! Quiet!" Rainbow Dash said to the others. "I can't hear Twilight."

"So, Luffy." Twilight said speaking to her brother with a cheeks full of food. "What will you and everyone do today?"

With his mouth full, Luffy tried to speak. Luffy spoke, "Well…"

"We'll probably be stocking up for our trip." Nami stated over Luffy's food-filled talking. Luffy didn't mind, he nodded in agreement with what Nami said.

"Oh…" Twilight said flatly. "Do you have any destination plans?"

Nami shook her head. "Not yet, but we'll work it out." She stated confidently.

"Then if I may suggest…" Twilight said as she activated her magic. She pulled out a book from the shelf and opened it before the group. She stated, "There's a very famous ship building port a little ways off of Equestria. If you think your ship will make it that far?"

"The Going Merry can travel anywhere!" Usopp stated proudly. "She's climbed mountains, went through monsters, and flown through the sky! Making it to another destination will be a piece of cake."

"Wow…" Spike said amazed. "That's amazing!"

"Well, if you think so. The port is called Water 7. If you sail directly east from the river. You should reach it in a few days." Twilight said happily.

"Thanks, Twi!" Luffy said grinning cheerfully. "That's a really big help!"

Twilight giggled before saying, "It's no problem, Luffy. We're family."

"You should totally join my crew!" Luffy said excitedly.

The Mane Six gasped hearing Luffy. They all shouted quietly, "What?!"

"What? Really?" Nami said surprised.

"Yeah!" Luffy said grinning optimistically.

"Luffy…" Twilight said sounding unsure.

"That would be great!" Usopp shouted equally as excited as the captain. "It would be awesome have a talented unicorn like you!" He then realized a bit of error in his words. He quickly turned to Robin looking nervous. He spoke, "I mean, not like Robin isn't…"

Robin covered a chuckled. She told the yellow unicorn, "I understand what you mean. Twilight is very talented."

Twilight blushed. "I'm not that talented…" She said smiling embarrassed.

"Ah! Twilight is so cute when she is being humble~!" Sanji stated swooning over the purple unicorn. "You would do us the great honor if you joined us, Twilight Sparkle."

"What about me?" Spiked asked feeling felt out.

"Of course, Spike!" Luffy said. "I wouldn't forget Starbutt's number one assistant!"

The room started filling up with chuckles and muffled laughs. Most the crew tried to hold back their laughter, with the exception of Robin who was far used to it already, as they tried to be polite to their hostess. Even the Mane Six was trying hold back their laughter as not to be caught. Of course, Twilight was not happy her brother used her nickname and was completely embarrassed. She sent a dangerous glare towards the Earth pony.

"Whoops, sorry." Luffy said grinning apologetically.

"Anyway..." Twilight said stressing her word as she tried calming down the crew. "Like I said before, I can't just leave. I have a very important duty here. And I can't just leave all my friends either."

"They can come too!" Luffy retorted with a cheerful grin.

"That's a lot of new members." Zoro commented relaxing against a wall smiling optimistically.

"F-F-F-Futtershy is coming?" Chopper said being surprising nervous.

"Luffy…" Twilight said with a frown. "I can't just ask them to leave the lives they made here either. I'm sorry. I would love to join you, but I just can't right now."

Luffy frowned as he let the subject drop. Many in the crew frowned as well. They all started back eating. Outside, the Mane Six wasn't looking to happy despite Twilight having picked them over her brother. All of them soon backed away from the library. They all began discussing what they had heard.

"I can't believe they offered Twilight to join them." Rainbow Dash said completely shocked. "I mean, yeah. She's book smart, but I can't imagine her doing the stuff they do on their ship."

"Stuff like what?" Applejack asked curious.

"Well, there's…" Rainbow Dash said before she found herself stuck. Everyone waited with Applejack raising her brow in suspicion. Eventually, Rainbow Dash figured out something and said, "Um, scrubbing the poop deck?"

"I think what they have in mind is far more…relative to her skills." Rarity stated finding the idea repulsive.

"But Twilight said she couldn't go with them." Pinkie Pie stated.

"Yeah. Because of us." Fluttershy said with a frown. They all began to frowning as they began feeling guilty. The yellow Pegasus then said, "She looked like she really wanted to go with Luffy and the others."

"But she can't because of us and her mission thingy." Pinkie Pie said without her usual energy.

"I've never felt so bad." Rarity said frowning.

"Dang nabbit." Applejack said feeling determined. "We gotta do something for the poor filly. She's done so much for us."

"I've got an idea!" Rainbow Dash stated optimistically. "If Twilight feels that she can't leave because of her duties, let's show her we can do them without her!"

Fluttershy gasped. She then said, "Are you sure that's a good idea, Rainbow? Don't you think Twilight might get her feelings hurt?"

"No way!" Rainbow Dash retorted confidently. "I bet she'll be incredibly happy knowing she can go with her brother and that everything will be taken care of here in Ponyville."

"Hmm, she may have a point." Rarity stated. "We can at least try."

"Alright!" Pinkie Pie shouted regaining her usual energy and vigor. "Let's start Operation 'Let's-send-Twilight-off-with-her-brother-without-worries'!

"Yeah!" shouted most of the group.

"Y-Yeah." Fluttershy said less than enthusiastic as the rest.

They all then began to huddle and talk quietly between themselves as they discussed their plans. None of them realized however that their conversation had overheard. None of the mares noticed a small dark purple ear on the wall where they had been eavesdropping. Of course, this is Robin's doing. Being an observant mare, she had noticed them instantly and chose not to reveal their presence. She listened in on their conversation and was very amused by what she heard. Again, she decided not to say anything. She wondered what her student's friends would do.

Twilight and Luffy were walking towards city hall. Soon after breakfast was over and everything cleaned up, Twilight, Spike, and the crew separated to do their duties. Twilight went off into town with Luffy following her. Luffy looked very excited.

"Luffy, shouldn't you be helping your crew?" Twilight asked feeling concerned.

"Nah." Luffy said grinning without a care. "They can handle the stuff."

"If you say so." Twilight said unsure.

"Where are we going?" Luffy asked suddenly.

"We're going to the mayor's office." Twilight explained happily. "She wants to discuss next winter wrap-up plans."

"Cool!" Luffy shouted cheerfully. "Winter Wrap-Up! Winter Wrap-Up!"

Twilight giggled hearing her brother singing off key. Luffy continued to sing horribly as they entered city hall. Once inside, Twilight spoke out, "Okay, Mayor Mare. I'm here to… Huh?"

Twilight was surprised when she saw that mayor was already in meeting. She was talking with Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and a Twilight had gotten to know as Amethyst Star. She is a unicorn mare with a pale magenta coat, moderate violet mane with light purple highlights, and her cutie mark was three diamonds.

"Oh! Hi Rainbow Dash! Hi Applejack!" Luffy greeted excitedly.

The meeting between the four mares stopped as they all took notice of Luffy and Twilight. Applejack was the first to greet the two. "Howdy, you two." She said happily.

"Hey!" Rainbow Dash greeted as well. "What brings you two around?"

"Well…" Twilight said sounding a little confused. "I was going to help the mayor with organizing the next winter warp-up."

"Oh, what a coincidence. That's what we're doing." Rainbow Dash said proudly.

"Pardon?" Twilight said completely confused.

"Yes." Mayor Mare stated as she stepped forward. "Applejack and Rainbow Dash came in with Amethyst Star to talk about how they could improve their teams for the next Winter Wrap-up."

"Really?" Twilight said surprised.

"Cool!" Luffy said excitedly. "What do you guys do for winter wrap-up?"

"I lead the plant team." Applejack stated.

"I handle the weather team." Rainbow Dash stated before she then pointed to the other unicorn. "And Amethyst Star leads the animal team."

"And of course…" Mayor Mare spoke as she gestured to purple unicorn. "Twilight is our all-team organizer.

"Awesome!" Luffy said grinning. "That's so cool, Twily!"

"Well, it isn't that big a deal." Twilight said embarrassed. She then turned to the group of ponies asked, "How are you all doing on the planning?"

"Actually…" Mayor Mare said speaking up eagerly. "We could use a third…"

"No!" Applejack and Rainbow Dash said quickly interrupting the mayor.

"What we mean to say is…" Applejack said trying not to be suspicious.

"We got everything handled." Rainbow Dash finished for the Earth pony. "No need for you, Twilight. So you should do stuff with your brother and his friends. Like all day. Maybe even longer…"

"Rainbow Dash." Applejack said warningly through her teeth.

"Oh." Twilight said surprised. "Well, it seems that you have a handle on things…"

"Yep!" Rainbow Dash said proudly.

"Don't worry, Twi." Applejack said smiling towards Twilight. "We got everything covered."

"Yeah! Go have fun!" Rainbow Dash said quickly before pushing Twilight, and Luffy, out of the building. She then closed the doors.

"Bye guys!" Luffy said cheerfully.

Twilight was confused as she looked back at the doors. She also felt unwanted. An odd feeling she hadn't felt since the Winter Wrap-up. But since her brother was here, she put up a happy front. She didn't want to worry him. She soon got up dusting the dirt off before saying cheerfully, "Well, since I don't have to help, let's go to my next appointment."

"Hey, Twilight. Are you okay?" Luffy said as he stood up next to his sister. He had noticed something off with Twilight. Just a little off.

"Of course, Luffy." Twilight said flashing the same smile at him. "I'm happy that the team leaders are getting organized on their own. Without me. Now the next Winter Wrap-up will go smoothly."

"Alright." Luffy said as he let the issue slide. For now. The two then continued towards their next appointment. Being curious, he asked, "So~, where to next?"

"Now, we will be stopping by Ms. Cheerilee's class to teach her class." Twilight said cheerfully.

"Aw! School? Boring." Luffy said whining childishly.

Twilight giggled. "Of course." She said not finding any offense from what her brother said.

As they continued to the school, they passed the Carousel Boutique. "Rarity!" Both of them stopped at as they heard Nami call out. She stood in front of store and knocked on the door as loudly as possible.

"Nami?" Luffy asked before stopping.

Nami turned around hearing her name. She was surprised to see Luffy, and Twilight, and asked, "Luffy? Twilight? What brings you here?"

"We're on our way to…" Luffy said before suddenly frowning with disgust. "School."

"What?!" Nami said stunned. "You convinced Luffy to go to school?!"

"No." Twilight stated exasperated. "I've given up that goal a long time ago. We're just going so I can teach the fillies and colts."

"That makes sense." Nami said nodding and understanding. "Actually, before you do that. Can you tell me where Rarity is?"

"Huh? She's not at her boutique?" Twilight said confused. "That's odd. She usually doesn't close her shop unless for important matters. I wonder what's up."

"Well, until she comes back. You should come with us, Nami!" Luffy suggested eagerly.

Nami sighed. "I might as well. She said as she began walking with the group.

"Hey! Is that the school?" Luffy shouted suddenly as he pointed to the building.

"Oh, good." Twilight said happily. "I bet everyone will be excited for my lessons."

As the three ponies walked up to the front of the building, they all heard cheering and clapping. Suddenly, there came sounds of party poppers and party blowers. This caught Twilight by surprise, and intrigued Luffy and Nami.

"Well, they sound excited." Nami commented in Twilight's favor.

"Sounds like a party!" Luffy said excitedly.

"That…can't be right?" Twilight said confused before entering the building. Inside, she saw the entire class in attendance, and they were all focused on their two speakers, Rarity and Pinkie Pie.

"That answer is correct, Applebloom." Rarity stated pleased.

"Time for your treat!" Pinkie Pie shouted excited as she pulled out her party cannon. She pulled the string and the cannon fired candy and sweets towards the filly.

"Yeah!" Applebloom shouted as she raised her hooves up to catch the candy. She nearly caught the whole pile. She then shouted back, "Thanks, Pinkie!"

"Okay, darlings." Rarity spoke towards the class. "Who's ready to learn more about the history of Equestria?"

"We are!" shouted the whole class. Each student had a few pieces of candy on their desks.

"Us too!" shouted Usopp and Chopper, in Brain Point, as they called through the open windows.

"What's going on?" Twilight said surprised.

Hearing their voices, both Luffy and Nami looked around the building to spot the two. Luffy was the first to speak up, "Hey, what are you guys doing here?"

"And not getting supplies." Nami stated sternly.

Pony and reindeer heard the harsh voice and tried to back out. They both hit their heads backing out too fast. They then fell out of the windows outside. "Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow~" said the two Straw Hat crew members.

Every filly and colt in class laughed as they had seen the display of slapstick comedy.

"N-N-Nami." Usopp said surprised. "What are you doing here?"

"I couldn't find Rarity so I joined along with Luffy and Twilight." Nami stated still looking at the two sternly. "Why are you here?"

"We bumped into Rarity and Pinkie Pie." Chopper said. "And we were done with our tasks. Pinkie said there would be candy."

"And there is!" Pinkie Pie shouted popping out from the open window.

"Pinkie Pie? What are you doing here?" Twilight asked as he walked over to the excited pink mare. She then looked over at Rarity as the white unicorn walked up to the other window. Twilight asked, "And Rarity. Why are you here? Nami wanted some clothes from you."

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry, Nami." Rarity said apologetic. "But my sister Sweetie Belle just begged me to come and help teach her class."

"I did?" Sweetie Belle said confused. Suddenly, Rarity's magic aura glowed around Sweetie Belle's mouth forcing her to be quiet.

"Anyway…" Rarity said as she continued speaking as if her sister had not said a thing. "I would be happy to give you some clothing later if you don't mind, dear."

"Well, that's fine. I guess." Nami said agreeing to the unicorn's request yet finding something suspicious with the mare.

"But why is Pinkie here?" Twilight asked nearly in outrage.

"Darling, every teacher needs an aid." Rarity said happily.

"Pinkie Pie is the best teacher's assistant ever!" Scootaloo shouted cheerfully. "She gives us candy for every right answer."

"Aww~, thanks guys." Pinkie Pie said happily. She then pulled out a blue-and-white striped, train conductor's hat and placed it on her head. She shouted, "Alright, everypony! Conjunction Junction~! What's your function?"

"I hope you don't mind, Twilight." Cheerilee said as she approached the purple unicorn. "They were quite insistent on teaching today."

Rarity gave a soft, but nervous laugh hearing Cheerilee. She stated quickly, "What can I say? Learning is an opportunity for all."

"Well, maybe I can teach tomorrow?" Twilight asked eagerly.

Rarity and Pinkie Pie gasped in shock. Quickly, Rarity shot up to Twilight. "Now, now, darling. Let's not be too hasty. I mean, I'm sure Ms. Cheerilee already has plans for tomorrow." She said nervously.

"Actually, I do." Cheerilee stated eagerly.

Rarity looked back at the school teacher surprised. She asked, "Beg pardon?"

"We will be taking a field trip to the Canterlot gardens." Cheerilee stated happily.

"Cool! That place is ginormous!" Pinkie Pie shouted excitedly.

"Well, there you have it." Rarity said feeling more assured. "You can't teach tomorrow."

"Oh…" Twilight said feeling hurt. While she wasn't all the unhappy about her friends doing a good deed, she once again felt unneeded. This time feeling much worse. But again, she put up a front and smiled happily. She said, "I mean, that's good. Keep up the great work, girls."

"Okie Dokie!" Pinkie Pie said cheerfully.

"Bye now!" Rarity said sending Twilight off with a smile and a wave.

Twilight then left the school. Again, Luffy had caught sight of Twilight's slight disposition with the situation despite her placing a now very strong front. He walked up alongside Twilight and spoke, "Twilight?"

"I'm fine." Twilight said acting slightly distant.

And like before, Luffy let it slide like he did at the city hall. He looked over at the school building specifically the two friends of Twilight's. He stared blankly before he turned around and followed after Twilight.

"Hey, Luffy." Luffy looked back as he heard Nami speak up. He watched as the orange Pegasus walked up him looking concerned. She asked, "Is Twilight okay?"

"Well…" Luffy said as he looked to be in serious thought. He then replied with a smile, "She said she was fine."

"Come on, Luffy." Nami said quietly but sterner. "There is definitely something wrong here."

"Don't worry." Luffy said grinning confidently. "I know my sister."

Nami blinked surprised. She then watched as her captain galloped off to catch up with Twilight. From Luffy's comment, she couldn't tell if Luffy was just being careless with his sister's feelings or if maybe he dealing with it in his own mature sense. She couldn't tell. But trusting in her captain, she smiled and shook her head, "Good luck, idiot…"

Once Luffy caught up with Twilight, he asked, "So, what's next now, Twily?"

"I guess we'll head back to the library." Twilight said lowering her head and sighing sadly.

"Well, it'll be fun, right?" Luffy said smiling optimistically.

"Yeah, I guess." Twilight said smiling a little.

Luffy chuckled seeing that he cheered up his sister. As they neared the Golden Oaks Library, Luffy and Twilight stopped with their mouths agape. Luffy instantly asked, "Uh, Twilight?"

Twilight didn't answer him immediately. She was still completely stunned at the sight of a long line of ponies coming out of the library. Never in her time manning the library had she seen so many ponies at it. She was shocked. "What is going on?" Twilight said as she rushed to the library.

"Wait up!" Luffy shouted excitedly as he followed.

Twilight rushed pass the line of ponies. When she got inside she was surprised to find ponies checking out books by the saddle load. Twilight was completely astonished. "What is happening here?" She asked confused.

"Twilight!" Spike shouted as he rushed over to the mare excited. "Isn't this amazing? There's never been so much business before!"

"Yeah…" Twilight said amazed. "But why?"

"I have no idea." Spike stated with a shrug.

"Alright, everypony. Please stay in a line. You'll all have a turn." Twilight turned to see Fluttershy and many of her animal friends directing and helping the ponies. With the help of Owlowiscious, the animals seem to know what book to get and where it was placed. They then brought the book to the pony that needed it.

"And why is Fluttershy handling the library?" Twilight asked confused.

"She saw how busy we were." Spike stated cheerfully. "So she got all her friends to help. They've seriously lessen my work load."

"Wow! Cool!" Luffy said seeing all the animals helping run the library.

"I hope you don't mind, Twilight." Fluttershy spoke politely as she walked up to Twilight. "I thought I would help out a little."

"Who." Owlowiscious said while nodding.

"Oh, you're very welcome, Owlowiscious." Fluttershy said happily to the owl understanding him. She then turned to Twilight saying, "We may just run out of books for everyone."

"Cool!" Spike said amazed. "That give us a lot of free time."

"Awesome!" Luffy said excited.

"So, you have everything covered here?" Twilight said sounding a little sad.

"Yes." Fluttershy said proudly.

"And you don't need me to help."

"Yes." Fluttershy said again expressing sureness. She then immediately noticed how sad Twilight looked. She quickly asked, "Twilight?"

"Excuse me." Twilight said calmly as she walked upstairs.

"Twilight?" Luffy asked as he watched his sister leave.

"Oh dear…" Fluttershy said worried. "I hope we didn't go too far."

"Huh?" Luffy said confused. "What are you talking about?"

"Oh, um…" Fluttershy said as she became suddenly nervous towards Luffy. She tried her best to speak, though she hardly made eye contact and rubbed her leg nervously. She said to Luffy, "We…me and everyone…we thought…maybe…we could…help Twilight."

"What do you mean?" Luffy asked even more confused.

"You see... We… We…" Fluttershy said as he tried to get what she trying to say across. She then spoke quickly, "We-were-trying-to-help-Twilight-by-giving-her-a-chance-to-join-you!"

Luffy blinked in surprise. He then asked confused, "What?"

Spike walked up to Luffy saying, "Fluttershy and the others have been doing Twilight's jobs so she, and myself, could go with you on your journey."

"Really?!" Luffy said shocked. "Wait? Did you know, Spike?"

"They filled me in after you guys left." Spike stated bashfully. "I kinda gave them Twilight's plans for the next Winter Wrap-up, told them about Twilight's teaching gig, and I sent out flyers to everyone about getting one free book. I thought it would make her happy, and she could go along with you."

"Hmm, I see." Luffy said plainly. He then looked up towards the second level and frowned.

"Luffy?" Fluttershy asked worriedly.

The red stallion looked back at the yellow Pegasus and surprised her with a smile. "Thanks for helping Twilight, Fluttershy." He said cheerfully.

"Oh, um, you're welcome." Fluttershy said surprised.

"Luffy?" Spike said confused.

"See you later." Luffy said still smiling as he trotted out of the library leaving the two speechless. When Luffy got outside he was immediately saw Robin on the side. Luffy smiled and greeted her, "Hi, Robin! What are you doing here?"

"The better question would be, what are you going to do?" Robin replied curious.

"You heard?" Luffy asked unsurprised.

"Yes." Robin said nodding.

"Okay. Then follow me." Luffy said grinning like he had a plan. "We gotta find Nami and the others."

"I believe Zoro and Sanji are already back at the Merry." Robin stated for Luffy.

"Good, then Nami, Usopp, and Chopper are at the school. Let's go." Luffy said as he led the way.

Robin looked back at the library. She was looking slightly concerned, but she turned away. She smiled knowing her captain had some kind of plan. She then followed behind Luffy to find their crew members.

By the end of the day, all the Mane Six was done with their duties that were actually Twilight's duties. They all met in front of Golden Oaks Library. All but Fluttershy looked excited.

"Well, I can say without a doubt that we sure made Twilight's job easier." Applejack stated proudly.

"Yeah! I bet she's already packing her stuff." Rainbow Dash said confidently.

"I don't know, girls." Fluttershy said feeling guilty. "Twilight didn't look too happy after she saw us running the library."

"She was probably so happy about you taking over that she didn't want to hurt your feelings." Rainbow Dash stated confidently.

Fluttershy didn't seem too sure. She spoke softly, "I don't know…"

"Hey!" Pinkie Pie shouted suddenly. "Did anypony see where Luffy and his friends went?"

"I believe they went to play with Sweetie Belle and her friends." Rarity said assured. "I must say, those two, Usopp and Chopper, are wonderful with the children."

"That was mighty nice of them." Applejack said happily.

"Weren't you suppose to get Nami her dresses?" Pinkie Pie asked curious.

Rarity looked surprised at Pinkie Pie. She spoke, "She seemed to have disappeared around the same time as those other two."

"Well, hopefully they'll be close by." Rainbow Dash said optimistically. "'Cause when Twilight comes bursting through those doors, she'll be saying…"

Suddenly, the library door opened. In the doorway was a very angry Twilight with as hastily put together suitcase. She shouted out loudly, "I'm leaving!" She then walked out of her home. "Come on, Spike!"

"Wait! Twilight!" Spike shouted as he ran out after her.

"Twilight?" said the Mane Six confused.

"Oh, if it isn't my 'friends'." Twilight said harshly.

"Whoa, what's with the attitude, Twilight?" Applejack asked concerned.

"Oh, I'm sure you don't need my help to figure it out." Twilight said shrewdly as she continued to walk pass her friends.

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" Rainbow Dash shouted as she landed in front of the angry unicorn. "First off, what's a matter with you? Secondly, where are you going?"

"First, it's 'what is the matter'." Twilight stated annoyed before speaking angry. "Second, nothing. I just see how 'wanted' I am around here. And third, I'm going to Luffy and his boat. Happy?"

"Uh…" Rainbow Dash said dumbly too confused to answer.

As Twilight moved around Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie quickly jumped in front of her. She spoke worriedly, "Hold on, Twilight! Of course, you're wanted. We are all your friends!"

"Friends who seem to make it as if I'm not needed in Ponyville." Twilight shouted anger and emotional pain.

"Oh dear." Rarity said worried. "I think Fluttershy may have had a point."

"Sorry…" Fluttershy said bashfully.

Twilight then used her magic to levitate Pinkie Pie out of the way. "Now, if you'll excuse us." She said sternly before she continued to trot away from her friends.

"Wait! Twilight!" Spike shouted ready to reveal the truth.

Suddenly, Applebloom's voice shouted out, "Hey! Everyone!" Everyone looked forward to see the Cutie Mark Crusaders galloping towards them in a rush. When all three fillies made it to the group, Applebloom shouted again, "What's everypony doing here?!"

"What're you talkin' about, Applebloom?" Applejack asked concerned.

"Twilight's brother…" Scootaloo said between breaths. "He…and his crew…are leaving!"

"What?!" shouted everyone shocked.

"It's…the truth!" Sweetie Belle said as she used up her last breath to speak and then fell over tired.

"I didn't think he would leave so soon." Twilight said mumbling to her herself worriedly. She then used her magic to bring Spike close to her person. Her horn then began glowing as she spoke to the baby dragon, "We better hurry, Spike."

"Twilight, wait!" Spike said only to be cut off by him and Twilight teleporting away.

"Oh no!" Fluttershy shouted worried. "If she leaves now, who knows how long it'll be before we can apologize."

"Come on, girls!" Rainbow Dash said determinedly. "If Twilight's gonna leave, then she's at least gonna leave knowing we were total jerks and sorry for it!"

"Let's go!" Pinkie Pie shouted before she and everyone galloped off to where Twilight could be. They left the three tired fillies where they were as they slowly recover.

When the Mane Six reached the lake, they immediately noticed that Luffy and company's boat was already gone. Knowing that the lake exited out a large river. They quickly took off to hopefully catch up. Of course, being able to fly, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy took to the sky to catch up. Once so, they both spotted the sail of the ship sailing alongside the shore. Being the faster of the two, Rainbow Dash caught up in a matter a seconds. Once so, she found Twilight and Spike walking along the shore following the ship. Twilight seemed to be shouting towards the boat.

"Luffy!" Twilight shouted annoyed. "Stop the boat already! I want to come with you!"

"Luffy!" Usopp shouted as he and nearly all the crew members watched Twilight following them. "Aren't we gonna stop?"

Luffy sat atop the Going Merry's figurehead. He chuckled before he shouted back, "Not yet. Keep sailing forward! No stopping!"

"Monkey D. Luffy!" Twilight shouted literally burning with rage and on fire. "You stop the ship right now!"

"Slow down, at least!" Spike called out nearly out of breath.

"Luffy…" Nami said as she called out to the captain. "What happened to letting her join?"

"Tell her she can teleport on anytime!" Luffy replied with a wave.

"You know your ship won't let me because of the wood!" Twilight shouted clearly hearing her brother. She then looked at the crew and asked, "Can't one of you stop the ship?"

"Captain's orders." Zoro stated plainly looking unconcerned with the situation.

"I'm trying, Twilight-swan~!" Sanji shouted in adoringly. Luckily, Robin was restraining the love-sick stallion with her Hana-Hana powers. Keeping him from disobeying Luffy's orders.

"Why aren't we stopping?" Chopper asked confused.

"I believe the captain is trying to teach a lesson." Robin stated before looking out towards Ponyville. She could see Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and all the rest of Twilight's friends heading towards them.

"Twilight!" shouted Rainbow Dash as she and everyone caught up to the angry unicorn.

Twilight turned hearing her friends. She frowned and then continued calling out, "Luffy!"

"Twilight!" Suddenly, all the ponies tackled Twilight and shouted. The crew watching flinched as if they could feel the impact.

Hearing the other ponies tackle his sister, Luffy grinned and spun around in his seat. He then shouted to his crew, "Everyone! Full stop!"

"What?!" shouted Nami, Usopp, and Chopper surprised.

Zoro grinned and leaned off the cabin. "Aye-aye." He said as he got on to dropping the anchor.

"Bless you, Captain~!" Sanji shouted in joy as Robin released her power. The stallion then took off to help stop the boat.

Back on land, Twilight was struggling beneath the pony pile. "What are you doing?" She asked confused and annoyed.

"Don't go!" shouted all the ponies desperately.

"What?" Twilight said confused.

"We're so sorry, Twilight." Rarity said nearly in tears.

"We didn't mean to make you feel unwanted." Fluttershy said in tears.

Applejack spoke, "We just wanted you to be able to go off with your brother…."

"…so we did everything you do so you could!" Rainbow Dash finished.

"But we didn't mean to hurt your feelings!" Pinkie Pie shouted tearing up.

Spike finally caught up with the group. He took a second to catch his breath. He then spoke, "I…helped them… All those things…were from your…stuff."

"Really?" Twilight said surprised.

"Yeah…" Spike said before looking at Twilight with a sad frown. "I only wanted to help them help you."

"We had eavesdropped on your conversation with your brother's group." Applejack said as she and everyone got off Twilight.

"You did?" Twilight said surprised.

"We heard you say you would have liked to join their group." Fluttershy said embarrassed. "But you couldn't go because you didn't want to leave because of your duties and us."

"So we asked Spikey to hint us in on your duties. From there, we did our best to do your tasks effectively." Rarity said smiling.

"But it seems that we maybe were a little too harsh." Rainbow Dash said embarrassed

"I was having a discussion about functions of conjunctions using a railway junction just before our luncheon." Pinkie Pie stated happily.

"But we're all really, really sorry, Twi." Applejack said apologetically.

"We don't you want you to leave feeling angry at us." Fluttershy said frowning.

The group of ponies then said together, "We're sorry, Twilight."

Twilight was touched by all her friends' apology. She was nearly in tears. She got up and hugged the entire group. "Oh girls, I'm so sorry." Twilight said overjoyed.

"Whatever do you mean?" Rarity asked confused. "You have nothing to be sorry for."

Twilight explained, "I should've seen what you all were doing instead of believing that I was unneeded and unwanted."

"We should've respected your decision in the first place." Pinkie Pie retorted sadly.

Suddenly, the Mane Six began giggling and laughing. All of them understood the folly of their actions and how ridiculous it they were. From the Going Merry now anchored off the bank, Luffy watched the group grinning cheerfully. The crew watched on as well many of them confused.

"What's going on with them?" Usopp asked confused.

"Twilight's friends wanted to help Twilight by giving her the chance to join us." Robin explained amused. "Though, it seemed to have backfired slightly."

"Oh~" Usopp and Chopper said understanding.

Nami looked over at Luffy curious. She asked, "Is that why you were acting so adamant on letting Twilight join?"

Luffy laughed as he laid his chin on the ship's railing watching Twilight and her friends make up. He replied grinning, "Maybe."

"Geesh, at least fill us in next time." Nami said with weary sigh.

Eventually, Twilight and her friends stopped laughing. They all had shared a good moment between each other. Twilight spoke to the group, "I guess it would have been easier if I just asked everyone, huh?"

"That might've helped a little." Applejack said agreeing.

"And obviously reply would be…" Rarity said being dramatic.

"Of course you can go." Rainbow Dash said excitedly.

"Do you mean it?" Twilight asked smiling happily.

"We're your friends, Twilight." Fluttershy said supportively.

"As long as you're happy, we're happy." Pinkie Pie said cheerfully.

"In that case…" Twilight said smiling. She turned around and trotted over towards the Going Merry.

"Twilight?" Spike asked confused.

"Luffy!" Twilight shouted towards the crew and her brother.

"Hmm?" Luffy hummed curiously.

"Thank you for the invitation onto your ship…" Twilight said appreciative. She then looked back over at her friends, all of them waiting in anticipation for her reply. She smiled and then looked back up at Luffy. She said cheerfully, "But I'm going to be staying in Ponyville a little longer."

"What?!" All the Mane Six and Spike said surprised. Even Usopp, Sanji, and Chopper shouted the same along with them. Nami and Zoro looked surprised at the purple unicorn. Robin simply smiled somehow knowing the answer.

Luffy grinned. "Okay!" He said cheerfully.

"Twilight!" shouted Applejack as she and the others walked up with her. "What are you doing? We're okay with you going with your brother."

"But I'm not okay leaving all of you." Twilight stated towards her friends. "As much as I would love to join Luffy, I just as much want to continue to live here in Ponyville experiencing everything with my friends. So, I want to stay."

"Really?" Fluttershy said overcome with joy.

"And I do too!" Spike said as he ran up next to Twilight. "As fun as it would be to go with Big Bro Luffy, I'd miss you guys too much."

"Aww, thank you, Spikey-wikey" Rarity said as she grabbed the baby dragon and hugged him tightly. "We'd miss our little dragon too."

Spike tried to reply, but he was too busy drooling over Rarity and loving the affection the beautiful white mare was giving him. Everything he said was completely grumbled.

"You're not even going to complain?" Nami asked to Luffy surprised by how easygoing her captain was acting. Especially since it involved a new crew member.

Luffy nodded happily. He told her, "She made her decision already."

"So, what now, captain?" Zoro asked with a knowing smirk.

"Let's keep sailing." Luffy replied grinning.

"Luffy!" Luffy looked back as he heard Twilight yell his name. He watched as the unicorn walked up next to the boat. She was smiling up to Luffy though a little sad. She said, "Come back soon. Okay?"

"You know it!" Luffy stated excited.

"Anchor up!" Zoro shouted.

On the mast, Usopp and Chopper, in Heavy Point, lowered the sail. Usopp shouted, "Sails down, Luffy!"

"Let's go!" Luffy shouted exited.

"Bye Luffy!" Spike shouted towards his big brother figure.

"It was nice meeting all of you." Nami shouted towards the whole group. She then called out, "Rarity! I'll have to ask for a rain check on those clothes."

"Darling, next time you visit I'll make you your own dress." Rarity stated joyfully.

"Bye everyone!" Pinkie Pie shouted as she jumped up and down waving towards the crew.

"Come back soon, ya hear." Applejack said waving towards the group.

"Mellorines~!" Sanji shouted adoringly as he rushed to the end of the ship. "Wait for me, beautiful mares~!"

"See you soon!" Chopper said waving back to the group now back at Brain Point.

"Bye Chopper." Fluttershy said floating off the ground a little and waving.

Chopper blushed and began to wiggle in place. He spoke embarrassed, "J-J-Just because you say doesn't mean I like you, jerk."

Fluttershy gasped surprised saying, "Oh my…"

Usopp looked down towards Chopper confused. "She didn't even compliment you."

"Stay awesome!" Rainbow Dash shouted flying close to the ship and waved to the crew.

"You too." Zoro said in respect.

"Good-bye, Twilight Sparkle." Robin said calmly smiling towards the mare.

"Bye, Sensei!" Twilight shouted waving towards the group. All her friends kept waving towards the Straw Hat crew and they back at them.

Dear Princess Celestia,

Today has been a little emotional. Luffy and his crew left today. He wanted me to join him, and I almost did for the wrong reasons. I'm just glad I had such a good brother. When all my friends wanted to do was help me, I took it the wrong way and lashed out at them. I almost left Ponyville. My friends tried to help me and I misunderstood their intentions. Of course, they weren't that clear about it either. Sometimes friends have good intentions, but lack of communication can make good intentions into bad misunderstandings. You should always and clearly communicate with your friends.

Your faithful student,

Twilight Sparkle

It was now nighttime across Equestria. The Going Merry floated down the river calmly and peacefully. Usopp had night watch this night. He sat outside near the cabin which housed the lever for turning the ship. He was pretty relaxed knowing that Equestria was a very peaceful place with all things scary mostly residing in the Everfree Forest to their backs. Meanwhile, most everyone on board was asleep in their quarters with the exception of Zoro who was sleeping in the Crow's Nest and Robin who was wide awake and reading her books as usual. But this night, she was also doing something more.

Though Robin shared a room with Nami, her one light did not stir the peaceful sleep of the Pegasus. On the desk, Robin had seven gems laid out. Each one had a unique color; gold yellow, silver grey, azure blue, crimson red, bronze brown, pearl white, and emerald green. Activating her magic, she brought up the green gem for closer examination. Upon contact with her magic, the gem began glowing dimly.

"Curious…" Robin said intrigued.

She then set the gem down. Instantly, the glow vanished. Robin then picked up another gem, the yellow, and observed it. Unlike the previous gem, this one did nothing in reaction to her magic. Robin found this intriguing as well. She then engrossed all the gems in her magic aura. Only the green gem glowed dimly. Robin then brought up only the green gem up as she looked it over again.

"What could this mean?" Robin asked to no one curiously.


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