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So I work in the service industry a trillion hours a week, and I like to chill while reading something totally not serious. As of late I've been getting that itch to write again, stress relief. =D

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Love the story so far, and I would like to see more. Really Really really really like the way you put in how realistic one would react to the situations Booker is put in. "Slaps ass for emphasis" XD

This story dead or what? because I'd really like to see more of this

6481148 Unclear. I started it out, but it didn't receive a lot of support, and I work so much that it kinda was more work then reward. I'll consider another chapter I guess... but no promises. Also I struggle writing the smut part even though that its vital to the story line.

6483131 I suggest getting a chapter or two out, and attaching this story to a group or three, this will get you more exposure and, hopefully, more support. Also, there are whole groups dedicated to helping burgeoning writers grow. Don't get discouraged, this story is great and I'd hate to see it die before it really got going.

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