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So I work in the service industry a trillion hours a week, and I like to chill while reading something totally not serious. As of late I've been getting that itch to write again, stress relief. =D


Winds Are Changling... chapter 3? · 4:08am Nov 2nd, 2015

Ok... I am weary, and have been out of words lately, but I think i'm ready to get out a third chapter. What do you all think? Should I do this?


Hey so my story has about 120 views, but I'm curious... · 8:09pm Aug 20th, 2015

It's been quite a break I took. Sorry if anyone was really excited for some new chapters and was disappointed, but I feel inspired again! I was wondering, however, how many likes I can get on this blog to see who actually has read what I have. I'm just really tired from working three jobs and a landscaping job on the side, and it'd be really cool to feel some support from my hopeful audience that they'd like to see more of this story.

Thanks Bronies~!

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Big mistake Found! At last! Oh... and progress! · 4:47pm Jun 5th, 2015

Morning Bronies from other Ponies!

So I found out that I had missed a few instances of Vega to Booker in previous chapters, I'm checking everything over again to make sure it is all fixed. Sorry about that unprofessional blunder... Its hard to catch them all.

I have made a tone of progress and finished the next chapter, just doing some editing to make sure that nothing is wrong with it. I'd hate to repeat the same mistake twice!

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Life of Booker Update! · 1:09am Mar 24th, 2015

So with Chapter 2 posted, thanks in part to BronyNoumberNumerals, I think I'll be taking a break, maybe a week or so. Works a bitch and my typing has caught up with my mind. I have the grand scheme down for the story, but we all know its the small things that make a good story... Can I have an amen?
So ya, if there are any ideas or something you'd like to see in my story, don't be afraid to PM me, and I might be able to work something in.

Keep reading my friends!

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