• Published 19th Oct 2014
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Luna Works at Freddy Fazbear's - Takzu

The humans at Freddy's are tired of replacing the night guard every week so they ask the princess of the night for help. What happens next? Shenanigans of course!

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Night one

Author's Note:

The position of Proof reader has been filled. Ally of the Daleks is currently going through the chapter and making corrections. Sorry I didn't inform you sooner. I've been organizing my ideas for night two.

Bonnie watched as the manager locked up for the night. All of the animatronics at Freddy’s felt a sense of malicious glee. Tonight was Monday night; the first night of the new watchman. He wouldn’t show up until midnight, though. This gave them time to plan just how they were going to toy with their new prey before he met his untimely demise.

First, they would wait until the phone message was over and the new guy became unnerved. Once the message was over Bonnie would go on the move. He would move from place to place to cause the night guard to become even more jumpy. Maybe he’d appear at the door and scare the wits out of the watchman. Bonnie loved the look of sheer terror on the poor human’s face. Hey, maybe Chica would join him tonight in scaring the new meat.

Midnight finally came around and the sound of the back entrance came across their mechanical ears. Bonnie felt excitement as the phone started to ring and the old guard from “last week” started to speak. He was long winded as his explanation took two hours, but Bonnie could wait as long as it took. He waited for the paranoid guard to check the cameras, but they never came on. This didn’t worry him, though. Some guards waited until the phone message was over before checking the cameras.

The message finally ended. Bonnie waited for the cameras to turn on, but they never did. He felt the confusion radiate off of the others. There was a watchman back there, right? Bonnie waited until three, but the cameras stayed off. Finally, he decided to see if there was a guard back there. He stopped by other places on the way there to see if the other cameras were turned on, but they too were off.

Bonnie arrived outside the door, ready to scare some sense into whoever it was. He stopped in his tracks at what he saw. Instead of a human, there was an equine of some kind sitting there. She was slightly bigger than a normal sized pony with a midnight blue coat. She also had a dark blue mane and tail that flowed in an invisible breeze. She had a unicorn’s horn and Pegasus wings. She had a dark crown, necklace, and horse shoes. She had a black splotch and a crescent moon on her flanks. Her blue eyes were entranced by a book that was levitating in front of her.

Bonnie stood at the door in sheer confusion. Why was there a pony here? What happened to the normal human guard? Why was she reading? Could ponies read? If she could read, could she understand English? If she understood English, did she understand the phone message? If she understood the phone message, why wasn’t she afraid? Question after question entered his mind. He had to go tell Freddy and Chica.

He went back to the stage where Freddy and Chica both looked at him, confusion evident in both their faces.

“Is there even a guard back there?” Chica asked as Bonnie approached.

“Yeah, but it’s definitely not what I was expecting.” Bonnie answered.

“What does that mean?” Freddy questioned.

“It’s a pony.”

Chica and Freddy looked at each other before laughing. Bonnie heard some mechanical garble from Pirate’s cove. Even Foxy was laughing at him.

“I’m serious! A blue pony is back there reading a book!” Bonnie exclaimed, only realizing how crazy that sounded after he said it.

The laughter increased and Bonnie felt a small rush of anger at his comrades.

“If you don’t believe me, go look for yourselves.” He challenged.

The laughter subsided and Chica stepped off the stage rolling her eyes.

“Okay Bonnie. I’ll go scare the security guard since you seem to be hallucinating.” She patted Bonnie’s back before heading to the back office.


Luna gazed at the book, fascinated at how Equestrian technology evolved into what they had now. She had 1,000 years of history to catch up on, and she figured that she could read while working as a watchman at a human restaurant.

The humans were really desperate to keep a permanent night guard, and Luna offered to do it for free. She could use the quiet of an empty restaurant to read, and it would put the poor human’s minds to rest. Besides, if a burglar dared to show his face, she could scare him away with the Royal Canterlot Voice. She learned last Nightmare Night that no one used it anymore, and it scared the wits out of everypony. So it would definitely scare the wits out of a potential robber.

She suddenly heard a gasp from her right and heavy steps running toward the front of the pizzeria. She quickly set the book down and used an illumination spell to light up the hallway.

“WHO GOES THERE!?!?!?” she asked loudly.

Whoever it was, he ran back to the eating area. She could use the cameras, but she felt like she had to go check it in pony. She trotted back to where the footsteps lead.



He saw Chica run back to her position on the stage right as the loud voice asked the question.

“What is it Chica?” he asked, but she didn’t answer as the sound of steps grew louder, and a light came from one of the hallways to the back office.

He stood in shock as a pony appeared from the hallway, the light coming from her horn. She moved the light around the room as she looked for the “intruder”.

“REVEAL THYSELF, FIEND!” she yelled with a force that scooted some of the tables in front of her.

Freddy had no idea what to think as she moved about. Bonnie was right! She is a pony! His surprise increased as she lifted all the tabled and chairs with her magic to look under them. Finding no one, she set them all back down, then glanced at Pirate’s cove.

Foxy opened the curtains slightly when the pony first asked who was there. The cracked curtain didn’t go unnoticed.

“AHA! WE HAVE YOU NOW!” she exclaimed as she pulled the curtains back with her magic.

Even with Foxy’s jaw being broken, he could see surprise etched on his face. The pony got on the Pirate’s Cove stage and looked around. She checked the smallest crevice looking for the nonexistent robber. After a few minutes of checking, she jumped down and closed the curtains behind her.

Freddy watched as she trotted over towards them and looked around them. She got up on stage and continued her search. He made sure to not move when she checked around him. She moved backstage after finding nothing on stage.

He shared glances with Bonnie and Chica as they heard her rustling around backstage. Out of all the things they came across over the years, this was by far the strangest. A pony night guard that wasn’t even afraid of them? He didn’t know such a thing existed.

The pony appeared from backstage after her search proved fruitless. She sat and hummed, as if she were deep in thought. She jumped and ran off toward the kitchen with a loud “AHA!” They stayed still until she disappeared from sight.

“Wow, you weren’t kidding.” Freddy said apologetically.

“Told ya so!” Bonnie rubbed it in.

“Pony or not, she needs to learn her place!” Chica said getting off stage.

“You going to follow her?” he asked.

“You bet!” Chica said as she followed the mysterious, blue pony.

Freddy felt himself smile. Things would be back to normal soon.


Luna checked the Kitchen just as thoroughly as she did the stages and eating area, and still there was no one there. She sighed and turned back to the hallway. She knew she heard something earlier. She still had the broom closet and bathrooms to check.

She jumped slightly when she saw the duck animatronic right next to her. It looked down at her with an open mouth and wide eyes. She didn’t expect it to be right there, and her wings puffed out in fright. After a second she folded them back and chuckled at her own stupidity.

“We almost forgot that you moved around at night. At least that’s what the previous night watchman said.” She patted the belly with a hoof. “Don’t worry, we’ll find that mean intruder for you!”

She turned around and heard the machine follow her. She stopped and turned back to face the duck. “Oh, you wish to follow us? Very well then, uh… What was thy name again?” She rubbed her chin in thought. “Oh yeah! Chicky! Come then, Chicky! You shall be our companion in the hunt for the foolish intruder!”

She started to walk away and noticed that footsteps didn’t follow. She turned and saw Chicky stuck to where she was. Somehow she was radiating anger.

“Chicky? Art thou- we mean, are you okay?” She asked correcting herself. Celestia has told her time and time again that the speech patterns were much different from 1,000 years ago, and that some might not understand her. She tried to correct herself when she did, but old habits die hard. She stilled used the Royal “We” to show respect to the singing animatronics like the message told her to.

She jumped aside as Chicky rushed at her screaming. She was confused for a second before she finally understood.

“Oh! You wish to play tag with us! Alright! Thou art it!” she ran off toward the eating area with Chicky at her heels.


Bonnie waited for Chica to return with news of success. The pony needed to know that they were to be feared. Where was the fun if the night guard wasn’t trembling out of terror?

He smiled when he heard the tell-tale scream of one of them getting the watchmen, or watchpony. His smile faded when the pony reappeared into the eating area with a playful expression on her face. Chica, on the other hand, was furious and was trying to maim the equine she was chasing.

“We bet you can’t catch us, Chicky!” she taunted as she stayed just out of arm’s reach.

He heard Freddy chuckle at the mispronunciation of Chica’s name. Bonnie couldn’t help but join in. He noticed Chica shoot them a dark look before focusing all of her attention on the mare in front of her.

It was obvious that the pony wasn’t using her full speed, and was going slow just to tease Chica. This was no surprise, since Chica was the slowest out of all of them. The chase lasted for about thirty minutes, when the clock played the chime to let all of them know that it was 6 o’clock A.M.

“Aw, it appears we have to cut the game short, Chicky. You need to go back on stage with Freddy and Bonbon, and I need to go lower the moon.” The pony said pouting.
Freddy laughed at Bonnie’s new nickname, and Chica stomped angrily back on stage. All three of them watched as the pony moved to the back of the building and the manager unlocked the doors.

“Have fun, Chicky?” Bonnie muttered so the manager wouldn’t hear.

“Shut up, Bonbon!” Chica muttered back.

Bonnie frowned, but didn’t answer. Tonight didn’t go as planned, but now they knew what to expect. Not only that, but they also had all day to plan for tomorrow night.