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The Rohg

was reccommended here so I could post my fanfic. so far, its a WIP (work in progress), but I've gotten some good feedback.


Medic, a young mare, retells the story of her past and upbringing. A mix of trials and triumphs, she and her sisters struggle with and against each other for achievement, perfection, and survival. A life full of loss, compromise, and betrayal, Medic even still doubts she is worthy enough for survival.

Although Flutter Medic is a rather popular crossover character, this story has little in common with neither the MLP cannon or the TF2 characters. Originally started out as a little role play game blossomed into a very complex character with an unknown back story. For my friends, I compliment you and the good times we had together; I dedicate this story to you. Thanks

Chapters (3)
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I'm not quite sure what to say, it's very intriguing, but confusing at the same time. I'm assuming that's on purpose?
This is definitely going in my tracking list.

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