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This a sort of prequel to my main story it takes place in an alternate universe of the Equestria we know and it the telling of the story of a certain mare's decent into darkness.

The cover image was created by Tzelly-El if you wish to see more of her art click Here

Chapters (4)
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In an alternate world of equestria darkness has taken over and is ruled by a dark king, the cause of it is Midnight Sparkle formerly known as twilight sparkle, all only knows of her dark actions but here she tells of her side of her dark decent

This fic seems dark

5123252 you know I was thinking that seeing how the next part is coming out so yeah it is dark

You obviously didn't get the joke but that's okay

keep doin' what you're doin' buddy

5123801 no I got it it's just you kinda made a point as well

Entertaining, and wonder how this will go.

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