• Published 3rd Sep 2014
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The Fall of Spike the Dragon - Wrangle Wolfe

Following after the events of the Diary of Spike the Dragon, Spike has fallen into insanity. And things just keep getting worse as time goes by.

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Fire; a lovely warmth that surrounds this village, its green color dancing around beautifully. I felt warm looking at the flames... but I'd be lying if I said that my heart was content. No, behind the glorious green glow of flames is a broken, mentally unstable dragon. I know it’s true... I've descended into madness. Madness is not as everyone thinks it is. I don't know, I've always been different. Anyways, I feel as if I am free, as if reality was just holding me back from being happy. Reality is what has chained me and made me suffer for years. It was time to let go of the pain that I had once refused to leave.

And I did.

As I did, I have come to many realizations; one of them being that everypony is planning to get rid of me and anypony who gets in their way. It was clear when they all called me an animalistic beast that they were going to treat me as such. They'd either cage me or kill me. And if anypony tried to stop them... they'd do the same to them. It made sense. I heard somepony say that I should've done it. I should've died. And although I agree with them... it doesn't mean that Twilight does. She's all I've ever had. Although she has made so many mistakes and has hurt me so much, she loves me. I can tell she does... the look she gave me when she used to tuck me into bed, how proud she would sound whenever I achieved even the smallest of goals.

Then harmony happened. We had our bond, but she didn't know harmony and friendship until she met her friends. "I'm going out with my friends" she'd tell me as she was walking to go to a picnic while I was cleaning a library that nopony visited unless they had a problem for Twilight to handle. She never said 'our' friends... even when talking to me alone. And it's true, they were her friends. Fluttershy almost never spoke to me, Rainbow Dash hardly acknowledged me, Rarity was just pulling my strings like a puppet, Pinkie Pie never really tried to make me smile and Applejack ignored me even after I saved her life. Twilight worked me to death, but at least I existed to her. She is really the only thing I have.

Oh, I'm sorry, the one 'Spike' had. He died with my sanity, so once that part of me was gone, I was completely lost. Until I met my friends. My real friends.

What are you waiting for my friend?

One was named Confidence.

Yes... why wait? I haven't seen any blood spill yet.

Another was Darkness.

It's okay Spike, go ahead and do your thing. You'll be okay.

The last was Hope.

Well, at least that's what I called them and they didn't seem to mind. I've had many conversations with them. They always support me no matter what. They are real friends. Something I've always dreamed of having.

I listened to the terrified shrieks of ponies, foals crying and ponies falling. The smoke filled my nose as it rose in front of me as what was once the homes of many ponies turned to ash by my fire. Dropped items littered the ground. I had also torn down a few food stands and buildings in my rage. I frowned as I heard ponies calling me a monster and a beast. They were lucky I didn't burn them alive.

"Spike!" I heard a familiar voice yell.

"Leave me alone Twilight." I growled, turning towards the heartbroken mare.

"But Spike-"

"Spike!? Heh... I'm sorry to disappoint you Twilight, but Spike is dead! YOU KILLED HIM!"

Twilight stood there in shock, her pupils just tiny pinpricks. She took a step back and collapsed onto the charred remains of what was once Sugarcube Corner.

"And he's never coming back." I whispered coldly. But by the look of horror on her face, she heard every word loud and clear.

I turned around and walked away from the once happy and peaceful Ponyville, never looking back. I'd probably never see this place again. Good. Too any painful memories of how my life fell apart.

"Spike! Where are you go-"

"Listen very closely Twilight!" I whipped around and pinned her to the burnt grass. "Don't fucking follow me anywhere and don't call me Spike. I'm going away because I never want to see anypony's face ever again and I don't need you or your friends following me! Ponyville already wanted to kill me and when this news spreads, everypony else will want to kill me too. There's no turning back now, so don't you dare try to stop me!"

"S-spike," She choked out, struggling to breathe under my weight. "We... forgive you. J-just please stop! We can fix this!"

"There's nothing to be fixed," I put more weight on her, making her wheeze. "And I already told you... don't call me Spike!"

I let her go when her face started to turn blue, and kept walking. She didn't follow me. I didn't turn around. I didn't want to see her face twisted in pain and sorrow.

Head towards Canterlot and kill those stupid nobles... Darkness ordered.

I don't know if I want to kill anypony...

You know that they want to kill you! What's stopping you from making those bastards pay?!

Celestia and Luna...

Don't be an idiot! You have your own magic remember?

You're better than her! You'll be able to do this easily! Confidence spoke up.

I-If you say so...

That's the spirit! You're gonna be fine! Hope encouraged.

Next stop... Canterlot.

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