• Published 3rd Sep 2014
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The Fall of Spike the Dragon - Wrangle Wolfe

Following after the events of the Diary of Spike the Dragon, Spike has fallen into insanity. And things just keep getting worse as time goes by.

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A Trip to Canterlot

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.

My footsteps could be heard for a few miles as I headed towards Canterlot. I had grown a bit since that growth spurt I had a little while back, standing at about fifteen feet tall. I weighed at Celestia knows what and my claws... I could kill anypony or anything in less than two seconds just by poking them. My razor-sharp sharp teeth were clenched together tightly in anger as I walked through the grassy fields. All of these changes were terrifying and felt weird, but there's one thing that never changed: my eyes. They were still empty and emotionless, looking as if the life and color had faded out of them. But if you were to look closely, you could see beyond them. The fiery anger and determination that raged behind those dull, lifeless eyes. But nopony had bothered to look for a second. They ran and cursed at me. Their torches and weapons hadn't stood a chance. I never acknowledged them. Instead, I kept my dreary eyes locked on Canterlot. The seemingly impossible structure hanging in the most impossible place which could only be explained by magic. Without magic, it would've collapsed long ago. Or I could just go tear it off now. But I decided not to. I came for the nobles, and that's who'll die. Oh, and those who'll get in my way.

I heard the surprised gasps of ponies when I started to climb the mountain. My heavy weight made the mountain vibrate as I dug my claws into the earth. It only took me a few minutes to get to the middle, where Canterlot was located. I wasn't surprised to see that the streets were empty when I got there. After a while the ponies must've known exactly what to do when the ground rumbles, as it usually means that there's a huge villain approaching. Smart ponies.

"Idiots..." Darkness whispered in my head.

"Celestia! Luna! I know you're here!" I called out.


I whipped around for the second time that day, this time with a familiar white alicorn struggling under my weight. She then attempted to stop me with her words. With herLies.

"Spike.. please stop this before somepony gets hurt!, If you stop now we can help you and-" She started, but I didn't plan on listening to her useless lies.

"There is no way to help me Celestia. I'm too far gone!"

"Spike, please just try! Try to calm down!" She begged.

"Calm down... CALM DOWN!?" I roared in her face. She flinched and shifted as if she really wanted to remove herself from her position. I didn't know or care why she hadn't teleported yet.


I ignored Darkness.

"You want me to fucking calm down?! You try being ignored and abused for years, losing your home and your most cherished item, having the pony you love play you like a puppet and having ponies wanting your death! You try to live that life instead of having ponies bow to you every day! Luna's even had a harder life than you! Feel my pain before you EVER try to tell me to calm down!"


I could see the tears forming in Celestia's eyes as she struggled to keep her breath steady. She failed as her breaths came out uneven and ragged and she struggled to breathe under my weight. She couldn't form any words; her mouth just hung uselessly as she tried not to believe what was happening. Here I was, the dragon that used to love and respect her. Now I was just a dragon now filled with nothing other than neverending rage. I had to tell Twilight that Spike was gone, but Celestia knew. She knew that this was not the same dragon she'd seen grow up alongside Twilight, but a dragon that had lost everything from his innocence to his sanity. This was someone else. A dragon corrupted by sadness. anger, and darkness.

"Luna! Behind you!"

I felt heat on my back scales, and I turned around to see Princess Luna scowling at me. I turned around completely, still clenching her in my claws. Celestia had stopped wiggling weakly long ago. She just stayed in place, looking guilty.

"It is her fault that we've lived in pain for so many years... "Darkness sneered.

"Unhand my sister Spike!" Luna yelled. She looked as if she hadn't been expecting any of this to happen. She had told me one day that she was my friend too. But she never tried to help me. All she did was tell me useless stuff in one dream and left me alone. She never sent any letters or visited me to see if I was okay. She never cared. Nopony cared.

"Okay, I will unhand Celestia..." I said. I wasn't planning on hiding my intentions from her, because it wouldn't matter anyways. I would be straightforward and tell her exactly what I want.

"Really?" She asked in disbelief.

"Yes, I will... if you send your nobles to me." I finished. She looked confused and tilted her head.

"Why do you wish to see the nobles of Canterlot, Spike?" She asked, unsure of what I wanted. I squeezed Celestia a bit harder at her mentioning the name I went by before all this happened.

"I intend on killing the little bastards."

Luna gasped and stepped backwards.

"Spike... what happened to you?" She whispered.

"Celestia happened to me... that's what."

"Celestia has nothing to-"

"He's right..." Came a hoarse voice from my right claw.

Something in my mind clicked. I don't know how or why, but there was just as the voice from Celestia reached my ears, I jumped in surprise. I had never heard Celestia sound so... guilty and defeated. Her head always stood tall, even in the darkest moments. Now... now she hung her head, tears flowed freely from her eyes and her body was limp in my claw. A part of me loved hearing it.

"I-it is my fault. If I had just sent him to his mother... instead of taking him. If I had been thinking, none of this would have happened." Celestia spoke softly.

I ignored her.

"Give me your prissy and self-centred nobles NOW!" I roared. But I knew it was no use. They would probably try to fight me before they ever let me get near their little ponies.

"No. You unhand my sister and leave our ponies alone!" Luna yelled.

"You're not stopping me. Even if you say no, I'll kill those fuckers anyways. You don't have a choice!"

"I hoped it wouldn't come to this..." She flapped her wings preparing to fight me. I had different plans.

"Stop right there Luna, or I'll break her fucking horn off!" I threatened.

I could feel the heat of Celestia's horn charging a spell. I wasn't going to let her get off that easy though. I tugged her horn, making her lose her concentration, immediately diffusing the spell.

"Do that again, and it's off." I growled.

I didn't feel it again.

"So what's it going to be, Luna?" I said as I started to tilt my claw holding her horn. "You gonna hand over those useless ponies, or watch you sister get her horn torn off?"

"Protect our ponies, Luna. I'll be fine..." She called out weakly.

"S-stop this Spike! I... won't let you kill them."

All of the ponies of Ponyville looked at the burnt remains of what used to be their peaceful little town in sadness and anger. But their anger soon vanished as they saw a familiar purple alicorn in the middle of the destruction, tears flowing down her face, her eyes empty. Her friends surrounded her and they all got together into a hug, tears falling down all of their faces. A few ponies walked up to them to try and offer their support, but they were surprised when Twilight snapped her head at them, her face scrunched up in rage.

"Back the fuck off!" She screamed.

"But Princess Twilight-" A random pony tried to speak.

"I SAID BACK OFF!!!" She screamed again, this time using the royal canterlot voice for the first time.

Is was dead silent.

"Are you fucking proud of yourselves?! You got what you wanted! Spike is gone! You all couldn't show him any respect! I heard what some of you have said about him when you thought I wasn't listening. You all wanted him dead! You didn't give two fucks about the dragon who has helped me save Equestria and even saved my live once! If it weren't for him, you'd have to worry about more than just Ponyville being fucked up! You can all go FUCK YOURSELVES!" Twilight yelled, breathing hard as she finished.

"AAAAAAGGHHH!" A shriek of pain echoed out in the air. Everypony looked around wondering who could've made that noise until a white blur crashed in front of Twilight, causing dirt and ashes to fly into her face. When it cleared, everypony gasped and mothers covered their foals eyes.

Right there in a mini crater was Princess Celestia. Her long mane had stopped flowing and her forelegs were bent at an unnatural angle. But the worst of her injuries was her horn. Or, what was once her horn. Now it was a deep wound on her head, gushing blood everywhere. Her eyes frozen straight ahead, her mind unable to process the pain that she was in. Everypony was frozen in shock, and jumped when another white blur crashed into the ground, but this time it didn't make dirt fly up. Right there, stuck into the ground, was Celestia's bloodied horn.

Author's Note:

(If I'm not mistaken, I believe Cresent Blade sent me that picture in a PM)

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