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On a very special day, Princess Celestia reveals a few secrets about Equestria, what everyday life is like for a Princess, why Luna never shows up at any events - and just how much a certain young unicorn in Ponyville has captured her heart.

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Well I saw this on FFN, and left a review for the fic there. But I would like to say good job on this.

Many moustaches to you for excellent storytelling, a motherly Ditzy (a favourite personality for er of mine) and an overall sweet little story! Take this like and these moustaches!

This is like, the crack fic to end all crack fics.

I am in awe.

My mind has been blown... someone find the omniglue please? Some alicorn-tape would be nice too.

It was a nice fic... but my mind is still blown.

Mmm... interesting, interesting, certainly interesting. :derpyderp2:

But I now request a sequel dealing with Luna.

beautifully done.
I certanly injoyed this fic.
keep up the good work!!!:twilightsmile:

Major fail point here: one offspring, and only one offspring, is FAR below the necessary replacement rate, and gives zero room for margin of error (violent death, stillbirth, accidental sterility, illness, etc.) Even a profoundly long lived species is going to have to have more than ONE offspring in its allotted lifespan. one every four or five centuries, I could see, or even one every thousand years or so. But a 1:1 replacement rate is a 100% extinction rate.


This is gonna get a massive revision in the near future (once I finish the revision for Family and Friends and the next chapter of Night of the Shy (Revamp)), so that may change along with a lot of other things that need major fixing. I can already say that the entire Diamond Tiara subplot is going to be excised - and may or may not end up in a separate oneshot altogether somewhere down the road. But the offspring thing was mostly me trying to give an explanation as to why alicorns are so rare, really.

lets be honest, even if it were a secret secret, Pinkie would know.

lovin this by the way.:pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::twilightsmile::yay::yay:

I went and re read this JUST to watch Diamonds face.

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