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Justice Ponies - Wildcard25

The Justice League have fought countless creatures from other planets and dimensions. But are they prepared to fight in a world of magic and ponies?

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A League of Changelings

When the sun rose across the land of Equestria, everypony was getting up to start a new day. At Twilight's castle, each member of the Justice League was given their own temporary bedroom during their stay in Equestria.

In Batman's room, the vigilante was sleeping until Spike entered and spoke up, "Uh, Batman, it's morning."

Batman woke up and sat up in bed before looking at the young drake, "Thank you, Spike."

"Wow. From the way Flash and Superman talk about you, I thought you'd wake up cranky or something." Spike said in surprise.

"Flash tends to exaggerate the most." Batman answered, as he got out of bed, "Besides. I'm used to having someone wake me up in the morning."

"You are?" Spike asked, "Well, that's cool I guess. Come on, everypony's having breakfast." Spike said, as the two walked.

When the two entered the dining hall, they saw Twilight, and each of the league members sitting down having a bowl of oatmeal. Flash seeing Batman spoke up, "Hey, Bats! Come on and try this oatmeal Spike made. It's good."

"Delicious." Diana agreed.

Batman took a seat as Spike gave him a bowl. Twilight spoke up, "We were just talking about how to find more traces of Luthor in Equestria."

"Assuming he hasn't already been claimed by the many creatures that inhabit this land." Hawk Girl said.

"Don't count Lex out just yet," Superman warned her, "Knowing him he's found some way to take cover and survive."

"And with that suit of his you can already imagine the kind of harm he can bring to this worlds inhabitants." Batman added.

"Well the princess still has guards all over Equestria trying to find a hint of what you described him as." Twilight assured him.

"Perhaps we should also do a routine check of this land?" Lantern suggested.

"Go around all of Equestria? I'd be up for that." Flash said.

"It would be wise to further get the lay of the land." J'onn admitted.

"And my friends and I can help you with that." Twilight offered.

"We really appreciate what you're doing for us, Twilight." Diana smiled.

"What're friends for after all?" she asked.

"Friends?" Flash asked.

"Yeah, I'd like to think of you guys as my friends, as does Spike and the rest of the girls."

"Yeah. Pinkie would normally say you can never have too many friends." Spike said.

Pinkie suddenly popped up between Lantern and Superman, "You took the words right out of my mouth, Spike."

"Pinkie, when did you get here?" Superman asked.

"Just now." she grinned.

"I didn't even sense you enter the castle." J'onn said in shock.

"That's Pinkie for you." Twilight said.

"So you're all planning to tour Equestria? This is great, I gotta tell the girls. I'm sure they'll want to come along!" Pinkie zipped off.

"And there she goes." Spike said.

"You really have strange friends, Twilight." Batman said.

"They all have their unique quirks," She nodded, "But that's what makes them special." she smiled.

Meanwhile in the Badlands inside the cave of the Changelings, Chrysalis, Luthor, and his new assembled gang were at their meeting table.

Garble spoke up, "So what do we do first, Luthor?"

"First we need to find the location of the Justice League." he explained.

"And how long will that take?" Gilda asked in boredom.

"Patience," Chrysalis ordered, "My Changelings are already scouring all of Equestria to find them."

"How hard could finding them be if they're anything like Luthor?" Fido asked the group.

"Do not underestimate the league," Luthor spoke up, "Finding them is just as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack."

"When ya put it that way we could be here for days." Lightning Dust grumbled.

"I don't care how long it takes. I will find the Justice League and make them pay!' Luthor slammed his fists the on table startling Suri and the Diamond Dogs.

Suddenly a Changeling flew in and spoke, "You're excellency. I bring news."

"Speak." Chrysalis permitted him.

"I've located the ones Luthor called the Justice League."

Luthor did a double take and asked, "You have?"

"Yes, but I'm afraid there is a problem."

"How so?" Luthor crossed his arms.

"They are not alone."

"What do you mean not alone?" Suri asked, annoyed by the vagueness.

"They have others with them. And not just others. The same ponies who partook in ruining our plan to take over Canterlot."

Chrysalis's eyes widened and a frown formed on her face, "What?"

Luthor eyed her, "Judging by your reaction, I assume your minion just spoke of the enemies you told me about?"

Chrysalis answered, "Yes. Twilight Sparkle and those five friends of hers. If it weren't for her blowing my cover my plan would've been perfect."

Luthor smirked, "Well, now's your chance to get even."

Chrysalis returned a smirk, until Gilda stood up, "Finally we can get in on some action."

"Not so fast," Chrysalis interrupted her, "The last thing we want to suddenly do is give them the hint that we're all in an alliance."

"Chrysalis is right," Luthor nodded, "For now we will strike at them in pairs. Starting with Chrysalis and her Changelings."

"Oh, damn." Garble grumbled, as he sat back in his seat, with Gilda looking equally irritated.

Chrysalis stood up, "I'll take my army and do away with this Justice League."

"Be careful, Chrysalis. Underestimate your opponents and they'll bite you hard." Luthor warned her.

"Duly noted." she answered, before flying off to round up her army.

Back with the heroes, they were flying above a forest in the sky, with Lantern using his ring power to allow Batman, Flash, Spike, Pinkie, Rarity, and Applejack to fly at his side. Pinkie glided around in excitement, "Ooh, this is so exciting!"

"Try and focus, Pinkie Pie." Twilight said, as she flew besides Rainbow Dash who was helping Fluttershy who was panicking from stepping outside her flying comfort zone.

"From up here the land looks even bigger." Flash said, while looking down.

"And just as beautiful the way mother described it." Diana added.

"I'm really uncomfortable with being up this high!" Fluttershy cried, as Rainbow held her close.

"Lighten up, Fluttershy. It's not like something's gonna happen to us up here." Rainbow assured her.

J'onn suddenly froze, which Rarity noticed, "Is J'onn ok?"

"He's sensing something." Batman answered.

"I wonder what." Spike wondered.

J'onn's eyes opened, "Ambush approaching!"

Suddenly they were being bombarded with green magic blasts. Lantern was maneuvering around, while trying to keep his flightless friends from falling. Pinkie's face was looking green, "I don't feel so good."

"Who's firing on us?" Diana asked, as she used her bracelets to deflect the blasts.

"Look!" Twilight gasped, as they saw the Changelings.

"What are they?" Hawk Girl asked.

"Changelings," Twilight answered, "They can take the form of another and have the power to feed off love."

"And they didn't come alone!" Spike gasped.

They saw Chrysalis fly into their sight, "Well, hello, girls. It's been a long time."

"Who is that?" Superman asked.

"Chrysalis the Changeling Queen." Twilight introduced them.

"Delighted." Chrysalis chuckled.

Flash looked ready to chuck, "Sweetie, no offense, but you're as ugly as ugly can get."

"Ooh, and what have we here? These don't look like any types of creature's I've seen before." the queen played ignorant.

"They're not your concern." Rainbow answered, with a scowl.

"What're you doing here anyway?" Twilight demanded.

"My changelings and I were just out on a daily feed. We need our own type of nourishment, you know?"Chrysalis snickered.

"Yeah, and your nourishment is something we nice folk treasure." Applejack stated.

"You regard love as merely an appetizer." Rarity added with a frown.

"Let's not get into a debacle over something like love," Chrysalis said dryly, "Instead let's get into a debacle of revenge! Attack!" the Changelings flew in for the attack.

"Scatter!" Superman called, as the fliers split up, with Lantern still trying to hang onto the others.

"Lantern, keep them safe!" Hawk Girl ordered, and he nodded.

Twilight used her magic to blast at some Changelings flying her way, while Rarity did so as well. Rainbow Dash hating to abandon Fluttershy flew around to confuse some of the Changelings. When the insect pony creatures started flying for the Justice League, they attacked in their own way. Superman punched Changeling after Changeling that was trying to attack him.

Diana was dodging some incoming Changelings before two grabbed her by the arms, "Let go!" she ordered as she clonked their heads together.

Hawk Girl charged up her mace before swinging it at some of the Changelings, shocking them. As Lantern was doing his best to keep his friends safe, Flash spoke up, "Hey, G.L! Put me up front!"

Lantern abiding by his request levitated him up front as some Changelings were closing in on them, "How about a blow dry, guys?" Flash held his arms out and spun them around creating hurricane funnels that blew the creatures back.

"Now that's cool!" Pinkie cheered.

"Way to go there, Flash." Applejack congratulated him.

"Thanks." Flash smiled while waving, as Batman pinched the bridge of his nose through his mask while sighing.

The Changelings started glowing before assuming either the forms of Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Diana, Hawk Girl, J'onn, and Superman, "Oh, boy." Superman gasped.

The disguised Changelings started attacking them again, but the ones they were disguised as fought the real ones, making Lantern, Batman, Flash, and Spike, and the other ponies confused, "Oh, great. How do we help them now?" Flash asked.

"J'onn, read their minds and determine which of them are fakes!" Lantern called.

J'onn who was escaping the gang up from the disguised Changelings, concentrated before gasping, "I cannot read their minds."

"What?" Diana asked, as she knocked one of the Changelings disguised as her away.

"Something is blocking my telepathy." J'onn explained.

Chrysalis smirked and thought, 'Yes, just as Luthor said. The martian can read the minds of others. But thanks to this mind blocking spell I've cast on myself and my subjects he cannot determine which are his friends or my Changelings.'

Flash spoke to Batman, "Ok, if J'onn's mind reading can't work what do we do now?"

"We improvise." Batman answered, as he pulled out a beeping batarang and threw it towards some of the Hawk girls.

It released an electric shock that shocked them all forcing all the Changeling ones to return to their regular form. Hawk Girl looked over to Batman, "Hey!"

Applejack was surprised at Batman's tactic, "Now that was harsh don'tcha think?"

"Only way to determine which was the real one." Batman answered bluntly.

"But..." Applejack was cut off by Flash.

"Trust me, Bats may not always use safe ways, but they work out in the end."

Superman seeing all the Hawk Girl Changelings were exposed knew of a way to show them he was the real one, "They may copy my looks, but they can't copy my powers." He used his X-ray vision to see deep into the bodies of all his friends, and saw the internal organs were different for all but one of each of the Changelings disguised as his teammates. He used his heat vision to defeat the Changelings that were disguised as him. He flew in and attacked all the fake Diana's and the fake J'onn's.

The real Diana and J'onn flew to Superman's side, as they saw Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy trying to fend off against the Changeling's disguised as themselves, "Can you determine which of them are the real ones?" Diana asked the Kryptonian.

"I'd be a long shot." Superman answered.

"Wait!" J'onn halted them, "If I can't read the minds of the Changelings. I'll have to read the minds of the real ones." he concentrated and could hear the thoughts of the real Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy, "I found them!" he flew in and grabbed the real three.

"Hey, what're you doing, we're the real ones!" Rainbow struggled.

"Yes, and that's why I'm taking you from this crowd." J'onn answered, as Twilight realized it.

"Good thinking, J'onn."

Rainbow who suddenly got it smirked, "Awesome!"

Diana and Superman attacked the fake versions, while Chrysalis watched in shock, "No! This can't be!"

"We have to get out of here now." Batman spoke up.

"We're running away?" Rainbow asked in shock, "Forget it, I'm not a coward."

Flash spoke, "Call it a tactical retreat."

Batman threw another batarang that released a blinding light on the Changelings and Chrysalis, "My eyes!" The queen cried, while shielding them.

When the light dimmed down, they all looked around seeing no sign of the league or the ponies and Spike, "They're gone!" a Changeling said.

"What now?" another asked.

Chrysalis grunted, "Let's go back for now." they flew off.

Down on the ground, the heroes were in the forest catching their breath, as Twilight spoke, "That was too close. Thanks, Batman."

Batman nodded, "I can't help but feel this attack wasn't merely a coincidence."

"What do you mean?" Rarity asked.

"Those Changelings new a majority about us even though they acted like this was their first time meeting us." he explained.

"I agree with Batman," J'onn spoke up, "I could not read the Changeling's minds. I may be unfamiliar with their species, but there really couldn't be any reason their minds were blocked off from my telepathy like that."

Twilight taking all this in spoke, "I got a feeling you're both right. I've studied up on Changelings and the only way they could have their minds blocked off from mind reading as if they cast a mind blocking spell on themselves."

"So they did know J'onn was capable of reading minds." Hawk Girl said.

Flash crossed his arms, "Huh, and how could they possibly know one of us could read minds?"

"Somepony must've tipped them off." Applejack said suspiciously.

"Or someone..." Superman corrected her, while feeling suspicious himself.

"Luthor." Diana finished.

"So does this mean your enemy is in link with Chrysalis?" Fluttershy asked the League in worry.

"It's our best guess." Hawk Girl answered.

"Well, at least we know Luthor really is here in Equestria." Flash said.

"Yes, but still we don't know where to find him. And I couldn't read the Changeling's minds to find out where they dwell." J'onn noted.

"Basically we still have no lead." Batman concluded.

"Don't fret, because we're still gonna help ya in finding this Luthor." Applejack assured them.

"A.J's right. Now that we know he has accomplices which are others we know, this'll make for some lead." Twilight added.

"Yeah. Next time we see those Changeling's we'll interrogate them into revealing Luthor's location!" Rainbow pumped a fist.

"If only it were that easy." Batman replied.

"Why don't we get back to Ponyville and rest up?" Superman suggested.

"Sounds good to me." Flash agreed.

"Then we better get going." Twilight said, as the group started heading back to Ponyville on foot or hoof.

Back in the badlands, Chrysalis and her Changelings had explained the result of their ambush on the League and the girls, "I thought you could handle them?" Luthor crossed his arms.

"Everything was working smoothly, until that Kryptonian was able to determine which of my subjects were his friends using his x-ray vision."

"And how were they able to determine which of those ponies were them?" Luthor inquired still feeling irritated.

"The martian used his inability to read our minds due to the blocking spell I cast against us by reading the minds of the real ones." she explained.

Luthor frowned, "I am not impressed."

"So much for the great Changeling Queen." Garble mocked, as he, his dragon buddies, and the Diamond dogs laughed.

Chrysalis frowned and blasted at them with her magic. They ducked the blast luckily, and looked shocked at her attempt deciding to shut up. Chrysalis looked to Luthor, "Today's mishap was minor. But I assure you next time we meet, those fools will fall down at my hoofs."

Luthor still gave her a skeptic look, but answered, "I will hold you to that, Chrysalis."

Author's Note:

Happy 4th of July to both fans of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and Justice League!

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