• Published 11th Jun 2014
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Justice Ponies - Wildcard25

The Justice League have fought countless creatures from other planets and dimensions. But are they prepared to fight in a world of magic and ponies?

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The Dragon and Martian

At Twilight's castle, Spike who was enjoying his break from helping Twilight study was showing J'onn his collection of Power Ponies comic books.

"And this is volume 18, The Power Ponies take on Dr. Hoofensmirtz and his Bug-inator," Spike showed the martian some pages, "Here he plans on turning all of Maretropolis' citizens into bugs and turn the city into a bug infested nightmare."

"Interesting." J'onn answered, as he studied the pages.

"So, J'onn, what do you think of the Power Ponies so far?"

"I find them to be very fascinating, Spike," J'onn began, "I also see some similarities between some of these heroes and my team."

"You do?" the young dragon asked.

J'onn nodded, and began his comparison, "Fili-second appears to be as fast as Flash is, and with a personality to match. Mistress Mare-velous uses her lasso similar to Diana, and apparently has gadgets just like Batman. Radiance's power seems very similar to Lantern's, but her aura around her appears similar to that of Star Sapphire's. And Hum Drum seems similar to the way Batman describes his sidekick Robin, only smarter."

Spike hearing that Batman had a sidekick similar to Humdrum, and wasn't in the way or weak made him feel happy that a sidekick like Humdrum could be appreciated.

"Although Saddle Rager, Zapp, and Masked Matter-Horn don't remind me too much of any of the other super powered beings I've met."

"I see. Well it's nice to see some made up heroes share similarities to your team." Spike admitted.

"Indeed, makes me see our worlds really aren't that different." J'onn said in nostalgia.

"Yeah." Spike nodded.

"And I think you may want to show these to Lantern. I think he may like them very much." the martian added.

"You think so?" Spike asked, as J'onn nodded.

"Spike!" Twilight called.

Spike looked at a nearby clock, "Is my break over already?" he shrugged and went to find his friend, with J'onn following.

They found Twilight inside her study room, "Yeah, Twilight?" Spike asked.

"Spike, I just remembered I was supposed to pick up some documents from Princess Celestia, but I still am trying to go over more stuff with Batman."

"Say no more, I'll go there and pick them up." Spike answered.

"Where is Batman?" J'onn inquired.

"I sent him out to get some more quills and ink. He wasn't really doing much besides sitting around." the princess explained.

"He lives for doing work." J'onn nodded knowing him well.

"Obviously." Spike replied, "Well, I'll get to Canterlot right away." Spike was about to leave, until J'onn stopped him.

"Please, Spike. Allow me to accompany you on your way there."

"Really, J'onn?" Spike asked.

J'onn nodded, "I never did get to see more of Canterlot when we left to come to Ponyville."

"And you can, Spike, you can show J'onn around Canterlot, while you pick up the documents." Twilight said.

"Cool. Thanks, Twilight. Come on, J'onn!" Spike said as he grabbed a bag and left the castle with the martian.

When they were outside the castle, J'onn picked Spike up, "Let's travel by air. We'll get there much faster."

"Sure." Spike agreed, as J'onn took off into the sky carrying the baby dragon in his arms.

At the Badlands, Luthor and Chrysalis were standing before the teen dragons Garble, Glut, and Rad, "Yo, you called, Luthor?" Garble asked.

"I did. Because I have a mission for boys." Luthor answered.

"A mission?" Glut asked curiously.

"What do ya want us to do?" Rad asked eagerly.

"We're sending you three to Canterlot." Chryslais explained.

"Canterlot? Why there?" Garble asked in confusion.

"Because Chrysalis' changelings have discovered a old acquaintance of yours is there now with my enemy the Martian." Luthor explained.

"Acquaintance?" Garble asked, until it dawned on him and his buddies, "Spike!" he said firmly while squinting his eyes.

Luthor nodded, "And I pick you three not just because of that, but because you have the one thing the Martian is vulnerable too."

"And that is?" Rad asked.

"Fire." the businessman answered.

"So if we do this job we'll get paid in gems right?" Garble asked.

"You have my word." Luthor promised.

"Great," Garble smirked, "Well, boys, we're going to Canterlot."

"All right!' Glut cheered.

"Yeah, let's go," Rad said, as they walked off, only to come back a minute later, "Uh, where is it again?"

Chryslais and Luthor could only look down in embarrassment while shaking their heads at their density, 'Teenagers.' Luthor thought.

Meanwhile in Canterlot, after acquiring the documents from Princess Celestia, Spike and J'onn were walking around Canterlot with the martian getting to know more about the city. Soon they were at Donut Joe's having coffee and doughnuts.

"Well, J'onn, what do you think?" Spike asked, as the martian ate a doughnut.

"Very tasty," he answered, and looked to the pony, "My compliments to your work, Joe."

"Thanks a lot, Mr. J'onzz."

As the two continued to enjoy their snack, they heard the shop bell ring, and looked behind them seeing Fancypants and Fleur enter. The two walked up to the counter, as Joe saw them, "Welcome, what can I get you two?"

"One chocolate ├ęclair, sir." Fancy ordered.

"And I'll one of your strawberry filled doughnuts." Fleur added.

"And we'll each also take a coffee." Fancy finished.

"Coming up." Joe said, as he brought them their orders, "There you go. Enjoy."

The two nodded, as they enjoyed their orders, until Spike spoke up, "Morning, Fancypants, Fleur."

The two looked over and saw the drake, "Well, if it isn't young Spike." Fancy said with a smile.

"Wonderful to see you, darling." Fleur smiled.

"It's great to see the both of you as well." Spike added.

The two saw who was with him, and were amused, "And who's this gentlecolt?" Fancy asked.

J'onn spoke up, "I am J'onn J'onzz; a martian from the planet Mars. It's a pleasure to meet you two." he bowed his head.

After hearing his introduction, Fancy let out a light chuckle, "Of course. How could I forget? You must be one of the heroes that's been the talk of the kingdom."

"I believe you and your team are called the Justice League?" Fleur inquired.

"You are correct, Ms..."

"Fleur De Lis, darling." she introduced herself.

"And I'm Fancypants." Fancy introduced himself.

"I am humbled." J'onn replied.

"If you're here with Spike then I must assume you are also friends with Rarity and the rest of her Ponyville friends?" Fancy inquired.

"You are correct."

"Well, sir you couldn't have made friends with a better group then them." Fancy stated.

"I agree with you. Rarity, Twilight, Spike, and the other ponies are good friends to both me and my team. We're lucky to have met them." J'onn admitted.

"As were we." Fancy agreed, with Fleur nodding.

"Well, it was nice seeing you two again, but we better get going." Spike said, as he paid for his and J'onn's doughnuts.

"Of course. You two be careful now." Fancy bid them farewell.

"We shall." J'onn answered, as he and Spike left.

As the two left the shop, they were about to head back to Ponyville until they heard a cry for help, "Help! Somepony please, help me!"

The two looked around and saw around an alleyway were the silhouette's of two figures mugging another who was on the ground, "Sounds like somepony's in trouble. Let's go, J'onn!" Spike called, as the two went to investigate.

Upon coming into the alley way they saw no pony was around, "Hey, where'd they go?" Spike asked in confusion, until suddenly fire was blasted all around them, "Whoa!" J'onn who was caught in the fire blast was greatly injured and crashed into a wall, "J'onn!" he ran over to the martian, "Are you ok?"

"Fire, it hurt." he groaned.

"And it'll hurt a lot more when we're done with you." a voice said.

Spike froze as he recognized the voice, and saw three silhouettes drape over him and J'onn. He turned and saw Garble, Glut, and Rad grinning mischievously at them, "Hey, long time no see, pal!" Garble said to Spike, as the three teenage dragons laughed evilly, while Spike looked frightened.

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