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Justice Ponies - Wildcard25

The Justice League have fought countless creatures from other planets and dimensions. But are they prepared to fight in a world of magic and ponies?

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Heroes meet Ponies

The heroes looked up at the two majestic looking equines in awe, while Flash spoke to Lantern and Superman, "I know this sounds weird, but they look gorgeous." the two give him a look.

"Who are all of you?" Luna inquired.

Diana tried to step forth, but was blocked off by two guards crossing their spears, "Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, you have to listen. We mean you no harm. My name is Diana, I am the princess of Themyscira. My mother is Queen Hippolyta."

The two alicorn princesses gasped, as Celestia spoke, "Themyscira?"

"It can't be." Luna gasped.

The other heroes looked confused, as Flash spoke, "Um, am I the only one missing something here?" he looked seeing the others shared his feeling, "Ok, then."

Celestia looked at Diana, seeing a look of honesty in her eyes before motioning to the guards, "Release them."

"Princess?" they asked in shock, as she nodded in confirmation about her choice.

So the guards released the heroes from their cuffs, as Flash spoke to one, "You know we could've gotten out of those at any time. Just so you know." he smiled.

"Diana, you seem to know a good amount of where we are." Batman noted.

"Care to explain it to us?" Hawk Girl suggested.

Diana spoke to her team, "On Themyscira, my mother would tell me and my sisters stories of a magical land ruled by two legendary sibling alicorn princesses. That land was known as Equestria. And the two princesses had the magic to make it day and night. Their names were Celestia and Luna. Though this was just a story to us, apparently it was real." she looked back at the two princesses.

"So you mean to say this whole land we're in is populated by ponies?" Lantern asked, looking at the princesses, and the guards.

"Pretty much, yes." The amazon nodded.

"Terrific." Batman said in deadpan.

"Forgive us, but we ourselves had believed that the island of Themyscira was also a legend to us and our kind." Luna explained.

"I understand." Diana nodded.

"Now then, could you introduce yourselves?" Celestia requested.

"Of course," Diana nodded, and began introducing her team, "This is Batman, Superman, Flash, Hawk Girl, Green Lantern, and J'onn. We're the Justice League."

"Justice League?" Luna raised a brow.

"We're a group of heroes that make the world a safe place." Flash explained, as he was suddenly at the princess' side.

Luna did a double take, seeing he was just beside the group a mere second ago, "What, but when did you?"

"Fastest man alive." Flash explained, as he zipped back to the others.

"Incredible." Celestia gasped.

"Diana did say we were heroes." Hawk girl reminded the princess.

"We each have a special ability that makes us unique from one another," J'onn explained, "As demonstrated by Flash."

"So you all have powers?" Luna asked.

"Not all of us." Batman answered.

"Bats here may not have power like all of us, but you should see him in action." Flash boasted on his behalf.

"How did all of you end up in our castle's garden?" Celestia wondered.

"It's a long story." Superman answered.

"We have the time." Luna replied, as she and Celestia stepped down from the throne to meet them on eye level.

"Very well." J'onn answered.

"But let's do this in our study over a cup of tea?" Celestia suggested.

"Works for me." Flash answered in approval.

Meanwhile out in a terrain known as the Badlands, Luthor was stumbling through the land while waiting for his battlesuit to come back online to a hundred percent. He grumbled, "Stupid Flash redirecting my laser beam. And now I'm stranded in someplace where there seems to be no sign of life or even a payphone for that matter!" he calmed down, "But I suppose if it's any reward, those heroes are no doubt stranded in wherever I am as well." As he walked, he was unaware of some black creatures watching him from atop some rock formations.

Suddenly he started hearing some buzzing sounds like the wings of an insect. He looked around cautiously, before looking up to see a swarm of black creatures that looked like a mix between equines and insects, "What the!" he gasped.

"Seize intruder!" they buzzed, and flew around attacking Luthor.

Luthor was swatting them away, before looking at his battlesuit's power gauge, "89 %, that should be enough." he started firing energy blasts from his palms at the creatures, making them fall to the ground.

Even though more of the swarm kept coming, Luthor wasn't about ready to give up to what he refereed to as freaks of nature. When he saw he knocked all them to the ground, he saw his power gauge dropped to 79%, "Drat. Well, I won't be dealing with these things any time soon."

"What have you done to my subjects!" a female voice bellowed.

Luthor saw a silhouette cover him. He looked and saw flying down before him was a larger female version of the creatures he was fighting with a gnarly horn and larger insect wings, "What the devil!"

The creature landed on the ground glaring at Luthor, "How dare you attack my kind."

"What are you supposed to be?" Luthor inquired.

"I am Chrysalis; Queen of the Changelings."


"Correct, and you sir have made a serious mistake in trespassing into our territory and harming my subjects!"

Luthor scowled, "I was not aware that this area was under your rule."

"Well now you know, and as punishment for harming my kind, I will return the favor!" she started blasting at Luthor with her magic, while he fired back with his own energy blasts. As Luthor continued to defend himself from the onslaught of the Changeling Queen, he noticed his suits power was dropping.

Suddenly Chrysalis tackled him to the ground and stood atop him, pinning his arms to the ground. As Luthor struggled, the queen powered her magic up to her horn and aimed it down at him, "This is what happens when my enemies cross my path."

"Enemies, you have enemies?" Luthor asked curiously.

Chrysalis answered, "I'm a queen, of course I have enemies. Don't you?"

Luthor smirked, "As a matter of fact yes. Listen, why don't you and I make ourselves a little deal?"

Chrysalis upon hearing his suggestion, powered her magic down a bit, "A deal?"

"Yes, what would you say if I could help you take your enemies down?"

"Oh please, what makes you think I can trust some hairless ape?"

Luthor continued to reason, "Because I share your pain," Chrysalis gasped, as he continued, "Being defeated right from left, living with the humility, always dangling at the bottom of the chain."

"Enough! You made your point." she powered her magic down, and got off him.

Luthor rose back to his feet, "I feel we have an opportunity upon us. With you and your changelings, and my expertise and knowledge on my enemies you can help me in eliminating them. And with my abilities I can help you eliminate your enemies, if you choose to listen."

Chrysalis looked intrigued, "I'm quite taken by your amusing proposition uh, what was your name?"

"Luthor, Lex Luthor."

"Well Mr. Luthor, you have my undivided attention. Why don't we talk elsewhere?" she suggested.

"Delighted." Luthor smirked, as the two started walking, before Chrysalis looked back to her subjects who recovered from their fight against Luthor.

"You can all rest back at the lair." she said, as her subjects followed her.

Meanwhile back in Canterlot, the princesses and the heroes were in the rulers private study having some tea. The group had told the two almost everything from their world and about themselves. Save for Bruce, Clark, and Wally revealing their secret identities. While the princesses have told them many things about themselves and their land.

"These stories you've told us are unbelievable," Luna began, "But if they are true as you say, we are proud to see how much you care for your home that you would risk your very lives to protect it."

"And to you Superman and J'onn, our deepest condolences for the loss of your planets and your families." Celestia added.

"Our greatest thanks for your respect, Princess." Superman answered, as J'onn continued.

"But, though we lost our homes and families, we gained new ones to make us feel welcomed on earth."

"And this Luthor you spoke of was responsible for you all being here?" Luna inquired.

"Partly responsible." Batman replied, as the group eyed Flash.

"Hey, how was I supposed to know this would happen?"

"We wish we knew of a way to send you home." Celestia said.

"Well, we can't go back unless we find Luthor." Hawk Girl replied.

Lantern looked at a map of Equestria hanging on the wall, "And if this land is as big as this shows, he could've wound up anywhere."

"Well, it shouldn't be like he won't be easy to find, right?" Flash stated.

"Still, one man in a land like this won't be easy to track. Especially if we don't have the javelin or most of our tracking equipment." Batman noted.

"I know we all just met, but I think maybe we can help you in locating this Luthor." Celestia said.

"Thanks, but we really shouldn't impose." Superman answered.

"Nonsense," Luna spoke up, "If this Luthor is as dangerous as you make him out to be, he could very well pose a threat in our land as much as yours."

"It would be our humblest pleasure to help you heroes." Celestia confirmed.

The heroes looked to each other, before Batman spoke, "Very well. We don't know how long we could be here, and we still don't know too much about how this world works."

"Not to worry, I know of some special ponies who can help you adapt to Equestria." Celestia smiled.

"Who's that?" Flash asked.

"My former apprentice and her friends. They are the perfect candidates to teach you about Equestria and everything." the Princess of the sun explained.

"We'll need all the help we can get." Hawk Girl admitted.

"When can we meet them?" Lantern asked.

"Actually, they should be arriving here any moment. We originally arranged a visit from them," Celestia explained, as there was a knock at the door, "Come in."

The doors opened, and a guard announced, "Presenting Princess Twilight Sparkle, and friends."

The heroes looked and saw entering were six ponies and one little wingless dragon. They noticed one was an alicorn like the princesses, two were pegasi, one was a unicorn, and the final two were simple earth types.

"Princess Celestia, Princess Luna!" Twilight greeted them, as she and her friends bowed their heads.

"It's good to see you all. And just in time too." Celestia welcomed them.

"What kind of ponies would we be if we were late for a visit with ya, your highness?" Applejack asked.

"Not because of that, Applejack," she corrected her, "We have some additional company today we would like you all to meet."

"Additional company?" Twilight asked in confusion.

"Correct. Ponies and Spike, meet the Justice League." Celestia introduced them, as she and her sister stepped aside to reveal the group.

The six ponies and dragon looked at the heroes in shock, for they didn't look like any creatures familiar to the land of Equestria, "Oh my stars!" Rarity gasped.

"Whoa." Twilight gasped.

The pegasus Fluttershy trembled, while Pinkie Pie looked at them in wonder. Rainbow Dash's jaw dropped, and Applejack's and Spike's eyes were widened, "Princess what are they?" Fluttershy asked.

"Their species are known as humans." Celestia explained.

"But what did you call them, the Justice League?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"That is precisely what my sister said," Luna replied, "These beings happen to be heroes from where they're from."

"Heroes?!" the ponies and the dragon gasped.

"That's right. Everypony, meet Batman, Superman, Diana, Flash, Hawk Girl, Green Lantern, and J'onn." Luna introduced them, as some of them waved, while Batman nodded his greeting.

"Now I feel it's time they got to know you," Celestia turned to the heroes, as she introduced her subjects to them, "This is my former apprentice and now fellow Princess, Twilight Sparkle; the Princess of Friendship."

"Nice to meet you all." Twilight bowed her head in respect.

Celestia continued to introduce the other ponies, "Applejack, the pony of honesty."

"Howdy, yall."

"Rainbow Dash, the loyalest pony you'll ever know."

"And fastest flier in Equestria." she boasted.

"Fastest flier, huh?" Flash asked, "Well, I just happen to be the fastest runner where I'm from." he boasted back, while the other league members rolled their eyes.

"Oh, really?" Rainbow Dash asked with a hint of bitterness, before she flew up to him, "Maybe we should have a contest to see who's the fastest."

"Sweetie, anytime anywhere." Flash retorted.

"Knock it off." Lantern broke them up, and Rainbow went.

Celestia continued on, "Pinkie Pie, the pony of laughter."

Pinkie started bouncing around them, "Hiya, wow you look so cool! I've never seen others like you before. Nice costumes. Say do any of you like parties? Because I love throwing parties. Maybe I can throw one for all of you." she offered and began listing off things they could have and do there, while Batman thought.

'Even Joker wouldn't be able to stand this one.'

"This one sounds fun." Flash said to J'onn.


Hawk Girl whispered to Lantern, "And I thought Flash had a running mouth."

"Guess we were wrong." he replied.

Twilight levitated Pinkie over to her, "That's enough, Pinkie."

"Rarity, the pony of generosity." Celestia continued.

"And absolute pleasure, sirs and madame's," Rarity began, as she trotted up to them and looked at Diana, "My stars, darling. You are positively beautiful."

"Got that right." Flash nodded, while Diana felt a bit embarrassed.

Rarity then being the fashionista she was started inspecting their outfits, "Mr. Batman, such a dark ensemble, it must obviously reflects your personality."

"You have no idea." Superman answered for Batman.

Rarity looked to Superman, "And you sir, have such a marvelous mix of blue and red, and this cape is a marvelous touch to it."

"Why, thank you."

She trotted to Green Lantern, and noticed his ring, "What a fascinating accessory."

"It ain't no ordinary accessory." Lantern replied.

Rarity looked at Hawk Girl, "What a very charming battle garment. Based off your style you must come from someplace where war is a daily thing."

"It is."

She looked to Flash, "A very marvelous choice in red, Mr. Flash."

"How about that, Mr. Flash? I hardly get called that." he said to the league.

She then looked to J'onn, "While I'm not exactly very fond of green, you Mr. J'onn, are a very fabulous shade of it."

"I thank you." J'onn replied.

"Fluttershy, the kindest of all ponies." Celestia introduced her.

Fluttershy looked a bit timid, as she lightly waved her hoof, "Hello." she said softly.

"It's ok, you don't have to fear us." Diana assured her, as the pegasus smiled.

"And Spike." Celestia finished.

"Hi." Spike greeted them.

"Hey, a dragon!" Flash beamed.

"And I thought Batman was the detective." J'onn said dryly.

"Princess, how did they become unexpected company?" Twilight asked.

"Well, it's because through a quarrel with an enemy of theirs they wounded up being transported to our world."

"Whoa nelly." Applejack gasped.

"Lucky for us, Diana here knows about our kind, because where she is from our land is a myth." Luna added.

"And where are you from?" Twilight asked Diana, only for Celestia to answer.

"She comes from the land of Themyscira."

"Themyscira?" Twilight gasped in shock.

"Themy-what-now?" Applejack asked in confusion.

"Themyscira, Applejack," she corrected her country friend, "It is said to be an island that's home to hundreds of powerful fierce female warriors known as Amazons."

"Sounds like an awesome place." Rainbow admitted.

"Yes, but it's been only regarded as a myth in Pony History." Twilight reminded her

"Same said for you land on my island." Diana replied.

"We're looking to find a way to get home, but before that we have to find the enemy we were after who also got transported to this world, but wound up elsewhere." Hawk Girl explained.

"Oh dear." Fluttershy gasped.

"We were hoping for the time being, the seven of you would show them the ways of Equestria, during their stay." Celestia requested.

"Of course," Twilight began, "We'd be more than happy to help them out, right girls?" the girls and Spike nodded in agreement.

"Thank you." Superman thanked them.

"Why don't we take them to Ponyville and show them around, Twi?" Applejack suggested.

"Great idea, Applejack. How about it?" she asked the heroes.

"Beats doing nothing." Flash replied.

"It would be best to get to know more of the land." Batman agreed.

"Then we should join them." J'onn concluded.

"All right, let's go!" Pinkie beamed, as she started bouncing away, and the other showed the heroes off.

Back in the Badlands, inside a cave Luthor was standing before Chrysalis, as the queen spoke, "Your proposition is most amusing Mr. Luthor."

"Please, call me Lex."

"Right, Lex. If we combine our powers and knowledge we could put an end to both your Justice League, and the elements of harmony as well."

"Then you agree to my deal?" Lex wondered.

"I do, but I feel we should have some additional support." the queen replied.

"What do you have in mind?"

"Ever since my latest scheme failed I did a study up on all the elements of harmony and those around them. I've discovered that I'm not their only enemy. But they have others as well." she used her magic to project screens showing past events involving the girls, and even Spike. Such events included Rainbow Dash's falling out with Gilda the Griffin, and Lightning Dust, Applejack and her family competing against Flim and Flam, Rarity being used by the Diamond Dogs, and being tricked and lied to by Suri Polomare, even Spike being bullied and nearly attacked by Garble and his dragon buddies.

Luthor was surprised to see the ponies Chrysalis told him about, as well as the other creatures that antagonized them. He smirked, as she continued, "I feel this group of candidates would make fine additions. With the right motivation of course."

"And I can handle that motivation," Luthor answered, "After all one can do anything for you when properly motivated. Just tell me all the details about these subjects and let me do the rest."

"Well then Lex, it's a deal." Chrysalis extended her hoof, and Luthor shook it before responding.

"Deal, partner."

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