• Published 11th Jun 2014
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Justice Ponies - Wildcard25

The Justice League have fought countless creatures from other planets and dimensions. But are they prepared to fight in a world of magic and ponies?

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Pony World

Up in the sky somewhere outside Metropolis, Batman was piloting his Batplane, while J'onn was piloting the Javelin, Superman, Diana, Hawk Girl, and Green Lantern were flying with them, and Flash was on ground level following the trail.

Hawk Girl tapped her ear piece and spoke, "Anything?"

Batman spoke up, "I'm picking up high energy traces up ahead. Location is in a old run down power plant."

"Funny, I was about to tell her that." J'onn said.

"You just can't beat him when it comes to getting a signal." Lantern rolled his eyes, while Diana chuckled.

"Come on!" Superman ordered, as they flew further.

Soon they landed before said power plant, where Flash was leaning against a door casually, "Hey, guys. What kept you?"

"Nice to see you didn't barge in ahead of us." Hawk girl said.

"What, and take all the glory? You know I don't like to hog the spotlight," Flash said, only for Batman and Superman to roll their eyes, "What?"

Lantern aimed his ring at the door and projected a large green fist that punched it open. They entered and proceeded with caution. Batman who was leading the way hand motioned them to stop as they looked ahead seeing a door with a crack of light inside. Superman listened closely and heard the sound of something powering up. The man of steel nodded in confirmation as they charged and hawk Girl swung her mace knocking the door down.

They entered to see Lex Luthor in his battlesuit working on a giant laser like device, "Give it up, Luthor. Game's over!" Superman declared.

Luthor turned around and looked at them casually, "Don't you heroes know how to knock?"

"I did knock." Hawk Girl answered, while holding her powered up weapon.

"I'm going out on a limb and say that equipment doesn't belong to you." Flash spoke up.

"Actually, most of it is," Luthor answered smugly, "Though I admit I had to 'borrow' some of it from other companies."

"You have a very loose definition of the term 'borrow.'." Batman stated.

"Touche, but this time you Justice League have met your match!" he went to the chair connected to the ray and maneuvered it to blast the heroes, "Once I blast you, you'll all be warped to parts unknown."

Each of them ran or flew around to avoid the attack. Flash stopped as he saw Luthor press a button located on his right arm. This activated a defense protocol, and some robots walked out of an opening wall and started blasting them to keep them away from the laser.

Diana and Superman using their strength punched through some of them, Lantern used his ring to project a bat and bashed them, Hawk Girl swung her mace to destroy some, J'onn turned intangible while in between two who ended up blasting each other, and Batman used his exploding batarangs to blow them up.

Flash was running around dodging Luthor's laser blasts before spotting a reflective window lying among the pile of bulkhead in the power plant. Getting an idea he stood still, "Hey Lexy, over here!"

Luthor aimed the laser and fired the beam at Flash who quickly picked up the window and bounced the beam back onto the laser, "NO! YOU FOOL, LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE!" Luthor bellowed, as the ray was consumed by it's own blast.

The rest of the League looked at Flash knowing he did something he shouldn't have done, "Oops." he shrugged.

The laser started over-generating and was firing bigger beams all around, "We have to get out!" J'onn ordered, as they all tried to get out, but the beams created a portal that started sucking everyone in like a vacuum. Soon the heroes and Luthor were sucked into it screaming, before the power plant exploded with the laser.

All eight of them flew through a vortex of bright colors, while screaming before hitting the light at the end. Suddenly each members of the league were lying on green grass in some kind of garden. They each groaned before regaining full consciousness. Flash got up and stretched, "Ok, let's agree to never do that again."

"Are you all right?" Lantern asked Hawk Girl.

"I'm ok. You?"

"Still intact."

"Thank the gods." Diana replied.

"What just happened?" Superman asked.

J'onn spoke up, "When the beam bounced back onto Luthor's machine it was over powered and the feedback released a beam that took us all with it."

"In other words, Luthor's machine succeeded and sent us all somewhere else." Batman concluded.

"Speaking of Lex, where is he?" Lantern looked around.

"More like where are we?" Flash asked, as they saw the garden they were standing in.

They saw many bright and beautiful flowers with statues of equines in poses. Diana walked to some flowers and touched one, "It's beautiful."

"Yeah." Batman replied dryly, as he stood his ground.

"Do you think we're still on earth?" Flash asked.

"I wouldn't be so sure." J'onn answered.

"Hoofs where I can see them!" a voice called, as the seven heroes froze and saw they were surrounded by what looked like pegasi and unicorns wearing armor and helmets, while aiming spears at them.

"Whoa!" Flash gasped, as he held his hands up before realizing what was pointing the spears at them.

"Why do I feel like I'm back in Gorilla City?" Batman asked rhetorically.

"Except this time we're dealing with horses." Flash replied.

"Actually, based on their physiology they appear to be ponies." J'onn corrected him.

"What's the difference?" the speedster asked.

"Silence!" a unicorn guard ordered as he used magic emitting from his horn to jab the spear forward to intimidate him.

"Look, this is all a big mistake. We mean you no harm." Superman tried to reason with them.

"We hear that all the time." a pegasus guard answered.

"Now why are you trespassing in the royal gardens?"

"Royal gardens?" Hawk Girl asked.

"You are standing in the royal gardens of Canterlot castle." A pegasus explained gruffly.

"Canterlot?" Diana asked almost surprised.

"Castle?" Lantern asked, as they looked up and saw the castle they were outside.

"Whoa." Flash gasped.

"If this is a castle then there must be a royal family." Batman deduced.

J'onn pleaded to the guards, "If you'd give us a moment to speak to your ruler we can sort this spectacle out."

The guards looked at each other as if pondering on what to do, before one of them spoke, "Very well. We'll take you to see the princesses."

"Thank you." J'onn answered."

"Princesses?" Flash asked in shock, before smiling, "Sweet."

"However, to ensure you don't double cross us." a unicorn began, as he levitated cuffs and placed them on each of the heroes wrists.

"Hey!" Flash called in protest, only for Batman to nudge him.

"Play along." he whispered, and motioned to the others who could easily break out to do so as well.

"Follow us." a Pegasus guard ordered, as the heroes followed the guards into the castle.

As they walked through the castle, they looked around at the interior décor, with Diana looking fascinated, but also quite puzzled. Batman seeing her spoke up, "What's the matter?"

"It's the name of this city that's got me curious. Canterlot. I feel like I've heard that before from somewhere." she explained.

"Hey, look at those." Flash said, as they saw some stain glass windows with images of more ponies and other creatures portrayed as though they were in battle.

"These windows seem to depict some kind of tales, but I do not know of what." J'onn stated.

"You think this is some other planet?" Hawk Girl asked.

"None I ever been to." Lantern answered.

The guards then let the group into a throne room, where two thrones were up ahead, and perching on them were two tall equine creatures with wings and a horn. One had a white coat, wavy mane with a mix of colors, a sun image on the flank, a crown on the head, and necklace around the neck. The second was a shorter equine with a dark blue coat with a matching wavy mane, a moon image on the flank, a crown on it's head, and a necklace around the neck.

"You're highness'." One of the guards spoke up.

"Yes, what is it?" the tallest one answered.

"Sorry for the intrusion, but we found these strange creatures in the royal garden."

The two were curious as to what creatures they found, as the shortest one replied, "Bring them to us."

The guard nodded and motioned the other guards to bring the heroes forward. When they reached the throne the guard announced, "Behold their excellencies, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna!"

When the heroes got a look at the two sisters, they each gave off a very surprised look, while Batman did his best to hide his reaction. Diana however was shocked the most at the sight of them, "By Hera!" she gasped.

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