• Published 11th Jun 2014
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Justice Ponies - Wildcard25

The Justice League have fought countless creatures from other planets and dimensions. But are they prepared to fight in a world of magic and ponies?

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A True Dragon

Last time, hoping for a simple pick up for Twilight Spike and J'onn end up crossing paths with the teen dragon trio. With J'onn weakened by a triple fire combo from the three, Spike is left to defend himself and the martian from the three who he thought were his friends.

"You three?" Spike gasped in shock.

"That's right, us." Garble answered.

"Miss us, Spike?" Glut asked.

"What're you doing here?" Spike asked in confusion.

"We heard you were around and thought we'd drop in on ya." Rad chuckled.

"Surprised?" Garble asked.

"Actually a side of me always felt one day I'd run into you guys again." Spike answered, not wanting to show them his fear.

"Well, you felt right," Garble said, "And this time you don't have your little namby pamby pony friends to save you." Glut and Rad laughed.

Spike frowned, "Shut up! I'm sick and tired of you and your insults to ponies! You know maybe if you three spent a little more time with them you'd learn something about respect instead of just being..."

"What?" Garble challenged him to finish his sentence.

"Instead of just being dragons!" Spike growled, as J'onn watched in amaze.

"Well, here's a newsflash for you, Spike. We are dragons!" Garble answered.

"Just like you." Rad added.

"Except we're more dragon than you could ever hope to be." Glut mocked.

"You're wrong!" J'onn called, as the four dragons saw the martian descend to his feet.

"J'onn!" Spike gasped.

"He can still move?" Rad asked, seeing how condition.

"What did you say?" Garble narrowed his eyes on the martian.

"I said you are wrong. Where I'm from dragons are not beasts who are greedy and full of hatred like you three. They are symbols of wisdom and strength, two things the three of you lack, but Spike has."

The three dragons once again laughed in hysterics, "Oh, that's a good one. You really do have a good sense of humor." Garble said between laughs.

J'onn frowned, "That was not a joke."

The three looked at each other as Glut spoke, "He's serious?"

"He is." Rad nodded seeing J'onn didn't appear to be joking around.

Garble frowned, "Well, I'm serious too. Seriously gonna mop the floor with this freak!" he took a stance with his buddies.

"Spike, get behind me." J'onn ordered.

"But, J'onn, you're still hurt!" Spike warned him.

"If anything happened to you, Twilight would be crushed." J'onn said, as he stood his ground to protect his little dragon friend.

And so the three dragons took off and fought J'onn who even though was still weakened from the fire attack. They flew into the air with J'onn throwing punches at the three, but got tackled from behind by Rad. When Glut tried to whip him with his tail, J'onn quickly went intangible and the big teen dragon almost tail whipped Garble.

"Hey, watch where you're aiming that thing!"

"Sorry." Glut apologized.

J'onn went solid again, and morphed his body into a giant serpent and tail whipped the three sending them crashing onto the roof of one of the buildings, "All right, J'onn!" Spike cheered.

The trio got up and flew up to J'onn once again blowing fire around him. J'onn started losing his serpent form and reverted back to her hero form, while looking ready to melt, "So much flames." he groaned before losing altitude and crashed into the alley.

"No!" Spike cried, as he ran over to him, "J'onn?" he nudged him.

"Spike, I am sorry."

"Save your breath." Spike said.

Garble, Glut, and Rad landed on the ground, "One down on the ground." Rad snickered.

"And one to go." Glut added, as the three locked their eyes on Spike.

Spike gasped as he watched the three slowly approach him. Garble spoke, "We're gonna finish what we should've finished last time."

Spike was frightened at what they could do to him, but remembered J'onn protected him as best as he could against the three. Suddenly his scared look started shifting to a look of anger, "No!"

The three stopped, "What did you say to me?" Garble asked with a growl.

"I said no! I'm not gonna let you hurt J'onn or anypony else again!"

"You? Oh, that's a laugh," Garble joked, "What can a helpless little baby like you do?"

Spike continued to glare at Garble and his boys, "I may be helpless at times, and sure I'm still a baby dragon," his body started heating up as his eyes started turning red which in turn was making the three teenage dragons look uneasy, "But I'm a baby dragon who's gonna stop you!" he opened his mouth and released a blast of fire similar on a size to the one he released on the ice cloud to save the Equestria games.

The three dragons who were unable to move away fast enough, got caught up in the blast of fire. When Spike ceased his fire breathing, Garble, Glut, and Rad stood in place with their eyes widened and their bodies covered in soot. The three dragon fell flat on their backs and upon making contact with the ground all the soot fell off their bodies.

Spike took deep breaths before he saw J'onn get back on his feet, "J'onn, you're ok!"

"Yes. I may be weak against flames, but don't go down too easily," the martian explained, "Now then, I think it's best we turn these three over to Princess Celestia." he approached the three dragons, only for a circle of green fire to surround the teen dragons forcing J'onn to back away.

"What the?" Spike gasped, as he saw the flames die down, revealing the dragons had vanished with the flames, "They're gone." J'onn squinted his eyes looking suspicious.

The three dragons reappeared in the lair of the Changelings where Luthor and Chrysalis were looking down on them with disappointed looks, "I should never send a teenager to do man's job." Luthor said, as the three dragons gave him and Chrysalis a sheepish look.

Back with Spike and J'onn the two were on their way back to Ponyville. J'onn after catching his breath and recovering from the fire thrown at him was finally able to fly again and carry Spike. The little dragon looked at J'onn seeing he looked deep in thought, "Are you ok, J'onn?"

"I am concerned, Spike."

"About what?"

"You saw how those three dragons disappeared just like that?"

"Yeah, that was really bizarre."

"Indeed. And according to what knowledge I've gained through my researching with Twilight is aside from your magical flames only one other creature can generate green fire... Changelings."

"Changelings?!" Spike gasped.

"Correct. Which means Chrysalis has saved them from our attempt to apprehend them."

"And if Chrysalis did that..." Spike started pondering.

"I can assume this ambush was Luthor's doing." J'onn concluded.

"And when Rainbow and Flash told us about them running into Gilda and Lightning Dust... You think that was staged by him too?" Spike asked.

"I wouldn't think, I'd know it was."

"Oh, wow. This is definitely something the girls are gonna wanna hear about." Spike said.

"Agreed, but we'll tell them when we get back. Right now I would like to thank you for saving my life."


"You showed true courage back there facing three who were much older and physically stronger than you. I am glad to call you my friend." J'onn smiled.

Spike started blushing a bit, "Oh, J'onn, you're embarrassing me."

"I was also wondering, perhaps you could show me more of those Power Ponies comics?"

"You bet, buddy." Spike smiled, as they returned to Ponyville to give Twilight the documents and be sure to tell the rest of the girls and the League about what transpired in Canterlot with the two.

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