• Published 11th Jun 2014
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Justice Ponies - Wildcard25

The Justice League have fought countless creatures from other planets and dimensions. But are they prepared to fight in a world of magic and ponies?

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A Pawn in the Plan

One morning over at Sweet Apple Acres, Superman was with Applejack and Big Mac in the apple fields, "Are ya sure this is gonna work, Supe?" Applejack asked the man of steel.

"Trust me on this. Big Mac, are all the baskets in place?"

Big Mac after setting up the last few baskets under one of the trees spoke, "Eeyup." he nodded.

"Ok, this is it." Superman gave the ground a stomp causing a shake of the trees allowing all the apples to fall and land perfectly into the baskets filling them all up.

Applejack and Big Mac were in surprise, as Superman flew around collecting all the baskets before bringing them over neatly stacked, "And that's the way."

Applejack spoke in amaze, "Whew doggy. That was amazing, Supe. How'd ya know to do something like that?"

"Well, I also grew up on a farm when I came to earth." Superman explained.

"Really?" Applejack asked.

"Oh, yeah. And when I started realizing my strength it made certain farm tasks much easier for me."

"Well, ya just saved us plenty of time to get the other work done." Big Mac said.

"I'm glad. If you want I could stick around some more."

"That's thoughtful of ya, but ya we'll handle the rest. You did all the real hard work so we should be fine." Applejack replied.

"Are ya sure?"


"Well, ok then. I'll see you later." Superman flew off.

Applejack watched him fly off, "That's sure one helpful fella ain't he?"


Superman was back in Ponyville walking around seeing many of the locals were waving and greeting him as he passed. He spoke to himself, "Imagine if I told Lois about this place. She'd think I went mad." he chuckled to himself.

"Mr. Superman, sir!" a voice called out.

Superman looked seeing two young school aged colts gallop over. There was Featherweight Editor and chief of the Foal Free Press and Shady Daze the Staff Photographer.

"Well, what can I do you two young colts this day?" he asked, while squatting down to their level.

"We were wondering if you'd be willing to let us interview you for our school newspaper. If ya don't mind that is." Featherweight requested.

"Hmm," Superman pondered, "Well, why not? Since it's for your school."

"All right!" Featherweight and Shady high hoofed.

Soon Superman was sitting on a bench, as Featherweight was writing down notes and Shady took some pictures.

"And so that's why I've decided to protect the city of Metropolis with my life for all the good people who live there, as well as the millions of others who live on earth." Superman finished his story.

"That's amazing." Shady gasped, as he took one last mug shot of Superman.

"Thanks for the time, Superman. This is gonna be our best article yet." Featherweight said.

"No problem, but let me give you some words of advice," he began, as the two gathered around, "A good reporter is someone who goes and find news and report it. But a great reporter is someone who seeks out the truth, and publish the truth, and never lies about it. Can I trust you two would do that?"

"You bet." Shady nodded.

"Yeah, ever since our original editor and chief was removed we've done nothing but publish the truth and not do any hurtful gossip." Featherweight explained about a previous mishap.

Superman ruffled their heads, "That's good. Now off you go."

"Thanks again!" Shady called, as the two colts hurried off.

Superman smiled, until Batman's voice spoke up, "That's some good wisdom to give kids."

Superman turned around seeing his close allie, "Just making sure they don't turn into hurtful tabloid journalists who only look out for number one and care nothing for the lives they ruin."

Batman nodded, "We may not be on earth, but even in other worlds we still do good..." he looked over as the two saw Flash and Pinkie entertaining other fillys and colts, "In our own ways." Superman chuckled.

At the Changeling lair, Luthor was speaking to Chrysalis, "We've been playing it wrong."

"What do you mean?" Chrysalis wondered.

"To take out the league we need to take out the strongest member. Namely Superman." Luthor explained.

"And how pray tell are we going to do that?" the Queen inquired.

"Bring in the Diamond Dogs." Luthor ordered.

Chrysalis motioned to one of her subjects to fetch them, and it flew off. Soon enough the changeling returned with the trio.

"You called for us, Luthor?" Rover asked.

"Correct," Luthor answered, "You told me there was a unicorn by the name of Rarity who searches for gemstones around the quarry above your mines?"

"Yes. She has magic that can locate gems." Spot explained.

"We tried to use that to our advantage, but the whining and complaining was not worth it!" Fido added.

"Well, I assure you this will be all worth it." Luthor said as he reached into a compartment in his battle suit and placed a chunk of kryptonite onto a table.

The dogs looked at it with wide eyes at the glowing green fragment, "What is it?" Rover asked in amaze.

"That my furry companion is kryptonite; the only known source in the world that can weaken and even kill Superman." Luthor explained, as the dogs looked shocked.

Chrysalis spoke up looking questionable, "You're saying something as small as this can kill somepony like Superman?"

"Don't underestimate kryptonite. It's more trouble than it's worth. I should know." Luthor said bitterly.

"So what do we do with it?" Fido asked.

"Chrysalis is going to used her magic to duplicate it and replicate it to look and feel like real gemstones. It'll be so real it'll fool that unicorn's locating spell. But I need you three for the final task." Luthor explained to the dogs.

"And that is?" Rover asked.

"You will bury the duplicates all throughout the quarry, and let her find them and bring them back," the businessman explained, "According to Suri, Rarity embeds gemstones into her best made outfits. Anyone who wears an outfit embedded with kryptonite will destroy Superman just by walking up to him."

The dogs looked intrigued, while Chrysalis smirked, "Ingenious, Lex." she said.

"Now let's get to work. Chrysalis." he ordered, as she used her magic to duplicate the fragment Lex had on him and soon there was about enough kryptonite fragments to fill up six mining carts.

"And now for the camouflage." Chrysalis used her changeling magic to make the fragments look like gemstones.

"And now to plant them." Luthor motioned to the dogs to collect the disguised fragments and were sent back to the quarry above their mines via Chrysalis' teleportation magic.

Later that day, Rarity was off to collect some gems at the quarry, with Spike tagging along while dragging a wagon.

"I truly appreciate your offer to help me, Spike." Rarity said.

"Always glad to help you, Rarity." Spike answered, as they stopped.

"This spot will do," Rarity said as she used her gem seeking spell, "Right over there." she motioned to a spot.

Spike ran over and dug and dug until he found some gems, "Wow, so good." he salivated.

"Spike," Rarity began before he tried to eat them, "I promised you a gem filled cake at Sugarcube Corner when this was over, remember?"

"Right. Sorry." Spike said sheepishly, as they continued to work collecting more gems after another.

Soon they had a whole stack of gems in the wagon, "Well, this is about as much as the wagon will hold. So we'll have to come back tomorrow." Rarity said.

"Well, let's get going." Spike said, as the two hurried back to town, while unaware of the Diamond Dogs popping out of a hole and grinning.

Back in Ponyille at Carousel Boutique, Rarity was hard at work making some new outfits with Spike assisting her.

Suddenly the door opened, and entering was Superman, "Rarity, Spike, I'm here."

"Oh, Superman, you're just in time. I can't thank you enough for also volunteering to help me with my work here." Rarity trotted over to him.

"No trouble at all. What can I do first?" the man of steel wondered.

"Could you bring me that fresh box of gems Spike and I collected this morning?"

"Sure thing." Superman went to the box, but upon getting close to the opened box he started sweating and moaning weakly.

"Superman?" Spike asked, as he and Rarity saw him suddenly go ill.

"Goodness, are you all right?" Rarity asked him as she and Spike helped him over to a chair to sit down.

"I think so, but I feel so strange." he groaned.

"Maybe you should go back to Twilight's castle and rest."

"But I promised I'd help." he said.

"Don't worry, I'm more than capable of helping Rarity myself." Spike said.

"Spike's right. What matters the most is your health." Rarity added.

"Ok." Superman got up and left the boutique only to realize he was no longer ill, "Hey, I feel fine now. But how can that be, unless... He pondered, "No it can't be. Can it?" he eventually decided to return to the castle to rest in case it was a different type of illness.

Back inside Rarity was making pony outfits in similar designs to the league members only they looked more like every day clothing, "Oh, I just know every mare and stallion in Ponyville will be wanting one of these." Rarity beamed as she attached some of the collected gems to the outfits, while unaware of what she was really doing.

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