• Published 11th Jun 2014
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Justice Ponies - Wildcard25

The Justice League have fought countless creatures from other planets and dimensions. But are they prepared to fight in a world of magic and ponies?

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Heroes Remembered

Sometime later in Canterlot, the girls, Spike, and the league were in the castle with Rosedust and the two royal sisters looking up at two new additions to the windows of legends. The first one was of the Mane Six looking above them where Chrysalis and Rosedust were separated form each other, as the Flutter Ponies were flying around them. The second window was of Luthor in the center being defeated with each member of the Justice league forming a ring around him.

Flash looked up at the one for the Justice League smiling, "I wish this could be part of my museum exhibit back home."

"Keep dreaming." Lantern replied.

"It's thanks to all of you for stopping both Luthor and freeing Rosedust and her Flutter Ponies from the curse placed upon them." Celestia explained.

Superman looked to Rosedust, "So, Rosedust, what're you and your Flutter Ponies going to do now?"

"We're going to rebuild our kingdom and make it better than it's ever been." she explained.

"And we'll be more than willing to help you with that." Luna offered.

"Thank you both ever so much." Rosedust smiled.

Celestia and Luna smiled, as the elder sister looked to the heroes, "And now that Luthor is once again in your custody, all that's left is to send you home."

"I'm afraid that's easier said than done." Batman answered.

"We still have no idea how to get back." Hawk Girl said.

"Not to worry, I've managed to dig through my old archives and found the right spell to send you back to your world." Celestia spoke.

"You have?" Flash gasped.

"Correct." she nodded.

"Isn't this great, guys?" Twilight asked, "You can finally go home."

"Best news all day." Superman smiled.

"Best news so far." Pinkie corrected him.

"So far?" J'onn inquired.

"We have us a triple party to throw back in Ponyville!" she cheered.

"Triple party?" Diana asked.

"Yeah, the defeat of Luthor, return of the Flutter Ponies, and your going home party!" Pinkie grinned.

Flash turned to the heroes, "How about it, guys, one last party before we go home?" he asked with a pleading look, as Pinkie gave them one as well.

Batman answered, "We can spare one last party."

"YES!" Flash, the girls, and Spike cheered.

Later that day in Ponyville, Pinkie's party had started with everyone in Ponyville attending to bid farewell to the Justice League. Among other guests attending included Celestia, Luna, Shining Armor, Cadence, Rosedust, and the Flutter Ponies. Flash was as before playing party games with the kids.

"We're sure gonna miss you, Flash." a filly said.

"Yeah, you're so much fun." a colt said.

"Thanks you guys, but I really have to go back home. A lot of people to protect there. You understand right?" he asked.

"We do."

"So let's make the moment last as long as it can!" Flash declared, and the kids cheered.

Diana was signing autographs for clueless lover boy stallions, "Sign mine, please, Diana?"

"Ok-ok." Diana chuckled, as she signed another.

Hawk Girl approached, "Having fun?"

"Sometimes the best attention is no attention at all." Diana admitted.

Superman and Lantern were enjoying some apple pie courtesy of Applejack and her family, "Delicious as always." Superman said.

"Thanks, fellas." Applejack said.

"When I first tasted your produce it was like I never even tasted an apple before," Lantern admitted, "Won't be able to find one just as good as the ones you and your family make."

"That means a lot, Lantern." Applejack replied.

"It's John." he chuckled.

J'onn was conversing with Twilight and her fellow Princesses, "Aside from earth, this has been by far one of the most intriguing worlds I've ever had the pleasure of knowing."

"Well, we hope your time here has left you with a lot to think about." Celestia said.

"Indeed it has. I shall personally share the experiences I've had here with others I have encountered who need a lesson in friendship." J'onn said.

Batman stood idly by watching everyone, until Discord popped in, "Not one for social gatherings are you?" he asked him.

"Not like this," Batman answered, "I am good with social gatherings, but under different types of circumstances."

"I see," Discord replied, "Well, this is your final moment here in Equestria. Personally, you shouldn't waste it."

Batman took another look and saw how each of his fellow heroes were making the most of their final day in Equestria. At the master of Chao's request he decided to join them, as Discord watched, "That's the spirit, Bruce." he said to himself and winked.

Soon the party was over, and the ponies stood on opposite side of the Justice League and their captive, "We appreciate all the help you've given us in stopping Luthor." Superman began.

"And for helping us against those others he recruited." Flash added.

"We should be the ones thanking you," Twilight replied, "You've given us a great opportunity to not only converse with a species not native to our land, but you've taught us a few things too."

"We have?" Lantern asked.

"You've taught us about true bravery, and even as things may seem bad justice will prevail." Twilight explained.

"Plus, it was awesome to meet real live superheroes!" Rainbow squeed.

"And make new friends." Pinkie added.

"Not to mention a chance to see such unique styles." Rarity put in.

"Yall are such hard workers like we are," Applejack said, "And I certainly respect that."

"We're certainly lucky to have met you." Fluttershy added.

"And even if you're going we know you won't forget us just like we won't forget you." Spike finished.

"Like we could ever forget a place like this." Superman said.

"And all of Equestria will remember always as how you helped our little ponies save it from one threat and reformed another." Celestia said.

"This calls for a picture!" Pinkie cheered, as she pulled a camera out.

After getting the league gathered with their pony friends, Pinkie started the timer on the camera and ran to take a spot with her friends. When the timer went off the camera took the picture of the whole group. Each group was given a copy of the picture, as Celestia and Luna combined their magic to open a portal.

"I guess this is it, huh?" Twilight asked the League.

"For now at least." Superman answered.

"For now?" Fluttershy asked curiously.

"If you ever need help, look us up." Flash offered.

The two sisters smiled, as Celestia spoke, "We'll keep that in mind."

"May the Gods be with you all!" Diana declared, as the league took Luthor through the portal.

Twilight, Spike, and the girls smiled upon their departure, as Twilight thought, 'Thanks for being our friends.'

Some time later back in the human world, after Luthor was brought back to jail, the League returned to the Watch Tower. Flash set up the picture of them and their friends in Equestria somewhere so they would all notice, "That was a nice trip we had there." he said.

"Let's just hope none of our other enemies ever find a way there." Lantern said.

"Like any of them would believe in a world of talking ponies coming from a guy like Luthor." Flash chuckled, while Superman and Batman remained silent knowing anything could happen.

Suddenly their monitor sounded, and they went to see J'onn, "What's going on?" Diana asked.

"A robbery in progress," J'onn began, "Culpirts include Cheetah, Copperhead, Grundy, Shade, and Star Sapphire."

"Guess it's back to business." Flash said, with a smile.

"Move out!" Superman ordered, as each of the members rushed to the Javelin while passing by the picture of them and their friends of Equestria.

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Comments ( 10 )

Awesome ending to an awesome first story, brah.

Though, personally, I hope any sequel has a bit more MEAT to it... and darker stuff happening (like Darkseid invading or somesuch).

I do have to say, most of this story felt like a Power Rangers set. I half expected Chrysalis to develop a headache. Don't get me wrong; I loved the Power Rangers, growing up.

I enjoy the reading thanks for sharing

This was a great fic. It was well written, just about everyone was in character, and i found it entertaining and believable.

Most Excellent.

This reminds me of something I read.

5061993 Think you could make a sequel to this with the ponies helping out in the Justice Leagues world?

Here I half expected Applejack to send Lantern off with a genuine Apple Family Apple Tree. Nice emotionally powerful ending. Haven't seen if there is a sequel yet or not, but can't help to hope that they get to meet again. :eeyup:

Oh I just loved this! Was kind of hoping to have a Friendship boosted Flash get him like Brainiac Luthor.

Aww...:fluttercry: there's no sequel:pinkiesad2:

Nice story dude but you really should do a sequel to this story

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