• Published 11th Jun 2014
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Justice Ponies - Wildcard25

The Justice League have fought countless creatures from other planets and dimensions. But are they prepared to fight in a world of magic and ponies?

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Stop the Bat

At the lair of Changelings, Chrysalis was speaking with Luthor, "Your plan to defeat Superman was a bust, Luthor. How can we take down the Justice League now?"

Luthor who had been pondering spoke up, "I thought by taking down the brawn side of the League they'd be less of a threat, but I went about it the wrong way."

"How so?" the Queen inquired.

"Brawn is only one thing that makes a team strong, the second is the brains."

"Quite so." Chrysalis nodded in agreement.

"Each of the members have their own level of intellect," Luthor thought of Flash, "Others not as much. But only one of them is the true intellect of the group."


"The Bat." Luthor answered.

"Batman?" the Queen called it.

"Correct. Among the league members he's always a step ahead of the rest. Even always a step ahead of me and my other former employers," Luthor explained, "We just need a full proof plan to take him down."

"How hard can he be if he's just a mere mortal in a Nightmare Night costume?" Chrysalis asked.

Luthor turned to her, "Joker made it clear to me he's anything but mere. And as much as I despise the clown, there are times where I could use someone who knows how the bat thinks." he grumbled.

"Having some trouble, Mr. Luthor?" Flim asked, as he and his brother approached.

Luthor scowled at the two, "Get out of here. I need to think."

Flam spoke up, "We're here to save ya that trouble, Mr. Luthor."

"We overheard your talk about the one you call Batman, and we may have something that can deal with him." Flim said.

Luthor and Chrysalis turned to the brothers, as the human spoke, "It better be worth it."

"Oh, but it is," Flam said, as he pulled out a vial of blue liquid, "You see my brother and I have done a little experimenting with some herbs we've collected throughout the Everfree Forest and elsewhere."

"And we've brewed them all together to create this little baby that's guaranteed to put an end to Batman." Flim assured him.

"This isn't you pulling a con job on me just to get an extra pay, are you?" Luthor frowned at the sound of their negotiating.

"It's no con at all, Mr. Luthor." Flam assured him.

"All we have to do is get close to Batman, get this on him, and he'll do himself in." Flim added, as the brothers smirked.

Luthor and Chrysalis pondered, before Luthor nodded to Chrysalis, and the Queen ordered, "Then get to Ponyville, but make sure you don't expose yourselves there. You're known by too many ponies in town."

"Don't we know it?" they brothers asked, as they headed out.

Meanwhile in Ponyville, Batman was walking about the town before heading in the direction of Sweet Apple Acres. He stopped, when he saw three familiar fillies galloping over to him.

"Morning, Mr. Batman." Sweetie Belle greeted him.

"Morning." he answered.

"What's a hero like you doing out here?" Scootaloo asked.

"Twilight suggested I get out of the castle and come pick up some apples she ordered from the farm here."

"Well, can we join ya? We were on our way there as well." Apple Bloom said.

"Very well." he answered, as he just walked with the three fillies following.

With a moment of awkward silence, Apple Bloom tried to start a conversation, "So, what's it like being a hero?"

"Life threatening." Batman answered straight to the point.

"Really, because Flash makes it look fun." Scootaloo said.

"Trust me, there's nothing fun about laying your life on the line for the little people." Batman explained.

"Then why do you do it?" Scootaloo asked.

Batman looked down at her with a firm look which in turn intimidated her, "Because it's the right thing to do." Scootaloo said nothing, and the three continued to follow him.

Upon reaching the farm, the four saw some of the apples in the trees look tye dyed and colored in strange patterns, "Do the apples in your world grow these ways?" Batman asked sound part rhetorical.

"Not ones I've ever seen." Apple Bloom sad.

"Look over there." Sweetie Belle called, as they looked over seeing former villain Discord strutting around the orchard, while snapping his fingers resulting in the apples taking on the different colored patterns.

"What the hay is Discord doin' to my family's apples?" Apple Bloom gasped, as she hurried over followed by her friends, and Batman.

"La-la-la-la." Discord hummed, until Apple Bloom called.

"Hey, you! Get away from our apples!"

"Hmm," Discord looked over, "Why if it isn't my favorite trio of unmarked fillies. The Cutie Mark Invaders, was it?"

"Crusaders!" Scootaloo corrected him in agitation.

"Oh, of course," Discord chuckled, "Silly old me. What is it you want? I'm kinda busy here."

"By destroying our crops!" Apple Bloom accused in outrage.

"Oh, goodness no, little Apple Bloom. I am here to help the Apple Family." he said slyly.

"How does destroying our crops help?" Apple Bloom asked rhetorically.

"I am not destroying them, rather I am experimenting with them." he said, as he snapped his fingers again transforming another apple.

"Experimenting?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Yes. Princess Celestia and the Apple Family have allowed me to do this experiment of mine as long as I remain true to my word and not cause mischief," he plucked one of the gnarly colored apples, "Here, try one."

"I don't know..." Apple Bloom answered, still suspicious of the master of chaos, but did it anyway. The group watched the filly chew the apple before swallowing it. Suddenly a bright look grew on her face, "Hey, this apple tastes just like a cupcake."

"Correct." Discord smiled.

"Really, let me try." Scootaloo pleaded.

"And me." Sweetie Belle added.

"Of course." Discord gave them each one of the different colored apples.

The two ate them, and Sweetie Belle spoke, "Mine tastes like chocolate pudding."

"And mine tastes like strawberry ice cream." Scootaloo put in.

"Yes, it's the beauty of my new idea. Apples that can taste like anything," Discord explained, "Applejack and Princess Celestia approved of it, so therefore I am not doing anything wrong."

"These would definitely sell like crazy." Apple Bloom admitted.

Discord smiled at their enjoyment before he looked over and saw Batman, "Well, well, and who have we here?" he coiled around Batman like a snake, while the dark knight didn't even flinch.

"This here's Batman, Discord." Apple Bloom introduced him.

"He's a superhero." Scootaloo added.

"A hero?" Discord asked, before it came to him, "Oh, so you must be one of the members of the Justice League Fluttershy told me about. I cannot tell you how honored I am to finally meet you."

"Wish I could say the same if I knew who you were." Batman answered dryly, causing Discord to scowl.

"Batman, this is Discord the master of chaos." Sweetie Belle introduced him.

Batman raised a brow before looking at Discord, "You are the master of chaos?"

"Guilty as charged," Discord smiled, before asking, "You seem rather surprised though."

"Sorry, but the last master of chaos I met didn't look a thing like you."

"Oh?" Discord asked, "Was this other master about this tall, dressed all formally, and carrying a cat with him?" he dressed himself in a black suit and tie, while carrying a cat in his arms.

"Yes." Batman answered suspiciously.

Discord dropped the cat and poofed out of the suit, "Oh, you insult me, sir. Comparing me and that brat Klarion is like comparing Prince Blueblood and Prince Shining Armor."

Batman was confused as to what he meant but spoke of another bit of info he said, "You know Klarion?"

"Of course we do. All matter of creatures of chaos know each other. Why just last week I had tea with Loki, now he's got more personality and a sense of humor than Klarion."

"I see. As much as I'd love to stay and talk chaos, I'm here for a pick up." Batman explained.

"Of course. I won't hold you up," Discord cleared a path for him, as Batman went to collect the apples from Applejack, "Stiffer than the stiffs during my day." he said as Batman came back carrying a bushel of apples, "Have a lovely day, Batman. And remember what good is there in a world without a little chaos?" he chuckled at his joke.

Batman thought to himself, 'Joker would love him.'

Later on, Batman was on his way back to the castle, until two unicorns popped in on him. Unknown to him it was Flim and Flam wearing different clothing and wigs to disguise themselves.

"Well, hiya there, stranger." Flim greeted him.

"You're just the one we were looking for." Flam added.

"Excuse me?" Batman asked.

"We're allowing customers to try this free sample of a new fragrance we've developed. And you're our first volunteer." Flim said, as he pulled out a perfume spray bottle, and sprayed it multiple times into Batman's face.

Batman coughed and rubbed his eyes before he saw the two sales ponies were gone. Feeling disturbed enough he proceeded back to the castle, unaware of Flim and Flam watching from behind a bush smirking.

That night, Batman was walking around the castle after having read enough books from the library decided to turn in. As he passed an open window, he heard a voice, "Batman..." he looked out the window seeing no one around. He dismissed it before he heard it again, "Batman... Come out and play."

He looked out the window and thought, "That voice, it can't be." he pulled out his grappling hook and swung out the castle window.

When he reached the ground he walked around the dark empty streets of Ponyville. Hearing no sound at all never meant good by him. He glanced down an alley and saw a figure peek back into it. Batman raced to the alley and slid to a halt seeing no one there. He still remained suspicious, but decided to continue his search elsewhere.

When he turned around he got slugged in the face causing him to back up. He opened his eyes to see his long time enemy Joker standing before him.

"Evening, Batsy." he snickered.

"Joker, but how?" Batman demanded.

"Oh, that's not what matters now, Batman. All that matters is I'm here now, and you are mine." he grinned.

Batman frowned, as he tried to attack the clown, but missed, and got shocked by Joker's trademark electrical handbuzzer.

"Shocking isn't it?" Joker laughed.

Batman got back, and continued to fight Joker. But even when he landed some blows, Joker continued to get up and struck harder. Batman thought, 'This can't be. Joker isn't strong like this.'

"What's the matter, Bats, off your game tonight?" he chuckled.

Batman ignored the taunts and continued to fight, until he heard voices call out to him, "Batman! Batman!"

Suddenly light shined on him and the Joker, as they saw Twilight using her magic as a light, along with Diana, Flash, and Superman, "What're you doing out here?" Diana asked.

"Joker, he's..." Batman looked over and saw Joker was nowhere in sight, "What?"

"Did you say Joker?" Flash asked.

"He was right here." Batman assured him.

Superman looked around using his X-Ray vision, "I don't see him around."

"But that's impossible." Batman gasped in confusion.

"Bats, you seriously need to relax more," Flash suggested, "Let's go back to the castle, get some rest, you'll feel better in the morning."

Batman was escorted back by Diana and Superman with Twilight and Flash following. The dark knight looked back at the alley knowing there was no way Joker could've escaped that fast before the others showed up.

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