• Published 11th Jun 2014
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Justice Ponies - Wildcard25

The Justice League have fought countless creatures from other planets and dimensions. But are they prepared to fight in a world of magic and ponies?

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An Adventure

One night, Chrysalis and Luthor were flying through the night sky of Equestria. They finally touche down into a jungle, "Where are we?" Luthor inquired out of his partner.

"The one we are seeking lives out here." Chrysalis answered.

"Whoever we're looking for sure loves the outdoors." Luthor replied.

"Quit your complaining and stay close to me." Chrysalis ordered, as the two went on through the jungle.

As they walked in silence, they were suddenly confronted by a bunch of jungle cats. Luthor was about to attack, only for Chrysalis to block him. She used her magic hypnosis on the cats causing them to stand down.

They pressed on before coming to an ancient ruin, "We're here." Chrysalis said.

"This is where he lives?" Luthor asked.

"Yes, nothing like my cave but it's still good." Chrysalis admitted.

"I see no difference." Luthor said.

"Don't be a smart mouth, Luthor. Now come on." she continued forward with Luthor following.

As they approached the ruined entrance to the ruins, they were confronted by two stallion guards carrying spears, "Halt, who goes there?!" one demanded.

"Stand down, boys. It's just me." Chrysalis ordered.

The two guards seeing her lowered their spears, "Oh, you're majesty. What brings you here at this hour?"

"I need to talk with your boss. Is he in?"

"Yes, but he's in the middle of feasting, and he doesn't like to be interrupted." one of them explained.

"I think he'll make an exception for me, don't you think?" She asked, while smirking wickedly at them.

The two guards shook in fright, before one answered, "Come right in, your majesty." they stepped aside for her.

Chrysalis strutted past them, and when Luthor followed he was blocked by the two who crossed their spears, "Hey!" he protested.

Chrysalis turned back at the guards, "He's with me." Upon hearing that, the guards lowered their spears allowing Luthor to follow Chrysalis.

They walked along the ruins, until they saw a bonfire up ahead, with pony guards dancing around it, "Is this some kind of sacrificial ritual?"

"No, just entertainment." Chrysalis answered, as they got closer.

Luthor looked past the bonfire seeing some dog like creature wearing jewelry and was stuffing himself with foods, 'What the?' Luthor thought to himself in shock.

Chrysalis spoke to the creature, "Ahuizotl."

The creature known as Ahuizotl looked to see the changeling queen and her partner, "Well, Chrysalis. What a surprise. I wasn't expecting to see you tonight."

"Oh, you know me, Ahuizotl, always popping in unannounced." Chrysalis humored him, and the two laughed.

Luthor looked at the two in sheer annoyance, before clearing his throat. Chrysalis remembering why they came spoke up, "Oh, yes. Ahuizotl, allow me to introduce to you my new partner. This is Lex Luthor. Lex, meet Ahuizotl; collector of lost relics."

Ahuizotl climbed off his thrown and approached the businessman, "Well, a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Luthor." he offered his tail for Luthor to shake.

Luthor feeling awkward shaking the creature's tail hand, had to play cool, "Please, call me Lex,. And the feeling is mutual." he shook Ahuizotl's tail hand.

"So, to what do I owe this little drop in?" Ahuizotl inquired out of the Queen.

"Well, Ahuizotl, my friend Lex here and I have a bit of a problem regarding some meddlers, and we were wondering if you would be interested in helping us do away with them?" Chrysalis asked.

"What's in it for me?" Ahuizotl asked, while crossing his arms.

Luthor looked to Chrysalis hoping she had an actual plan in case of refusal. Chrysalis smiled, "Well, I happen to know the location of a very priceless artifact in a lost temple." she smirked.

Ahuizotl's brow shifted with curiosity, "And what artifact is that?"

"The Emerald Lotus." Chrysalis answered.

Ahuizotl's look of doubt shifted into interest, "Hmm, I'm intrigued. However, there's no doubt my own rival will get there as well."

"Your own rival?" Luthor asked.

"Yes. Everywhere I got, she's always a step ahead. Curse that Daring Do!" Ahuizotl threw his arms up and waved them around. He realized he was being a drama queen and ceased the dramatics.

"Perhaps, we can work that to our advantage." Luthor smirked.

"How so?" Ahuizotl asked.

"You help us in getting rid of the Justice League, and we'll deal with this Daring Do." Luthor negotiated.

Ahuizotl smirked, and answered, "An amusing proposition, Lex."

"Then you'll help?" Chrysalis asked.

"Of course. Just tell me how we can lure this Justice League out?" Ahuizotl inquired, as Lex and Chrysalis smirked.

The next morning, at Fluttershy's cottage Diana was helping the pegasus feed her animal friends. Diana brought a bow of acorns and nuts to the squirrels and mice, "Here you go, little ones." the critters each took an acorn or nut and began eating.

Fluttershy flew over, "Good job, Diana. You really have a way with animals."

"Mother taught me that all life is precious, and if you treat others with respect and kindness you will receive it as well." Diana explained.

"That's very true." Fluttershy agreed.

Diana smiled, and spoke, "Though, Fluttershy. Not to sound mean, but I always notice you always seem to panic more than your friends whenever trouble comes up."

Fluttershy did a double take, "Oh, I do?"

"Yes. Not that there's anything wrong with it. I can tell you are a very sensitive pony."

"Well, I do have my moments of fright. But when my friends really need me I'll always be there for them no matter what." Fluttershy explained confidently.

Diana smiled, and stroked the pegasi's mane, "And that's why the others are glad to have you as a friend."

"The same is said for you, Diana," Fluttershy replied, "I notice you like to act as the big sister of your team."

"I do have that role down don't I?" Diana asked, and the two giggled.

"Fluttershy! Diana!" a voice called. As Fluttershy panicked and hid in a bush.

Diana looked seeing it was Flash, "Flash!" she scolded him.

"What?" he asked in confusion, until he saw he scared Fluttershy, "Oops, sorry, Fluttershy."

"Oh, it's just you, Flash." Fluttershy came out of the bush in relief.

"What is it?" Diana asked.

"J'onn's back, and he has news for us about the Changelings."

"Really?" they asked.

"Yeah, so come on. We're all heading to Twilight's castle." he zipped off.

"Let's go." Diana said, as Fluttershy nodded and they took off.

When they arrived at the castle, the girls, Spike, and the league were gathered before J'onn, "So you think you found the Changelings?" Lantern asked.

"My source wasn't a hundred percent sure, but he was sure enough he was what matched the Changeling's description."

"And he checked out?" Superman asked.

"He wasn't lying." J'onn confirmed.

"And where did he say they were located?" Twilight inquired.

"He said he saw some fly in the direction where it's said to be the location of an ancient temple." the martian explained.

"A temple?" Rarity asked.

"That don't sound like the ideal lair of Changelings." Applejack said in skepticism.

"If J'onn's resource checks out by him, then that's all we need." Batman replied.

"Then we should go," Superman said, "Sooner we find the Changeling's the sooner we find Luthor."

"Then let's go!" Rainbow called, as they nodded and headed out.

Later they were flying through the sky with J'onn holding onto Spike, Superman carrying Applejack and Pinkie Pie, Diana carried Fluttershy and Rarity, Lantern used his ring to help Batman and Flash float alongside him.

"How much further?" Hawk Girl inquired.

"Down here." J'onn answered, as they landed on solid ground in a jungle.

"Why're we landing?" Rainbow asked.

"So we don't give ourselves away." Lantern answered.

"We'll continue on foot from here. Everyone be on guard." Batman instructed, as they started walking.

As they pressed on, the league and the ponies were on high alert. Suddenly there was a purring sound in the air, and Rarity looked at Spike who was walking by her side smiling to himself, "Well, Spike. I never took you for one to purr."

Spike looked up at Rarity, "What do you mean, Rarity? I'm not purring."

"Oh, Spike, there's nothing to be ashamed about it." Rarity teased.

"Rarity, dragons don't purr."

Lantern looked around before realizing what it was, "Dragons don't purr, but they do!" they stopped and saw they were surrounded by multiple jungle cats.

The animals surrounded the group, as Flash cringed, "Uh, nice kitties."

"We can take them." Rainbow said, as she got ready.

Before either side could attacks there was a loud howl coming from all around. The heroes, ponies, and Spike were concerned, but noticed the jungle cats hurried off, "Well, whatever that is got rid of them."

"But what is it?" Fluttershy trembled, as the howl still echoed around.

"It's coming from over there." Twilight motioned to a bush.

They braced themselves, until they saw stepping out of the bush was none other than Daring Do the adventurer, "You all ok?"

"Daring Do!" the ponies gasped.

"She's real?" Spike gasped having heard about her from the girls.

"Daring Do?" The league asked.

"Isn't she that adventurer pony from the book series Rainbow's a big fan of?" Flash asked the girls.

"That's right." Twilight nodded.

Rainbow flew to her idol, "Daring Do, this is so awesome! What're you doing here?"

"I was gonna ask you all the same thing." Daring replied.

"Was that you who drove those cats away?" Fluttershy asked.

"You mean with this?" Daring asked, before she took a deep breath and let out the same loud howl that scared the jungle cats away.

"How ever did you do that?" Rarity asked.

"Lots of practice," Daring answered with pride, before noticing the others accompanying the ponies, "Aren't ya gonna introduce me, Dash?"

Rainbow gasped, "You're right!" she flew over and brought Spike over, "First off, this is Spike. We didn't bring him last time with us, but he's our close friend."

"Well, a baby dragon," Daring began, as she rubbed his head with her hoof playfully, "You're a lot smaller than any other dragon I've encountered on my adventures. And a lot cuter too."

Spike blushed, "Oh, gee."

"And this is the Justice League." Rainbow finished.

"Justice League?" Daring asked curiously.

"They're superheroes, isn't that awesome?!" Rianbow asked with excitement.

"Heroes, huh?" The adventurer asked, as she got a good look at them.

Rainbow introduced them, "This is Batman, Superman, Flash, Diana, Lantern, J'onn, and Hawk Girl. Guys, meet Daring Do, the most awesomest Pegasus in Equestria."

"I thought you said Spitfire was..." Flash began, only for Rainbow to put a hoof over his mouth, and whisper.

"Shut it!" she grinned sheepishly at Daring, who held in a laugh.

"Well, it's nice to meet you all, but what're you doing all the way out here?" Daring asked the league.

"We're looking for someone." Superman answered.

"Really? Because I'm looking for something myself."

"What's that?" Flash asked.

"I'm on a hunt for a relic located in a temple not far from here."

"Oh, and we happened to drop in on it!" Rainbow cheered, "Will you be putting this scene in your next book?" she asked hopefully. Daring rolled her eyes at her fangirl.

"Never mind that," Twilight butted in, "Ms. Do, we have reason to believe an enemy of ours is close by here."

"An enemy of yours?" she asked.

"That's right. And if you're here, then I can assume we may each be on a similar path." the princess explained.

"Hmm, it is strange that we've crossed paths here. So it can't be illogical." the adventurer pondered.

"Perhaps we should stick together on this?" Diana suggested.

"That's an awesome idea, Diana!" Rainbow cheered, before calming down, "I mean if you want to that is, Daring Do."

Daring looked at the group and smiled, "Well, after you all helped me in my previous quest, why not again?"

"Yes!" Rainbow cheered.

"We better get going." Batman said.

"Right, follow me." Daring said, as she led the way, and they all followed her to where they needed to go.

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