• Published 11th Jun 2014
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Justice Ponies - Wildcard25

The Justice League have fought countless creatures from other planets and dimensions. But are they prepared to fight in a world of magic and ponies?

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Friendships Combine

Last time, during a nice visit to the Crystal Empire, Luthor snuck in and disabled the protection spell of the Crystal Heart, allowing his Injustice League of the girls rivals, the Changelings, and Chrysalis entry to the kingdom. As the two sides clashed, Luthor pulled a fast one on Chrysalis, and the rest of his employers by assimilating their changeling energy through devices he tricked them into wearing. The Changeling magic powered Luthor up giving him a stronger form.

The Changeling Luthor descended upon the ground, and looked at himself, "This power coursing through me is unimaginable," he gasped in joy, "I feel stronger, faster, more powerful than ever before."

The heroes and their pony friends were still shocked to see Luthor's new form, "That is one butt ugly human." Rainbow said.

"Yeah, it's like a Luthorling." Pinkie added.

"Meh, I'd go with a Lexling." Flash added his opinion.

"Not the time." Twilight interrupted the two.

As Luthor took a few steps, Chrysalis still on the ground spoke up, "Luthor, we had a deal!"

Luthor looked down at her, "Deal's off. You've given something far better than your service. You've given me your magic. And with it, I can do plenty of damage." he extended his right palm and fired a blast of changeling magic at the heroes and ponies who scattered.

"Ok, I'll bite, what do we do now?" Applejack asked the group.

Batman took a step forward and answered, "Fight till you can't fight anymore."

"I'm with Batman," Twilight took a stance, "All of us together stand a better chance against Luthor, even with his new Changeling magic."

"All of you together?" Luthor asked with an amused chuckle, "Oh, that's a good one."

"She is not joking, Lex." Hawk Girl took a stand.

"That's for sure." Rainbow agreed as she flew by her side.

Their act of boldness got the rest of the heroes, and their friends to take a stand, "You feel lucky taking on all of us, Luthor?" Superman challeneged him.

"Lucky? Who needs luck when you got magic?" he sent another blast of Changeling Magic at them, as they once again dodged.

Flash ran forward and started punching Lex's armor back and forth at the speed of sound, but didn't appear to be penetrating it. Luthor just slammed Flash out of the way.

"Flash!" Rainbow flew in and started flying circles around the mad man, as he tried grabbing her.

He was so distracted he didn't see Superman fly in and slug him, sending him rolling across the ground. Luthor got back up and went head on with the Man of Steel. Batman taking advantage of the situation came at him from behind and stuck one of his explosive batarangs on his suits back. Superman flew back before the batarang detonated.

"You got him!" Spike cheered.

The smoke cleared revealing Luthor's armor still in one piece, "Nice try caped crusader, but your toys won't save you this time." he sent a blast of Changeling magic at him.

Diana jumped in and used her cuffs to block a majority of the blast but was still knocked back, "Diana!" Batman called, as he ran to help her.

Lantern and Hawk Girl took it to the offense by attacking him with ring blasts and mace whacks, "You fools don't get it do you? Your powers cannot affect me this time around."

"Oh, Lexy!" a voice called, as he looked and suddenly met with a pie in the face. When the cream tricked down his face exposing his agitated look. It had came from Pinkie Pie using her party cannon as a pie cannon.

"Smart little!" he fired another blast of magic at Pinkie, who was rescued by Rainbow, but wasn't able to save the cannon.

"MY PARTY CANNON!" Pinkie cried in despair.

J'onn transformed his body into a giant snake and wrapped himself around Luthor trying to crush him. Luthor, however, concentrated and his whole body was covered in green flames, forcing J'onn off him, "Not even the martian is a match for me now."

"But I still am!" Superman called, as the two once again engaged in combat through the streets of the Crystal Empire.

"Doesn't he know not to go all out?" Twilight asked.

"Normally, but in a situation as dire as this, nothing can stop him." Batman answered.

"Then we better help him to make sure he doesn't hurt himself or anypony else." Cadence suggested, as Shining nodded, and they hurried.

Throughout the kingdom, Superman and Lex fought in mid air throwing all they had at each other. Luthor spoke, "You know I still have bits of kryptonite left over from my plan involving the fashion Unicorn?" he mixed some of the kryptonite shards into a magic blast and nailed Superman.

Superman having taken the blow started falling for the ground, as the others looked up, "Twilight, Come on!" Rainbow called, as the two flew up and caught him before bringing him down safely.

"Are you all right?" Flash asked.

Superman groaned, "I'll be fine. Just need to shake it off." he struggled.

"Easy." Lantern stopped him.

"You did good, but we'll take it from here." Twilight said, as Luthor returned to the ground.

"Just surrender and I may spare you." Luthor offered them.

"That's a dirty offer." Applejack said.

"You had the chance." Luthor said, as he once again attacked them.

Each of the league and ponies were doing their part to strike or distract Luthor, but was proving more insufficient after another. Shining spoke, "How can we fight something like him when he's running on the Changeling's magic?"

"We may have to fight magic with magic." Cadence suggested.

"I agree." Twilight said, as she flew at their side.

As the league was holding Luthor off, they powered up their magic into their horns and blasted Luthor. Luthor took the attacks and was being forced back, "But how?"

"Maybe physical attacks won't work so much on you, Luthor, but magic is plenty affective." Twilight called him out.

"Your magics combined still fails in comparison to all the changeling magic I've assimilated." Luthor blasted the three with his magic, as they evaded.

Twilight and Cadence flew around blasting at Luthor from above with their magic, while the league and the ponies fought him on ground level to keep him from going airborne.

"Now that we know your weakness, Luthor, you've lost your edge." Batman said, as he jumped Luthor from behind and clung to him.

"I'm not out yet!" Luthor threw Batman over him and onto Flash.

As Twilight and Cadence flea around, Twilight noticed the green gemstone in the enhancer he wore around his neck, "Cadence that gemstone in that device around his neck. That must be where he's channeling all the changeling magic he stole."

"So if we destroy it..." Cadence began.

"He loses the magic." Twilight finished.

"We'll need to concentrate and time it right." Cadence instructed.

The two started charging up their magic and waited to time it right when the gemstone in Lex's enhancer was wide open. Before they could fire their combined magic blast, Luthor looked up and blasted them both with double changeling magic from his palms.

"Twilight! Cadence!" the group called.

Lantern quickly shielded them inside a green bubble from his ring, but even it wasn't strong enough to protect them and shattered. Both princesses were knocked backwards in mid air before regaining altitude.

Luthor turned his focus back to the ponies and the league, "You've been a thorn in my side for far too long. Prepare to get plucked!" he sent his twin magic blasts at them.

"NO!" Twilight cried, as she flew down to help her friends.

"Twilight!" Cadence, Shining, and Spike cried.

Twilight made it in time before the blasts could hit them and all were caught in the attack, "So long Justice League," Luthor looked smug, until a confused look grew on his face, "What?" He saw his magic blasts were negated and could see a magical aura surrounding Twilight and her five friends, "What's going on?" he demanded.

Twilight, her friends, and the league were raised up into the air above Luthor, as Twilight spoke, "You made a big mistake in attacking my friends, Luthor."

"Whoa." Spike gasped.

"Amazing." Shining gasped, as Cadence landed at his side.

"This magic, what is it?" Luthor demanded.

"This is the magic of Friendship, Luthor," Twilight began, "You wouldn't understand how powerful friendship can be, especially our friendship. And when our friendship is combined with the friendship we've forged with the Justice League and the friendship they have with each other, that's more powerful than any magic you could ever take from anypony else!"

"This isn't possible!" Luthor declared in denial.

"But it is, Luthor." Superman answered, "You've lost!"

Their friendship combined emitted a rainbow beam that shot from them at Luthor who screamed, as the Changeling magic was stripped from his body turning him back to normal, as well as his armored suit shattering leaving him only in his black skivvies and green torso plate to reduce his kryptonite caner. When the armor was destroyed the Crystal Heart was freed and Spike caught it.

Luthor looked up and saw the league and their pony friends approach him, with Batman cuffing him. Batman turned to Twilight, "Friendship really is magic." he smiled, making Twilight and her friends smile back.

They brought Luthor over to Spike, Shining Armor, and Cadence. As Spike hugged Twilight, the princess of magic spoke, "So what's going to happen with you guys now?"

"Once we find a way back home, we'll turn Luthor over to the authorities." Superman answered.

"So what about them?" Flash asked, while motioning to Luthor's former Injustice League.

"We'll make sure they're each turned over to the proper authorities here in Equestria." Cadence answered.

"And them?" Lantern asked, as he motioned to Chrysalis and her changelings who were still too weakened to rise to their hoofs.

"Leave this to us," Twilight said, as she, her friends, Cadence, Spike, and Shining approached the queen, "It hurts doesn't it, Chrysalis?" she began, "Lied, deceived, betrayed, having something you cherish so much taken from you?"

"It's exactly how we felt when you tried to take over Canterlot." Cadence added.

"I-I didn't know it could feel this painful." Chrysalis said, feeling guilty.

"Your magic means as much to you and your changelings just as we and everypony else cherish the love we have for each other." Twilight said.

"We are alike, but you regard our love as mere nourishment," Cadence lectured the queen, "Just as Luthor regarded your own magic as nourishment for himself."

The changeling queen looked up at them with sorrow in her eyes, "I-I'm so sorry. I didn't know losing something so precious meant the same to both of us. I'm sorry." she cried, as a tear fell down her cheek and hit the ground. Suddenly the sections she was lying on started glowing as a magical aura lifted the Changeling queen off the ground.

"What now?" Hawk Girl gasped, thinking the worse hadn't passed yet.

"I don't know." Lantern answered, as they and the Changelings watched the magic surround Chrysalis.

Suddenly she was illuminated by the magic and that very magic washed over the other changelings transforming them. They now looked like regular ponies with different colored coats, tails, manes, and cutie marks, while they had wings that looked like fairy wings the size of an average Pegasi's wings.

The groups saw descending from above them was Chrysalis who underwent a transformation also. She was now an alicorn only her wings were also large version of the fairy wings her subjects now have. Her coat was colored yellow, her mane and tail was hot pink that had that alicorn wave to them, had a pink rose for a cutie mark, and on her head was a crown that resembled a blooming rose. She opened her eyes revealing to now be pink.

She looked at the ponies and Justice League with a warm smile, "Thank you, everypony."

"Chrysalis, is that you?" Twilight asked.

"Not anymore, Twilight Sparkle," she answered, "I am Rosedust; Princess of Flutter Ponies."

"Rosedust?" Rainbow asked in confusion.

"Princess of Flutter Ponies?" Flash asked feeling the same as his pegasus friend.

Twilight and Cadence looked shocked, "You're all really the Flutter Ponies?" Cadence gasped.

Diana looked at Cadence, "Is there something you know?"

"I've read that the Flutter Ponies were once a majestic group of ponies that hailed from another land. They had the ability to blow strong gusts of wind using their wings. But the legend said they vanished without a trace and were presumed extinct." The Princess of Love explained.

Rosedust spoke, "Well, there's an explanation as to how we became the Changelings. A long time ago, our kingdom was invaded by dark forces. Many of my subjects were badly hurt, and we wouldn't be able to hold our own forever. Desperate I pleaded with a dark sorcerer unicorn to give me and all my subjects the power to defeat our enemies."

"He obliged, but warned me that the power he would bestow upon us would have dire consequences. They didn't matter to me if it meant keeping my subjects alive and safe. So he cast a spell on us transforming us into what you knew as Changelings. With our newfound power and abilities of transformation we defeated our enemies, but none of us were the same ever again." she sighed, "Before the transformation was made, he told me the only way to break free from this curse would be if I were to experience sadness as my new resurrected form, but doubted I would because I would feel nothing bu the desire to feed off love, as would my subjects," the girls and League started feeling sorry for her and her subjects, "Until Luthor assimilated our magic my evil self realized how important the magic was to her just as how much your love for each other means to all of you. That was what set us all free from the curse."

One of the former changelings now flutter ponies flew over, "And now that we're no longer plagued by the curse, we can begin anew. Can't we your highness?"

Rosedust smiled, "Of course we can. And I wish to begin anew with all of you. Ponies, Justice League, could you ever forgive me and my subjects for what we've done to you and everypony else?" she asked.

They approached as Twilight offered her hoof, "Of course we can."

"Really, just like that?" Rosedust asked in confusion, "Even after all we've done to you? I tricked your friends into abandoning you, and imprisoned you and Cadence into the caverns below Canterlot. I even attacked and defeated your mentor!"

"You weren't yourself," Cadence spoke up, "None of you were. We know that now. And we'd be willing to forget the horrible past and help you all with a fresh clean start."

Rosedust looked at the two princesses in surprise, before seeing the rest of their friends and the Justice League smiling in confirmation. Rosedust smiled as she put her hoof to Twilight's, and the two princesses hugged. As they did, Shining Armor put the Crystal Heart back in its place giving the empire it's protective shield again

Flash spoke up looking happy at the princesses, "I might cry."

"Go ahead, we won't judge." Applejack said. Hearing that Flash shed some tears before hugging Pinkie who hugged him back.

"I may throw up." Luthor grumbled.

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