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1000 years - Thars the deer canine

1000 years is Princess Twilight Sparkle's age

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The beginning of my "Totally Original" story

February 19, 2014

Dear diary,

Today was the worst day of my life. It all started when I woke up this morning and I had another "Princess lesson" with The Princess. She was teaching me how to produce a force field large enough to protect an entire empire (just like my sister-in-law, Cadence). We sat upon one of the Canterlot Castle's many balconies, where I got the perfect view of Canterlot. I tried three times to conceal all of Canterlot in a giant shield until i finally got it my fourth try.

"Good job my student, you are advancing quickly...you should go off to bed soon, it's almost moon rise." Princess Celestia ordered in a soft voice.

"Yes, princess..." I obeyed.

I had a question on my mind for a while and I couldn't help but, ask the Princess.

"Princess?" I asked quietly.

"Yes, Twilight Sparkle?" She asked worryingly.

"If you and Princess Luna have been alive since the founding of Equestria does that mean that alicorns are immoral?" I replied with confusion

"Well...yes." The Princess answered with worry

"Oh" I replied with sorrow

"Why do you ask?" Celestia asked confused

"Well, if alicorn's live forever, that means I will outlive my friends." I replied sadly

"Yes Twilight, you will outlive them, but we should not look down on the future, we should celebrate that we have each other" she informed me

"Did you have friends that you outlived?" I asked with interest to see if she understood

"Yes, both me and Luna do, but we do not regret losing them, we celebrate their eventful lives...now go on to bed, I should have already lowered the Sun and Luna is waiting for me." She said with shining eyes

"Yes, Princess" I answered with a fake smile.

"Oh and Twilight...Good Luck" She simply said with all her wisdom.

I simply looked at her with a bewildered face "Good luck with what?" I asked her.

"Hm good night, Twilight" She replied with a twinkle in her eyes and a smile on her face.

she sure is strange sometimes

As I walked down to my bedroom, I noticed Philomena flying behind me. She landed on my head in a hurry and pecked my nose repeatedly. I quickly shooed her off of my head and she flew down the hall.

Strange Phoenix she is, well my muzzle should be fine without any first aid

When I arrive to my room Spike was waiting for me in his small bed, half asleep with a checklist in hand. I tried not to wake as I checked off the last thing on the list, "Princess Lesson". I quietly slipped the parchment paper and quill into the nightstand next to my bed. I settled myself under the blue bedsheets with multiple scary thoughts running through my mind.

What does the future hold for me? Do I even have a future? Can I stand an eternity as a "Princess"? Would Celestia still be there to support me?

February 20, 2014

Dear diary,

I was wrong. This morning, I was woken up by Spike pulling me off the bed by my hoof. He continued to scream multiple words like "TWILIGHT...CELESTIA...GET UP...PLEASE DON'T...BE...GONE!!!!!!" I quickly got up to stop his excessive screaming.

"Spike what in Equestria are you yelling about?" I asked him firmly before being pulled into a tight embrace.

"OH TWILIGHT, YOU'RE OKAY THANK GOODNESS!" He squealed into my ear.

"Why wouldn't I be okay??" I asked as he released me.

He quickly grabbed my hoof and pulled me out the door. As soon as Spike opened the bedroom door to lead me to the problem, I could see guards were standing all throughout the hall, spear in hoof.

What I Equestria is going on here

Spike quickly pulled me through the hall. We stopped in a short hall, filled with Princess Celestia's guards shouting at the top of their lungs in a panic. Next to the crowd of guards, was a saddened Draconequus with his head fallen rather low.

I've never seen Discord so down-hearted, something very serious must have happened and I'm going to find out

I put on my bravest face and marched through the crowd of Solar Guards. Most of them tried to get in my way, but only pushed further. As I got threw to the front of the crowd, my brave, strong facade quickly melted away to become a scared and terrified face. The only thing I could see was Princess Celestia lying in her bed with multiple stabbing marks in her chest, missing an eyeball, feathers scattered around the room show a struggle. Upon closer inspection, you can see large holes in the mattress.

Just then, I could feel my whole world starting to crash down as if somepony was hitting my legs with an axe slowly until I fell down all at once. Tears ran down my face as I tried to think. Just last night Celestia told that is should celebrate somepony's passing, but how can I when she has left me, my only mentor.

"Princess?" A voice tapped on my shoulder. I turned around to see a solar Pegasus guard with a sympathetic expression.

"How is Princess Luna holding up?" I asked with tears running into my mouth.

"She has also...passed." he answered with regret.

"PASSED?!?! YOU MEAN MURDERED!!!!!" I shouted with all my might. My outburst was making much more of a scene than the Royal guard had intended because now most of the Royal Guard was surrounding the door, even Discord had taken a peek in.

"Please Princess, it will be okay, especially since now you are the Ruler of Equestria now." He pleaded, thinking he was making everything better when he indeed was not.

RULER?!?!?!? I can't do this anymore, I have to get out of her

I quickly flew out of the open window on the far side of the bedroom. I'll most likely regret that later. I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.

Author's Note:

Guess what happens next and you get cookies and muffins

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I know why everyone is disliking my fics:pinkiecrazy:because is killed of Celestia:trollestia:and not Spike:moustache:

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