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Many years have passed in Ponyville and Twilight Sparkle has never yet found love. Until this point, she thinks she never will find it. Although she hasn't put that much thought into her romance life, she stumbled upon a very old and dusty book hidden in the depths of her library. Twilight finds her old scrap book and remembers her childhood when she lived in Canterlot. Upon seeing the Scrap Book, she is determined to set off to find some old friends, before the ones in Ponyville.

Although this tale of Twilight is meant for her to re-unite with childhood friends, and with a stallion she's denied, Winter's unforgiving season will determine the fate of her love, her friends, and her sanity.

Note: This story will have alot of mood change. Prepare for some funny moments and depressing moments to... boring moments/tension build up moments.

Fun: On the side from all this, try to spot out as many Vietnam referances in this story.

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will read tomorrow late for me


Nice read, definately interested on the premise

Plus, a Vietnam vet? I caught most of the reference you had in there because my dad would tell me all his time in the jungle. I only got to serve in the Gulf War though

Nice work! Plz write more and add rainbow dash in the novel too!!! Pretty plz?:scootangel:

Oh my god this is getting interesting I hope something good comes, but I know the part at the end is really sad though.:pinkiesad2:

For sure the ending is going to be sad. Ready your tissues.

Wow, this is really good. You had grammar spot on and from what I can tell, no spelling errors. I got interested in this because it has a "Romance" tag, which I am a sucker of, and it had Vietnam references( because I'm Vietnamese-American). Looking forward for more to come.

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Still trying to figure how to fit her in their.
All I know is it'll be similar to what happened with Rarity. So don't feel bad if... things go bad with her

I don't quite get what's going on with this story. Perhaps it'll make more sense as I read on. I like it though.

Looks good so far still, Twilight's mind is playing games with her.

Dang I have a feeling the rest of the story would be more sadness and I feel Twilight is going to cry her eyes out plus she won't be sleeping for days or nights.:fluttercry:

I would choose Retribution.

Good job on this fanfic, was good following this since the beginning! I hope to see new and more fanfic from you at some point in the future! :ajsmug:

Well what can i say?
both endings are f***d, the whole story too...
Why I read it in the first place....:facehoof:

Because Napalm is a nutritious drink.

This is just mindfuck. I had no idea what was going on. I couldn't even finish it.

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