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I am The Less Anonymous Top Hat. Mostly I do pony and pony related art, but recently I've tried switching from a brush to a pen (or a stylus to a keyboard as the case may be).


[Set in an Anthro Science Fiction AU called Mythic!Equestria]

Magic in its five forms, Technology in its infinite permutations, and Spirits both Greater and Lesser, all cohabiting the same world. A nascent Republic expanding beyond its skies. Beings from lost histories and from ancient legends lurking in the periphery. The Ponies of the planet Equestria are enjoying the fruits of a unified planet with a boom of technology and discovery. And though no war threatens, a united world is not without conflict. Cults and criminals, cutthroat business and tangled politics all have risen to replace the specter of war.

Somewhere on this blooming world, a young mare named Eos is about to get the most jarring wake-up call of her life, tumbling into a world familiar, yet strange, and thrust into events not even the Greater Spirits could have foreseen. Or could they?

[Note: This is not Future!Equestria. There is no historical continuity with the canon of the show.]

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 15 )

Already in the works! :twilightsmile:

7208021 That's good!:pinkiehappy: I was waiting for this for so long after I found the cover art on deviantart that I forgot about it!:twilightblush::rainbowlaugh:

This actually was pretty good!

Good to hear! Happy to see folks are liking the premise so far.

7208720 I'll admit it was a bit confusing at first. But I got it eventually

Fascinating introduction. We have the mysterious mare Eos, who's apparently a Magus who woke up after a long period of slumber. And she defended a group of her allies from a Technist incursion. This appears to imply she has some significant level of power or something. It also seems that the Magus and Technist factions are antagonistic to each other.

Hmm... I wonder what this Technist faction wants with her, and how long she has slumbered. I predict it's several centuries (as how it usually is). And more to the point, I wonder what's Eos's past and how it relates into why the Technists want her. I think I know the symbolism behind her name, but I think I'll wait and see.

Definitely adding this to my watch list.

Hmmm... Interesting. VERY interesting... :pinkiecrazy:

She blushed furiously in response to the intrusive, and even a couple of the other ponies looked at him oddly.

Missing a word here, I think.

Fun stuff. Looking forward to more.

Nice catch! Thanks for pointing that out.

Why hasn't the next chapter been posted? :unsuresweetie:

Hello? Is the next chapter being worked on?

I'm not the world's swiftest writer, and I try to balance writing with other things I have to do, so just bear with me as I work on it when I can. But yes, chapter 2 is being worked on.

7379443 When do you think it'll be out?

Is this still being worked on?

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