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I am The Less Anonymous Top Hat. Mostly I do pony and pony related art, but recently I've tried switching from a brush to a pen (or a stylus to a keyboard as the case may be).

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[Set in an Anthro Science Fiction AU called Mythic!Equestria]

Magic in its five forms, Technology in its infinite permutations, and Spirits both Greater and Lesser, all cohabiting the same world. A nascent Republic expanding beyond its skies. Beings from lost histories and from ancient legends lurking in the periphery. The Ponies of the planet Equestria are enjoying the fruits of a unified planet with a boom of technology and discovery. And though no war threatens, a united world is not without conflict. Cults and criminals, cutthroat business and tangled politics all have risen to replace the specter of war.

Somewhere on this blooming world, a young mare named Eos is about to get the most jarring wake-up call of her life, tumbling into a world familiar, yet strange, and thrust into events not even the Greater Spirits could have foreseen. Or could they?

[Note: This is not Future!Equestria. There is no historical continuity with the canon of the show.]

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“Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria, there were two regal sisters who ruled together.” So begins a tale with which we are all familiar; a story about six friends and their adventures, both fantastic and mundane. But what if...

What if Twilight Sparkle didn't earn her royal status by merit, but by revolution? Why would she do it? What could have caused her to turn against her mentor? How would she rule Equestria, now that it is in her hooves? This gives us a brief look into the throne room of the newly-crowned Queen Twilight Sparkle.

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Everything is perfectly fine in the town of Ponyville until an urgent and unexpected letter sends Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash rushing to Canterlot, straight into the jaws of an adventure neither of them are remotely prepared to face. Their friendship will be tested in ways no villain has yet, and the consequences will be dire for one of our heroines should the duo fail that test.

(Chronologically set in the interim between Seasons 2 and 3; Cover Art by TLATopHat)

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