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At the end of Goodbye Deponia, we never truly saw Rufus die, did we? And what's not to say he that didn't? Rufus has had plenty of deadly falls before. Still, he never had one that dropped him into another world! Now the deponian soon finds himself in an unfamiliar land filled with the most unusual inhabitants who pride themselves on harmony. Fortunately for Rufus, the natives's make the horrible mistake of offering him the hospitality of staying.

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Was okay. I'd like to see more

Story's interesting, grammar is pretty iffy. Sometimes it's alright, and sometimes, it turns into a big mess of unintelligible words. Not hate, just read your fic after creating it. Don't rush it. :twilightsmile:

Great Story :pinkiegasp: Never Thought I'd See A Deponia Cross over any time soon for FimFiction but still I'm looking forward to how this story progress :twilightsmile: Also nice on the tutorial having it so close to the original game tutorial :twilightsheepish:

I really really REALLY like that story! Its pretty sad that there arent any Deponia fictions (well i didnt found any) so i hope you are going to countine it! Cant Wait until the next chapter! :twilightsmile:

Yay, this is how anyone should open a Deponia Fanfiction. With Rufus dieing!


hey am about to go into this fic i hope we can get to see the carzy things he makes like in the games

ok i read it now am hate raretiy so mech right now

Deponia? oh my god, Why i didn't know all about this?

faints, curls up in the fetal position and cries about the inhumanity of it all

When Deponia Doomsday came out, It like this author can read the future!
It like Rarity was a version of Ronny but different. I don't know what happen to Elephant and Timeloop or McChronicle, but this story will become a Masterpiece of Short Fiction, well, I don't know what happens to Mr Lullaby... I hope he came one day. Otherwise, something BAAAD happen.
To be honest, no one care about this (Expect Russian), I hope someone reads this message and make a deponia fanfics.
This is the first Deponia fic I read.

Also , Poki, you did it again.
you know, something, instead of absolutely nothing.

I'm a bit disapointed in my purchase and it's not because the game wasn't good, it was very good in fact, it's just that it feels like Poki is intentionally trying to make fans feel unsatisfied at this point.

I'm waiting for a proper conclusion that doesn't end this great series with a "it's over, deal with it nerds also fuck you".

Oh God.
Rarity No.

Welp. Prepare for the end times boys!

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