• Published 18th Dec 2013
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The Street Dragon and the Cotton Candy Baker - DARKPHANTOM13

Twilight's parents divorced seven years ago when she was ten. She went to live with her mother while her eight year old adoptive brother went to live with their father. Now that she's seventeen and moved to Ponyville Spike is moving in.

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Enter the Dragon

I looked out of the window as I watched the scenery zoom past in the morning light. All the while I listen to my music to keep me busy. I have since in this moving truck since yesterday afternoon and safe to say it has been pretty dull. With the only things I have been able to do not counting the pit stops and food runs is sleeping and listening to my music. Plus the guy driving isn't exactly helping me fight the boredom. It isn't like he is a bad guy or anything, he is just plain weird. When I tried to start a conversation he starts going on and on about jelly, different flavors, how it's made, and its history. Safe to say I tuned him out after the third sentence.

I noticed my reflection on the truck window. My green hair is still as messy and spikey as always. My unique eyes, as some call it, are as green as my hair and somewhat resembled the snake eyes. Which become more so when I'm angry. Apparently it's a genetic trait that appears in certain people and families along with my somewhat large canine teeth. I'm somewhat tanned from how I often spent his time outside. I was wearing my usual green shirt that was hidden under my purple and black short sleeved hooded jacket, a pair of gray jeans, and my green and black sneakers. The small slash scar on my left cheek is a new addition to my look. In a way it represents one of the reasons why I'm in this moving truck in the first place.

*Ring Ring* My phone ringed in my pocket. I take off my headphones, take my phone, and check the caller ID to see that it was my dad. Another reason why I've been cooped up in this truck for so long. I flip open phone and put it to my ear. I said, "Hey dad."

"Hey Spike." My dad replied. "How are you doing? Are you close to Ponyville?"

"I'm okay, bored out of my mind, but okay. As for if we’re almost there, I don't know. Give me a sec." I take the phone out my ear and asked the driver, "Hey, how much longer till we get there?"

"Another hour or so." He answered.

"Thanks." I put the phone back to my ear. "We're about an hour away."

"Good. Sorry I can't be there to drop you off myself." My dad apologized.

"Don't worry dad. I know you have an important meeting you have to get to at work." I replied.

"Thanks son. I'm sure you'll have a great time at Ponyville." My dad said, trying to be optimistic.

"I still don't see why I have to go live with mom and Twilight in the first place."

"You're going to be living with them because I want you to stay safe."

"Dad, I can take care of myself."

"Yeah, that is how you ended up in the hospital."

"That wasn't my fault. Those guys cornered me. What was I supposed to do just stand there and take it?" I defended myself. Bullying has always been a problem for me. There is always someone who is trying to either pick a fight or mess with me. It was about a few months after my adoptive parents’ divorce that I decided to fight back but, I always made sure I fought smart. I never throw the first punch and I always made sure there are witnesses that couldn't stand the guy picking on me when I'm at school. Though the bullies soon started to pick fights with me on the streets. While they managed to rough me up I made sure I got a few swings in and give them either a bruise or a shiner. A kid that was a couple years older than me found me on the ground in an alleyway and helped me out. His name was Diston Q. Anarchy but he preferred his street name Discord. I told him about my problems and he helped me by teaching me how to fight. That was when I was introduced to the world of street fighting, much to my older brother, Shining, displeasure. Over time I got stronger, faster, and more skilled. I could even take down multiple people older than me by myself. At one point I became famous among the street fighters in Manhattan and got the nickname, the 'Street Dragon'.

"I know you can but can you blame me? Around twenty guys ganged up and attacked my son. Any right minded parent would be worried out of their minds." My dad countered. A lot of the older bullies didn't like the fact that I beat them up or made fools of them when they tried to pick on me. It got the point where they pretty much decided to attack me all at once with a few of them either carrying bats or knifes. I might be a great fighter but I wasn't invincible. A few bruised or cracked ribs, dislocated left arm, sprained left hand and right ankle, a small concussion, a broken arm and nose, and a bunch of bruises, scrapes, and cuts with a few of those cuts leaving a scar like the one on my cheek. Though that didn't mean I went down without a fight. I might have ended up in the hospital but I made sure to take every single person that attacked me along for the ride. It was only a few days ago that I was fully healed and got the last of the bandages and stuff off. "Who knows what they'll try next since you sent them all to the hospital. You may be able to protect yourself but you can't stop bullets." Okay he had a point there. I guess I should be thankful that nobody was packing heat when they jumped me. "I know that you don't want to leave your friends and that this feels like running away but I just want to keep you safe."

"Okay dad. I see your point. I can still talk and chat with my friends through my phone and computer. It would be nice to see mom and Twilight again." That is probably one of the few good things about moving to Ponyville. I haven't seen in her or mom since the divorce. My sister and I use to exchange letters and stuff but we sort of lose touch with each other. I just hope she managed to make some friends. While I don't have a large number of friends myself I was a lot more social than Twilight was when I last saw her.

"That's the spirit. Listen, I got to go. Text me when you get there and unpack your stuff at Velvet's house."

"Sure dad. Later."

"Bye Spike." And with that he ended his call as I closed and put away my phone. I put my headphones back on and listen to my music. After a while we past a large sign that said 'Welcome to Ponyville.'

'I hope you're ready Ponyville,' I thought to myself. 'because the Street Dragon is coming to town.'