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Disregard Reality, Live for ponies. Kidding I just enjoy my little pony as good as the next person and i enjoy fan fiction too


Krazy Kay was born a raider, and since then he has always been told one thing, He is free and no pony can tell him what to do. Now a grown Stallion he wanders the wasteland with his group of "friends" in search of caps, booze and drugs and killing Everypony who gets in his way, but shortly after a chance run in with a group of merchants he soon finds himself asking the same question over and over" Am I truly free?"

a story set in the universe of fallout Equestria
you can read Fallout Equestria by Kkat on Equestria Daily

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Oh, now I'm interested. There are few fallout equestria fic that have raider's, or at least ex-raider's as the protagonist. Aren't raider's in the canon supposed to be either people who gave up in life in favor of killing with wreck less abandon for their lives (willing crazy cannon foder) or people infected by some pycho disease? Wouldn't the 'protagonist' and his group fit in the bad it category? I have yet to hear how they decorate their from lawn with the corpses of their foes. And Kaz's sexual interest in Vixen sound like it could lead to some trouble down the road.

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