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Disregard Reality, Live for ponies. Kidding I just enjoy my little pony as good as the next person and i enjoy fan fiction too


Bright Spark is a unicorn from Trottingham, currently enrolled in Princess Celestia's University of Magical Education in Canterlot, and has just finished his first year. Bright Spark is a laid back student, and his grades show it, getting an A in his practical magic class is brilliant, the other four Ds however, might keep him from his next year of study . When he is forced to spend his summer in Ponyville getting tutored by The princess's star student Twilight Sparkle, in the hope of scoring extra credit, he finds he is not the only one to be tutored,

Book Smart, is an Earth pony from Manehatten, a strait A student just out of high school, obsessed with learning everything she possibly can , but more then anything she want to study magic, as an earth pony she can not actually perform magic, which Book Smart is well aware of , however she is determined that this will not stop her from understanding everything she can about it. With this in mind she applied to Princess Celestia's University of Magical Education. Much to her surprise they accepted her and her rather unique situation, but on one condition she has to spend her summer in Ponyville studying under Princess cilestia's star student and pass an Exam based around magical theory.

When both ponies meet they can't stand each other, Bright Spark sees Book Smart as a know-it-all and a teachers pet, and for some reason he can't put his hoof on, he can't stand to be around her, Book Smart sees her counterpart as Lazy, arrogant and a waste of a magical horn, But at the same time she can't figure out why she likes spending time with him.

What will happen, will Bright spark get the extra credit he needs to go back to school, and will they ever get on, read on and find out.

(my first fic criticism is not only welcome but encouraged ((I can't improve if I don't Know what I'm doing wrong)) original characters belong to me Enjoy)

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The phrase "Opposites attract" come to mind here:rainbowhuh:

Not bad for a first fic, but you *really* need an editor. Way too many mistakes all over the place.

Nice one with the song:twilightsmile:

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