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New Story: "Don't Look Back in Anger" · 9:02am Sep 1st, 2017

TDon't Look Back in Anger
So Celly can wait; she know's it's too late, as we're walking on by.
Super Trampoline · 1.1k words  ·  38  10 · 1.7k views

Tonight I finished writing my first serious story in a bit, shoehorned into Oroboro's 🌅🚢 Sunset Shipping Contest. It's a short look at Sunset Shimmer and Flash Sentry through the lens of Britpop.

You should read it.
(NB4 Present Perfect complains it's not pony enough in his review.)

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Paradise Oasis Fan Group Reboot · 9:37pm Jul 17th, 2016


I'm fixing up Paradise's fan group! As she said so herself, it's like a tomb in there! Please check this link out. You don't even have to know her right away to join; just PM the amazing mare and you'll be close friends in minutes. No joke guys.


I have a serious case of earworm right now. · 7:26pm Mar 23rd, 2019

Somebody help me, please.

I can't get it out of my head.


Help, Please! · 9:19pm Jan 2nd, 2016

Do you want to star in an audio drama? How about help out? Do you want to have a new hobby, joined by many great people here on FimFic? Then read below!

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We're sort of proud to present... · 5:16pm Nov 16th, 2015

...things that were rejected from the chapter ''Sing Along With Bee-Bop!'' in Paradise Oasis' ''Tales of Another Ponyville''; I was involved in the chapter's development process. Paradise Oasis rejected these, citing their relationship to the real world, which the author did not wish to reflect in the story. I would, personally, have liked to have included these. However, as Peter Falk remarked at the end of The Princess Bride..."As you wish." So, as a result, you did not see these in

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Release of Fallout Equestria story being delayed. · 3:28pm May 4th, 2019

Fallout Equestria: The Angels of Oasis is going to be held back until late evening Wednesday or early Thursday as a result of unfavorable front page conditions. There are three brand new FoE sidefics sitting in the new box, a strong number 1 story and An Intricate Disguise posted some trend-riding RGRE-HiE clopfic. Posting any new story for the next three days is playing Russian Roulette with a Fat Man.

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Mechanic: F250 APIM programming [RANT] · 2:37am Feb 14th, 2020

Grab your favorite silly straw and a beverage I suppose; this one is gonna be a fun ride.


We’ll be talking about a late-model F250 with all the bells and whistles, and there’s gonna be some inexactness regarding codes and whatnot, ‘cause I can’t remember and couldn’t be bothered to look it up, and you’ll find out why as we get into this thing.

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Unleash the Magic - Nightmare Night on deck · 4:01pm May 9th, 2019

Sorry for the wait, folks, but I *really* had to conclude that last battle in Into the Storm: The Flight of Firefly before I moved on from it. But it's all good--I'm actually rather eager to work on Nightmare Night now, having had enough of writing some very bloody and complicated battle scenes! The irony of the Unleash the Magic series is, it has/will have some major battle scenes as

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The Scent of Prey is Being Worked on + FoE:TAoO After-Action Report · 2:12am May 17th, 2019

Starting off with some good news: Fallout Equestria: The Angels of Oasis performed exactly as I'd hoped, briefly featuring and wracking up 48 likes over the course of a week. While this may not sound like much next to the RGRE powerhouses, TSoP, AGP, Movie Night, and FG, FoE stories have a habit of being roundly ignored and in fact 48 likes puts it in a two-way tie for 15th place out of the 157 stories currently sitting in the Fallout Equestria Group's

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