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Vaguely inspired by my favorite Oasis song, thus the cover art, which is a ponified version of this.

Slightly shoehorned into Oroboro's 🌅 🚢 ing contest.
Honorable Honorable Mention! Thanks Dubs Rewatcher!

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I wouldn't say by any means I'm an expert on 90s British pop culture, but being inspired by Oasis, this has a few casual and possibly shoe-horned references.

The fact it was set in 90s Britain was what made me read it, but honestly, other then mentioning band names and the M25 it didn't really add anything to the story. And I can scarcely call it a story, it's more of a scene in witch nothing really happens but exposition.

Still, it was well written and I did enjoy it. I just wish there was more substance.

As I said in the above comment, I'm no expert on British 90s pop culture, so if you would like to suggest some other touchstones or phrases I might mention, I'm all ears.

And yeah, this is hardly a story, but I do a lot of these sort of multi part scenes that are just long enough to technically call stories. I have a hard time writing longer stories, so I stick with what I can do. I'm glad you enjoyed it for what it was though!

It wasn't so much the pop culture references, it was more like the fact it was set in 90s Britain didn't mean anything to the story. It could have been present day Oregon or 60s France and other then the references it would be the same story.

I just think you should have set the scene a bit more. Have them drive down the winding lanes flanked by tall geeen hedgerows in a 80s mini. Describe the land around them. Maybe have Flash try to tune a portable radio to BBC Radio One where they're reading off the current charts where Oasis and Blur are battling it out.

Also, unless things were different in the 90s and I just didn't notice it, everyone would be out sunbathing in the middle of a heatwave and only farmers wear the clothes you described on that dog walker, and that's only during shooting season in the autumn. Well, the trousers and hat are still good, but it he wouldn't wear the coat. It should be more of a cream coloured striped shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

But take everything I said with a grain of salt. I can bearly remember the 90s and I was still a baby when Britpop started. :twilightsheepish:

Lots of things need a second chance. I mean, look at Oasis.

Too soon, man. I don't care if it's been eight years since they split.
Nice fic, regardless. :twilightsmile:

Oh shoot I forgot to mention this isn't supposed to take place in the 90s, but rather just sort of be a celebration of 90s Britpop. Like they're listening to a britpop radio station or something.

Plus, Molly (Or Maddy or MDMA or E or Ecstasy) is more associated with the Madchester scene, the burgeoning rave culture, and the "second summer of Love" era of '88 and '89. But I cribbed it for this story.

The superficialness of the references was already pointed out, but I went ahead and made a material example.
Now it is about building communism in the 20th century

It was nice, though. The dialogue could be less ambiguous? What I mean is, is Sunset just sort of wandering along near Flash, letting the radio fill in the silence while her mind is elsewhere (awkward silence, punctuated by short stabs at conversation and casual physical contact), or is it supposed to be an easy silence? The gaps between dialogue and the stiltedness of "wanna hear an unpopular opinion" make me think of awkwardness which is why Comrade Stalin has to appear to help them get dialectical.

What the fuck, this is amazing, comrade. Will definitely blog about it.

Perhaps the reason this is awkward is because I kind of rushed it for a contest deadline, plus the fact that it's my first serious story in a few months, so maybe I got out of practice. I'm glad you enjoyed it somewhat nonetheless. And again, thank you for the derivative fanfiction!

EDIT: as far as the silence between better conversation heart, maybe I should've included a bit more conversation, but also I don't know about you but when I go hiking with friends there are times when we talk a bunch and times we just are quiet and appreciate nature.

EDIT EDIT: though Molly makes me more talkative so maybe this is just an excuse for bad writing.

EDIT EDIT EDIT: Comrade, my phone now cannot Los this. PLEASE tell me that this is a problem on my end, and that you didn't delete this masterpiece!

EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT: OK so I can open it fine if I send it to myself as a word document but for some reason I can't open it directly in Google Docs.

Die storie was wonderlik! Ek was lief vir die karakterontwikkeling en die manier waarop jy tussen tonele oorgeskakel het! Jou beskrywing het my gelukkig gemaak en ek hoop jy gaan goed! Maak seker dat jy nie die sous in die wasgoed sit nie!

Author Interviewer

Damn, son, that was some good writin'.

I know I'm a little late, but as an Oasis fan, I couldn't help but take a quick peep at this. At the very least, I can be here now.

Some might say "What's the story?", or that you relied a little too much on the fame of Britpop references. I'm not any different; if anything, I'm just another part of the queue. Standing on the shoulder of giants, if you will.

Eh, whatever. It's all probably in the mind, anyway. I'll stop crying my heart out and just roll with it, d'ya know what I mean?

Well, I'm outta time. Guess I'll just slide away now. Goodbye.



...I apologize for all that. I really need to go see a headshrinker.

Yeah, I'm just referencing the titles of a bunch of Oasis's other songs.

Glad you enjoyed it! How’d you decide to read it?

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