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Updating the list · 12:06am Aug 29th, 2017

So apparently in addition to drinking milk, cartoon frogs, red baseball caps, Harambe, supporting cops, free speech and quoting MLKs opposition to violent protest the NEWEST thing that makes anyone a Nazi according to the folks at Antifa is... wearing a polo shirt.

Yep. If you have ever worn a polo shirt you are in fact a Nazi scumbag who needs to be punched to the ground and beaten.

This is the world we live in now. -_-

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Caption Thi- ...never mind. · 1:35pm January 20th

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I dreamt of the season finale, and also killing Nazis. · 4:54pm Feb 8th, 2017

I had a dream that there was an epic four or five part my little pony finale, with deserts, oceans, climbing rock formations, a magical radioactive stone thingy, Buddy comedy, time travel back towards the beginning of the series, The ability to tell which enemies in a horde of enemies were fake magical constructions, lots of sand, and some stop motion animation scenes filmed at my house. Everyone agreed it was an amazing story arc. Then the dream sort of rewound, and a moving truck arrived

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The X-Men Series Portrays an America Which No Longer Exists · 12:45am Aug 27th, 2018

I liked Logan. I loved Deadpool 2. But these movies' portrayal of present-day American society as it relates to mutants is dead wrong.

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