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I dreamt of the season finale, and also killing Nazis. · 4:54pm Feb 8th, 2017

I had a dream that there was an epic four or five part my little pony finale, with deserts, oceans, climbing rock formations, a magical radioactive stone thingy, Buddy comedy, time travel back towards the beginning of the series, The ability to tell which enemies in a horde of enemies were fake magical constructions, lots of sand, and some stop motion animation scenes filmed at my house. Everyone agreed it was an amazing story arc. Then the dream sort of rewound, and a moving truck arrived while I played piano to move sand into our house for a scene. Then I started talking with the three movers and my mom. The movers were pro trump , And I told them I'm part of Antifa and if I ever ran into Richard spencer I would punch or kill him. My mom was aghast, and I told her about how he was rooting for the patriots because they are the whitest team in the NFL. She told me that doesn't make it OK to kill him. Then I woke up.

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Your dreams are even weirder than mine. Congratulations - I'd give you a medal if i could.

She told me that doesn't make it OK to kill him.

MLP season finale plot checks out

Author Interviewer

Okay, now write it c.c

Merula #4 · Feb 8th, 2017 · · 2 ·

Being part of Antifa?

jesus christ how horrifying

4414307 for what it's worth, I don't think I have it in me to actually kill anyone, but many of the same people who defend Richard Spencer—a man who has on camera seig heiled while shouting "hail Trump", who has discussed the merits of black genocide, and other nasty stuff I'm too lazy to look up right now— from being punched are the same people who don't blink twice at the incredibly trigger happy nature of our nation's police and their nasty habit of gunning down unarmed POC.

She told me that doesn't make it OK to kill him.

nazi: it is my belief that people i dont view as fully human should be eradicated through any means necessary.
Dumbass: well thats just their opinion
me: its my opinion that nazis should be eradicated through any means necessary before they openly murder the most marginalized of people.
Dumbass: woah thats not okay. its just their opinion.
me: u do realize this is just my opinion right. or does that argument only hold up when youre defending nazis.

Saying that something is "just an opinion" is a logical fallacy anyway.

Wacky dream. It seems like you are trying to stir up some discord or get approval with this blog. Am I right?
Speech is different than action though. I might disagree with you, but I would defend your right to speak freely with my own life.

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