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Want to hear a joke? · 12:22am Nov 17th, 2020


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That's fair

I suppose so.

Wanna hear a joke, acronym style?

A - Another
N - Nonsensical
T - Tantrum
I - Isn't
F - Far
A - Away

Want to hear multiple jokes?

Donald Trump's Covid response.

Donald Trump's lawsuits trying to overturn the election.

Donald Trump's constant claims he won the election.

Donald Trump preventing the Biden transition team from having all the resources it needs.

Donald Trump's tweets.

Donald Trump as a person, his whole miserable pathetic life.

Want to hear a joke?

My life.

Lol ok Commie.

Biden's plagiarism.

Biden's failure of Iraqi foreign policy.

Biden's deteriorating mind.

Biden's racism.

Biden's low energy and lack of passion.

Biden's disconnect from the rest of the Democratic party.

Biden's lies.

Biden's lack of power.

Biden's son.

Basically everything about Biden as a person, in his whole sad, miserable life. I can play this game too. Cut it out now before it gets worse.

I have a feeling you hate Trump.

Now, now, we can't assume in 2020. It's very subtle, so it might go over our heads. Perhaps he actually loves Trump enough to assassinate Melania and marry him himself, but he just pretends not to in order to seem politically correct.

Well, that’s the first time in a while I was left speechless by something I’d read.



I do. First time I saw him on the TV in the 80s he was an asshole....I'm a long-term Trump hater. A big reason I didn't vote for him in 2016 was solely because of how he has behaved his whole life.

A fox tries to cover its own tracks.

Add Biden's creepy habits with kids.



This is why I say we should have voted for Kanye west. He wrote a song for Chick-fil-A. I say he's qualified.

You forgot one: Trump supporters.

As far as I know, that's plenty.


Oh yes, I did forget the most important thing....the fools that enable him.

What about the fools on the far left?


Those on the far end of either political spectrum are fools....these Trumpists though, they treat him as though he IS God....oh and you never did answer my question. Would Jesus want you to be bashing Biden's "deteriorating mind?"

Would Jesus want you to bash the people who voted for Trump? Oh, but wait! You don't believe in Christ, because all Christians and conservatives are evil! Well, who are you to talk down on anyone? You write torture and urine porn, not to mention doing your best to hate America. Hey, how'd all those leftist countries in the world end up, by the way? Venezuela, Russia, Vietnam, Cuba, Korea...

I tolerate people, but I cannot tolerate sin. People on the far right and left are responsible for all kinds of sin, but at least the right wants to preserve the country.


Tell me, what do I do to hate America? What, because I don't stand by the president? Because I think poor people should have access to quality health care? Because I think the rich should pay their fair share? Because I support closing tax loopholes? I never said ALL Christians and conservatives are evil....just the ones who believe in unchecked capitalism, shitting on the poor and supporting Trump sure the hell doesn't help anyone in my eyes. I know of Christians and conservatives both that don't even like him, much less WORSHIP him like his supporters do.

The far right wanting to preserve the country? Don't make me laugh. You heard about those militia freaks up in Michigan who wanted to kidnap and execute Gov. Whitmer over her Covid restrictions, right? That isn't trying to preserve the country, that is an attempt at DOMESTIC TERRORISM. They're no better than the damn muslims that go committing terrorism....thankfully the FBI was able to stop those loons before they could act on their plan. Extremists on both sides are bad people, whether you're talking about Antifa or white supremacists such as the proud boys.

Oh Antifa, calming to be against facisim when they themselves are the things they say they hate

(is about to make a comment but then sees what's going on)


My one defense in terms of how the far left is as nuts as the far right is that AOC wants a list of everyone who has ever supported Trump so they can be 'held accountable' accountable of what? If that's not a witch-hunt, idk what is. Both sides suck, let's all go vote third party and have a chill life.


Both sides suck, let's all go vote third party and have a chill life.


Or better yet, create a third party of our own. You want something done right, you gotta do it yourself.

Thank you so much for bringing this song to my attention.


That sounds good in principle but voting third party is flushing your vote down the toilet. The last time we even had a viable third party candidate was George C. Wallace of the American Independent party back in 1968. He received nearly ten million votes and won 46 electoral votes (LA, AR, MS, AL and GA). The only way a third party could truly work is abolishing the electoral college and plenty of wealthy donors for said candidate to allow them to campaign nationwide.

NOOOOOO abolishing the electoral college would do the very opposite of that and besides times ate changing, more ppl now than ever are no longer believing in just two parties.

Pure Democracy: Two wolves and one sheep decide what to have for dinner


Everyone's vote would count if we abolished it. I am a democrat that lives in an extremely red state, my vote doesn't even matter. If everyone's vote mattered, it would be a much better system. Look back to 2016, what kind of screwed up system allows a guy to win the election despite receiving nearly three million votes less than his opponent? The electoral college is a relic of the late eighteenth century that has no place in the 21st century. The nation was a lot different in 1789 than it is now. You get rid of the electoral college, maybe a third party could rise. As long as states have point values, this two party system will continue to dominate. You make every single vote equal in weight, things could change.


With that, the strongest wolf gets the sheep....it seems perfectly fair to me.

IF we get rid of the college, then people in the minority will defiantly get screwed by the majority, then will their votes matter?


I am a democrat that lives in an extremely red state, my vote doesn't even matter.

I am a Republican that lives in a very blue state. My vote technically doesn't matter. Didn't stop me from voting for Trump, though. Tell me, when did this nonsense of abolishing the electoral college begin? When Hillary lost despite having more popular votes? Ah, I see.

The College is important for ensuring that every state matters and has a voice to say. It's vital to the makeup of the House of Representatives and ensures that the 51% doesn't oppress the 49% in the House. And here you are, unironically believing we should abolish something intended to keep equity, something you claim to support.

Yes everyone's vote counts... If they happen to live in a densely populated area. The cities will choose everything, for how can a tiny town of 1000 votes do ANYTHING compared to a city of over a million votes? The electoral college at least provides a CHANCE for those towns, to contribute to their states to have a chance of a voice. Without the electoral college, that chance is GONE.


Their votes would count. Both parties would have to adapt to keep people voting for them. If a party is in the minority and they want a chance to become the majority, they would have to adapt to win over the whole nation....hell maybe both parties would have to drift closer to the center to appeal to everyone and that would certainly be a good thing.


Extremists on both sides are bad people, whether you're talking about Antifa or white supremacists such as the proud boys.

If that was the case, why did you bother getting your tail in a twist in the first place? We were both on the same page. And then you decided now was the time to spew some anti-Trump rhetoric straight from your favorite Blue-Checkmark on Twitter or from your own shallow, bitter mind.

I don’t give a fuck about parties, it’s people that would get screwed over by “MuH Popular vote” because if the majority doenst like the minority, well bad things happen


Hillary's loss had part to do with it but tell me, is it logical for the less popular candidate to still win the election? In a governor's race, if a candidate loses the popular vote, he/she loses. There is no crazy shit like the electoral college to give them an unearned victory. I think republicans only oppose abolishing it because they know they'd either have to adapt to changing demographics or never win another presidential election again.

You can still have the same makeup of the House without the EC, it isn't vital. If that 49% wishes to not be taken advantage of by the 51%, they adapt to appeal to more voters. Yes the hard line individuals in both sides probably wouldn't like it but it would be a good way to kill off the extremist wings of both parties on a national scale. Yes you'd still have House reps and Senators on a federal level that would be much further to the left or the right than that party's presidential candidates would be but if you consistently have someone more moderate in the White House, the nation would be far more stable.

I suppose it is a lose-lose then. Either your vote doesn't matter on a federal level or on a state level (in many states anyway). Like I've been saying, parties would need to adapt to appeal to more people. I live in a community of 30,000 and am from a small town of 400 but to me, the majority should rule. If people in a certain state know that the candidate of a certain party is going to win and they want to try and keep that guy in check, vote for House reps and Senators of the opposite party.


the majority should rule.

Hope you remember that when the “majority” decides they don’t want you

If the majority decides, then the majority agrees that the electoral college needs to stay. And the majority of us think you need to go. You aren't here for a discussion. You're here to try and teach us a lesson. You're evangelically progressive, and we don't want you here if you aren't going to listen or even make sense.

Hey hey, let em talk. All thoughts are valid, no matter how much you might disagree with them.


Please do explain what is humerous about the shorthand for 'anti-fascism'.

The will of the majority winning in an election is one of the building blocks of democracy. Without it, you end up with government that claims little to no popular support and rule on behalf of the minority.


Lol ok Commie.


Which can lead to mob rule.

This is why the Opposition exists. The American system has a carefully constructed system of checks and balances which are specifically designed to prevent abuses from occurring.

The Founding Fathers were acutely aware of this issue.

Indeed we have. I will admit now that I'm probably rather liberal in my views and was not a big fan of Trump. However, I accepted that the American people had voted for him and that was that.

It's a real shame Trump can't accept the result himself this time around.

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