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Hello everyone! It's that magical time of week again! This weeks guest is someone we're excited to welcome back! Put your hooves/talons/hands/flippers together for Fiaura The Tank Girl! She's a writer, YouTube personality, and an all around awesome person, who also has a book out for her her story, Fallout Equestria: Dead Tree!

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Hello from whatever part if the world you're in (sorry don't know if it's night or day were you're at).

  1. what is your top three favorite stories here on FIMfiction?
  2. what was the inspiration for your oc?
  3. what is your favorite moment in your Fallout Equestria: Dead Tree story?
  4. what is your favorite ship in the show?
  5. what is your least favorite ship in the show?
  6. who is best princess?
  7. what do you think of this picture?
    (This is Norfolk and Western A Class 1218, the only 2-6-6-4 locomotive left in the world!)
  1. Whats your favorite video Game you played recently ?
  2. whats your favorite boss fight ?
  3. have you accepted skeletor the master of the universe into your heart?
  4. you are in tiny horse burg what business do you start ?
  5. Do you even praise bro?

\ [+] /


1: Equestria... Vacation spot? Or permanent residence?

2: Timeline shenanigans: You must replace one piece of classical literature with one of your stories. How is history changed by this awesomeness?

Three times here? Do you actually like us or something?
How did it feel acting in something Enigma wrote the script for?
What drew you to Fallout: Equestria?

Why is Tropico so much fun?

*cracks knuckles*

Hey fi

its been nearly 18 months since you started posting Tread Lightly, what do you think you have improved the most about your writing in that time and what do you think is your worse habit in writing?

How drunk did you get by the end of the The Curse of Silence writing stream? I missed it

How much booze on average do you drink on a writing stream?

What is the most embarrassing thing you have done/have happen on a writing stream?

About how much is new/different between the Wednesday Night FOE sessions and Fallout Equestria: Dead Tree

as a player what is your biggest high moment in the Wednesday game?

As above but your lowest low?

What do you most wish you never did in the Wednesday sessions?

What do you first Associate with:
Fuck Your Couch
Pinky Plot
Bay Splosions
Broken Window
Grandma got run over by a zebra
Cinnamon Rolls

Your Best Pony?
Your Worst Pony?
Your Wildcard Pony?

Interesting Pony Fiction?
Fave any fiction?

*hugs Fiaura* Have fun on the podcast

How does this make you feel?:

One - What is your favorite meal, snack, or foodstuff that is really unhealthy but so friggin' delicious?

Two - What is the biggest or weirdest fear that you have?

Three - Why is Bagged Milk the Best Milk?

Four - What is your one annoying habit?

Five - What's the theme song for your sex life?

Six - How would you describe yourself using only three words?

Seven - If your entire life thus far was a movie, what would be the title of it?

Eight - Just how big is your porn stash?

Bonus - Anime fan by chance? If so, what are your favorites?

1. What is your favorite heartwarming experience at a convention?
2. What writing advice would you give to those starting out who would like to create their own stories/published books? This is not limited to MLP or Fallout Equestria.
3. What attracted you to the Fallout Equestria universe?
4. What motivates you (not including monetary reasons) to create content on multiple entertainment platforms such as Youtube, Twitch, and Fimfiction?
5. Where would you like to see yourself in the next 3-5 years both personally and professionally?
6. What is your favorite video you’ve created to date on your channel?
7. If you had to become a new member of the Barcast crew, which of the current members would you like to replace?

8. Skull fuck, throat fuck till unable to speak, and vore between a sobbing, emotionally wrecked Princess Cadence, who’s forgotten who Shining Armor and Flurry Heart are and is desperately trying to figure out what’s missing in her fractured, mangled mind, Princess Luna who has spears of rock bursting out of her misshapen, ripped apart body while being turned into an asteroid, and Rarity who’s blood, skin, and internal organs are being shoved out of her body, being replaced by moldy fabric, broken glass eyes, and blood stained thread to create a Rarity mannequin. As before, killing yourself is not an option.

9. [Starts Singing] Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna turn around, and hurt you! Just as begin to sing the next line, Princess Celestia comes at you and pimp slaps you, declaring, “We do not sing that despicable song in our great nation. If you ever speak another verse of those wretched lyrics, I will personally banish you to the sun!” Will you turn around and let her down, or never give up, make her understand, and tell her how you’re feeling?

1) Are you truly happy with what you've done with your life? (Lying is permitted)
2) Do you regret anything?
3) Why do we hide inside these walls?
4) What do you do to remain happy?
5) What is your favorite memory?

1. What is your favorite non-MLP franchise?

2. Have you ever done anything for a non-MLP franchise?

3. What story are you proudest of?

1) What on earth made you come back?
2) What's the best Christmas song?
3) On a scale of Scrooge to Santa, how festive do you feel?

At Fiaura: "What is your favorite holiday episode??"

At all parties during the interrogation. "How many Achievements do you have??"
If you don't understand, Fiaura may know what I'm asking.

[Edit: I'll make it easy. Link to the list.]


So Fi, what turned you from "Tanks all day every day!" to "Diversity!" to "Ponies!" to "I'm going on the barcast twice three times???!!!"?

Also, do you have a prefered writer on this site you would not admit while sober?

Can you tell us a story or three? Such as: breaking glass or the dog targeting the cat?

Can you tell I'm running out of ideas yet, and which barcaster is best baracaster?

Edit: Which two on the barcast would you ship, other than the official pencil and preist ship?

Also, What makes milk such a great santa claus?

Even further, what about an inverted cast, with one of the cast members being interviewed by 6 of the best geusts?

Can you guess what I'm going to ask?
Would you kindly makes some aeroplane noises and dirty talk?

Dunno if I’ll get to hear this live this week but I’ll definitely watch the YouTube repeat. Boo hisss at me if I’m not commenting away when this is read out.

1 - you have so much on the go, which is great! How do you schedule it all?
2 -British questions! What’s your favourite biscuit?
3 - if you could take one MLP Episode and rewrite it, which would it be and why?
4 - I keep asking this as I’m working on Luna Switched with Synesisbassist; which pony would you switch with, meaning you would live in their hooves for a day and they would be you?

5 - As a fellow FOE writer, how do you feel about other folks writing about or discussing your characters and would you feel excited or annoyed if they turned up in other stories ?

6 - Do you have a favorite artist

***Bonus Question!***

BQ - Who would you: Snog (means kiss), Marry, Avoid, and Fart in the General Direction of out of the Barcast team? >:D

No edits this time, thanks guys! Muchos love!

All Good Things,


1)How has things changed for Fiaura since the last interview?
2)How does it feel to have wandering sunrise be stalked by the fallout equestria version of Pinkie Pie?

Hope you're ready, because some of these are bad.

What would Sunrise do if Quick Stitch winds up sleeping with one of her children in his next life?
What's your favorite piece of fan art that you've received of one of your characters?
In all of the Dead Tree game, is there a particular moment that sticks out to you as the moment that you laughed the hardest?
If you could pick any location for a future Fallout Game, where would it be, and why?
What is your favorite desert?
Followup, what is your favorite desert alcohol?
What would happen if we found out that the entire party was related to Sunrise?

Kari says hi.

How are you today?~

So, Fiaura, has the cast been nice to you?
1.) What's it like to write hoarse words?
2.) If you were given 33 drinks of your choice every week, would you give Knighty
a place to stay at/near your home?
3.) Would you hug thing-pone? Kiss them good night? Tell them every little thing is going to be alright?
Would you sing some carols with them?
4.) If you were to hug anyone on the Barcast, why would it be Enigma?
5.) Anyone you wish you could hug?
A merry early Christmas to all, or something. Have a drink?

Are you excited for Shrek V?

Ask Fiaura if she's eaten today.

If Magic in Equestria is a living entity, what is its ultimate agenda? And are the Main characters working for or against said agenda?

Since we know what Sunrise's mom tastes like does it run in the family?
Have you eaten today?
and finally,
When everything comes to an end, what's Sunrise's plan for the future?

Has Fiaura recently intitated a Radio Play version of her Dead Tree Studio RPG adventures and where can we find these radio play adaptations?

!: Do you like writing?
2: Do you think your a good writer?
3: How do you feel about your fan base?
4: Other then Sunrise What is your favorite FoE character and why pick from any fanfic stories?
5: Would you hug a shark?

What would you say is the key to your success?

Hi Fi,
As someone who has only recently discovered your stories, how did the Dead Tree group start?
Do you feel that it's evolved in the way you'd expected, or did it exceed/miss any expectations along the way?
Do you interact with any other FoE authors, and if so who's opinion do you hold close?
Thanks, and I can't wait to see what's in store,
Cheers :yay:

Hey Fiaura.

1.) I dont know if anyone already asked this question multiple times, but I am personally curious. I heard that you address yourself as a female. How did that come to be?

2.) What is your favorite MLP pony from the series?

3.) What is your favorite pony pairing? Both stallion and mare, and mare and mare/ stallion and stallion if possible.

4.) What are your current feelings about the end of generation 4 and the start of Gen 5 for My Little Pony?

What am potato?

When will Life Sapphire bone daddy?

1. Favorite headcanon?

2. Bug ponys or gay deer?

3. Bird ponys or bat ponys?

4. Do you even crotch boobs?

5. Why not dragon boobs?

6. How does this make you feel?

Chug you bastards.
Also "#FiauraEatDailyAlliance" what do you think??

Smash Bros butt it's Fallout Equestria characters

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