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A convert of the least expected.

I am a converted Brony, I went from once swearing I would never touch MLP or anything related, to being a fan of the show, and finding Fallout Equestria which I fell head over heals in love with.
I question how I ended up here, I firmly blame Fiaura for this, but I don't regret it. I am someone who already made a few OC's, and I look forward to the day I put out my first story with them.
As for myself, I would have to describe myself as an earth pony stallion, with a long tied back mane, much like Applejack, wearing rectangular glasses, and a silver drink mixer for a cutie mark.
I also am creating an MLP Achievement list, adding to it here and there. PM me if you want to take a look for yourself.

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Thank you.

Sweet! *hugs*

So I am not the usual person you will find here, I came here via Tread Lightly, I have a few stories in the works, mostly Fallout Equestria stuff. I can be found mostly in the chat of Tread Lightly's YouTube live streams under a different name.

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