Brilliant Asperger Minds Unification

For all the Bronies, with Aspbergers, and disabilities as such.

P.S. You can post stories that have a character that:
* Is Autistic
* Has Aspbergers

Post whatever your creative mind wishes to(No NSFW)

We also have poetry and more to come hopefully.

Come here and be with your broth-erring and Sister-ring :twilightsmile:

1) Be nice
2) Don't be dumb. Use common sense before you post something on a thread. Those who engage in fire wars will have a PM talk with an admin. As for trolls, we will just have to ignore you. And do be upfront and honest when speaking to an admin.
3) Do not be offensive towards anyone.
4) Don't argue with an Admin. Their words are the law of this chat. If you think they are wrong, send a PM to NicLove.

Edit: How do I change the way that the parts are placed in this group ?

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Well, I have high-functioning autism, which is different from Asperger's. But since I was invited and HFA is close enough to Asperger's, it would be rude to decline.

Sup. How is everypony? /)

After finding the Autistic Brony Community (ABC, lol) I just had to check out whether a group with Asperger's exist. I'm glad to find out that it really exists. And thanks for letting me in! :)

Thanks for the invite, I didn’t even know a group like this existed, it’s really cool that there is a group of people who are not only fans of the same thing, but also have the same disorder

can there be a nsfw folder, i would like to post my story (i have autism) but it is nsfw ;~;

Thanks for the invite. I do want to say something up front. I don't go around telling people I have autism. It's a very high functioning form of it I might add.

But family orders.

whats a PM pilgrim

What the butts?

Hi, do I just post the bio here? Or somewhere else?


A) I saw you in a other group
B) I saw you say that some were

edit: it's the group one

Thanks for inviting me here. How did you know I have autism like Twilight?

Well, I for one do have Asburgers, as well as autsim, but I'm not gonna let that stop me from wiriting some good fics:raritywink:! Count me in:scootangel:!

thanks for the invite, though i might not be active in chats

I believe you have to consult a neuropsychologist and get an MRI. Usually, people with Asperger's Syndrome have trouble with social cues (doesn't understand sarcasm, literal interpretation of every conversation, spatial awareness, like not able to understand their own body language and non-verbal communications may come across to others as aloof or not understanding, may need to be told the same instructions over and over).

I didn’t think that this even existed, huh cool

Thanks for invite.

  • Viewing 41 - 60 of 60
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