• Published 12th Feb 2014
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Finally Realizing - xXLadyErica99Xx

Rarity finally realizes that she has the same feelings for Spike... But it's too late...

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Chapter 2: A Confession Lead To...

Author's Note:

Muwahahahaha! I have done it! I have edited it successfully! (Not really, there may be some mistakes that YOU notice, so don't hesitate to tell me! :D) I added more to Rarity's confession! She seemed like she was rushing through it, so I made her do more before the whole seduction started... Sorta... Maybe, not really, I dunno! o3o
(Still keeping this for no absolute reason) Little tib bit for you... I was listening to Let Her Go by Passengers when I wrote the 'Rarity and Spike confessing to eachother' scene thing... And while I was writing down Rare's part where she started to wheeze and sob and all that... I actually felt like crying, even felt tears almost forming and the bridge of my nose burned from it, you know what I mean, right? ... Also, as I was writing that scene, I noticed something about it... It sounded just like the situation I'm currently having right now... Someone not liking me back, but I like them, yada yada, how Rarity feels is basically how I felt and I just put Rarity's name there... Yeah... T^T
Anyway, enough of my personal story, enjoy this story! ~♥


Twilight had her arms crossed across her chest and tapping her foot when Spike entered the Library.

"Spike! You knew you were suppose to come home early! I needed your help today," Twilight paused and gave out a heavy, frustrated sigh. "Thankfully, I was able to handle all the work on my own, but still…" Spike was well over thirty minutes late and it was twelve o'clock, last time she checked.

"Well, sucks to be you, doesn't it, Twi!" Spike snapped back, changing Twilight's expression to a surprised one. Spike closes his eyes shut and exhales then starts to talk once again, "Sorry, Twilight... I just... had a, well it wasn’t a bad day at Rarity’s... Unusual day would describe it better."

Twilight uncrossed her arms as her stern look softened. "Why, what happened?" she said, concerned about the teenager and knowing how his feelings for the mare of his dreams were out of control.

"Nothing happened..." Spike said, covering everything that happened today in those two words. Twilight, on the other hand, put a hand on her hip, not believing him.

"Spike... What happened?"

"Well... You know how my feelings are getting stronger for her, right?" Spike started, as Twilight nodded. He continued, "I was just tired of getting called nicknames from her and my cheeks being squashed by her, ya know?

"Mhm..." Twilight replied, already feeling bad for her number one assistant.

"So, I decided in my head that I need to stop these feelings completely, and I decided on acting like I don't have them anymore..." Spike continued once again, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Spike..." Twilight trailed off, not knowing what to say.

"Yeah, I know... So, then what happened is I tried to prove it to her. That didn't go well and it broke my heart to more pieces. I actually acted as if I didn't care about her at all, and just did nothing else that the normal me would have done when saying goodbye to the most beautiful creature in Equestria!!" Spike yelled out the last part, panting angrily and taking a seat on the second step of the stairs. Twilight joins him, wrapping an arm around him and embracing him in a comforting hug.

"I don't know what to do, Twi..." He said, almost in the process of weeping right then and there. Twilight exhaled, wresting her head on Spike's shoulder.

"I don't know either, Spike... I wish I can help you, but I don't think books have the answer to your problem..."

They just sat there for a couple more minutes, Twilight giving Spike a little time to think for himself. After more minutes passed, she looks at the clock and read that it was already half past twelve. Twilight released her embrace and prepared for bed, seeing as she now needs more sleep than what she originally needed. After getting into her PJs, she said goodnight to Spike, and told him to go to bed soon.

Spike didn't know what to think of while being embraced by Twilight earlier, but he knew he had a lot to think of and getting his thoughts straight was one of them. After being told to go to bed soon, he buried his face in his hands, rubbing his temples.

"How am I going to straighten this out?" he thought, deepening his face into his hands more. "I know! Maybe I can avoid her and let the feelings fade away?" He shook his head slightly, groaning. "Nooo, that won't work... Well, don't knock it 'till you try it... I'll try doing it, and if it doesn't work, I'll think of something else... Maybe, I don't know! Ugh, why does this have to be so difficult?!"

After thinking to himself for longer than what he would have wanted, he went downstairs in the basement, and took his sleeping bag. He grabbed his pillow from his bed, and went back upstairs. He set down the sleeping bag next to Twilights bed, and prepared for a good night sleep, but he couldn't sleep at all. He looked up at the ceiling and surprisingly, his eyes started to droop down, until they closed completely.

A certain tailor lies flat on her stomach on her bed, resting her chin on a hand while writing down things in her diary using her magic. She was wearing her pink robe and her mane was styled as if she hasn't brushed it at all, but it still looked tamed.

"Hmmm... What to do, what to do..." She said to herself, tapping the side of her cheek with a finger from the hand she's resting on. She had her "I'm busy thinking about important things" face when she finally thought of something to get her Spikey-Wikey back.

Her light blue aura surrounded the diary in front of her that was now tightly closed as well as letting go of the matching pencil. Rarity tosses to her right, supporting the side of her head with a hand and starts to talk to herself.

“Now, I should probably and finally show him that I have the same feelings… Inviting him here tomorrow would be a good start.” Rarity paused as she remembered what he told her earlier tonight. She tossed on her back this time, now staring at the ceiling.

“What if I send him a letter asking to come over once he’s done with his chores? Yes, perhaps that will work nicely!” She took a moment to toss to the left side, supporting her head with a hand again.

“Oooohh, but what if he doesn’t accept the invite? Argh!! It’s all too much for a lady like moi to handle!” Rarity said to herself, feeling the familiar frustration she feels almost every night. She laid on her back once again.

“I’m sure he’ll come… If I ask him to help me and it’s an urgent problem…. Yessss…. Yessss, it’ll all work out! I shall send him a letter first thing tomorrow and hope that it will work! For Luna’s sake…” Rarity finished, levitating the supplies on her nightstand so she couldn’t forget that that was the first thing to do tomorrow. With that, she lowered her sleeping mask until all you can see from across her room was a sleeping pony with the words “Sleeping Beauty” in cursive writing covering her eyes.

“SPIKE!!!!!!!” Twilight screamed at the top of her lungs, which caused a sleeping dragon to immediately wake up from the sound and almost breaking the zipper on his sleeping bag.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!” Spike screamed back, trying to cover his chest, but suddenly realized he had nothing to cover in the first place. He looked over to the source of alarm, and saw a familiar figure in front of him, tapping their foot.

“You overslept, you dumbie! Wake up, we’re almost going to be late!” Twilight started to ramble on. Spike wasn’t listening to the next words that came out of her mouth and took that time to look at the clock.

“It’s only six o’clock in the fricken’ morning, Twi!” Spike broke the still rambling bookworm. She stopped and looked at him as if he’s gone completely insane… Even more.

“Six o’clock too late! We’re supposed to be there at eight o’clock and we have to take an hour and thirty minute train ride there! This isn’t just something I can shrug off and be a lazy ass at!” Twilight yelled back, surprising Spike of the almost terrifying tone.

“Alright, alright…” Spike replied, getting up from his comfortable sleeping bag and walking pass a huffing Twilight. She eyeballed him as if he wasn’t going to get ready at all. She watched him go downstairs to the basement and after a few minutes, a well dressed teenage dragon appeared at the top of the stairs.

“Ready to go, miss impatient?” Spike said, causing Twilight to roll her eyes and glare at him even more. They stood there awkwardly for a few more seconds when finally, Spike broke the silence.

“What?” He asked like he’s missing something from his fancy get up. All he was given was crossed arms, pursed lips and eyeballs looking down at his feet. He looked down as well, noticing the polka dotted socks he was wearing. There were multi-coloured polka dots and a solid light green for the toe. He wriggled his toes and looked up at a still angry Twilight.

“What,” he asked again, rubbing the back of his neck. “These are my favorite pair…”

“Change them, NOW.” Twilight said sternly, pointing to the stairs he’s behind, her arm straight as an arrow.

“Fine… Just wanted to have some humor in this awkward atmosphere,” he said, walking back down to the basement.

“And don’t put any other ‘favourite pairs’ you have!” Twilight shouted to the drake, earning a loud ‘Awwwwww…’

On the other side of town, Rarity dipped the tip of a quill in the ink bottle next to the letter. The letter itself looked almost done, the sentences covering about half of the page already.

“Hmmmm…. What else? Oh!” Rarity started to scribble down more words till it filled the page completely. She put the quill back into the ink bottle and grabbed the envelope the letter was supposed to go inside of. She stopped herself quickly, remembering something she forgot to do. Levitating her vanilla scented perfume bottle, she spritzed some in the air and entered the letter into the aroma. Rarity took a quick sniff to see if it was the perfect amount and gave a quick nod to assure herself and no one else around her. She looked at the paper one last time, and finished it with a lip stain overlapping her signature.

“There! That should do it,” she said to herself and finally sealed the envelope. She started downstairs, humming a sweet tune which filled her hallway. Once reaching the main floor, she saw a certain gray pegasus next to her mailbox. Quickly running out there to catch her, the mare was about to fall on Celestia knows what when Rarity stopped her with her magic.

“Oh, thank you, Miss Rarity…” The mare said, scratching her blonde mane. Rarity gave her a smile, noticing the fallen mail around her vicinity and picked them up then returning them into the mailmare’s shoulder bag.

“No need to thank me, Derpy,” she said, getting her mail from the derpy-eyed pegasus.

“Hehe, needed to or else I would have spilled the rest of my deliveries…” Derpy said, giving her blue shoulder-bag a pat.

“Yes, well… Um, is this all for me, dear?” Rarity asked, levitating at least six or seven letters with hearts on them. Derpy nods, pointing at them.

“Those are your weekly love letters, miss Rarity… Didn’t you know that?” She asked, causing Rarity to slightly cringe.

“I-I see… Hehe, well, thank you,” she said, her voice going a pitch higher when she talked.

“Well, miss Rarity, I gotta go make other deliveries! See you tomorrow for your “love song” letters!” Derpy said, taking flight and almost dropping more of the envelopes from her overflowing bag. Rarity raised an eyebrow at what she said, but ignored it and gave the pegasus a quick wave before going to the post office.

On her way there, she was given glances from stallions that passed by. ‘Course, she was used to all the staring, but there was something about today that was different for her. She took a look at the stallions looking at her. She noticed some that were beside a mare, who gave them a slap when they noticed the male was staring at the fashionista. Some were all alone, but still seemed like they had a very special somepony. To be honest, Rarity was tired of all this when she finally noticed that a very special dragon was meant for her. She doesn’t know when it started to bloom inside of her, all she knew was when she was brave enough to say it truthfully to herself that Spikey-Wikey and her were meant for eachother.

Rarity gave out a sigh when she finally reached the post office, the journey here feeling like forever with noticing the stares from every other pony in Ponyville. She stood in front of the counter, waiting for somepony to greet her. She took a quick glance at the clock, noticing that it was quarter past eight.

“Well, what can I do for ya, lil lady?” A male earth pony greeted her, getting her attention. He was an elder pony, still not retired, Rarity guessed. He had dark gray fur and an almost all white mane and tail. He gave Rarity a smile, waiting for her to respond.

“Oh, yes! Um, may I request for a stamp?” Rarity said as sweetly as possible for no reason, earning a smile from the stallion.

“‘Course ya can, care to give me moment?” He asked, earning a nod from the unicorn. He came back with one and placed it on the counter.

“Here ya go! That’ll be 25 cents,” he said, earning the money and a sweet smile from the mare.

“Thank you, have a wonderful rest of the day!” Rarity said, exiting and hearing a compliment from the stallion behind the counter. But it wasn’t a pick up line or any of the sorts. All it was was, “What a nice lil lady…”

Once Spike and Twilight came back from their little errand, the teenage dragon slumped onto the nearest comfy thing he could find which was Twilight’s bed, which was also sadly upstairs.

“Hey, get off my bed!” Twilight shouted at him, earning a groan from Spike. Something much worse got him off her bed. He suddenly felt as if he was flying, only to realize that he was being levitated a few feet from the library’s floor.

“Alright, alright!!” Spike stuttered, his limbs going crazy as if trying to hold on to something near him. Next to his surprise, he was safely landed on the floor, but was still hurt by a hard book cover Twilight hit him on the head.

“Now, get dressed, I’ll go see what’s in the mail today,” she said, taking a glance outside. “Looks like there’s some!”

“Yeah, go ahead… I’ll go and get started on my chores.” Spike said, going down to the basement.

Meanwhile, outside, Twilight opens the mailbox, discovering two letters inside and one package. She squealed in excitement as she enters back into the library, Spike looking at her weirdly from the start of the basement staircase. He just finished dressing himself up but decided to keep his shirt off because apparently to him, it was hot in the library. Twilight quickly noticed this and her face turned bright red.

“Spike, put your shirt on!” She said, trying to avoid his gaze as she makes her way upstairs.

“But it’s hot in here…” Spike protested, even wiping sweat off of his forehead.

“At least put a sleevless on!” Twilight said, still shielding her eyes which only caused her face to go brighter.

“Okay, I will… Just stop blushing, it’s weird…” Spike said, noting that they were step-siblings. He quickly ran back downstairs and grabbed a white sleeveless pull on shirt with a little fire logo on the bottom right of it.

“Not my fault you took lessons with Rainbow Dash once your growth spurt started…” Twilight said, now upstairs and on her bed, flipping through the mail. The first letter was the bills, and the other was for Spike.

“Spike, letter for you,” Twilight mumbled, not looking up from her last mail, which was the package. She levitated the envelope to the sweeping dragon, and started to unwrap the box in front of her, squealing in the process.

“Thanks, I guess…” Spike said and stopped his sweeping to open his letter. He immediately realized who it was from, smelling the vanilla from the paper. He opened it up and read to himself.

Dearest Spikey,

I must ask for your help today at the boutique, and it’s urgent so please do come when you get the chance! Although, I don’t want to stop you from doing your chores at the library, so finish them first before coming. Also, ask permission from Twilight, because I have a feeling this problem of mine will take forever to solve… You might be over for a long while… Anywho, hope you come and help me, precious scales! ~♥

Yours ever,


Spike blushed at the very end, reading ‘precious scales’. He'd never heard of that before. He looked at her signature, noting the swirls and curls that complete it and a dark red lip stain that overlapped it perfectly. He sniffed the vanilla again, noting that that was always how Rarity smelled like when she was near him. Sometimes he got so lucky by getting so close that her breasts would bulge and would press against his cheeks. Oh, how he would always cherish those-!

Wait! No! This wasn’t how it was supposed to be! He decided to give up on her, so what was he thinking? This was harder than he thought, but he knew that already, so why this?! He gave out a sigh in real life and quickly went to the basement and put away the letter in his already-letter-filled drawer of the rest of the letters he got from her. He came back upstairs to a loud screeching Twilight.

“What'd ya get, Twi?” He asked, as he continued sweeping. He got toppled over by a bear hug, which quickly ended. He looked up, rubbing his head, only to see a jumping and happy Twilight, holding a book near her chest.

“That new?” Standing up, Spike picked the broom back up.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yeeeeeeeessssss!!!!” High pitched squealing filled the library once again, causing Spike to roll his eyes. He sighed as Twilight runs back upstairs and started to read the book.

“Hey, do me a favour, Spike! Can you make me some of my favourite tea and if you only do it once and perfectly, you have the day off!” Twilight shouted from her bed. Spike dropped his broom slowly on the floor, and practically zoomed his way to the kitchen. There was a lot of banging and clanking sounds in there but he finally returned a few minutes later with a steaming hot pot and a matching tea cup. He gave it to the bookworm, and she gave it a taste test. She pursed her lips, and nods.

“Conrats, Spike… You made it only once and got it perfect! New record from the times you had to make it three times 'till you got it just the right temperature. Now go and leave me be… You'll probably be ignored for the rest of the day by me so go have fun with your day off!” Twilight said, levitating Spike to the door. Opening it, he said goodbye to Twilight but not earning a response so he made his way to the boutique.

Inside the Carousel Boutique was a waiting unicorn in her best and alluring outfit she could find. It wasn’t too alluring, but was still nonetheless. She prepared some tea last minute when she heard her doorbell go off. She felt her cheeks burning already and made her way to the door. She quickly looked at the nearest clock and read three o’clock in the afternoon.

“Hmmm, they sure took quite some time at that errand they had to run…” Rarity said to herself before opening the front door. On the other side of the doorway was Spike, dressed so casually that even Rarity couldn’t believe it. She thought he’d be more… Properly dressed…

“Oh, hello, Spike! I see you got my letter!” She started, letting Spike enter. He had his hands in his pocket, making his revealed well toned muscles slightly flex, causing Rarity's legs to feel like her special Green Lime Jelly.

“Yeah, I did…” He responded in a mellow tone, taking a seat on a couch nearby. He lifted his leg and rested it on the other and opened up his arms, resting them on the back of the couch; he looked as if he was taking the whole spot to himself. “So, what do you need?”

“Hmmm?” Rarity asked, feeling drool on her chin. She quickly wiped it off, and responded correctly. “Uh, I just needed to talk to you… That whole… ‘Needed help’ thing was just so I could get you here. W-would you like some tea, Spike?”

“Yeah, sure… Whatever…” He answered, not giving a care at all, or at least it seemed like it to Rarity. She entered the kitchen and took a deep breath. She supported herself on her counters before quietly talking to herself.

“A-alright… I… I could do this… Just need to tell him that I love him back… It's so easy! Anypony can do that, even you! You can do that, can’t you? Can’t you?!” Rarity covered her mouth as fast as she could in fear of screaming to herself. She levitated the teapot and two matching tea cups with saucers under them.

When she entered, she spot Spike change positions from his head buried into his hands to sitting properly in the corner of her eye. She made it seem like she didn’t notice by placing the tea set onto the coffee table and sitting beside an open spot next to him while pouring herself and the teen some of the tea. She grabbed hers and took a sip from it, taste testing it. She was the first one to talk when she noticed Spike wasn’t reaching for his cup.

“So… Spikey…” Rarity started, feeling a lump in her throat already. “Um… I-I just wanted you to know that I…”

“Uh-huh…” Spike replied, making Rarity rather angry. She decided to try again, because she already promised herself that she could do this, whatever it takes.

"I've been having feelings about something... And it's about you... I can either get a happy reaction from you or a dissapointed one, so..." Rarity trailed off, noticing that Spike seemed like he wasn't listening at all.

"You can do this, Rarity! Don't give up now!" She thought to herself, thinking of other words or things to do to get his attention. A lightbulb lit up in her mind and she livitated a perfectly cut gem from a nearby chest and showed it to Spike. His eyes quickly dilated, the reflection of the gem in his emerald eyes.

"Noooow, Spikey... If you listen to me, I will give you this gem..." Rarity said, but soon realized that Spike returned back to normal and didn't care about her bribe.

"Puh-lease, we both know you're bribing me to listen to you..." Spike said, closing his eyes to ignore the perfect snack right in front of him and crossing his arms. Rarity glanced at his mucles and predicted correctly. They flexed once again, causing her cheeks to burn bright red. She shook her head, noticing that she was staring again, and quickly cleared her throat. She took a sip from her cup again as a distraction and let a couple of more silent minutes pass by. She decided that she was ready.

She put the gem and her tea cup down on the coffee table, deciding for her other approach. Rarity scooted closer to Spike and made her move by pressing herself against his chest and looking up to him. Spike’s cheeks burned a bright red, encouraging Rarity to go further.

“Spike, how ever did you get perfect and toned muscles?” Rarity said in the most seductive voice she could manage, making Spike’s face redder.

“Uhh… R-Rainbow trained me…” He said, pushing her away a little bit. She then lightly dug her fingers on his chest, making creases on his sleeveless shirt and causing her outfit’s straps to loosely drop, exposing that she wasn’t wearing anything under it.

“Who did you do this for, darling…? Anyone in particular...?” Rarity continued her seductive voice, which Spike thought was the most sexiest voice he has ever heard her do, but controlled himself and reached for the right strap and tried to slowly put it back up. But he was stopped by a white hand making him lower it even more.

“Rarity, stop it!” He finally said, resulted in Rarity backing away from his ‘embrace’. “What is this all about?” Spike asked, his blushing lowering down to just red across his cheeks and nose. There was silence for a little while, until Rarity finally said something that she hadn’t even said to any of her previous coltfriends.

“I-I love you.”

“What?!” Spike asked, his eyes wide and backing away from her. Rarity lowered her head, letting some of her purple curls hide her already tearing up eyes. She heard a sigh from the other side of the couch, causing her tears to force it’s way out even more.

“Rarity…” She heard Spike say, her arms beginning to wrap herself up and slowly rub her forearms.

Spike noticed what she was doing. He hated seeing herself like this, and made a promise to hunt down the stallion that made her do this. But he realized that that ‘stallion’ was him. As much as he pained to see her like this, he had to make a decision. He has made his final decision.

“I'm sorry, Rarity... I don’t love you anymore...”

Rarity couldn’t hold it back anymore the moment she heard those words and started to wheeze, her crying noticable now. She did not find a rhythm to her breathing, she couldn’t sound graceful while doing this. All she could do was sob and try to stop it to appear strong. But she couldn’t. It hurts so badly. She was expecting something like that to come out of his mouth when she thought of the bad things that could happen today. She never imagined it to hit her like a sword piercing right through her chest. She started to feel the endless tears flow from her eyes, the convulsive gasps she made could be heard even more often before she started. She squealed in her spot of the couch, trying to comfort herself by rubbing her shoulders and wrapping herself into a tight ball, going as far as putting her feet up so she could appear more tighter.

While she was doing this, Spike couldn’t bare to see anymore of the nightmare he’s seeing. He wanted terribly to help, but he was the reason she was being like this. His only choice was to stand up and make his way towards the door. He slowly opened it, hearing the sobbing in the next room get louder and louder. He almost turned back, wanting to hug her tightly then make her face him and kiss her passionately in addition to telling her that he was lying and that he loves her more than anything. Tears started to form in the corner of his eyes but stopped himself by exiting the boutique quickly. Last thing he heard when he fully closed the front door was the loudest weeping he ever heard a woman do.