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Scootaloo's Family Trilogy Story 1

Takes place a few years after Sleepless in Ponyville. Rainbow Dash has taken Scootaloo under her wing and has started teaching her how to fly. However through those few years she has grown suspicious over the parents that never bothered to teach their filly how to fly. She goes to Twilight to satisfy her curiosity, and she learns something shocking there. Now Rainbow Dash feels she has to take Scootaloo in, and fight for custody. Will Rainbow Dash be able to muster up her own courage and overcome her shortcomings to help out Scootaloo?

Meanwhile her Coltfriend Soarin' wants to help her. However that means Soarin' has to do something earlier then he wanted to. Can Soarin' find a way to get Rainbow Dash to agree with what he is going to ask her? Will Spitfire be able to help give him that push he needs? And why is Spitfire so interesting in what is going with Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo?

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