• Published 2nd Mar 2013
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Fight for Flight - Soniclink137

Rainbow Dash learns Scootaloo's family has been neglecting her. Can Rainbow Dash get her out and win a battle of custody for her? Now without a certain Wonderbolt's help.

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Chapter 6

After fighting the timberwolves for long enough to the point where she thinks the fillies have escaped, Rainbow Dash trotted slowly back to the path to get out of the Everfree Forest. She could have easily flown out; however she didn’t really feel like flying. She just failed one of her friends after getting her hopes up, and got kicked out of the Wonderbolts. Besides to get into her cloud home, she doubted she would ever fly again.

Some Element of Loyalty I turned out to be, Rainbow Dash thought. I lost my chance of getting Scootaloo into a better home, and I’m probably never going to get another chance. I had her anticipating coming home with me only to let her down later. Not only her, but all my friends, who were helping me. I failed them all too. They were all counting on me getting Scootaloo out. But Dust Storm had to take that all away from me.

She reached the edge of the forest and quickly wiped her tears away. She may be crying, but she wasn’t going to let anybody else see that. She would stay strong for as long as she can and not give anybody the satisfaction of seeing her cry. So she once again put on a more angry face to hide her sadness as she walked out of the forest.

Outside everypony that was in the court was standing around. As Rainbow Dash stepped out and was noticed, their eyes went on her. Rainbow Dash couldn’t exactly tell what they were thinking of her by their looks, but she doubted it could be anything good. Twilight, Spitfire, Soarin’, and Applejack all went to Rainbow Dash as soon as they saw her.

As Rainbow Dash walked through she kept her head held low to avoid seeing the disappointment she thought was most likely on her friends’ faces. The crowd parted for her, allowing her to walk up to where the judge and Dust Storm are. While still avoiding her friends faces she took a glance to see the judge and Dust Storm, yet the three fillies were nowhere to be found. The judge was giving off a neutral expression and Dust Storm was giving off a smug expression.

“Where are Scootaloo, Applebloom, and Sweetie Bell?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“I made sure to return the fillies to their families,” Dust Storm said. “After all, they were most likely traumatized from their encounter in the Everfree Forest. They all need a good rest.” Rainbow Dash just wanted to slam that smug expression off of Dust Storm’s face.

Well that would explain why Rarity isn’t here, Rainbow Dash thought. But it doesn’t help me. I need to get those fillies here somehow.

“Well now that we are all here, I believe we can continue,” the judge said. “I believe everything should be clear now. After all, Mr. Storm did bring these three fillies out of that horrid forest. Do you have anything else to say Miss Dash before I hand out?”

At that Rainbow Dash saw a small glimmer of hope. It was small; since she was sure Dust Storm would attempt to contradict her, however it was a possibility and something for Rainbow Dash to fight for. So Rainbow Dash was going to take it and fight as hard as she can until it is all over.

“Your Honor, I found the fillies first and not Dust Storm!” Rainbow Dash said.

“So not only can’t you accept defeat, but now you have to lie about it?” Dust Storm said.

“Are ya’all callin’ my friend a liar?!” Applejack asked forcefully. She looked like she was ready to do exactly what Rainbow Dash was tempted to do right now.

“Well she is certainly not you miss ‘Element of Honesty’,” Dust Storm pointed out.

“Order! Order in the court!” The judge called out even though they aren’t in the court. Nopony contradicted him and instead everypony gave him his full attention. “Your accusation is most interesting Miss Dash. Do you have any proof to back up your claim? After all, Mr. Storm did come out first with the fillies right behind him.”

“With me right now…no, but you can just ask Applebloom, Sweetie Bell, or Scootaloo and they will tell you!” Rainbow Dash said. “I was only out after him because when I found them there was a pack of timberwolves that were about to attack!”

“I do not think that bringing the fillies back here and forcing them to recount their memories of the Everfree Forest is a good idea,” Dust Storm said. “I know for sure that my daughter will not be taking a part in this questioning.”

“What’s wrong, afraid that they will prove I’m right?” Rainbow Dash taunted.

“No I’m more worried about their mental state,” Dust Storm said. “However if you wish to bring them here even though it might induce trauma on their young minds them, then I guess it’s your choice.”

Dang it, Rainbow Dash thought. I’m sure they’d be fine, after all they survived a cockatrice attack and are still fine, but if I say I want to bring them back here I’ll look really bad in front of this crowd! I just can’t win with this pony. Every time it looks like I have a chance he finds some way of shooting it down! Why does he care so much to keep Scootaloo in his custody anyways?!

“I’m sorry Miss Dash, but unless you can find some way of proving that you found the three fillies first, I’m afraid I have no choice,” the Judge said. “While you did well for yourself in court, you did not answer Mr. Storm’s final question, and you have yet to prove you found and protected the three fillies first. So I have to make my final ruling.”

No… Rainbow Dash thought. I…can’t…lose! I’m not going to let my friend down! I have to do something to prove I found them first. But what am I going to do. And how? I didn’t bring anything with me in order to prove I actually found them.

“I-I’ll go back into the Everfree Forest and grab some proof if you need it,” Rainbow Dash said. “Just give me a few minutes and I’ll find you something. I just need a chance to prove it to you.”

“Miss Dash I’m afraid it’s too late,” the Judge said. “Without proof I have to call a ruling here and now. Custody of Scootaloo goes to…”

Dang it! Rainbow Dash thought.

“Will this be good enough for you ‘proof’?” came a voice before the Judge could call out his final judgement.

Everypony looked to see Spitfire hovering down from the sky with some saddlebags at her side. Rainbow Dash found that really surprising because she didn’t notice Spitfire even left and by the look of her friends they didn’t see her leave either. Spitfire landed in front of the judge and grabbed out a few cyan feathers and some needle like fur.

“These cyan feathers obviously come from Rainbow Dash,” Spitfire said as she put the feathers down in front of the judge, “and as the princess’ personal student over there could tell you, this fur that was found in the same area is from some timberwolves.”

“T-that proves nothing,” Dust Storm said. “It only shows that Rainbow Dash happened to have a run in with some timberwolves at some point in time. It doesn’t show that the fillies were there as well.”

Spitfire flashed a smile in Dust Storm’s direction. It was a smile full of victory that was done in such a way that it seemed to be a long anticipated smile. If it weren’t for the fact that this was Spitfire that made it, you would expect a chuckle to come along with it.

“Oh really? Well does this help prove that the fillies were there?” Spitfire asked. She then took out of her saddlebag a pink bow, some orange feathers, and some pink and purple hair, all belonging to Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Bell respectively. “There were found within the same vicinity that Rainbow Dash’s feathers and the timberwolves fur were found. What do you have to say to that, Dust Storm?”

“And how do we even know you got that evidence from the same place?” Dust Storm asked. He lost his triumphant smile and is now glaring at Spitfire angrily. “Why don’t you prove that for us?”

The Judge’s horn glowed a golden brown color and he closed his eyes. He then touched his horn to the evidence and focused for a few seconds. The evidence itself started glowing a golden brown color as soon as his horn touched it.

“Spitfire is right,” the Judge said. “This evidence was all found within the same area. In fact, I can see similar items lying on the ground in the same area right now using my vision spells.”

“Well how do we know she hasn’t tampered with the evidence?” Dust Storm asked as a final offensive.

“Who’s not accepting his own defeat now?” Spitfire asked.

“It is a valid concern,” Dust Storm said. “You could have tampered with the evidence in order help prove your friend is right.”

“Well sir,” Twilight said. This is the first time she has actually spoken up during the second part of this trial, and Rainbow Dash nearly forgot she was there. “If you need to you could use the Dimensiva Clamatis spell.”

“The what spell?” Dust Storm asked.

“The Dimensiva Clamatis spell,” Twilight repeated. “It’s a spell that allows you to use an object to see an event about it in either the past or future. It’s a high level spell and can often times show you something you didn’t need, but it can be used as a last ditch effort to find something else. Some judges in the past have used it to solve possibly unsolvable cases.”

“Hmm…I think I will try it,” the judge said. He once again focused in on the evidence. After a few minutes he looked up and announced what he saw. “The evidence points strongly to Miss Dash’s claim. Miss Dash saw the fillies first. But when she went to get them out of the Everfree Forest they were attacked. Naturally that is when Mr. Storm walked in. Miss Dash, even though she might have lost the case because of it, made sure to get the fillies out and then made sure the timberwolves didn’t follow them. I believe this is proof enough that Miss Dash is indeed a better parent then you Mr. Storm. She was not willing to risk Scootaloo’s welfare over a competition to get her, nor over her usual need to win. She was also willing to risk everything just to keep the fillies safe.”

Dust Storm was starting to turn as red as his wife with anger. He looked ready to say or do anything at any time. He had his mouth open to say something, but his wife came up close to him. She whispered into his ear and he suddenly calmed down.

“Fine then,” Dust Storm said. “We lost.” Dust Storm’s wife came up with Scootaloo right behind her. “You have proven yourself the better parent Rainbow Dash. So you’ve won Scootaloo.”

“Scootaloo is a pony, not a prize to be won!” Rainbow Dash said. “And you wonder why I’m the better parent?” At that point, Rainbow Dash fully realized it to herslef. She would make a better parent then them.

“Mr. Storm, you still need to be reprimanded for lying in court,” the judge said. “However, for now we will worry about Scootaloo’s transition. We must head to the court immediately in order to make this official. Miss Dash, I expect you to take full responsibility in making this as smooth as possible for her.”

“I understand,” Rainbow Dash and Dust Storm said at the same time.

Rainbow Dash looked over to Scootaloo. “Hey Scoots,” Rainbow Dash asked, “you about ready to head to your new home?”

“So that means?” Scootaloo asked for conformation.

“Yeah kid, you’re sticking with me from now on,” Rainbow Dash confirmed. “We’ll just take a quick visit to court and then get you settled into my house.”

“If I may say this one thing,” the judge said. “When I had first head the evidence while I was sure there was something going on, I never assumed that you would prove yourself to be the better parent from what I’ve heard. While I still think you have a lot to learn, you have proven yourself well Miss Dash. Or from what I’ve heard, the soon to be Mrs. Dash.”

Rainbow Dash blushed and caught sight of her fiancée and all her friends. Soarin’ was smiling, Twilight and Applejack were also happy for Rainbow Dash. Scootaloo was wondering exactly what was going on—Rainbow Dash planned on telling her as soon as she got her home. Spitfire flashed both Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo a happy glance before staring at Dust Storm. All of them walked with the judge back to the court to sign the papers that would seal the deal.

Author's Note:

Dimensiva Clamatis is basically the best translation I could get to the Dimensional Scream in Latin. The Dimensional Scream is from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 and it is an ability the main hero gets that pretty much works how I explained it here, with a few differences. So PMD reference for the win. Why a PMD reference. Because I love those games so much.

Anyways this fic is reaching it's closing, but stay tuned for the epilogue...next week. See ya all then.