• Published 2nd Mar 2013
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Fight for Flight - Soniclink137

Rainbow Dash learns Scootaloo's family has been neglecting her. Can Rainbow Dash get her out and win a battle of custody for her? Now without a certain Wonderbolt's help.

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Chapter 4

“So Rainbow Dash,” Spifire said as Twilight started looking through all of the documents Spitfire gave her. “What has Scootaloo thought of all this so far?”

“Scootaloo?” Rainbow Dash asked. “Well…she doesn’t even know I’m doing this yet.”

“What?!” Spitfire asked loudly. Everybody looked over at her because of her outburst, but Spitfire ignored them all and kept her gaze at Rainbow Dash. “So you’re telling me you were planning all of this without telling Scootaloo at all?”

“Well I wasn’t able to get any information from her in the first place…” Rainbow Dash started.

“Which is why you went here and as soon as you heard that to figure it out yourself,” Spitfire finished for her. “I understand that Rainbow Dash. But now you know a few things, so you can possibly get Scootaloo to open up to you and actually tell her how you feel. How do you even know how Scootaloo feels about Dust Storm? Rainbow Dash, were you seriously thinking about going through with the custody case without first talking to Scootaloo about it?” Spitfire looked at Twilight. “And you were going to let her?”

“Well…we trusted that Rainbow Dash knew what she was doing,” Twilight explained.

“Yes, I can understand that,” Spitfire said, taking on a completely different tone of voice. She went from an accusatory voice to one of melancholy. “You want to trust and believe in your friend no matter what happens or what you’re told about them.” Spitfire shook her head and refocused on the matter at hand. “But you can’t always fly in without thinking first. You don’t even know what Scootaloo will think of all of this.” Spitfire let out a large breath. “Rainbow Dash, I can understand your concern for Scootaloo but what do you know about Scootaloo’s feelings? You know if you win this court case, you will be taking Scootaloo from her home. She might not like her home right now, but you don’t know how she’ll react if you take her from it.”

“Well I…” Rainbow Dash said. But she closed her mouth out of lack of a defense. She then lowered her head and closed her eyes.

“Listen Rainbow Dash,” Spitfire said, “you have to remember if you are going to be a parent you have to pay attention and think how the kid will react to your decisions. You need to let go of your egocentric nature and learn to focus on Scootaloo, or whatever kid you have for yourself. It won’t be easy for you Rainbow Dash, but if you really want to help Scootaloo then you need to do that.”

“All right,” Rainbow Dash said as she lifted her head up to look at Spitfire. “I guess…I’m not the best parent right now.”

“No Rainbow Dash, to be blunt you aren’t,” Spitfire said bluntly. “You may be loyal, but you are also egocentric and brash. But you can be a good parent and you have to be if you want to be any help for Scootaloo.”

“It will be alright,” Rarity said. “You will learn eventually. I had to learn in order to babysit Sweetie Bell.”

“And I had to learn in order to babysit the Cake twins!” Pinkie Pie said while bouncing cheerfully.

“Ah’ve had to take care of Applebloom since…” Applejack started but then stopped suddenly. “Since she was just a foal,” Applejack continued, trying to avoid a painful subject. “Even though it was with Granny Smith’s help, Ah still learned a thing or two.”

“We already talked about me taking care of Spike,” Twilight said.

“But I’m not a kid!” Spike interrupted. He looked towards Rarity “I’m all man…well dragon.”

Rarity, having spent two years hearing Spike’s attempts at flirting with her, didn’t pay too much attention to Spike’s current attempts to flirting at her.

“Umm…well,” Fluttershy said. “I only take care of the little critters around my house…but seeing the animals with their families taught me a few things.”

“I’ll admit I’ve never taken care of foals before,” Soarin’ said with a small chuckle. “But Dashie I’m going to help you as much as I can. Dashie, you and me, were going to have to learn together.”

“Rainbow Dash, I told you before that we will all help you as much as you need,” Twilight said. Rarity, Fluttershy, and Applejack all gave Rainbow Dash a supportive nod and Pinkie Pie just shook her head yes about 5 times. “Yes you’re not the best parent, but you have all of us around to help give you whatever advice you need.”

“Thanks everypony,” Rainbow Dash said. “I should probably go see Scootaloo now. Does anypony have any idea where Scootaloo is?”

“She’s with Apple Bloom back in that old clubhouse in Sweet Apple Acres,” Applejack told her. “Ah saw them headin back there when Twi was gettin us. Ah didn’t know this was happenin at the time so Ah just let them do their thing.”

“Thanks Applejack,” Rainbow Dash said. She turned to leave the library, but Spitfire stopped her with one last thing to say.

“Remember Rainbow Dash, this is where you are going to get all of your information, straight from the ponies mouth,” Spitfire said, looking directly at Rainbow Dash. “What Dust Storm is exactly doing, how Scootaloo really feels about him, and more importantly, how Scootaloo would feel about you taking her away. You need to ask Scootaloo about all of those.”

“Yes, I will,” Rainbow Dash said. She then went around Spitfire, out of the library, and took off, flying south towards Sweet Apple Acres. She flew over the brown roofed buildings of Ponyville, into the green trees of Sweet Apple Acres that were blooming with pink flowers, and in the direction of the clubhouse Apple Bloom and Scootaloo are in.

The clubhouse used to be where Applebloom, Sweetie Bell, and Scootaloo all got together as the Cutie Mark Crusaders to try and find out their talents. However since the three founding members of the Cutie Mark Crusaders all have found their talents and gained their Cutie Marks, they mostly just use the clubhouse as a hangout spot now. The current members of the Cutie Mark Crusaders now have their headquarters wherever they all decide to meet up.

Outside the clubhouse there was Scootaloo’s helmet and scooter indicating that Applejack was right and she was in there. So Rainbow Dash walked up the steps to the clubhouse and opened the door. Inside Scootaloo and Applebloom were chatting with each other when Apple Bloom didn’t have her mouth full with a hammer she was using to make a table.

“Hey fillies, what’s up?” Rainbow Dash said.

“Hey Rainbow Dash!” Scootaloo said. “Nothing much. We’re just chatting while Apple Bloom fixes up a table for the Cutie Mark Crusaders. They broke it while trying to get their Cutie Marks in karate.”

“ehs is e ix one ehs eek,” Apple Bloom mumbled incomprehensibly because of the saw in her mouth.

“Cool,” Rainbow Dash said. “Hey Scoots would you mind walking with me for a sec? I have something that I…we need to talk about.”

“Sure Rainbow Dash,” Scootaloo said. They both jumped out of the clubhouse and started walking along a random trail in Sweet Apple Acres.

“Listen Scootaloo,” Rainbow Dash said as they were walking along a path between the trees of the apple orchard. “I want to know everything you can tell me about what is happening at your home.”

“What do you mean what’s happening at home?” Scootaloo asked. “There’s nothing that’s happening at home. I mean, it’s obvious I live in an awesome house and all that.” Scootaloo then tried to suddenly change the subject. “So how’s the Wonderbolts? You guys doing some pretty awesome tricks?”

“Why don’t you have your parents take you to one of our shows?” Rainbow Dash asked. Because Scootaloo is probably not going to tell Rainbow Dash outright what is happening, Rainbow Dash decided to try getting it out of her discreetly. “I could ask Spitfire for the schedule, and while I know we don’t have any shows planned in Ponyville I’m sure we have a couple for some towns close to here. Maybe Manehatten? Of course you should probably have one of your parents be with you just to be safe.”

“So how is Soarin’ doing?” Scootaloo said, trying a different route.

“Scootaloo, I know you’re trying to hide something from me,” Rainbow Dash said, knocking of the discreet act. She was about to go all out, but then she remembered she was trying to be a good parent and she didn’t want to cause Scootaloo any pain. Ugg…this takes way more patience then I have, Rainbow Dash thought. Just…come on Rainbow Dash. You can do this. “Listen Scootaloo, if there is something you need to tell me then just come out with it. I’m not going to judge you.” She is so not going to believe me. I don’t even know if I believe me.

“Ok Rainbow Dash,” Scootaloo said. “I…really don’t like you and Soarin’ being all lovey dubey and while I do like you here I am kind of glad you now do all of that stuff in Canterlot.”

That’s not what I wanted to know, Rainbow Dash thought. Ugg…why are you being so difficult? Was I…actually wrong? Am I doing all of this for nothing? Was I too hasty and rushed into something stupid? Well if I am then why is Scootaloo constantly avoiding talking about her parents?

“And that’s it?” Rainbow Dash asked as a last ditch effort.

“Rainbow Dash, what is going on?” Scootaloo asked.

All right, I’m going to be straight with her. This is going to sound soooo bad. “Scootaloo, you told me your parents haven’t taught you how to fly yet. I would have let them off, but they’re both pegasus and they’re both rich. So I can’t see any good reason for them not teaching you yet. Not only that, but I went to see Cheerliee and she told me that your parents haven’t bother keeping an eye on your grades. So excuse me, but I’m going to be worried about you.”

“Well…my parents are just busy,” Scootaloo said.

“Yeah, their very busy with their once a day job,” Rainbow Dash said, noting what information Spitfire gave them about their job. “Come on Scootaloo. I don’t care if you don’t have the awesome house you want me to think you do. In fact I want to get you an awesome house. But I need you to talk to me.”

Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash both stopped on their walk. Scootaloo looked down towards the dirt road and her own orange hooves. She was obviously thinking of what she was going to say, and was taking a long time at that. Rainbow Dash was getting really impatient, but to help she just repeatedly thought to herself, You need to be patient Rainbow Dash. You need to be patient.

“Rainbow Dash…please don’t think I’m a wimp or anything,” Scootaloo said.

“I’m not going to think that Squirt,” Rainbow Dash said. “I didn’t think you were a wimp when you were afraid of the ghost stories I told you two years ago, and I don’t think you’re a wimp now.”

“Ok, I’ll tell you,” Scootaloo said. “But if I cry…don’t think I’m a wimp. It’s not…anything bad, or I don’t think it is. I mean, at least they do make sure I’m fed and I guess I’ve got a place to sleep. But…that’s it. I hardly ever see them and when I do, they don’t bother noticing me. I have to actually talk to them before they notice me. And even then, they don’t really do anything for me. I could ask them to take me to Manehatten, but they’ll probably just say no.”

“And I don’t know,” Scootaloos said. The tears were starting to form in her eyes. “Sweetie Bell’s parents travel a lot but they still make sure she is in good hooves. When my parents are gone it’s just me on my own. And Sweetie Bell actually gets things from her parents. My parents haven’t given me anything.”

“What about your scooter?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“I was given that as a present from somepony else,” Scootaloo said. “I don’t even know who gave it to me, but I know for sure it wasn’t my parents. I envy Sweetie Bell, and hay even Apple Bloom. Apple Bloom’s parents might be gone somewhere but at least they were nice and actually care about her according to Applejack. And Dinky’s parent cares about her. Rumble’s and Pipsqueak’s. Why am I the odd one out?” Scootaloo finally broke out in tears.

Well, looks like I’ve finally learned exactly what Scootaloo thinks, Rainbow Dash thought. I don’t know whether I should be glad I’m right or not.

“Hey Scoots,” Rainbow Dash said as she wrapped a wing around the crying pegasus filly. “You know what, you’re an awesome filly. If you think otherwise you’re wrong. And an awesome filly like you needs an awesome home. And I’m going to make sure and get that home for you.”

“What do you mean you’re going to get me an awesome home?” Scootaloo asked. “Where am I going to go? There is no place I can think of to go that’s as awesome as…”

“You’re coming with me kid,” Rainbow Dash said. “During the weekdays you’ll be staying at the Wonderbolt H.Q and during the weekends you can stay in my house in Ponyville.”

“Really?” Scootaloo asked. When Rainbow Dash nodded her face started lighting up. Then she realized something that broke her happy expression. “Does this mean I have to change schools and leave all of my friends behind?”

“Hay no kid!” Rainbow Dash said. “I’m going to take you to school each morning. It shouldn’t be too hard to do that, after all I am the fastest flyer in all of Equestria. So you’ll still be able to still see your friends every day. And since you’ll be around the Wonderbolt H.Q you will be able to meet the Wonderbolts any time you want. And also you’ll get to see some our shows for free.”

“You’re really going to do that?” Scootaloo asked. “Are you really going to do that for me?”

“You bet squirt,” Rainbow Dash said. “I can’t do it until next week, but trust me Scoots, but this time next week you’ll be joining me.”

“Wow, thanks Rainbow Dash!” Scootaloo yelled out. She hovered up and did an aerial front flip. Excitedly she ran off in the direction of the clubhouse probably to tell Apple Bloom.

Great. That went better than I expected, Rainbow Dash thought. She started walking on the pathway back to Ponyville. Now I guess I just need to tell Twilight what I learned from her and figure out how I’ll be able to convince Spitfire to let me start practice a bit later so I can take Scootaloo to school. Ironically, while Rainbow Dash was lost in her thoughts she nearly ran into the Wonderbolt captain. She just barely noticed the flash of yellow before jumping back to avoid a collision.

“Ahh Spit-I mean, Captain,” Rainbow Dash said. She jumped back, but Spitfire was still only a few feet in front of her and was stationary. “What are you doing here? Did you follow me all the way from the library?”

“I wanted to see how well you would do,” Spitfire said. “And I wanted to hear the information Scootaloo gives straight from her.”

“Don’t you trust me?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“It isn’t about whether I trusted you,” Spitfire said. “This is about me needing to witness it firsthoof. It has nothing to do with you.” Spitfire then changed tracks. “Scootaloo looked really excited when you left her. I hope you aren’t getting her hopes up for nothing. You do know if you fail this trial then Scootaloo will be crushed.”

“Well I’m not going to fail!” Rainbow Dash said confidently.

“Are you sure about that?” Spitfire asked. “You are already making promises to her you don’t know if you will be able to keep. What makes you think I am going to adjust my schedule to accommodate your promise to keep Scootaloo in the school in Ponyville? You’re once again thinking hastily.”

“Well…I’m trying ok!” Rainbow Dash said. “And you could help by adjusting the schedule. It’s the only way I can keep Scootaloo confident since I know she would hate me if I were forcing her to leave Ponyville.”

“Yes Rainbow Dash, it will take a few adjustments, but I think I can work your division’s schedule so you can get Scootaloo to school,” Spitfire said. “Though you need to figure things out from there.”

Rainbow Dash gave Spitfire a questioning look. “Really? It was that easy? I thought I was going to have to figure out some way of convincing you or beg or something? Why are you helping out so much?”

“Rainbow Dash, just because I’m strict doesn’t mean I don’t care about anypony,” Spitfire explained. “I’m just strict to make sure I keep authority up and to get things done.”

“Well yeah, I know that,” Rainbow Dash said. “But you seem to be really interested in making sure I’m ready to take Scootaloo in. I’ve never seen you go this far just to help somepony out. What is with that?”

“I…have a few personal reasons,” Spitfire admitted. “None of which I am going to share with you. I will admit though I do have a reason for being a bit more helpful then I usually am. And no before you ask him, Soarin’ doesn’t know the reason either.”

“Spitfire, I’m going to do the best I can,” Rainbow Dash said. “What do you want, a confession in front of all of Equestria?”

“Repetition,” Spitfire said. “If you say something over and over again it gets stuck in your head and strengthens your resolve. Now keep that resolve strong Rainbow Dash. You know what’s at stake here."

Author's Note:

All right this chapter is finally out. And yes, the moment you have all been waiting for. Rainbow Dash has finally confronted Scootaloo on exactly what her parents were like. I didn't want to begin with that because I was sort of going on Phoenix Wright mentality where you don't confront the subject until you have enough evidence to use on them. If Rainbow Dash were to talk to Scootaloo at any other point in time, she wouldn't be able to get anything out of here because she had no proof.

Oh, and Apple Bloom said "This is the sixth one this week" just in case you were wondering.