• Published 2nd Mar 2013
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Fight for Flight - Soniclink137

Rainbow Dash learns Scootaloo's family has been neglecting her. Can Rainbow Dash get her out and win a battle of custody for her? Now without a certain Wonderbolt's help.

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Chapter 2

“Rainbow Dash, are you serious?” Twilight asked her friend. She set the book of law on the table in front of her as soon as she heard Rainbow Dash’s plan. “Are you really going to go to court and try and get Scootaloo out of her house and into yours? Are you sure that’s even going to work out?”

“Well I have to do something,” Rainbow Dash said. “I won’t just leave Scootaloo. And I guess this is the best way I can think to do it. Your right Twilight, if I go busting in it’ll look really bad for me and I’ll probably get kicked out of the Wonderbolts for it. But if I win a court case, then it’ll look bad for the Wonderbolts if I’m kicked out for trying to help a defenseless filly.”

“Well if you’re really going to do this then I’ll go talk to Spitfire,” Soarin’ said. “She might know something about Scootaloo’s parents that could help you. You’re going to need a lot if you’re going to win that case.”

Rainbow Dash nodded to Soarin’. “Thanks Soar. That’ll help a lot.”

“You’re welcome Dashie.” Soarin’ walked out of the library and closed the door again. Before he took off however, he took a look back at the library and said softly to himself, “You’re going to need a lot Dashie. Probably more than you can provide on your own.” He then took one deep breath, before taking off and flying for the Wonderbolt H.Q.

Back inside the library Twilight once again had the book of law levitated in front of her face. After finding what she was looking for in the Glossary she immediately started flipping through the book trying to fine the page that has what she was looking for. When she found it she levitated the book over the table and set it down on the table with the page she was just in facing up.

“Well you want to put them on trial for neglect,” Twilight said, “but that’s only half the battle. According to most law books I’ve read you also need to find plenty of evidence in order to prove that they were endangering Scootaloo’s future. But not only that, you also need to prove that you would be able to take care of Scootaloo better than they would. And well…no offence but that is going to be the hardest part of all this.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence Twilight.” Rainbow Dash didn’t sound offended at that. From her voice it almost sounded like she was more worried about that then Twilight was. And not because of the court trial that’s ahead, but the trial that she will face afterwards.

“I’m sorry Rainbow Dash. I didn’t mean—” Twilight started but was interrupted in the middle of her sentence.

“That I’m probably not ready for this? That I could be leading Scootaloo into a worse situation then she is already in? That I’m probably the worst parent in the world?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“You’re afraid you’ll be a bad parent.” Rainbow Dash didn’t say anything, but she did give a slightly visible nod. “Rainbow Dash, you know how for my magic exam I hatched Spike’s egg?”

“Yeah, but you can’t tell me that you took care of Spike on your own,” Rainbow Dash said. “You probably had the princess or your parents helping you out or something.”

“Then you’ve got my point.” Twilight levitated a picture of all of their friends to her. “You won’t be alone either. You have all of us who are willing to give you all the help you need. And not only that but I’m sure Soarin’ will also help you. We will all be here for you Rainbow Dash, so you don’t need to worry about that. For now we need to focus on actually getting Scootaloo out.”

“Ok Twilight,” Rainbow Dash said. However even though she said that she still didn’t look too convinced herself. But she was at least willing change her focus on the task at hand. “So what should we do first?”

Twilight levitated a document she had in the room to her. She also levitated the Ponyville census to her and reopened it back to the page she was on first. She was comparing something on the two documents and spent a good few minutes doing so. Rainbow Dash was starting to grow impatient but before she said anything Twilight was done with what she was looking over.

“How much do you think Scootaloo’s parents pay attention to her school work?” Twilight asked Rainbow Dash.

“Cheerlie gave you the kid’s grades?” Rainbow Dash asked, figuring that was the document Twilight was looking at. She was quite amazed not only at her luck but also that Twilight was even given the document.

“No, this document has nothing to do with grades. It has to do with something else we’ll deal with later,” Twilight said. “For now, I would try going to see Cheerlie at the Ponyville Schoolhouse and asking her about it. She might be able tell you something that will help your case. And I’ll go get Spike from Sweet Apple Acres and have him send a letter to the princess. She might be able to help out with situation as well.”

“Thanks Twilight.” Rainbow Dash took off and was about to leave but then she realized something. “What exactly is Spike doing in Sweet Apple Acres?” she asked Twilight.

“I told him to stay at home when he had a cold,” Twilight said, “but he didn’t listen to me and followed along on my errands anyways. You can probably guess what happened from there.”

“Nopony got hurt right?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“No, but to make up for it Spike had to go work over there for a few days,” Twilight replied.

Rainbow Dash tried to hold in her laughter but she was unable to and ended up rolling on the floor laughing. While she was doing that Twilight was rolling her eyes, but she did expect this from her. After a few more seconds of laughing Rainbow Dash got back up from the ground and shook herself off.

“Ok now that was funny,” Rainbow Dash said. She gave one last chuckle before heading out the door of the library.

Twilight watched her friend walk out before levitating the previous document back towards her. “I’m glad you got the chance to laugh,” Twilight said while looking over the document. “Because by the looks of things there’s one huge barrier I don’t know exactly how you’re going to overcome. Unless…but you wouldn’t like that. I know you well enough to know that.”


Soarin’ had finally reached the Wonderbolt H.Q and started walking around to find Spitfire. She wasn’t on the training field for the new recruits which Soarin’ took some joy from. When working with the trainees Spitfire was usually much more strict and intense. She lightens up a bit when dealing with the full-fledged members of the Wonderbolts, but she still does manage to retain her authority. Soarin’ managed to find her in the mess hall, and luckily there weren’t too many other ponies around.

“Hey Spitfire,” Soarin’ called out to her.

“Soarin’,” Spitfire said in recognition. “Didn’t expect to see you here so early. Is there something going on that I should know?”

“Yeah.” Soarin’ walked up to the orange pegasus. “You remember that Dash spends her weekends trying to help a pegasus filly learn how to fly right?”

“I’m the captain,” Spitfire reminded Soarin’, “and I wouldn’t be an effective one if I didn’t know what each and every one of you does when you’re not here. So I know all about Rainbow Dash training Scootaloo. Why?”

Soarin’ was surprised that Spitfire knew the name of the filly that Rainbow Dash was training but didn’t decide to pursue it. “Well Rainbow Dash ran into a little problem. She thinks that Scootlaoo’s parents aren’t taking care of her, and wants to get her out of that house.”

Spitfire gave Soarin’ a surprised look and mumbled something to herself, but she was too soft for Soarin’ to hear what she was saying. She then shook her head before looking back at Soarin’. “Ok then Soarin’, what do you need?” Spitfire asked.

“Well Dash needs some information on Dust Storm. But that’s not why I’m here,” Soarin’ said. “I’m here because well…” Soarin’ thought for a few moments before continuing. “According to Twilight, Scootaloo’s parents have a lot of money to their names. Dash will probably not be able to match that kind of money on her income right now.”

“No, I am not raising Rainbow Dash’s pay,” Spitfire said bluntly. “I will help you in any way I can, but I can’t afford to raise Rainbow Dash’s pay, especially since this will probably lose us one of our supporters. Besides, even if I tried, I couldn’t do it nearly enough to get Rainbow Dash in the clear. Scootaloo’s parents have enough money that it would take almost two Wonderbolt incomes in order to match that.”

“I know about that,” Soarin’ said. “I’m not asking you to raise Dash’s income. I need your advice on something else.” Soarin’ looked around and saw that a few more Wonderbolts came into the mess hall. Because he didn’t want anybody else but Spitfire knowing about his plans, he decided to be as vague as possible while still getting his point across.

“Do you remember my plans for next month?” Soarin’ asked Spitfire.

Spitfire also noticed the members coming in so she tried being as vague as Soarin’ is. “Yes, what about them?” Spitfire asked. She came to a realization of what Soarin’ is thinking. “Are you planning on…?”

“Yeah,” Soarin’ said. “But what do you think she will think?”

“Well you know she’s going to notice the timing of it,” Spitfire said. “She might think your just doing that to try and help her out, and you know how stubborn she is. But on the other hoof, your set in doing this, aren’t you?”

“Well yeah,” Soarin’ said. “I was planning on doing this next month anyways, but since it’ll help Dash now, I’ll do it now. But, Dash isn’t the type of mare that likes it when she’s unable to do things on her own and needs help. I need to convince her that this isn’t just because of the trial that she is about to go to, but I just don’t know what to say to her. What do you think I should tell her?”

“Well you should just make sure she knows you were planning this in the first place and hope for the best,” Spitfire said. “I can’t exactly tell you Rainbow Dash will like it, but if she knows you were planning on doing this anyways she might agree. While she may not exactly like that she is getting help, she will appreciate it anyways. If you’re really serious about this then all you can do is try.”

“Thanks Spitfire. I’ll try and explain the best I can.”

“Are you planning on asking her today?” Spitfire asked Soarin’.

“Well yeah,” Soarin’ replied. “Dash probably won’t call for the trial until next week because of practice tomorrow…”

“Which I’m not skipping for you guys,” Spitfire interrupted. “I want to help you, but there are many things I can’t do and that’s one of them. If the trial next week lasts too long then I have to let Rainbow Dash off practice to go to it—and I mean only Rainbow Dash—but this week I expect both of you back by tomorrow morning.”

“Yeah I know,” Soarin’ said before continuing. “Anyways even though the trial will probably happen next week, it’ll be better if we get this out of the way now.”

“Ok then,” Spitfire said. She turned into the direction of the exit to the mess hall. “Let’s go to my office. I’ll give you back what you gave to me for safe keeping the get you whatever information I have on Dust Storm. Then you can go down and ask Rainbow Dash.”

Soarin’ started walking with Spitfire. “Thanks for the help Spitfire,” he said.

“No problem,” Spitfire said. “Just try and get Scootaloo into a good home will you two?”

“On it captain,” Soarin’ said with a salute.