Fight for Flight

by Soniclink137

First published

Rainbow Dash learns Scootaloo's family has been neglecting her. Can Rainbow Dash get her out and win a battle of custody for her? Now without a certain Wonderbolt's help.

Scootaloo's Family Trilogy Story 1

Takes place a few years after Sleepless in Ponyville. Rainbow Dash has taken Scootaloo under her wing and has started teaching her how to fly. However through those few years she has grown suspicious over the parents that never bothered to teach their filly how to fly. She goes to Twilight to satisfy her curiosity, and she learns something shocking there. Now Rainbow Dash feels she has to take Scootaloo in, and fight for custody. Will Rainbow Dash be able to muster up her own courage and overcome her shortcomings to help out Scootaloo?

Meanwhile her Coltfriend Soarin' wants to help her. However that means Soarin' has to do something earlier then he wanted to. Can Soarin' find a way to get Rainbow Dash to agree with what he is going to ask her? Will Spitfire be able to help give him that push he needs? And why is Spitfire so interesting in what is going with Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo?

Chapter 1

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“So squirt, you ready for today’s lesson?” a cyan Pegasus with a rainbow mane asked a small orange Pegasus filly with a purple mane. They were both standing in a wide open grassy field that was perfect for flying around in. And that is exactly what the Pegasus filly was hoping to do.

“Yep Rainbow Dash!” The filly said excitedly. “So what are you going to teach me today?”

“Well I figure since you’ve got take offs and hovering in the air down, we’ll work on your maneuverability in air,” Rainbow Dash said. “We’ll start here just for practice, but if you get good enough today I might take you to Sweet Apple Acres and you can practice there. Prove yourself to be a really fast learner and we might even be able to get to tricks next week when I’m done with Wonderbolt practice.”

“Think I’ll ever manage to break the sound barrier like you someday?” the filly asked.

“Heh, keep trying Scoots and you might someday manage to be as awesome as me,” Rainbow Dash said with a hoof on her chest. “But for now let’s take it to the skies.”

Both Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo took off into the skies starting what has become a routine for both of them.

After Rainbow Dash decided to take Scootaloo under her wing the thing Rainbow Dash immediately wanted to do was teach her a few nice tricks sort of like what Soarin’ taught her. So obviously one of the first things Rainbow Dash learned was that Scootaloo was never really taught how to fly yet. Of course Rainbow Dash met that with anger wondering exactly what parents wouldn’t bother to teach their Pegasus kid how to do something that she believes each Pegasus should at least know how to do even if they don’t use it much.

Scootaloo told Rainbow Dash quickly that they were just too busy to teach her how to fly and asked Rainbow Dash if she could be her teacher in order to change the subject. While it was still on Rainbow Dash’s mind, she decided to let it go for now because hey, if their busy there busy and she’ll probably be a better teacher then them anyways. And there is always a possibility that they are Earth Ponies or Unicorns, preventing them from being able to teach Scootaloo.

So Rainbow Dash immediately started teaching Scootaloo the ropes but because Rainbow Dash joined the Wonderbolt Academy and later became an actual Wonderbolt, she was starting to be only able to meet with her once a week really slowing down progress. It’s been a few years, and they have just nearly reached where Rainbow Dash originally wanted to start in. And they aren’t going to come close to it today either.

Sure Scootaloo is learning how to make some sharp turns quite fast thanks to a few techniques Soarin’ told Dash to try out when she was asking him about it; however Rainbow Dash still felt she was too stiff while turning and would most likely hurt herself if she tried maneuvering around trees. While Rainbow Dash hasn’t been letting it affect her too much, she will admit that it is annoying how slow their progress is.

“Ok that’s enough for today squirt,” Rainbow Dash said as she signaled for them to land. When they landed on the ground she sighed and said “Well Scoots, I guess we’ll have to wait until next week before we try out maneuvering between trees.”

“Aw man,” Scootaloo groaned.

“Hey kid, don’t worry about it,” Rainbow Dash said. “We can pick things up next week and hopefully get to tricks soon. It still will take you a bit to get to the more awesome tricks that I know, but hey you’re getting there squirt. Soon you might be just about as cool as I am. Almost anyways.”

“Are you sure you can’t spend just a bit more time training me?” Scootaloo asked.

“I’d like to but Spitfire would have my head if I tire myself too much. Though I’m sure I know somepony who would get a nice laugh out of that. Anyways, you can still hang out with me if ya want to.”

“Ok, I guess,” Scootaloo said with disappointment in her voice.

“Hey Scoots, how about you try and get your parents to at least keep an eye on you while you practice,” Rainbow Dash said. “They may be uncool enough to not bother teaching you how to fly, but the least they can do is actually watch you.”

“Uh…yeah…I’ll um…ask them,” Scootaloo said nervously. “Well um…see ya later Dash!” Before Rainbow Dash could say anything else Scootaloo ran away quickly.

What is with that kid? Rainbow Dash thought. Anytime I bring up her parents she immediately dodges the question or tries to change the subject. Who are her parents anyways? I’ll swing by the library and ask Twilight if she knows. So Rainbow Dash took off and went south towards town.


The library is located a bit outside of Ponyville Town Square and is quite easy to see because it is a large tree. So even from high in the sky Rainbow Dash was able to make a beeline for it and quickly land near it. She then proceeded to walk on in and just as soon as she walked in she suddenly saw a flash of white in front of her and felt some lips touch her’s.

Her heart immediately raced in her chest and she almost wanted to melt inside the kiss she was suddenly given. Rainbow Dash may not be the romantic type, but even she likes a nice kiss from her stallion even if she wouldn’t admit it to his face. But she has something she needs to do right now, so she wasn’t going to let it last long.

The kiss lasted a few seconds before they broke away and Rainbow Dash got a good look at exactly who kissed her. Standing in front of her with a smile on his face is a white Pegasus stallion with a blue mane. His cutie mark is the same as the Wonderbolts, and his eyes that always look tired are emerald green.

“Hey Dashie, like your surprise?” the Pegasus asked.

“Soarin’!” Rainbow Dash called out. “You should consider yourself lucky. If you were somepony else, your flank would look like Caramel’s right now.”

Because Soarin’ has met Sweet Apple Acres’ farmhoof several times before from when he was getting some pie from there, he knew exactly what Rainbow Dash was talking about. He took it with humor; however he didn’t doubt that Rainbow Dash would do that out of annoyance. That mare is not one you want to get angry any time soon.

“So what are you doing here in the first place?” Rainbow Dash asked. “If you were in Ponyville I would expect to see you in Sweet Apple Acres and not here.”

“I was in the area, so rather than spend my time looking for where you and Scootaloo were practicing, I decided to just wait at the library,” Soarin’ explained.

“And I’m sure a meeting with Twilight had nothing to do with it,” Rainbow Dash said knowing her friends well.

And Twilight picked that unfortunate time to come walking down the steps. The lavender Unicorn came down trying to pretend she had nothing to do with this meeting whatsoever. She was easy to figure out though and her forced voice didn’t help her acting in any way.

“Soarin’? Rainbow Dash? What are you two doing here?” Twilight asked. “If you’re looking for the romance section, I can lead you both there.”

Rainbow Dash groaned and facehoofed. “Really Twilight?” Rainbow Dash asked. “You’re being really obvious here. A filly could figure out what you’re doing.”

“Sorry. But when I saw Soarin’ outside the library I had to do this,” Twilight said. “I figured you’d eventually come here to see if the new Daring Doo book.”

“Actually that’s not why I’m here,” Rainbow Dash said, “I’m here to ask you something Twilight. Do you know anything about Scootaloo’s parents?”

Twilight levitated a book that was lying on her desk in the middle of the room closer to her. She opened it up and started flipping through the pages saying “No, but just give me a few seconds and I’ll find out for you.”

Soarin’ had his mouth open and was about to say something, but Rainbow Dash asked Twilight another question first. “What is with that book? How is that going to help me find anything out?”

“This is the Ponyville census,” Twilight explained as she was flipping through the pages. “Mayor Mare lent it to me for a large project I’m working on for the princess.” Naturally that means it was just a small side project that the princess requested Twilight to do in her free time.

“Why do you want to know about Scootaloo’s parents anyways?” Soarin’ asked when he finally got a chance.

“That kid’s been dodging the question every time I ask her about her parents,” Rainbow Dash explained. “And according to her, her parents are too busy to give her flying lessons. I first thought that she was just hiding the fact that they were either Earth Ponies or Unicorns, but even then they still could at least send her to flight school. That’s what I recommended the Cakes do when Pound Cake grows old enough.”

“Well they could be too poor to pay for flight school,” Soarin’ said. “So you’re probably doing them a favor by taking Scootaloo under your wing.”

“No they aren’t.” Both Soarin’ and Rainbow Dash looked over when Twilight spoke to see her looking into the book with a shocked expression. “They’re both Pegasus, and quite rich ones that that,” Twilight continued. “You might have heard of one of them Soarin’. A Dust Storm?”

Soarin’ thought for a moment. “His name does sound familiar. I…can’t exactly place it though. I’ll ask Spitfire about it when I get back.”

“So Twilight, you’re telling me Scootaloo has two rich Pegasus parents, and they haven’t bothered to teach her how to fly or pay for her to join flight school?” Rainbow Dash asked incredulously. Rainbow Dash jumped up and hovered at about the middle between the floor and the ceiling. “Somepony better give me a good reason why Scootaloo was flightless before I started teaching her or I’m going to start bucking some heads.”

“Rainbow Dash, I wouldn’t be too hasty!” Twilight called out to her friend before she did something rash. “Dust Storm apparently is a contributor to the Wonderbolts! And you don’t even know if they have a good reason for not teaching Scootaloo to fly yet. You don’t want to get kicked out of the Wonderbolts all because of a misunderstanding.”

Of course nothing Twilight said made Rainbow Dash less angry. “Well what do you want me to do?! Scootaloo was always afraid of talking about her parents, and then now I learn that they haven’t bothered to teach her how to fly even though they were perfectly capable! You can’t tell me they were worried about Scootaloo’s safety in the skies, because she would be almost safer going to flight school and learning flying from there!

Besides, without flight Pegasus Ponies have much less jobs they can do. Sure it can work if you have the right talents, but each Pegasus should at least know how to fly just in case. What kind of jerkish parents don’t bother thinking about their kid’s future? I’m almost more of a parent to Scootaloo then them right now!”

A thought crossed Rainbow Dash’s mind causing her face to go from one of anger to a sadder, thoughtful one. She landed to the ground and folded in her wings. Both Soarin’ and Twilight were wondering what exactly Rainbow Dash thought of to cause her to end her rant and land on the ground so suddenly.

“Twilight,” Rainbow Dash asked slowly, “do you have any books on law?”

“Well yes,” Twilight said as she put the Ponyville Census book down and grabbed a few books from the shelves to her left, “but what are you thinking Rainbow Dash?”

“If I can…if I have to…I need to get Scootaloo out of that home,” Rainbow Dash said slowly. She looked to the ground, thinking of exactly this meant for her. “And…into mine. And well…the best way I can think of doing that is to take it to the courts.”

Both Twilight’s and Soarin’s mouth dropped at exactly what Rainbow Dash was saying.

Chapter 2

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“Rainbow Dash, are you serious?” Twilight asked her friend. She set the book of law on the table in front of her as soon as she heard Rainbow Dash’s plan. “Are you really going to go to court and try and get Scootaloo out of her house and into yours? Are you sure that’s even going to work out?”

“Well I have to do something,” Rainbow Dash said. “I won’t just leave Scootaloo. And I guess this is the best way I can think to do it. Your right Twilight, if I go busting in it’ll look really bad for me and I’ll probably get kicked out of the Wonderbolts for it. But if I win a court case, then it’ll look bad for the Wonderbolts if I’m kicked out for trying to help a defenseless filly.”

“Well if you’re really going to do this then I’ll go talk to Spitfire,” Soarin’ said. “She might know something about Scootaloo’s parents that could help you. You’re going to need a lot if you’re going to win that case.”

Rainbow Dash nodded to Soarin’. “Thanks Soar. That’ll help a lot.”

“You’re welcome Dashie.” Soarin’ walked out of the library and closed the door again. Before he took off however, he took a look back at the library and said softly to himself, “You’re going to need a lot Dashie. Probably more than you can provide on your own.” He then took one deep breath, before taking off and flying for the Wonderbolt H.Q.

Back inside the library Twilight once again had the book of law levitated in front of her face. After finding what she was looking for in the Glossary she immediately started flipping through the book trying to fine the page that has what she was looking for. When she found it she levitated the book over the table and set it down on the table with the page she was just in facing up.

“Well you want to put them on trial for neglect,” Twilight said, “but that’s only half the battle. According to most law books I’ve read you also need to find plenty of evidence in order to prove that they were endangering Scootaloo’s future. But not only that, you also need to prove that you would be able to take care of Scootaloo better than they would. And well…no offence but that is going to be the hardest part of all this.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence Twilight.” Rainbow Dash didn’t sound offended at that. From her voice it almost sounded like she was more worried about that then Twilight was. And not because of the court trial that’s ahead, but the trial that she will face afterwards.

“I’m sorry Rainbow Dash. I didn’t mean—” Twilight started but was interrupted in the middle of her sentence.

“That I’m probably not ready for this? That I could be leading Scootaloo into a worse situation then she is already in? That I’m probably the worst parent in the world?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“You’re afraid you’ll be a bad parent.” Rainbow Dash didn’t say anything, but she did give a slightly visible nod. “Rainbow Dash, you know how for my magic exam I hatched Spike’s egg?”

“Yeah, but you can’t tell me that you took care of Spike on your own,” Rainbow Dash said. “You probably had the princess or your parents helping you out or something.”

“Then you’ve got my point.” Twilight levitated a picture of all of their friends to her. “You won’t be alone either. You have all of us who are willing to give you all the help you need. And not only that but I’m sure Soarin’ will also help you. We will all be here for you Rainbow Dash, so you don’t need to worry about that. For now we need to focus on actually getting Scootaloo out.”

“Ok Twilight,” Rainbow Dash said. However even though she said that she still didn’t look too convinced herself. But she was at least willing change her focus on the task at hand. “So what should we do first?”

Twilight levitated a document she had in the room to her. She also levitated the Ponyville census to her and reopened it back to the page she was on first. She was comparing something on the two documents and spent a good few minutes doing so. Rainbow Dash was starting to grow impatient but before she said anything Twilight was done with what she was looking over.

“How much do you think Scootaloo’s parents pay attention to her school work?” Twilight asked Rainbow Dash.

“Cheerlie gave you the kid’s grades?” Rainbow Dash asked, figuring that was the document Twilight was looking at. She was quite amazed not only at her luck but also that Twilight was even given the document.

“No, this document has nothing to do with grades. It has to do with something else we’ll deal with later,” Twilight said. “For now, I would try going to see Cheerlie at the Ponyville Schoolhouse and asking her about it. She might be able tell you something that will help your case. And I’ll go get Spike from Sweet Apple Acres and have him send a letter to the princess. She might be able to help out with situation as well.”

“Thanks Twilight.” Rainbow Dash took off and was about to leave but then she realized something. “What exactly is Spike doing in Sweet Apple Acres?” she asked Twilight.

“I told him to stay at home when he had a cold,” Twilight said, “but he didn’t listen to me and followed along on my errands anyways. You can probably guess what happened from there.”

“Nopony got hurt right?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“No, but to make up for it Spike had to go work over there for a few days,” Twilight replied.

Rainbow Dash tried to hold in her laughter but she was unable to and ended up rolling on the floor laughing. While she was doing that Twilight was rolling her eyes, but she did expect this from her. After a few more seconds of laughing Rainbow Dash got back up from the ground and shook herself off.

“Ok now that was funny,” Rainbow Dash said. She gave one last chuckle before heading out the door of the library.

Twilight watched her friend walk out before levitating the previous document back towards her. “I’m glad you got the chance to laugh,” Twilight said while looking over the document. “Because by the looks of things there’s one huge barrier I don’t know exactly how you’re going to overcome. Unless…but you wouldn’t like that. I know you well enough to know that.”


Soarin’ had finally reached the Wonderbolt H.Q and started walking around to find Spitfire. She wasn’t on the training field for the new recruits which Soarin’ took some joy from. When working with the trainees Spitfire was usually much more strict and intense. She lightens up a bit when dealing with the full-fledged members of the Wonderbolts, but she still does manage to retain her authority. Soarin’ managed to find her in the mess hall, and luckily there weren’t too many other ponies around.

“Hey Spitfire,” Soarin’ called out to her.

“Soarin’,” Spitfire said in recognition. “Didn’t expect to see you here so early. Is there something going on that I should know?”

“Yeah.” Soarin’ walked up to the orange pegasus. “You remember that Dash spends her weekends trying to help a pegasus filly learn how to fly right?”

“I’m the captain,” Spitfire reminded Soarin’, “and I wouldn’t be an effective one if I didn’t know what each and every one of you does when you’re not here. So I know all about Rainbow Dash training Scootaloo. Why?”

Soarin’ was surprised that Spitfire knew the name of the filly that Rainbow Dash was training but didn’t decide to pursue it. “Well Rainbow Dash ran into a little problem. She thinks that Scootlaoo’s parents aren’t taking care of her, and wants to get her out of that house.”

Spitfire gave Soarin’ a surprised look and mumbled something to herself, but she was too soft for Soarin’ to hear what she was saying. She then shook her head before looking back at Soarin’. “Ok then Soarin’, what do you need?” Spitfire asked.

“Well Dash needs some information on Dust Storm. But that’s not why I’m here,” Soarin’ said. “I’m here because well…” Soarin’ thought for a few moments before continuing. “According to Twilight, Scootaloo’s parents have a lot of money to their names. Dash will probably not be able to match that kind of money on her income right now.”

“No, I am not raising Rainbow Dash’s pay,” Spitfire said bluntly. “I will help you in any way I can, but I can’t afford to raise Rainbow Dash’s pay, especially since this will probably lose us one of our supporters. Besides, even if I tried, I couldn’t do it nearly enough to get Rainbow Dash in the clear. Scootaloo’s parents have enough money that it would take almost two Wonderbolt incomes in order to match that.”

“I know about that,” Soarin’ said. “I’m not asking you to raise Dash’s income. I need your advice on something else.” Soarin’ looked around and saw that a few more Wonderbolts came into the mess hall. Because he didn’t want anybody else but Spitfire knowing about his plans, he decided to be as vague as possible while still getting his point across.

“Do you remember my plans for next month?” Soarin’ asked Spitfire.

Spitfire also noticed the members coming in so she tried being as vague as Soarin’ is. “Yes, what about them?” Spitfire asked. She came to a realization of what Soarin’ is thinking. “Are you planning on…?”

“Yeah,” Soarin’ said. “But what do you think she will think?”

“Well you know she’s going to notice the timing of it,” Spitfire said. “She might think your just doing that to try and help her out, and you know how stubborn she is. But on the other hoof, your set in doing this, aren’t you?”

“Well yeah,” Soarin’ said. “I was planning on doing this next month anyways, but since it’ll help Dash now, I’ll do it now. But, Dash isn’t the type of mare that likes it when she’s unable to do things on her own and needs help. I need to convince her that this isn’t just because of the trial that she is about to go to, but I just don’t know what to say to her. What do you think I should tell her?”

“Well you should just make sure she knows you were planning this in the first place and hope for the best,” Spitfire said. “I can’t exactly tell you Rainbow Dash will like it, but if she knows you were planning on doing this anyways she might agree. While she may not exactly like that she is getting help, she will appreciate it anyways. If you’re really serious about this then all you can do is try.”

“Thanks Spitfire. I’ll try and explain the best I can.”

“Are you planning on asking her today?” Spitfire asked Soarin’.

“Well yeah,” Soarin’ replied. “Dash probably won’t call for the trial until next week because of practice tomorrow…”

“Which I’m not skipping for you guys,” Spitfire interrupted. “I want to help you, but there are many things I can’t do and that’s one of them. If the trial next week lasts too long then I have to let Rainbow Dash off practice to go to it—and I mean only Rainbow Dash—but this week I expect both of you back by tomorrow morning.”

“Yeah I know,” Soarin’ said before continuing. “Anyways even though the trial will probably happen next week, it’ll be better if we get this out of the way now.”

“Ok then,” Spitfire said. She turned into the direction of the exit to the mess hall. “Let’s go to my office. I’ll give you back what you gave to me for safe keeping the get you whatever information I have on Dust Storm. Then you can go down and ask Rainbow Dash.”

Soarin’ started walking with Spitfire. “Thanks for the help Spitfire,” he said.

“No problem,” Spitfire said. “Just try and get Scootaloo into a good home will you two?”

“On it captain,” Soarin’ said with a salute.

Chapter 3

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Rainbow Dash landed in front of the Ponyville Schoolhouse and immediately walked in. While there was nothing that said Cheerlie would be there today, it was the only place Rainbow Dash could think to look because she certainty didn’t know where the pony teacher lived. If she wasn’t there, then Rainbow Dash planned on going to Sweet Apple Acres and see if Twilight or Applejack knew where she lived.

However Rainbow Dash’s planning was not needed, because Cheerlie was in the schoolhouse, along with Rarity and Sweetie Bell. As Rainbow Dash slowly trotted in all three of the other ponies in the Schoolhouse turned to see who was walking in. Cheerlie and Rarity were both surprised to see Rainbow Dash in the schoolhouse. Rarity was the first to talk.

“Darling, fancy meeting you here,” she said. “What brings you to the schoolhouse?”

“I need to ask Cheerilee about something,” Rainbow Dash answered. “What about you? Shouldn’t Sweetie Bell’s patents be here instead of you?”

“Well normally the would be—after all a parent is responsible for keeping an eye on their kids schoolwork—however our parents had other engagements today and were unable to come,” Rarity explained. “So they asked me to come here instead and check up on Sweetie Bell’s progress. I didn’t have any large orders to fill in today so I was more than happy to help out my dear parents.”

“So what do you need to ask me about Rainbow Dash?” Cheerilee asked.

“Well I was wondering. Do Scootaloo’s parents keep a close eye on her school work?” Rainbow Dash was hoping that they won’t ask too many questions about her inquiries because of the situation, however she was expecting too much when it comes to Rarity being around.

“Why in the world would you want to know about something like that darling?” Rarity asked.

“You’re thinking what I’ve been suspecting for a while aren’t you?” Cheerilee said. Rainbow Dash was looking at Cheerilee completely surprised, Rarity was confused, and Sweetie Bell really had no clue what was going on and was getting bored.

“You knew?!” Rainbow Dash asked. “If you knew then why didn’t you do something about this earlier?”

“What are we talking about here,” Rarity asked, still not getting it. “Is there something going on that I haven’t been told of yet?”

“I said I suspected it,” Cheerilee said, answering Rainbow Dash’s question first. “I didn’t know for sure. Because I wasn’t certain about it I didn’t say anything on the chance I was wrong. But I was right, wasn’t I?”

“Will somepony please explain to me just what is going on here?” Rarity asked for the final time.

Cheerilee was about to talk but then she remembered Sweetie Bell was in the room and she didn’t figure this was a conversation to be had around a filly. So she asked Rarity if she could she could find someplace else for Sweetie Bell to be in at the time.

“Right,” Rarity said. To Sweetie Bell she said, “Sweetie Bell, why don’t you go to the playground and play for a bit? I’ll be out in just a moment to get you, but could you be a dear and go out until then. I’ll be sure to make it up to you by doing something that you want. Even if it involves me…getting dirty.” Rarity shuttered.

“Fine. I’ll go,” Sweetie Bell said. She walked out of the building and Rarity made sure she was out and playing before going back to the conversation at hand.

“You told us ‘a parent is responsible for keeping an eye on their kid’s schoolwork’,” Cheerilee told Rarity. It wasn’t a questing but Rarity felt obligated to nod anyways. “Well Scootaloo’s parents haven’t exactly been too keen on doing that themselves. I rarely see them, if at all. I was told they were just busy, and since I had no proof otherwise I didn’t say anything about it. But even if they were busy I can’t imagine they would be so busy that they couldn’t come in at least once in a while. Almost all of my other student’s parents manage to come in.”

“Really now?” Rarity said. “Something must be done of this then.”

“That’s why I’m here,” Rainbow Dash said. “I’m going to take this to court and get Scootaloo out of there.”

“Well that’s all fine and dandy, but what is to be done about Scootaloo afterwards?” Rarity asked.

“Well…if I’m getting Scootaloo out of her house…then I guess I have to bring her into mine,” Rainbow Dash said.

Rarity was surprised at that. “Really darling? Are you sure you’re ready for that? I haven’t seen you babysit yet and now you want to take Scootaloo in.”

“I’m not sure if I’m ready,” Rainbow Dash said, annoyed that this subject is being brought back up. “But I’m not going just leave Scootaloo, and if I take her out then I’m going to bring her into my house.”

Cheerilee was running through some drawers. She eventually found and got out a few documents and put them inside a large yellow envelope. She the envelope inside a saddlebag and then gave the saddlebag to Rainbow Dash.

“Give these documents to Twilight,” Cheerlie said. “She will be able to tell you what you can do with them.”

“Thanks Cheerilee,” Rainbow Dash said.

“No problem,” Cheerilee answered. “I just wish I could have done something like this earlier. I almost feel like I failed one of my students by not looking into this more. If you’re really going to work for it, then make sure to right this wrong for me.”

“I guess I know how you feel,” Rainbow Dash said. “I wish I saw that before as well. But I only paid attention to myself and didn’t worry too much about it when I first heard her parents were not teaching her how to fly. I obviously had a good start at taking care of her.” That statement was said bitterly.

“I would take a look at Scootaloo’s grades over the past few years before you jump to those conclusions. You might find them surprising,” Cheerilee said. “Though speaking of grades; remember Rainbow Dash, when you gain custody over Scootaloo you are in charge of keeping an eye on her progress.”

“I understand,” Rainbow Dash said. “I spend my weekends in Ponyville, so I’ll be able to come in then.”

“Ok. Remember, if you need anything else, don’t hesitate to ask,” Cheerilee said. “I’m willing to do whatever I can to help my student.”

“Thanks again Cheerlie,” Rainbow Dash said before turning to leave.

“Darling, just give me a few seconds to drop Sweetie Bell off at my place and I’ll join you,” Rarity said.


Rainbow Dash and Rarity both walked into the library together to see Twilight, Spike, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie all there as well. Twilight was levitating up the same document that she was looking at before Rainbow Dash left and everybody was looking at it with her. So it took them a while to realize that Rainbow Dash and Rarity walked in. Rainbow Dash was about to interrupt them, but Rarity stopped her and had her wait. Eventually everybody looked away from what they were doing and saw Rainbow Dash and Rarity.

“Hey Rainbow Dash and Rarity. Good to see you two,” Twilight said with obvious forced cheer.

“Uhh Twi,” Applejack said. “Ya’ll are bein’ kinda obvious here. Ya might as well just tell her.”

“What’s going on?” Rainbow Dash asked, starting to get worried by her friends’ reactions.

“Fine, I’ll tell her,” Twilight told the light brown Earth Pony. To Rainbow Dash she said, “Do you remember that document I was looking over?”

“Yeah, what about it?” Rainbow Dash asked. As she asked that both Soarin’ and Spitfire walked into the library. In acknowledgement to Spitfire, Rainbow Dash saluted and said “Captain.”

“I’ve heard about your situation and I’m here to help,” Spitfire said. “So what’s on the agenda right now?”

“This,” Twilight said as she levitated the document higher. “Rainbow Dash, this is a copy of your contract for the Wonderbolts. And while everything else is fine on it, even with the amount of money your making, you’re not making nearly enough to match the amount Scootaloo’s parents are.”

“Are you sure there is nothing Rainbow Dash can cut?” Rarity asked. “After all, whenever I need to make ends meet I will usually attempt to cut some things.”

“I’m looking at how much Rainbow Dash makes, not how much she makes and spends,” Twilight said. “So even if Rainbow Dash cut back on a few things it still wouldn’t be enough.”

“Hey Spittie!” Pinkie Pie said. “Maybe you can give Rainbow Dash a raise! Or maybe two raises. Or maybe you can give her so many raises that she will be able to reach the moon and the stars! Wouldn’t that be great, seeing the moon from space! You’d be able to see what Luna saw; well except for she didn’t see it much because she was inside of the moon. What does the inside of the moon look like anyways? I bet it looks so cool inside there! Maybe I should ask Luna some time!”

“Pinkie Pie!” Everybody except for Fluttershy yelled.

“Sorry,” Pinkie Pie said.

“No I can’t give Rainbow Dash a raise,” Spitfire said. “The Wonderbolts can’t afford to pay for a raise especially since we could lose a contributor from this. However, there is something that can be done. Right Soarin’?”

Soarin’ was thinking about how exactly he was going to ask Rainbow Dash and when to do it and was only half listening to the conversation at hand. So he was caught completely off guard when Spitfire said that. He wasn’t exactly sure when a good time was, but he was certain this was not it.

“Hey…what?!” Soarin’ stuttered.

“Don’t you have something to ask Rainbow Dash?” Spitfire continued.

“Wait now?!” Soarin’ asked. Spitfire nodded and Soarin’ almost groaned. When he imagined this happening he imagined it at a much better time. In fact right now he almost couldn’t imagine a worse time to be doing this.

Everybody was looking at the two with various levels of confusion from “What the heck is going on?” to “Pinkie Pie.” The only pony who wasn’t looking with confusion was Rarity, who was looking with anticipation. Soarin’ was really uncomfortable at their glances and wanted to do anything but ask, however he know that if he didn’t do anything the situation would get even more awkward.

So he walked up to Rainbow Dash and stared straight into her magenta eyes, eyes that he admittedly loved gazing into. He sat down and lifted Rainbow Dash’s right hoof with his own. All the while he was thinking of exactly what he was going to say…while thinking, I’m so dead. She is so going to kill me for saying this. He took a deep breath and then began to speak.

“Listen Rainbow Dash. You don’t have to worry about any money issues. Because if you want to, you will have two Wonderbolt salaries to your name. Mine and Yours. Rainbow Dash, I love you. I love you more than a nice crisp and juicy Apple Pie.” Soarin’ reached inside his saddlebag and grabbed out a small jewelry box. “And I want to be with you forever. Will you marry me Rainbow Dash?”

“Soarin’…” Rainbow Dash started.

“I’m not just doing this because you need the help,” Soarin’ cut her off. “I was planning on proposing to you in a month when we’re off season anyways. So I’m only doing this a month earlier than planned. You can even ask Sptifire, I hid the ring with her.”

“Soarin’…” Rainbow Dash said with even more intensity. Soarin’ stayed silent waiting for Rainbow Dash’s response. Rainbow Dash closed her eyes for a few seconds thinking of what she was going to say as well. She opened her eyes and looked around at everybody else.

“Spitfire?” Rainbow Dash asked to be sure.

“Yes, he was hiding the ring with me,” Spitfire said. “He bought it a few weeks ago and his plans were to propose to you next month. Everything he has told you he first told me when he asked to hide the ring.”

Rainbow Dash sighed. She then looked Soarin’ right in his emerald eyes. “You know I don’t really like this. If Twilight is right, I’m not given much of a choice here. I basically have to either accept your proposal or I’m not able to help Scootaloo. I hate being trapped with nothing to do and forced to accept some other pony’s help. Even if it’s from you.” Rainbow Dash took another deep breath. “But you were planning on doing this anyways. And I guess…in any other situation I would have said yes. But as for this one…while I wish you could have proposed at a better time I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Yes Soarin’, I will marry you.”

A large cheering resounded from Twilight, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Rarity. Spitfire looked at them while trying to hide a small smile from her face. And Spike…was making a gag face. Soarin’ and Rainbow Dash embraced, and when they backed up again Rainbow Dash had one last thing to say on the subject.

“Just…don’t ever compare me to food again,” Rainbow Dash said, playfully and seriously at the same time.

“Can I say that your kiss is sweeter then Apple Pie?” Soarin’ asked.

Rainbow Dash thought about it for a few seconds. “Ok you dork," Rainbow Dash said with a small chuckle. "I’ll accept that every once in a while. Just don’t overuse it ok?”

Spitfire cleared her throat to get everybody’s attention. “Now that we have that over I recommend we put together everything that we have and go over it for when the trial starts,” Spitfire said. “I know you two have some wedding planning you want to do, however we have more pressing issues at hand.”

“Right,” Rainbow Dash said. She gave her saddlebags to Twilight. “Cheerlie gave these to me to give to you.”

“Thanks,” Twilight said. “Let’s see what we have to work with. We need to use everything we have if we want to save Scootaloo.”

Chapter 4

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“So Rainbow Dash,” Spifire said as Twilight started looking through all of the documents Spitfire gave her. “What has Scootaloo thought of all this so far?”

“Scootaloo?” Rainbow Dash asked. “Well…she doesn’t even know I’m doing this yet.”

“What?!” Spitfire asked loudly. Everybody looked over at her because of her outburst, but Spitfire ignored them all and kept her gaze at Rainbow Dash. “So you’re telling me you were planning all of this without telling Scootaloo at all?”

“Well I wasn’t able to get any information from her in the first place…” Rainbow Dash started.

“Which is why you went here and as soon as you heard that to figure it out yourself,” Spitfire finished for her. “I understand that Rainbow Dash. But now you know a few things, so you can possibly get Scootaloo to open up to you and actually tell her how you feel. How do you even know how Scootaloo feels about Dust Storm? Rainbow Dash, were you seriously thinking about going through with the custody case without first talking to Scootaloo about it?” Spitfire looked at Twilight. “And you were going to let her?”

“Well…we trusted that Rainbow Dash knew what she was doing,” Twilight explained.

“Yes, I can understand that,” Spitfire said, taking on a completely different tone of voice. She went from an accusatory voice to one of melancholy. “You want to trust and believe in your friend no matter what happens or what you’re told about them.” Spitfire shook her head and refocused on the matter at hand. “But you can’t always fly in without thinking first. You don’t even know what Scootaloo will think of all of this.” Spitfire let out a large breath. “Rainbow Dash, I can understand your concern for Scootaloo but what do you know about Scootaloo’s feelings? You know if you win this court case, you will be taking Scootaloo from her home. She might not like her home right now, but you don’t know how she’ll react if you take her from it.”

“Well I…” Rainbow Dash said. But she closed her mouth out of lack of a defense. She then lowered her head and closed her eyes.

“Listen Rainbow Dash,” Spitfire said, “you have to remember if you are going to be a parent you have to pay attention and think how the kid will react to your decisions. You need to let go of your egocentric nature and learn to focus on Scootaloo, or whatever kid you have for yourself. It won’t be easy for you Rainbow Dash, but if you really want to help Scootaloo then you need to do that.”

“All right,” Rainbow Dash said as she lifted her head up to look at Spitfire. “I guess…I’m not the best parent right now.”

“No Rainbow Dash, to be blunt you aren’t,” Spitfire said bluntly. “You may be loyal, but you are also egocentric and brash. But you can be a good parent and you have to be if you want to be any help for Scootaloo.”

“It will be alright,” Rarity said. “You will learn eventually. I had to learn in order to babysit Sweetie Bell.”

“And I had to learn in order to babysit the Cake twins!” Pinkie Pie said while bouncing cheerfully.

“Ah’ve had to take care of Applebloom since…” Applejack started but then stopped suddenly. “Since she was just a foal,” Applejack continued, trying to avoid a painful subject. “Even though it was with Granny Smith’s help, Ah still learned a thing or two.”

“We already talked about me taking care of Spike,” Twilight said.

“But I’m not a kid!” Spike interrupted. He looked towards Rarity “I’m all man…well dragon.”

Rarity, having spent two years hearing Spike’s attempts at flirting with her, didn’t pay too much attention to Spike’s current attempts to flirting at her.

“Umm…well,” Fluttershy said. “I only take care of the little critters around my house…but seeing the animals with their families taught me a few things.”

“I’ll admit I’ve never taken care of foals before,” Soarin’ said with a small chuckle. “But Dashie I’m going to help you as much as I can. Dashie, you and me, were going to have to learn together.”

“Rainbow Dash, I told you before that we will all help you as much as you need,” Twilight said. Rarity, Fluttershy, and Applejack all gave Rainbow Dash a supportive nod and Pinkie Pie just shook her head yes about 5 times. “Yes you’re not the best parent, but you have all of us around to help give you whatever advice you need.”

“Thanks everypony,” Rainbow Dash said. “I should probably go see Scootaloo now. Does anypony have any idea where Scootaloo is?”

“She’s with Apple Bloom back in that old clubhouse in Sweet Apple Acres,” Applejack told her. “Ah saw them headin back there when Twi was gettin us. Ah didn’t know this was happenin at the time so Ah just let them do their thing.”

“Thanks Applejack,” Rainbow Dash said. She turned to leave the library, but Spitfire stopped her with one last thing to say.

“Remember Rainbow Dash, this is where you are going to get all of your information, straight from the ponies mouth,” Spitfire said, looking directly at Rainbow Dash. “What Dust Storm is exactly doing, how Scootaloo really feels about him, and more importantly, how Scootaloo would feel about you taking her away. You need to ask Scootaloo about all of those.”

“Yes, I will,” Rainbow Dash said. She then went around Spitfire, out of the library, and took off, flying south towards Sweet Apple Acres. She flew over the brown roofed buildings of Ponyville, into the green trees of Sweet Apple Acres that were blooming with pink flowers, and in the direction of the clubhouse Apple Bloom and Scootaloo are in.

The clubhouse used to be where Applebloom, Sweetie Bell, and Scootaloo all got together as the Cutie Mark Crusaders to try and find out their talents. However since the three founding members of the Cutie Mark Crusaders all have found their talents and gained their Cutie Marks, they mostly just use the clubhouse as a hangout spot now. The current members of the Cutie Mark Crusaders now have their headquarters wherever they all decide to meet up.

Outside the clubhouse there was Scootaloo’s helmet and scooter indicating that Applejack was right and she was in there. So Rainbow Dash walked up the steps to the clubhouse and opened the door. Inside Scootaloo and Applebloom were chatting with each other when Apple Bloom didn’t have her mouth full with a hammer she was using to make a table.

“Hey fillies, what’s up?” Rainbow Dash said.

“Hey Rainbow Dash!” Scootaloo said. “Nothing much. We’re just chatting while Apple Bloom fixes up a table for the Cutie Mark Crusaders. They broke it while trying to get their Cutie Marks in karate.”

“ehs is e ix one ehs eek,” Apple Bloom mumbled incomprehensibly because of the saw in her mouth.

“Cool,” Rainbow Dash said. “Hey Scoots would you mind walking with me for a sec? I have something that I…we need to talk about.”

“Sure Rainbow Dash,” Scootaloo said. They both jumped out of the clubhouse and started walking along a random trail in Sweet Apple Acres.

“Listen Scootaloo,” Rainbow Dash said as they were walking along a path between the trees of the apple orchard. “I want to know everything you can tell me about what is happening at your home.”

“What do you mean what’s happening at home?” Scootaloo asked. “There’s nothing that’s happening at home. I mean, it’s obvious I live in an awesome house and all that.” Scootaloo then tried to suddenly change the subject. “So how’s the Wonderbolts? You guys doing some pretty awesome tricks?”

“Why don’t you have your parents take you to one of our shows?” Rainbow Dash asked. Because Scootaloo is probably not going to tell Rainbow Dash outright what is happening, Rainbow Dash decided to try getting it out of her discreetly. “I could ask Spitfire for the schedule, and while I know we don’t have any shows planned in Ponyville I’m sure we have a couple for some towns close to here. Maybe Manehatten? Of course you should probably have one of your parents be with you just to be safe.”

“So how is Soarin’ doing?” Scootaloo said, trying a different route.

“Scootaloo, I know you’re trying to hide something from me,” Rainbow Dash said, knocking of the discreet act. She was about to go all out, but then she remembered she was trying to be a good parent and she didn’t want to cause Scootaloo any pain. Ugg…this takes way more patience then I have, Rainbow Dash thought. Just…come on Rainbow Dash. You can do this. “Listen Scootaloo, if there is something you need to tell me then just come out with it. I’m not going to judge you.” She is so not going to believe me. I don’t even know if I believe me.

“Ok Rainbow Dash,” Scootaloo said. “I…really don’t like you and Soarin’ being all lovey dubey and while I do like you here I am kind of glad you now do all of that stuff in Canterlot.”

That’s not what I wanted to know, Rainbow Dash thought. Ugg…why are you being so difficult? Was I…actually wrong? Am I doing all of this for nothing? Was I too hasty and rushed into something stupid? Well if I am then why is Scootaloo constantly avoiding talking about her parents?

“And that’s it?” Rainbow Dash asked as a last ditch effort.

“Rainbow Dash, what is going on?” Scootaloo asked.

All right, I’m going to be straight with her. This is going to sound soooo bad. “Scootaloo, you told me your parents haven’t taught you how to fly yet. I would have let them off, but they’re both pegasus and they’re both rich. So I can’t see any good reason for them not teaching you yet. Not only that, but I went to see Cheerliee and she told me that your parents haven’t bother keeping an eye on your grades. So excuse me, but I’m going to be worried about you.”

“Well…my parents are just busy,” Scootaloo said.

“Yeah, their very busy with their once a day job,” Rainbow Dash said, noting what information Spitfire gave them about their job. “Come on Scootaloo. I don’t care if you don’t have the awesome house you want me to think you do. In fact I want to get you an awesome house. But I need you to talk to me.”

Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash both stopped on their walk. Scootaloo looked down towards the dirt road and her own orange hooves. She was obviously thinking of what she was going to say, and was taking a long time at that. Rainbow Dash was getting really impatient, but to help she just repeatedly thought to herself, You need to be patient Rainbow Dash. You need to be patient.

“Rainbow Dash…please don’t think I’m a wimp or anything,” Scootaloo said.

“I’m not going to think that Squirt,” Rainbow Dash said. “I didn’t think you were a wimp when you were afraid of the ghost stories I told you two years ago, and I don’t think you’re a wimp now.”

“Ok, I’ll tell you,” Scootaloo said. “But if I cry…don’t think I’m a wimp. It’s not…anything bad, or I don’t think it is. I mean, at least they do make sure I’m fed and I guess I’ve got a place to sleep. But…that’s it. I hardly ever see them and when I do, they don’t bother noticing me. I have to actually talk to them before they notice me. And even then, they don’t really do anything for me. I could ask them to take me to Manehatten, but they’ll probably just say no.”

“And I don’t know,” Scootaloos said. The tears were starting to form in her eyes. “Sweetie Bell’s parents travel a lot but they still make sure she is in good hooves. When my parents are gone it’s just me on my own. And Sweetie Bell actually gets things from her parents. My parents haven’t given me anything.”

“What about your scooter?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“I was given that as a present from somepony else,” Scootaloo said. “I don’t even know who gave it to me, but I know for sure it wasn’t my parents. I envy Sweetie Bell, and hay even Apple Bloom. Apple Bloom’s parents might be gone somewhere but at least they were nice and actually care about her according to Applejack. And Dinky’s parent cares about her. Rumble’s and Pipsqueak’s. Why am I the odd one out?” Scootaloo finally broke out in tears.

Well, looks like I’ve finally learned exactly what Scootaloo thinks, Rainbow Dash thought. I don’t know whether I should be glad I’m right or not.

“Hey Scoots,” Rainbow Dash said as she wrapped a wing around the crying pegasus filly. “You know what, you’re an awesome filly. If you think otherwise you’re wrong. And an awesome filly like you needs an awesome home. And I’m going to make sure and get that home for you.”

“What do you mean you’re going to get me an awesome home?” Scootaloo asked. “Where am I going to go? There is no place I can think of to go that’s as awesome as…”

“You’re coming with me kid,” Rainbow Dash said. “During the weekdays you’ll be staying at the Wonderbolt H.Q and during the weekends you can stay in my house in Ponyville.”

“Really?” Scootaloo asked. When Rainbow Dash nodded her face started lighting up. Then she realized something that broke her happy expression. “Does this mean I have to change schools and leave all of my friends behind?”

“Hay no kid!” Rainbow Dash said. “I’m going to take you to school each morning. It shouldn’t be too hard to do that, after all I am the fastest flyer in all of Equestria. So you’ll still be able to still see your friends every day. And since you’ll be around the Wonderbolt H.Q you will be able to meet the Wonderbolts any time you want. And also you’ll get to see some our shows for free.”

“You’re really going to do that?” Scootaloo asked. “Are you really going to do that for me?”

“You bet squirt,” Rainbow Dash said. “I can’t do it until next week, but trust me Scoots, but this time next week you’ll be joining me.”

“Wow, thanks Rainbow Dash!” Scootaloo yelled out. She hovered up and did an aerial front flip. Excitedly she ran off in the direction of the clubhouse probably to tell Apple Bloom.

Great. That went better than I expected, Rainbow Dash thought. She started walking on the pathway back to Ponyville. Now I guess I just need to tell Twilight what I learned from her and figure out how I’ll be able to convince Spitfire to let me start practice a bit later so I can take Scootaloo to school. Ironically, while Rainbow Dash was lost in her thoughts she nearly ran into the Wonderbolt captain. She just barely noticed the flash of yellow before jumping back to avoid a collision.

“Ahh Spit-I mean, Captain,” Rainbow Dash said. She jumped back, but Spitfire was still only a few feet in front of her and was stationary. “What are you doing here? Did you follow me all the way from the library?”

“I wanted to see how well you would do,” Spitfire said. “And I wanted to hear the information Scootaloo gives straight from her.”

“Don’t you trust me?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“It isn’t about whether I trusted you,” Spitfire said. “This is about me needing to witness it firsthoof. It has nothing to do with you.” Spitfire then changed tracks. “Scootaloo looked really excited when you left her. I hope you aren’t getting her hopes up for nothing. You do know if you fail this trial then Scootaloo will be crushed.”

“Well I’m not going to fail!” Rainbow Dash said confidently.

“Are you sure about that?” Spitfire asked. “You are already making promises to her you don’t know if you will be able to keep. What makes you think I am going to adjust my schedule to accommodate your promise to keep Scootaloo in the school in Ponyville? You’re once again thinking hastily.”

“Well…I’m trying ok!” Rainbow Dash said. “And you could help by adjusting the schedule. It’s the only way I can keep Scootaloo confident since I know she would hate me if I were forcing her to leave Ponyville.”

“Yes Rainbow Dash, it will take a few adjustments, but I think I can work your division’s schedule so you can get Scootaloo to school,” Spitfire said. “Though you need to figure things out from there.”

Rainbow Dash gave Spitfire a questioning look. “Really? It was that easy? I thought I was going to have to figure out some way of convincing you or beg or something? Why are you helping out so much?”

“Rainbow Dash, just because I’m strict doesn’t mean I don’t care about anypony,” Spitfire explained. “I’m just strict to make sure I keep authority up and to get things done.”

“Well yeah, I know that,” Rainbow Dash said. “But you seem to be really interested in making sure I’m ready to take Scootaloo in. I’ve never seen you go this far just to help somepony out. What is with that?”

“I…have a few personal reasons,” Spitfire admitted. “None of which I am going to share with you. I will admit though I do have a reason for being a bit more helpful then I usually am. And no before you ask him, Soarin’ doesn’t know the reason either.”

“Spitfire, I’m going to do the best I can,” Rainbow Dash said. “What do you want, a confession in front of all of Equestria?”

“Repetition,” Spitfire said. “If you say something over and over again it gets stuck in your head and strengthens your resolve. Now keep that resolve strong Rainbow Dash. You know what’s at stake here."

Chapter 5

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Over the next week nothing really interesting happened. After Rainbow Dash and Soarin’ first got congratulated on their engagement by the rest of the Wonderbolts, it was practice as usual for the team. Because of the practicing, Rainbow Dash didn’t have the time to try and make a plan for court next week. Instead back at Ponyville Twilight was working on that for her, after she finished her “large project” for the princess of course.

The letters Twilight normally would send to Rainbow Dash were mostly her giving a basic idea of her progress. Of course Rainbow Dash wasn’t exactly sure what Twilight was saying in most of her letters; however she seemed to be making progress which was all Rainbow Dash was asking for. Rainbow Dash was definitely getting nervous each and every day that passed this week.

Because of Wonderbolt rules, Soarn’ and Rainbow Dash can’t share a room until after their wedding, however as usual Soarin’ would visit after practice and would be sure to give Rainbow Dash a few words of encouragement in order to help her nerves. Though he himself was nervous, because if Rainbow Dash failed to win the court case, she would most likely be kicked from the Wonderbolts because she caused unnecessary aggravation to one of the Wonderbolts supporters.

As with most weeks of tension though, the week felt long during the week, but as soon as it was over it felt like it went by like nothing. Before she knew it, Rainbow Dash was already flying straight to Ponyville for the weekend and making a beeline for the library. Soarin’ and Spitfire stayed behind, but they plan on all meeting at the library tomorrow before the court case.

Rainbow Dash flew into the library to see Twilight sitting down reading a book as usual. Spike was crashed on a couch, asleep with a magazine over his belly even though it is late in the afternoon. As soon as Rainbow Dash landed and trotted in, Twilight noticed her and put down her book.

“Hey Rainbow Dash!” Twilight said cheerfully. And this time it was actually cheerfully and not forced.

“Hey Twilight. How is the court case looking?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“Pretty good actually,” Twilight said. “I’ll go over the fine details with you tomorrow morning before the court case, but your case is looking really good. Though we still need to worry about what Scootaloo’s parents are going to do in their defense. But as I said before, I’ll go over this tomorrow morning.”

“Have you met Scootaloo’s parents yet?” Rainbow Dash asked. She knew Twilight was planning on doing that before sending the official papers to Celestia.

“Yes I did…” Twilight said, her voice wavering.

“And…?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“I…didn’t really get anything from them,” Twilight said. “Maybe it’s because I was being too obvious at what I wanted to learn but I couldn’t get a vibe of Scootaloo’s parents at all. You and Spitfire were both right about that.”

“Well at least the information we got should really help us,” Rainbow Dash said. “So thanks anyways Twilight.”

“No problem,” Twilight said, putting the cheer back in her voice. “So how are you feeling?”

“I-fine,” Rainbow Dash lied obviously.

Twilight dropped her smile and instead was looking at her friend with concern. “You know Rainbow Dash, I could ask the princess for the Elements and I could…”

“No,” Rainbow Dash flat out refused. “Twilight as much as it would help, I need to win this court case by myself. I need to prove myself and that I can win without your authority helping me.”

“Well…just remember that’s always an option,” Twilight said.

“I know Princess, but you know exactly why I can’t let you do that,” Rainbow Dash said. “I’m…still not sure of myself and I need to do this to prove it.”


“Order in the court,” the white unicorn judge with a scales cutie mark called out as used his magic to bang his gavel. “Everypony please go to your spots. This trial is now in session.”

Everypony moved to their spots at the request of the judge. On the right side of the room stood Rainbow Dash with Soarin’ to her right. To the left side of the room sat Dust Storm who was a dust-colored Pegasus with a brown mane and a brown cloud for a cutie mark. To his left sat a red Pegasus that was most likely his wife.

The judge first looked over to Dust Storm and his wife. “Now from what I’ve previously learned you two have not bothered to teach Scootaloo how to fly, have not checked up on her grades as much as you should, and have hardly supervised her at all. Do you two have anything to say for yourselves about this?”

“Well it’s simple really,” Dust Storm said. “While I wish it were otherwise, me and my wife are simply too busy to do those things. If we had the time, I’m sure we would do that more often, but we simply don’t have the time.”

“OBJECTION!” Rainbow Dash called out. “You only a few days a week! What about the other days when you aren't working?”

“Hmm…so you know about my work then?” Dust Storm retaliated. “Then you would also know that while yes, me and my wife only do our job a few days a week, it’s getting to that job that is the problem. Because we are in charge of bringing water from Cloudsdale to the oases out in the Equestrian Deserts, it takes a long time of flying in the heat of the desert and flying back. We are not all like you; the so called “Fastest Flyer in all of Equestia.”

Rainbow Dash was about to lash out in retaliation for their insult, but Soarin’ put a hoof on her to get her attention before she could yell at them. He then whispered in her ear, “Dash, they are just trying to get you angry right now. They know they can’t win, so they want you to lash out at them making you look bad. You need to try and stay calm.”

“Easy for you to say,” Rainbow Dash whispered back, “You not the one who’s abilities their insulting.”

“You managed to survive the Wonderbolt Academy without lashing out at Spitfire for the insults,” Soarin’ replied, “so you need also stay calm here. Scootaloo needs you to stay calm here. You can do it Dashie.”

Rainbow Dash closed her eyes. “Urrg…your right Soarin’.”

Rainbow Dash opened her eyes back up and continued with her argument. “Yeah, so what? You go do your job and then maybe spend a few days resting. Afterwards you have plenty of time to teach Scootaloo. I only spend a few hours with her each weekend that I don’t have a show to do and she is already flying really well. I sometimes didn’t even need to fly with her to achieve that. You can’t tell me that you were too busy to teach her!”

“She is right you know,” the judge said. “I see no excuse why you couldn’t spend just a bit of time on her.”

“I see no reason why we are arguing this,” Dust Storm said. “So we don’t pay attention to her as much as we should. At least we feed her, keep her safe, and are not a bad influence on her.”

“So you’re calling me a bad influence?” Rainbow Dash said. This is exactly where Twilight thought they would go eventually. With no defense according to everything that they’ve got and already showed the judge, the only place they could attack is at Rainbow Dash’s character.

“Can you honestly say you aren’t one?” Dust Storm said condescendingly. “You are brash, arrogant, and cocky. You are constantly trying to do dangerous tricks and show off. You can’t tell me that you would be a better parent to Scootaloo then us.”

Why is it that I can’t go one day without somepony questioning whether I’d be a good parent or not? Rainbow Dash thought. Yeah, I’m not a good parent right now. And yeah, I’m probably not the best influence right now. I don't know what I'm doing or how to do it. I'll probably fail several times. A tear fell from Rainbow Dash's eye but she quickly wiped it away and shook her head. But you know what?

“You know what, I would be a better parent then you,” Rainbow Dash said. “Not because I am good now, but because I’d be willing to change myself for her. For a long time me and my friends have been learning lessons and telling them to the princess, even though that has slowed down now since Twilight fulfilled her destiny. I’ve been changing and growing more mature each day. I learn from my mistakes. That’s more than I can say for you.”

Rainbow Dash pointed a hoof at Dust Storm. “We’ve pointed out exactly what problem you have. But instead of learning from your mistake you’ve been avoiding it. You’re not going to learn from a mistake ever and keep on making it. So yes, I will be a better parent to Scootaloo then you. Because when I make a mistake I will try to fix it instead of ignoring it. What do you have to say to that?”

“You little,” Dust Storm mumbled. “So what do you say about your influence. Name one good thing you influenced her to do. Last I remembered all you’ve influenced her to do is dangerous tricks that end up getting her hurt. And you’re not going to change that, are you Wonderbolt?”

“You want to know what?!” Rainbow Dash. Soarin’ tried to stop her but this time Rainbow Dash just kept on going. “You’re looking at one of the best people to teach Scootaloo how not to go too far! I learned how to push myself without going too far a long time ago! That’s why I became a Wonderbolt and not that pegasus jerk I met there!”

“It looks like your brash side is coming out again,” Dust Storm said. “You obviously haven’t learned a lesson in patience.”

Rainbow Dash was about to lash out in another angry rant, however before she could the court doors burst open. On the other side stood an extremely worried looking Applejack. She ran into the court quickly, ignoring all court standards. She managed to run up the isle to Rainbow Dash before the judge spoke about it.

“What is the meaning this?!” The judge called out. “Court is in session. You better have a good reason for why you decided to suddenly burst in here.”

“Scootaloo, Applebloom, and Sweetie Bell are all lost in the Everfree Forest!” Applejack called out.

There were several calls of “WHAT!” that resounded throughout the audience as they head what Applejack said. Twilight and Spitfire ran up from the audience to where Applejack was. The noise inside the courtroom was so loud that it was impossible for the judge to bring order back into the court.

“What do you mean those three fillies are lost in the Everfree Forest?” Rainbow Dash asked Applejack. “Why are they in there in the first place?”

“They were all headin’ off to Zecora’s place,” Applejack explained. “Ah figured it’d be safe because the path to Zecora’s is usually safe to walk on. They were there for a while, so Ah decided to check on them. When Ah got to Zecora’s place, she told me that they never reached her. We’all gotta go out and find them now!”

“Yes quite,” the judge said. “Court is out of session for now until we find those three fillies. Everypony, mount a search immediately!”


“Are you sure you want to search alone Dashie?” Soarin’ asked. He, Rainbow Dash, Sptifire, Twilight, and Applejack were all standing by the entrance to the Everfree Forest.

“Yeah,” Rainbow Dash said. “I know we are supposed to search in groups, but I’m faster on my own. I don’t want to leave anypony behind so I need to go on my own.”

“Then it looks like the prefect competition then,” said a voice that immediately got Rainbow Dash’s blood boiling. Dust Storm was walking up alone to where the rest of them were standing. “First pony to find Scootaloo proves that they are the better parent. You shouldn’t mind, because after all, you like a good competition.”

“What makes you so sure that you or Rainbow Dash will be the first pony to find those fillies anyways?” Spitfire asked. “Half of Ponyville is searching as well. Any one of us could find the fillies before you guys.”

“Ah, Spitfire. It’s been a while,” Dust Storm said. “So somepony besides us finds them. Then the trial restarts and we settle this there. However, this is a nice chance to settle this right here and right now. I’ll see you back with the fillies.” Dust Storm took off and started flying over the Everfree Forest.

As soon as he left Rainbow Dash said quickly, “I am not going to let him find them first. I’ll see you guys later.”

“Be safe Dash!” Soarin called out as Rainbow Dash took off and went into the Everfree Forest herself.

Because the fillies were apparently heading to Zecora’s place, Rainbow Dash first tried finding following the path to look for them and find them. She made sure to keep an eye around the path to see if they just happened to be close to the path, just unable to see it. However, even after going across the path a few times while searching, Rainbow Dash couldn’t find them.

Rainbow Dash landed in the middle of the path and wondered what exactly she was going to do now. There was no indication anywhere of where the fillies could possibly be in the forest. Rainbow Dash didn’t have any idea of where to start looking.

She paced around for a few second before hearing a faint growling from far away. At first she ignored it because she has better things to do then go out looking for one of the monsters that hide in the Everfree Forest, however when she heard multiple growling she started getting curious. So she started running in the direction she heard the growling.

After a moment of running, Rainbow Dash managed to find Scootaloo, Applebloom, and Sweetie Bell all huddled against a tree. While she didn’t see what was making the growling noise, it didn’t really matter right now because she found who she was originally looking for anyways. So she walked up to them.

“Hey you three,” Rainbow Dash said. “The whole town is looking for you. It’s a good thing I found you guys, this place is crawling with monsters. Come on, let’s go.”

“Uhh…Rainbow Dash,” Applebloom started.

“Look behind you!” Scootaloo called out.

Rainbow Dash turned around to see a pack of timberwolves behind her. There was about a dozen of them and they each started surrounding Rainbow Dash and the three fillies. Rainbow Dash braced herself, and got prepared to protect the fillies behind her.

Great timberwolves, Rainbow Dash thought. Just what I needed to see. Well I can maybe take them down, but they’ll just keep reforming and reforming. Urrg…what am I supposed to do now? She noticed they were getting uncomfortably close. I guess for now I’ll just clear out a path for them and then figure out something.

She first attacked the timberwolf right in front of her in order to stop it from blocking the way to the path. She used her black belt in karate, plus all the combat training she learned from being in the Wonderbolts, and also some of what she learned from her dad—who was a retired member of the Royal Guard, to good use as she attacked the timberwolves. Her hoof chops, smacks, and bucks knocked down the first one in about half a minute. She then proceeded to knock down the next one.

She had about four down and was advancing on the fifth before she heard a rustling of leaves. Her focus was mostly on the timberwolf in front of her; however she did manage to get a quick glance at who was coming in. What she saw was a flash of brown that made her heart drop fast.

“Well it looks like you are preoccupied here,” Dust Storm said. “Got yourself in a bit of a situation didn’t you?”

“Dad?!” Scootaloo asked. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m part of the search party for you,” Dust Storm said in a neutral voice. “Come with me you three.”

“But what about Rainbow Dash?” All three of the fillies asked at the same time. Scootaloo continued, “We can’t just leave her here.”

“Rainbow Dash still needs to fend off the timberwolves. After all, she wouldn’t want them attacking us from behind now would she?”

Rainbow Dash knew exactly what was going on here. Dust Storm was going to lead the fillies out of her and then take all the credit for it, therefore winning the case. Yet Rainbow Dash knew that she couldn’t let the fillies stay here or try and get them to safety with the timberwolves still on the prowl. To do so would risk the lives of all three of the fillies.

“Go with Dust Storm you three,” Rainbow Dash commanded. “You’ll be safer outside of the forest and away from it’s monsters. I’ll hold off the timberwolves for now, but you three need to go!”

While they weren’t sure about it, the Scootaloo, Applebloom, and Sweetie Bell all followed Dust Storm away from the forest. After downing the next timberwolf, Rainbow Dash watched as they walked off with him, knowing exactly what was going to happen when they get back. And there wasn’t a thing she could do about it.

I’m sorry Scootaloo. I failed you, Rainbow Dash thought as tears welled up in her eyes. She turned that sadness into anger as she fiercely pounded the next timberwolves, and made sure that none of them could follow then out of the forest.

Chapter 6

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After fighting the timberwolves for long enough to the point where she thinks the fillies have escaped, Rainbow Dash trotted slowly back to the path to get out of the Everfree Forest. She could have easily flown out; however she didn’t really feel like flying. She just failed one of her friends after getting her hopes up, and got kicked out of the Wonderbolts. Besides to get into her cloud home, she doubted she would ever fly again.

Some Element of Loyalty I turned out to be, Rainbow Dash thought. I lost my chance of getting Scootaloo into a better home, and I’m probably never going to get another chance. I had her anticipating coming home with me only to let her down later. Not only her, but all my friends, who were helping me. I failed them all too. They were all counting on me getting Scootaloo out. But Dust Storm had to take that all away from me.

She reached the edge of the forest and quickly wiped her tears away. She may be crying, but she wasn’t going to let anybody else see that. She would stay strong for as long as she can and not give anybody the satisfaction of seeing her cry. So she once again put on a more angry face to hide her sadness as she walked out of the forest.

Outside everypony that was in the court was standing around. As Rainbow Dash stepped out and was noticed, their eyes went on her. Rainbow Dash couldn’t exactly tell what they were thinking of her by their looks, but she doubted it could be anything good. Twilight, Spitfire, Soarin’, and Applejack all went to Rainbow Dash as soon as they saw her.

As Rainbow Dash walked through she kept her head held low to avoid seeing the disappointment she thought was most likely on her friends’ faces. The crowd parted for her, allowing her to walk up to where the judge and Dust Storm are. While still avoiding her friends faces she took a glance to see the judge and Dust Storm, yet the three fillies were nowhere to be found. The judge was giving off a neutral expression and Dust Storm was giving off a smug expression.

“Where are Scootaloo, Applebloom, and Sweetie Bell?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“I made sure to return the fillies to their families,” Dust Storm said. “After all, they were most likely traumatized from their encounter in the Everfree Forest. They all need a good rest.” Rainbow Dash just wanted to slam that smug expression off of Dust Storm’s face.

Well that would explain why Rarity isn’t here, Rainbow Dash thought. But it doesn’t help me. I need to get those fillies here somehow.

“Well now that we are all here, I believe we can continue,” the judge said. “I believe everything should be clear now. After all, Mr. Storm did bring these three fillies out of that horrid forest. Do you have anything else to say Miss Dash before I hand out?”

At that Rainbow Dash saw a small glimmer of hope. It was small; since she was sure Dust Storm would attempt to contradict her, however it was a possibility and something for Rainbow Dash to fight for. So Rainbow Dash was going to take it and fight as hard as she can until it is all over.

“Your Honor, I found the fillies first and not Dust Storm!” Rainbow Dash said.

“So not only can’t you accept defeat, but now you have to lie about it?” Dust Storm said.

“Are ya’all callin’ my friend a liar?!” Applejack asked forcefully. She looked like she was ready to do exactly what Rainbow Dash was tempted to do right now.

“Well she is certainly not you miss ‘Element of Honesty’,” Dust Storm pointed out.

“Order! Order in the court!” The judge called out even though they aren’t in the court. Nopony contradicted him and instead everypony gave him his full attention. “Your accusation is most interesting Miss Dash. Do you have any proof to back up your claim? After all, Mr. Storm did come out first with the fillies right behind him.”

“With me right now…no, but you can just ask Applebloom, Sweetie Bell, or Scootaloo and they will tell you!” Rainbow Dash said. “I was only out after him because when I found them there was a pack of timberwolves that were about to attack!”

“I do not think that bringing the fillies back here and forcing them to recount their memories of the Everfree Forest is a good idea,” Dust Storm said. “I know for sure that my daughter will not be taking a part in this questioning.”

“What’s wrong, afraid that they will prove I’m right?” Rainbow Dash taunted.

“No I’m more worried about their mental state,” Dust Storm said. “However if you wish to bring them here even though it might induce trauma on their young minds them, then I guess it’s your choice.”

Dang it, Rainbow Dash thought. I’m sure they’d be fine, after all they survived a cockatrice attack and are still fine, but if I say I want to bring them back here I’ll look really bad in front of this crowd! I just can’t win with this pony. Every time it looks like I have a chance he finds some way of shooting it down! Why does he care so much to keep Scootaloo in his custody anyways?!

“I’m sorry Miss Dash, but unless you can find some way of proving that you found the three fillies first, I’m afraid I have no choice,” the Judge said. “While you did well for yourself in court, you did not answer Mr. Storm’s final question, and you have yet to prove you found and protected the three fillies first. So I have to make my final ruling.”

No… Rainbow Dash thought. I…can’t…lose! I’m not going to let my friend down! I have to do something to prove I found them first. But what am I going to do. And how? I didn’t bring anything with me in order to prove I actually found them.

“I-I’ll go back into the Everfree Forest and grab some proof if you need it,” Rainbow Dash said. “Just give me a few minutes and I’ll find you something. I just need a chance to prove it to you.”

“Miss Dash I’m afraid it’s too late,” the Judge said. “Without proof I have to call a ruling here and now. Custody of Scootaloo goes to…”

Dang it! Rainbow Dash thought.

“Will this be good enough for you ‘proof’?” came a voice before the Judge could call out his final judgement.

Everypony looked to see Spitfire hovering down from the sky with some saddlebags at her side. Rainbow Dash found that really surprising because she didn’t notice Spitfire even left and by the look of her friends they didn’t see her leave either. Spitfire landed in front of the judge and grabbed out a few cyan feathers and some needle like fur.

“These cyan feathers obviously come from Rainbow Dash,” Spitfire said as she put the feathers down in front of the judge, “and as the princess’ personal student over there could tell you, this fur that was found in the same area is from some timberwolves.”

“T-that proves nothing,” Dust Storm said. “It only shows that Rainbow Dash happened to have a run in with some timberwolves at some point in time. It doesn’t show that the fillies were there as well.”

Spitfire flashed a smile in Dust Storm’s direction. It was a smile full of victory that was done in such a way that it seemed to be a long anticipated smile. If it weren’t for the fact that this was Spitfire that made it, you would expect a chuckle to come along with it.

“Oh really? Well does this help prove that the fillies were there?” Spitfire asked. She then took out of her saddlebag a pink bow, some orange feathers, and some pink and purple hair, all belonging to Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Bell respectively. “There were found within the same vicinity that Rainbow Dash’s feathers and the timberwolves fur were found. What do you have to say to that, Dust Storm?”

“And how do we even know you got that evidence from the same place?” Dust Storm asked. He lost his triumphant smile and is now glaring at Spitfire angrily. “Why don’t you prove that for us?”

The Judge’s horn glowed a golden brown color and he closed his eyes. He then touched his horn to the evidence and focused for a few seconds. The evidence itself started glowing a golden brown color as soon as his horn touched it.

“Spitfire is right,” the Judge said. “This evidence was all found within the same area. In fact, I can see similar items lying on the ground in the same area right now using my vision spells.”

“Well how do we know she hasn’t tampered with the evidence?” Dust Storm asked as a final offensive.

“Who’s not accepting his own defeat now?” Spitfire asked.

“It is a valid concern,” Dust Storm said. “You could have tampered with the evidence in order help prove your friend is right.”

“Well sir,” Twilight said. This is the first time she has actually spoken up during the second part of this trial, and Rainbow Dash nearly forgot she was there. “If you need to you could use the Dimensiva Clamatis spell.”

“The what spell?” Dust Storm asked.

“The Dimensiva Clamatis spell,” Twilight repeated. “It’s a spell that allows you to use an object to see an event about it in either the past or future. It’s a high level spell and can often times show you something you didn’t need, but it can be used as a last ditch effort to find something else. Some judges in the past have used it to solve possibly unsolvable cases.”

“Hmm…I think I will try it,” the judge said. He once again focused in on the evidence. After a few minutes he looked up and announced what he saw. “The evidence points strongly to Miss Dash’s claim. Miss Dash saw the fillies first. But when she went to get them out of the Everfree Forest they were attacked. Naturally that is when Mr. Storm walked in. Miss Dash, even though she might have lost the case because of it, made sure to get the fillies out and then made sure the timberwolves didn’t follow them. I believe this is proof enough that Miss Dash is indeed a better parent then you Mr. Storm. She was not willing to risk Scootaloo’s welfare over a competition to get her, nor over her usual need to win. She was also willing to risk everything just to keep the fillies safe.”

Dust Storm was starting to turn as red as his wife with anger. He looked ready to say or do anything at any time. He had his mouth open to say something, but his wife came up close to him. She whispered into his ear and he suddenly calmed down.

“Fine then,” Dust Storm said. “We lost.” Dust Storm’s wife came up with Scootaloo right behind her. “You have proven yourself the better parent Rainbow Dash. So you’ve won Scootaloo.”

“Scootaloo is a pony, not a prize to be won!” Rainbow Dash said. “And you wonder why I’m the better parent?” At that point, Rainbow Dash fully realized it to herslef. She would make a better parent then them.

“Mr. Storm, you still need to be reprimanded for lying in court,” the judge said. “However, for now we will worry about Scootaloo’s transition. We must head to the court immediately in order to make this official. Miss Dash, I expect you to take full responsibility in making this as smooth as possible for her.”

“I understand,” Rainbow Dash and Dust Storm said at the same time.

Rainbow Dash looked over to Scootaloo. “Hey Scoots,” Rainbow Dash asked, “you about ready to head to your new home?”

“So that means?” Scootaloo asked for conformation.

“Yeah kid, you’re sticking with me from now on,” Rainbow Dash confirmed. “We’ll just take a quick visit to court and then get you settled into my house.”

“If I may say this one thing,” the judge said. “When I had first head the evidence while I was sure there was something going on, I never assumed that you would prove yourself to be the better parent from what I’ve heard. While I still think you have a lot to learn, you have proven yourself well Miss Dash. Or from what I’ve heard, the soon to be Mrs. Dash.”

Rainbow Dash blushed and caught sight of her fiancée and all her friends. Soarin’ was smiling, Twilight and Applejack were also happy for Rainbow Dash. Scootaloo was wondering exactly what was going on—Rainbow Dash planned on telling her as soon as she got her home. Spitfire flashed both Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo a happy glance before staring at Dust Storm. All of them walked with the judge back to the court to sign the papers that would seal the deal.


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Transitioning Scootaloo into her new life was a little hard for the first week, especially for Rainbow Dash who was in charge of getting her to school in Ponyville from the Wonderbolt H.Q each day along with her daily practice. It forced Rainbow Dash to get up earlier and practices were a bit more straining on her as a result, but she got used to it after a while. Of course, that just meant Rainbow Dash had to take a few more afternoon naps in order to catch up on her sleep.

Scootaloo got to sleep in Rainbow Dash’s cloud manner for one night before she had to follow Rainbow Dash to the Wonderbolt H.Q. While it wasn’t exactly what Scootaloo was used to, she was fine with it. In fact the first thing she did when she got there was fangasim over every single Wonderbolt she met, which Rainbow Dash found quite reminiscent of when she first joined the Wonderbolts.

Or course after all this was over there was full planning for Rainbow Dash and Soain’s wedding. When Rainbow Dash told Scootaloo she was fine with it…so long as they didn’t do too much lovey duby stuff in front of her. She was the flower girl for Shining Armor’s wedding and she got to have that privilege here. Spitfire also got the privilege as being the best mare.

The wedding planning went really smoothly because it was already started before Rainbow Dash and Soarin’ got into it. So as soon as Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo got into the swing of things the planning went at Rainbow Dash speeds. Which is exactly how Rainbow Dash liked it going.

A week before the planned date for the wedding Rainbow Dash and Soarin’ were both let off practice for the week. It’s not specifically because of the wedding, but because the Wonderbolts were preforming at the wedding and Soarin’ and Rainbow Dash were not, the team needed to practice without them. So Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo were working on wedding preparations in Ponyville, while Soarin’ was working on wedding preparations with the Wonderbolts.

A few days before the wedding the Wonderbolts that were preforming all came to Ponyville for the wedding. There was a quick practice which Scootaloo was unable to attend because it went on while she was in school. Because of that Rainbow Dash and Soarin’ made sure to give her a run down on her part after school.

The next day the wedding began. It took place just outside of town hall in Ponyville town square. A good number of ponies came to the wedding, most of them coming from Ponyville but a few from Cloudsdale and Canterlot as well including the bride and groom’s parents. Shining Armor and Princess Cadence also came, to which Rainbow Dash’s father immediately made a beeline for him to talk about the current state of the royal guard. Princess Luna and Princess Celestia even managed to attend, though they did so in secret Celestia pretending to be an ordinary Unicorn and Luna pretending to be an ordinary Pegasus.

Both Soarin’ and Rainbow Dash walked up to the front, Rainbow Dash in another white and rainbow colored dress that Rarity tailor made for her, and Soarin’ in his blue military suit, modified slightly by Rarity. The vows were exchanged between Soarin’ and Rainbow Dash and so were the rings. After the vows were said, they both closed in and gave each other a long kiss. The kiss—full of emotion—lasted for a few seconds before they backed up a bit. The two, Sorain’ and Rainbow Dash, now became Husband and Wife. And thus the party that Pinkie Pie planned began.

Rainbow Dash was pulled over by Applejack who after saying her congratulations said “Ah hafta admit, I wouldn’t have thunk you’d be the first of us to get hitched. Hay, it almost surprises me that ya all got hitched in the first place.”

“Yeah, it sort of surprises me as well,” Rainbow Dash said. “A long time ago I would have never thought I would get married. But here I am now I guess.” To make sure she’s not overheard Rainbow Dash whispered. “I bet you 20 bits though that Twilight is the last of us to get married.”

“Rainbow Dash, Ah don’t think we should be bettin on Twilight’s love life,” Applejack said. “It just isn’t right.”

“I’m joking,” Rainbow Dash said. “Besides, that’s obvious anyways. Especially since half of us are already almost there thanks to your family, and you’ve got yourself somepony to.”

“Rainbow Dash…that isn’t,” Applejack said while blushing.

“Hehe, I think I’ll go and see what everypony else is doing now,” Rainbow Dash said. “See ya around Applejack.”

Rainbow Dash walked over to where Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy were both standing. Pinkie Pie was saying hi and conversing with everybody that passes within a large radius of her, and Fluttershy was trying to avoid being seen by anybody. Of course before Rainbow Dash got up to her, Pinkie Pie already ran right in front of Rainbow Dash.

“Rainbow Dash, did you like my party?” Pinkie Pie asked. She started bouncing with each of her phrases. “Huh did ya did ya did ya did ya?”

“Yeah Pinkie Pie,” Rainbow dash said, talking a step back. “You did good.”

“Thanks Rainbow Dash!” Pinkie Pie said. She stopped bouncing for a few seconds. “I wanted to make this party super super special for your wedding! This is your very very big day!”

“Of course,” Rarity joined in. “The day you and the one you love finally make your vows to each other and then you’re knight in shining armor…”

“Yeah?!” Shining Armor asked from afar after hearing his name.

“Sorry, I wasn’t talking about you,” Rarity called back. She then focused back at Rainbow Dash. “Anyways, then he takes you home and after all the hardships you faced including the jealous ex-girlfriend and then…”

“I hope you don’t mean me,” Spitfire interrupted. She was walking around the place conversing and happened to pass by when Rarity said that. “Because if you are, you’ve forgotten I’m sort of responsible for the two of them getting together in the first place.”

“No of course not,” Rarity retracted. “I didn’t necessarily mean you. I was just being hypothetical.”

Spitfire by here expression obviously took no offence from that statement. “I’ve got someplace I need to be quickly,” Spitfire said. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“What’s this about?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“It’s…nothing that you should worry about,” Spitfire said. “Just something I personally need to check on.” Spitfire took off and started flying away before Rainbow Dash could ask anything else.

“Oh now where was I?” Rarity asked. Rarity started mumbling to herself trying to find her place, and Rainbow Dash took that as a time to get away from her and talk to Fluttershy.

“Oh…hi Rainbow Dash,” Fluttershy said.

“Hey Fluttershy. What are you doing around here all alone?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“Well I…umm…” Fluttershy said shyly.

“Heh, don’t worry,” Rainbow Dash said. “Nopony here is going to watch the two of you dance. I’m pretty sure, me, Soarin, and Scootaloo are the main focus of everypony right now. Hay, if it helps you then I’ll head over to them and help draw attention away from you and him.”

“Thanks Rainbow Dash,” Fluttershy said.

As Fluttershy walked over in the direction of something red, Rainbow Dash walked over to her new husband and daughter. “Hey you guys,” Rainbow Dash said.

“Hey Dashie,” Soarin’ said.

Before they could really talk to each other, a magenta pegasus with a rainbow mane walked up to the three of them. He looked at Rainbow Dash directly and said, “Congratulations Rainbow Dash. You learned how to become a great parent, as I knew you would. After all, I had to learn fast myself when your mother was pregnant with you, and I knew you would do the same.”

“Thanks dad,” Rainbow Dash said.

“Spectral Flare sir,” Soarin’ said.

Spectral Flare turned his attention to Soarin’. “Soarin’ I’m going to tell you the same thing I told you when Rainbow Dash graduated into the Wonderbolts. Take good care of my daughter for me. And Scootaloo as well.”

“I will sir,” Soarin’ said. He gave Spectral Flare a salute with his right hoof.

“And finally Scootaloo.” Spectral Flare turned his attention to the orange pegasus filly. “I didn’t get the chance to say this earlier but I will now. Welcome to the family Scootaloo. I have heard what you have gone through in your old house and I’m glad Rainbow Dash got you out of there.”

“Thanks,” Scootaloo said.

“You have managed to do pretty well for yourself Rainbow Dash,” Spectral Flare said. “I’m proud of all you have managed to accomplish here. You have a new growing family right now, and I see you going far with it. Now just one last thing.” He pointed a hoof over at the rest of the parents who were coming closer and some press. “I’d be ready for a photo or two. Or several. You probably are going to be here for a while.”

“Oh great,” Scootaloo said sarcastically “This is going to be fun.”

“Hey, have you ever had a family photo before?” Soarin’ asked.

“No, and that’s one thing I didn’t mind not having,” Scootaloo said bluntly.

“Well it could be worse,” Rainbow Dash said. “At least because of the wedding you’re already dressed up for it so we don’t have to force you to dress up. I always hated having to get dressed up for all of five minutes just to take a picture.”

“Well I for one am glad I’m able to take part in Scootaloo’s first family photo,” Soarin’ said. “Now come here you two.”

Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash both got in close and Rainbow Dash and Soarin’ wrapped both their wings around Scootaloo in a pegasus hug. Rainbow Dash and Soarin’ both were smiling, and while Scootaloo did look embarrassed, she was smiling as well. While she may not like being so close like that, Scootaloo did manage to finally get herself a loving family.


After seeing a familiar brown Pegasus watching the wedding from afar, Spitfire flew away the first chance she got to confront him. She wasn’t sure how long she would be gone, she only hoped that this confrontation would be short enough for her to get back before anypony notices she was gone. When she got closer she noticed he was sitting there alone and had his eyes trained on where Spitfire was flying in the sky.

She landed right next to where Dust Storm was standing. As soon as Spitfire landed, Dust Storm looked back over where the wedding party was happening. Spitfire was about to ask him what the heck he was doing there spying on everypony, but Dust Storm managed to speak first.

“So did you enjoy it?” Dust Storm asked. “Did you enjoy getting your revenge on me?”

“Yes, I enjoyed it,” Spitfire said. “You can’t blame me for it after I learned what you did. I would have never imagined it from you. This is not what I would have expected from somepony who used to be a close friend of mine. And I just want to know. Why?”

“Do you remember our foalhood in Manehatten?” Dust Storm asked. “What we both wanted. What we both trained so hard to do? And look at where we are now. You are now the captain of the Wonderbolts, the most prestigious flying team in all of Equestria, and I am just a cloud pusher for a desert city on the far reaches of Equestria.”

“You were well off at least,” Spitfire said. “You managed to contribute a nice amount to us. You live in a nice large house. You and your wife are making so much that it took two Wonderbolts to combat that. They pay well for the harder jobs and you do it well anyways.”

“It has nothing to do with that.” Dust Storm looked directly at Spitfire. “We were both supposed to get into the Wonderbolts. Together we would be part of the greatest flyers in all of Equestria. And yet only one of us was apparently able to get that dream. And that pony is you.”

“So you take it out on a defenseless filly?” Spitfire asked. “Are you really that cruel hearted? That isn’t the Dust Storm I knew.”

“The Dust Storm you knew blew into the wind as soon as you became captain and didn’t bring me in,” Dust Storm said. “You had the power to, yet you didn’t.”

“I told you, I would accept your invitation to try out and from there if you proved yourself to me you would be able to join,” Spitfire said. “If I want to keep my team as good as they are, then I can’t just let ponies I like join for no reason. And that still is no reason to take it out on Scootaloo.”

“Contrary to what you are thinking, I never did hurt her,” Dust Storm explained. “I did give her a home and I did give her a safe roof to live under. But…I could never look at her without thinking about what happened between us. She was that constant reminder under my roof that you were up there in the Wonderbolts and I was stuck here. There were days when I actually wanted to try bonding with her, as much as you would think otherwise. But then I was reminded of you, and I just couldn’t.”

“So that’s it?” Spitfire asked in a melancholy voice. She looked back over at the wedding and Dust Storm looked as well. “If you weren’t able to bring it to yourself to actually give her caring then why were you so keen on keeping her? Why did you pull out all of the stops to prevent Rainbow Dash from getting her?”

“For the same reason above,” Dust Storm said. “I couldn’t deal with that constant reminder of you…yet I couldn’t bring myself to let go of that. It took my wife telling me ‘just let her go’ before I was finally able to accept defeat. I didn’t want to lose those memories of an earlier time.”

“I don’t know whether I should be flattered or smack you,” Spitfire said.

“You know, I made sure to give her the scooter you wanted her to have,” Dust Storm said. “When I saw what she could do on that scooter, I knew exactly where she would go if she takes to the sky.” He sighed. ““It doesn’t matter now. You won and I lost. I just have one last thing to ask.” He pointed at the wedding where Rainbow Dash, Soarin’, and Scootaloo were talking with Rainbow Dash’s father. “Are you sure you’re ok with this?”

“Yes I am,” Spitfire said. “I trust Soarin’ like he is my brother. And while Rainbow Dash can be a bit much at times she has already proven herself. They both have.” Spitfire sighed. “Scootaloo now has a much better home then anything I could provide for her.”

“So you’re not going to tell her, are you?” Dust Storm asked.

“That I made a stupid mistake? That I panicked when I learned the consequences of making that mistake? That instead of taking her in I gave her away to somebody I thought I could trust to raise her but turned out he was harboring a secret grudge?” Spitfire asked. “No, I don’t think I’m going to tell her that. She doesn’t need to know that her actual parent failed her as well. Maybe someday I will when she’s older, but for now I’ll let her have her happiness.”

“Yes, you made a mistake,” Dust Storm said. “As much as I made the mistake of taking my anger of you out on her.” Dust Storm turned the opposite way from the wedding party and started walking. “I think until I get over my grudge, if I ever do, we should not meet again. It will most likely lead me to be how I was during the trial again. So this is farewell, my old friend.” Dust Storm took off and then flew into the horizon.

“Good bye, my old friend,” Spitfire said as she took off back to the wedding. While overhead she looked over at Rainbow Dash, Soarin’, and Scootaloo again. She said to herself when she saw them, “Well Spitfire, at least you did two things right. You brought Scootaloo into the world, and while it may have taken you a while, you managed to finally get Scootaloo a good family.”