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Oh this sleepy little town, nearly ashes on the ground. I'll leave it all behind, even thoughts of you and I... So I tell you now; Goodbye :heart:

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Flurry Heart has just turned six, and that means it's time for her first day of school! It's sure to mean lots of fun, learning and new friends!

Cover art by iisaw!

Second place finisher in the Protect Flurry Heart writing contest!

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This story is a sequel to Sometimes It Takes a Double Shot

It may sound like fun and games, but properly ensuring the nighttime staff of Canterlot Castle receives their appropriate caffeinated beverages is serious business. A business Daybreak takes to heart.

Not only is she personally responsible for ensuring Princess Luna is ready and fully awakened for the raising of the moon, she also must maintain the baseline alertness of the Lunar Guards, the legion of batponies who accompany the Princess on her rounds about the castle and protect the lives of the Canterlot staff during the night... including Celestia herself.

So, yeah. Serious business.

Daybreak wouldn't change a thing about her life, though, and rises an hour before sunset each day with a smile on her face and a song in her heart, working until sunrise for the ponies that truly appreciate her unique talent.

Until the Princess of Friendship visits for a day of royal reporting that goes longer than expected, and is forced to stay the night...

No one warned Daybreak she was bringing the Element of Laughter with her.

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Sunset Shimmer watches Frozen and really enjoys it. Her friends don't quite understand her new obsession.

This story is a birthday present for MLPFan234. If you liked it, you should also check out her SunLight story Practice which is awesome sauce.

Featured Box, 13 Nov 2015!

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Just a bunch of little stories about Rarity.

Each chapter can be read as a standalone story. They will occasionally make reference to each other, but it shouldn't make much difference what order you read them in.

I'll keep adding more chapters when I think about them.

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Diamond Tiara becomes an alicorn princess. She gets up to adventures and stuff. Silverspoon is well jel. Also, Celestia has a crush on them. (This story is a parody, obviously. Though I genuinely believe that Diamond Tiara is a character that needs more love. She's adorable.)

Suggest ideas for future chapters here.

Cover picture by Total Krazen.

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