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Oh this sleepy little town, nearly ashes on the ground. I'll leave it all behind, even thoughts of you and I... So I tell you now; Goodbye :heart:

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Note to future readers: This is the FIRST installment of the Two Sided series. Once the other stories are released, more detail will be added. Until then, enjoy the story.

Two months have passed since Coco Pommel, aspiring fashion designer, left her last job to pursue her dream. Unfortunately, Coco's search for a job in the world of fashion have been fruitless, all of them leaving her empty-hoofed and forcing her to take up work at a local coffee shop.

However, Coco's luck finally turns around when a mysterious customer enters the shop to offer her a job that will test her skills in making a dress "fit for a queen." Unbeknownst to the mare, there's more to this customer beneath the surface, and his offer has more than just dressmaking in a store...

(The artwork is by the DeviantArt artist: runeechan. Link to her Deviant Art account: http://runeechan.deviantart.com/ )

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In the wake of the Canterlot Wedding, Fluttershy has to ask Twilight a very difficult question.

Now available in spanish! Spinoff stories can be found in Would It Matter If I Made This Group?

Now with a TVTropes page.

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What happens when the most powerful residents of Equestria get bored at night and decide to have a voice chat together? Something like this...

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Just a bunch of little stories about Rarity.

Each chapter can be read as a standalone story. They will occasionally make reference to each other, but it shouldn't make much difference what order you read them in.

I'll keep adding more chapters when I think about them.

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Thunder Lane was a good Palace guard. A fine guard indeed. But when an incident occurs that causes him to question the very bodily fibres of his good friend and companion Doctor Whooves, drastic changes are brought about.

Doctor Whooves has a secret. A very deep secret. A secret which, if it fell into the wrong hooves, could cause the holder to be Supreme Ruler of Equestria.

Perhaps the world.

What occurs when the secret is divulged unto Thunder Lane, the Pegasus? Will his mind be corrupted, or will it be used for the good of all?

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How Derpy Got her Cutie Mark and Learned to Love the Bubbles

My alternative headcanon for Derpy - perhaps she's not "a few sandwiches short of a picnic" like we all thought! There's not much actual fear in the story. And no loathing at all. Misleading title — sorry.

WARNING: Muffins!

This was written as flash fiction. Flash fiction is traditionally under 1000 words, but this site places a 1000 word minimum length on stories, so I've also included an epilogue, which fills out Derpy's story even more. (The epilogue can be seen as an optional extra - each chapter can be read as standalone story.)

The cover image uses this picture of filly Derpy and this muffin. Much thanks to all those people who create such beautiful pony art and give others the freedom to remix it. You are gems!

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A story about how different ponies react to spiders.

I was bored, ok?

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Times are changing fast in Equestria. Everypony including the mane six has had to adapt in order to cope, most drifting apart in the process.
Rainbow Dash and her sister Scootaloo aren't overly fond of their new lives on the farm, but they make do. When extraordinary events prompt Rainbow Dash to head out into space on a mission to save Equestria, their separation pushes their love to the breaking point.

A story about leaving and being left behind, very loosely inspired by Interstellar.

Cover art: 'Interstellar'* by Ferum-LynXx, used with permission.
Prereaders / editors:
- Infinity Shade
- PonyJosiah13
- Unimpressive Vagaries

*does not depict events relevant to Circumstellar

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