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This story is a sequel to Mission: Improbable

A few weeks after the Spy returned from his extended stay in Equestria, the Medic found that he needed to have a few of those so-called "ponies" to... study. But with robots still attacking Mann Co., how can he find the time to acquire such a specimen?

By sending a scout ahead, of course.

Chapters (18)

When Twilight is given the opportunity to travel with Princess Celestia on what appears to be a regular dignitary’s trip to see the dragons, she’s ecstatic. After all, nopony has seen the dragon kingdom in over a hundred years.

But they are not alone on the journey; there are rumours being carried on the wind, hushed whispers of something stirring in the east...

Their presence reignites an ancient chain of events that will see Twilight racing for help in the darkest places on earth and the princess struggling to reconcile her role in the world, surrounded on all sides by enemies she thought defeated millennia ago.

The clock is ticking. Time is running out, and the sun has already begun to set...

(Cover art by the amazing xX-Mr-No-Name-Xx)
Featured on EqD!

Chapters (6)
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