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Bright Eyes is a sentient parasprite with a staggering intellect. Doublemint is his adventure-loving unicorn assistant. Join them as they work together to solve mysteries and become the greatest crime-fighting parasprite/pony duo Equestria has ever seen.

Special thanks to my friends who made this story possible:

Moro, an amazing help to my writing and an even better friend!


Papermoonwolf who came up with the concept of Port Alas, and helped with other aspects of the creative process.

Coverart by the wonderful KarmaDash

Chapters (2)

Vanilla oat swirl ice cream is a girl's best friend when she's alone on Hearts and Hooves Day, and at half-off, it would be a shame not to buy any. But when Rarity runs into Applejack at the store, Applejack offers to keep her company.

Rarity is thrilled that she has someone to commiserate with about being single.

Applejack is happy to have a date for Hearts and Hooves Day.

This may be a problem even vanilla oat swirl can't solve.

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She tried her best, but it's just not there. She kicked a hoof and said, "It's just not fair!" A princess mare living princess dreams; a baby that's not quite as it seems...

Chapters (1)