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One day whilst working, Rarity is horrified to discover a spider and tries to kill it.

Things quickly escalate.

Now with a YouTube reading!

Big thanks to Vexy and Abramus5250 for editing and RainbowBob for pre-reading. Go check out their work!

Cover art found here by otakuap, go check out his work on his deviantart!

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Princess Luna has returned. To many, this is seen as a joyous occasion, but for the Princess of the Night, her reappearance brings only heartbreak. The world Luna once knew is but a thing of the past, lost within the dusty corridors of her mind, while memories of her loved ones haunt her nightmares.

Unbeknownst to Celestia, Luna was with a foal when she was banished, forced to give birth in her lunar exile. Now, centuries later, she has come back, broken and somber, to re-take her rightful position as co-ruler of Equestria.

Her hopes to connect with her subjects fading, Luna finds a growing jealousy festering within herself as she fails to accept the past and make amends with her sister.

No matter the case, a goddess must never show her sorrow.

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Queen Umbra lives her life with anger in her heart and spite in her soul. She's tried her hardest to serve the Empire to the best of her ability, yet no one takes her seriously due to a past she had no choice over and a curse that she can barely control. And in the midst of all this, she has forced herself to isolation from others so that none may get hurt.

That is, until happy-go-lucky party planner Bubble Berry comes along.

Now stuck with her annoying ball planner every day until the day of the ball's arrival, Umbra ends up getting caught up in the rambunctious behavior of Bubble. Not that she enjoys it... Right?

Coverart done by: demdoodles on DeviantArt

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