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During a traumatic event, an outsider finds himself flung violently into Equestria. His physical form is warped into that of the inhabitants but will his mentality follow? And even more importantly, will anypony truly accept him for who he is? Take a journey alongside this inexperienced youth as he finds himself in a strange new world with very different customs and tries his hardest to find a place for himself where he didn't before. A pity he can't even remember his name...

Okay, the basics. It's first person almost entirely. Very, very long chapters. I try to wrap them up around twelve to thirteen pages but a few slipped over that, especially towards the end. I'll release them slightly stagnated, as I'll be making final revisions as I go. Character tags are NOT final. I'll add more main characters as they show up in each chapter. Expect an update one or two times a week, probably. I adore reviews and structured, constructive criticism. Even if you just want to say you like it, that's fine too. :) I write stories to entertain peoples, so any evidence I get that it's working will encourage me. I hope you enjoy the story!

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Luna has had enough of Celestia's games, and has found the perfect means of revenge. Using a long-forbidden spell, she transforms her sister into little more than a small filly, all so she could pull the greatest prank ever. Unfortunately, she soon learns that before you fool around with dangerous magic, you really need to read the fine print...

A sequel can be found here.

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This story is a sequel to My Little Alicorn

After the events of "My Little Alicorn," everything seemed to be back to normal...except for one pony. Prince Blueblood is now trapped as a colt, his title, possessions and birthright stripped for his crimes. Before Princess Celestia will return him to normal, however, he must prove himself by attending Magic Kindergarten. Even worse, his current situation has attracted the vengeful gaze of two ponies he has offended in the past: the Captain of the Royal Guard and the Moon Princess.

Will Blueblood rise above his past self and emerge a better pony? Or will he sink back into his old depravity, and be stuck a colt for the long term?

Note: This is a sequel to "My Little Alicorn," so you might want to check that out first.

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