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After a tragic experience with a dare, Rainbow makes a hasty trip to Wall-Mart, more specifically, to the oral hygiene aisle.

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This story is a sequel to Chris Redfield Punches Tom

Pinkie's sister Maud has finally come to town, and Pinkie's friends are excited to meet her for a the first time. However, the introduction of a small grey pebble named boulder sets events in motion that none of them were prepared for.

For Rarity, however, it is simply all too familiar.

Editing help provided by Syeekoh, pre-read by Derpator.

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There are consequences to every action, but we can't always predict what they will be. I stay up at night wondering what I could have done differently, but I've already paid the price for my actions. All I can do now is deal with the consequences, and I've got several great friends to help me do it.

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